Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Passionate Rejection of Bipartisan BS on the Eve of an Historic Presidential Election

Sandy or No Sandy THIS is No Time for Softening or Moderation towards the Odious Reign of King Barack

Only The Poseur-in-Chief would be callous and cynical enough to use a cataclysmic weather event to gain political leverage by using tragedy and disaster as a PHOTO OP.

How EASY it is to be flown in comfort into to a disaster area, stand before the cameras, make a pretty speech, appear "sympathetic" and "concerned" while hugging a few handy victims?

What has our president ACTUALLY DONE to restore power, clear away wreckage, make gasoline available, keep the babies, toddlers, elderly and infirm made newly homeless from dying of exposure in the freezing weather? What has he DONE to provide food to the starving, medical care to the dying?

OH! He "quickly released Federal Disaster Relief funds," did he? How incredibly noble and generous of him! How extraordinarily magnanimous! What a tremendous EFFORT that must have been for him! What a HARD decision it must have been for him to have to make! How terribly TAXING it must have been to have to STOP CAMPAIGNING long enough to put pen to paper and give order. 

I am SO impressed –– NOT!

Obama is a practitioner of PERFORMANCE ART -- nothing else –– his entire career has been nothing but RHETORIC –– the self-serving promotion of CRACK-BRAINED THEORIES, PIPE DREAMS –– SYMBOLISM without SUBSTANCE.

It's DEEPLY OFFENSIVE to ME -- and SHOULD be to YOU too -- that this mountebank stood by and did NOTHING to try to help Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three men who were brutally murdered along with him, when he KNEW –– well in advance –– the deadly danger they were in. 

He refused even to TRY to protect and defend those poor souls, who BEGGED for his help, and then either brazenly instructed or cravenly allowed members of his staff to LIE day after day after day in hopes of sustaining the politically advantageous ILLUSION that he had improved conditions in the Middle East and put a virtual stop to Al Qaida.

His presidency –– like that of his inept, APAIC-directed predecessor –– has been nothing but an unending torrent of HORSE SHIT.

That Chris Christie –– the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION and one of the earliest supporters of Mitt Romney –– would heap PRAISE on such a man ABUNDANTLY and EFFUSIVELY is frankly REVOLTING.

Will the basically liberal, rather too tepid Mitt Romney do any better?

I have no idea, but I am certainly more than willing to give him a CHANCE. He could hardly do WORSE.

Good God in Heaven! WHAT ever happened to our sense of PRIORITIES?

Gone With The Wind, apparently.

Disgustedly yours,

~ FreeThinke


  1. I don't fault Christie for his chummy behavior and fawning words for Obama. He's taking care of his state.

    I do criticize the system we've set up where states must obsequiously curry favor with the federal overlords in order to receive cash that their residents contributed in the first place.

  2. I'm with Silverfiddle.

    A lot of publicity over the lack of help in NYC. Even the lamestream enemedia are airing some of it. What was that MORON Bloomberg thinking? He waits til the last minute to cancel the marathon? Dumb bastard.

    NOMObama may lose a lot more votes for FEMA's invisibility so far than he gained during his photo op, which I maintain was minimal at best anyway.

  3. Make it three.

    What Obama reminds me of in this instance is a GWB following 911 and Katrina.

    But lets not let disaster stand in the way of pure partisanship and the opportunity to make political hay, Right?

  4. Obama did a photo op for re-election purposes.

    We need to get real about this.

    As commander-in-chief, Obama could have done much more -- if Bloomberg or Christie had so requested. Did they? Or were they expecting Obama to make the offer.

    How about dropping MRE's to the people of Staten Island and other boroughs?

    How about calling up the Army Corps of Engineers?

    How about taking on the role of commander in chief?

    How about Obama going on the air to explain why FEMA was, until today, AWOL?

    Yes, there is an explanation. Obama didn't offer one. No, sirree! Instead, he's campaigning and giving stump speech after stump speech about how he and his administration have saved America. Pffft.

    In my view, Christie, keynote at the GOP Convention, handed Obama the gift of too much chumminess just a few days before Obama's bid for re-election. Instead of Christie's looking like a non-partisan, Christie made Obama look like a non-partisan. We all know that Obama as non-partisan just ain't so.

