Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did We Have An 
This Year?

The Mouth that Roared

If we could be said to have had one at all, it had to have been one of two things –– both closely related to one another, as things have turned out:

It was either SANDY FRANKENSTORM, herself,

- OR -

It was New Jersey Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE'S hyper-emotional RESPONSE to the WEATHER CRISIS that apparently caused his mind to snap. This sad turn of events found the tubby governor giving EXCESSIVE PRAISE to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA –– the person Governor Christie is supposed to be working with might and main to defeat in next Tuesday’s historically important watershed presidential election –– the election that will quite literally be the occasion where the USA will choose –– once and for all –– whether we reclaim our former status as the democratic, representative republic our Founding Fathers designed, or continue to follow The Pied Piper of Islamo-Marxism into the Pit.

What's YOUR interpretation of The FAT MAN'S wanton act of TREASON against his OWN party?

Conspiracy theories backed up with plausible deductive reasoning are welcome.

Meanwhile, Governor Romney’s much vaunted lead in national polls has vanished according to FOX News. He and and President Ogodno are now in a “statistical dead heat.”

How could it be otherwise under the direction of The Unseen Hand who manipulates everything from luxury hotel suites and hidden boardrooms  everywhere?

I can’t help but wonder what The Oligarchs offered Chris Christie to shoot his mouth off at exactly the wrong moment in history –– just as I will wonder till the end of my days what threat –– or promise of future glory beyond all imagining –– was sent over the threshold of the John Roberts household  last June just prior to his shocking betrayal of the constituency who had enthusiastically endorsed his appointment as Chief Justice?

~ FreeThinke


  1. Christie is making an ass of himself.

    It's a bromance!

    I don't know how much difference the bromance will make, however. How many votes will be swayed by Christie's stumping for Obama this late in the game?

    In a way, Christie looks as if he's kissing federal ass so as to make sure to get federal dollars.

  2. hristie just proved himself to be one of "them" with his effusive praise of Obama JUST before the election.

    He's another John Roberts -- a fake conservative. His early support of Mitt Romney when we DESPERATELY needed a more radical conservative-libertarian, strict-constructionist was telling.

    Besides, his weight is SO out of control -- the sign of a weak, self-indulgent character -- I doubt he'll be around more than another few years at best.

    Ann Coulter must be CRUSHED. She was nakedly in love with him, and wanted HIM to be "our" nominee not very long ago. And Ann IS and HAS BEEN consistently conservative all along.

    Why are SO MANY Republicans UNRELIABLE, while DemonRats are usually UNSWERVING in their advocacy of neo-Marxist policy?


  3. AOW, in her characteristic no-nonsense way, has nailed it:

    In a way, Christie looks as if he's kissing federal ass so as to make sure to get federal dollars.


    That is how the federal government suborns the states and the people and demands continual obeisance.

    And they do it with money they've confiscated from us!

  4. I am one of those conservatives who are not hopping mad a the Jersey governor, but I do think Christie he has toasted any chance he had at running for president, unless he becomes a Democrat.

    Face it folks, he was never your brand of conservative.

  5. As I watched the Governor and the President doing a walk around of the devastated sites in New Jersey the thing I noticed first and foremost was that both were walking around with their hands in their pockets — obviously for photo-ops rather than being there to lend a hand to help.

    Of course the rhetoric when each had a chance to praise the other was a bit over the top. When Obama said the Governor was at the forefront of the disaster, I got to wondering where these two gentlemen actually were when the storm hit the shores—likely hunkered down in some Deep Underground Military Bunker hugging their sorry asses.

    Really if Christie was at the forefront why wasn't he at the shore when the storm hit either parting the waves or commanding the sea to calm itself?

  6. Conspiracy theories backed up with plausible deductive reasoning are welcome.

    FT, do you think it was called the "Frankenstorm" for nothing? In that vein first there were the man made Frankfurters, then Frankenstein the man made monster, then Frankenfood and as we've swallowed dollops of that now we have the Frankenstrorm ...WTF?