  5. Apparently, outbursts work! So, why didn't Obama have such an outburst and take the side of the suffering on Staten Island?

  6. Wow:

    Mayor Bloomberg has snubbed Borough President Markowitz’s impassioned plea to bring the National Guard to Hurricane Sandy-scarred Brooklyn — arguing that approving the Beep’s request would be a waste of federal manpower and turn the borough into a police state.

    “We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns....

    You can't make this nonsense up!

  7. Thank you, AOW. I'm glad SOMEBODY understands the situation and sees it in proper perspective.

    Frankly, I'm STUNNED at other responses I've gotten on his here and elsewhere.

    Molinari of Staten Island is absolutely correct. "we're not supposed to govern by yelling," he said, but then added, "This morning's "outburst" got results -- ten busloads of help came in this afternoon."

    What need is MORE anger, LESS "rationality," LESS "fairness," and much much MUCH more willingness to get into the trenches and fight dirty -- like our opponents do ALL THE TIME.

    THEY don't play by The Marquis of Queensbury Rules anymore than the Islamaniacs do.

    If we DON'T learn to fight fire WITH fire -- and SOON -- "we" will be INCINERATED.

    And I hope to Heaven SOMEONE understands METAPHOR!


    Electoral politics is NOT a Tea Party, or a game of Badminton or Croquet.

    Either we get RUTHLESS, or we get STOMPED to JELLY.


  8. Mayor BLOOMBERG is a God-damned NANCYPANTS.

    A disgusting TRAVESTY of manhood

    A CREEP.

  9. Oh, and did you know that New Jersey power companies have REFUSED help from powerline workers in distant states like Alabama, because -- now GET this -- they are not UNION workers.

    Apparently, I am alone in my outrage, except for the understanding I've received from AOW.

    As far as I'm concerned, the country may be given up for LOST.

    With pusillanimous political allies like THESE proudly sober, dispassionate, self-righteous emotionally uninvolved souls who heeds political ENEMIES?

  10. Yesterday, our friend Z posted THIS on the Alan Grayson thread over at GeeeeeZ:

    'I have no problem with Christie saying Obama's working well with him, but how the HECK difficult is THAT? ... to say "Oh, sure, we're here for you!" (Bravo, Mr President..that took some thinking -- not.)

    'But Christie's been effusive over Obama ... they're new best friends .... and, of course, Christie's up for reelection next year so he's wooing Democrat voters ...

    'I'll never forgive [Christie] for this ... I know that sounds dramatic, but ...

    I don't care :-)'


    BRAVO!, Z! Bless you for speaking up so forthrightly. I'm proud to know you.

    BUT, where is our Governor ROMNEY on this -- and especially on BENGHAZI?

    There doesn't seem to be anywhere we can turn with any degree of confidence -- not even to each other.

    ~ FT

  11. What is needed is a candidate that inspired confidence, personifies ironc clad integrity, a candidate who gives cause to belive in their vision, and more.

    Romney, like McCain in 2008 does none of this. A Human Flipper that gives reason to question precisely what his core principles might really be.

    The rEpublican party has left many behind. Even Reagan I'm fairly sure would be disappointed in what was once his party.

  12. FT,
    I saw that information about turning away non-union but qualified electrical workers.

    What madness!

    Were I a citizen suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I'd be absolutely furious.


    People were unnecessarily left to suffer! How many died as a result of that madness about non-union employees?

  13. "What is needed is a candidate that inspires confidence, personifies iron-clad integrity, a candidate who gives cause to believe in [his] vision, and more."

    You are longing for the God in whom you profess not to believe, Les.

    I assure you He will never be found in any POLITICAL arena.

    ~ FreeThinke


    Tunnel vision, AOW.

    We've entered a stage where many blind, ignorant, selfish, blockheaded people (AWAYS the MAJORITY, I'm afraid) band together in little splinter factions, and would -- LITERALLY -- rather DIE -- or more to the point let OTHERS die -- than give up their bitter little anti-social agendas.

    I know it's considered "anti-Christian" (in some circles) to say it out loud, but MARTYRDOM is for MORONS.

    Martyrdom for a MATERIAL :agenda" is frankly OBSCENE.



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