    Here's an interesting sighting: On CNBC this morning they were actually showing long lines of vehicles waiting to get gasoline. Sort of like the good old days of Jimmy Carter. See how much play that gets in Pravda as they play up the so-called heroic image of Obama.

  7. Personally, I tend to drop the "theory" when logic and facts work together to connect the dots in what are usually denigrated superficially as "conspiracy theories". I don't think the weather today is completely natures doing and, of course the global warmists are busily spinning these extremes of weather as "proof" of anthropogenic global warming (i.e. Bloomberg: "It's Global Warming, Stupid").

    What if these extremes of weather were diabolical acts of war? For the last century the worst tyrants sought a means of affecting the weather directly for their own purposes. I'm thinking that we are witnessing some advances along those lines and it plays perfectly into the thinking of the globalist elitist who want to blame humanity for polluting and destroying the planet while the "hidden hand" sits back and amusedly watches the entertainment form behind the curtain.

  8. Oh yes! When Mr. Obama does anything well, it's all part of a conspiracy! It has nothing to do with the fact that you detest him with the heat of a thousand suns. No. Not at all. And that you are all so consumed with that hatred that you can't see how foolish you sound on this particular subject.

    "OMG! Even God is in on a conpiracy to make Obummer look good! He sent a horrible hurricane to the northeast and, specifically, to New Jersey just so the Republican governor of that state could praise Mr. Obummer for doing his job in helping facilitate relief for New Jersey's suffering population. What a creep, that God! Making Obummer look good!

    It's a dirty rotten conspiracy of dunces; and because Mr. Obummer did his job, he looks presidential and stuff and Governor Christie is a dirty rotten bum for not mocking Obummer during this tragedy and calling him incompetent traitor to the United States of America!" /sarcasm/

    That's exactly what you all sound like.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. But, Ms. SHAW! We're not talking abut OBAMA at ALL.

    Governor Christie's effusive PRAISE of Obama was at issue, not Obama, himself.

    It's very EASY to look "presidential" in the face of a NATURAL disaster. Very easy to SAY all the right things in the right tone of voice, when in fact you can do nothing BUT "talk" anyway.

    What is NOT easy -- or even POSSIBLE, apparently, for this president -- is to deal intelligently, realistically, morally and effectually with LIFE and DEATH crises in foreign ands when AMERICAN LIVES are THREATENED by hostile maniacs. Obama ALLOWED those four men to be KILLED. He was in fac COMPLICIT in their deaths, because he made NO attempt to SAVE them.

    THAT is not only reprehensible, it's CONTEMPTIBLE.

    But that was NOT the subject of THIS post, my dear.

    And "we" are not "you all."

    "We" and "Thee" are ONE. It's time you -- and all others -- realized that.

    I don't blame Governor Christie for giving Obama full credit for not lousing up once again in a crisis. It was right and proper to express gratitude formally on such an occasion, but he didn't have to go into orgasmic paroxysms of excessive adulation for an avowed POLITICAL ENEMY.

    I don't "hate" Obama, the man. I hate his rotten background, which he could not help, and his consequently rotten ideology and despotic tendencies which will absolutely SINK us economically, if no one puts a stop to it.

    I AM glad you stopped by. Please visit again, and more frequently.

    We don't bite, you know, ;-)

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. What's up with this? "Papa Duck" and now a clone "Baby Duck", or what?

  12. What's YOUR interpretation of The FAT MAN'S wanton act of TREASON against his OWN party?

    The man genuinely cares about his state and is crushed by the damage to the shore.

    Use a little Occam's Razor once in a while before you go loony with the conspiracy theories.

  13. You know, FT, I'm not much of a fan of Obama, far too conservative for me.

    But I have to wonder about the origins of this pathological hatred from the right. It's as if you don't want the rebuilding and recovery in N.J. to succeed.

    In your case the issue is race but I wonder about others. It's all pretty pathetic.

  14. Next time there's a huge forest fire in Colorado, if the Colorado government asks for help we should let the farking place burn.

  15. "Next time there's a huge forest fire in Colorado, if the Colorado government asks for help we should let the farking place burn."

    Wrong, senile little quacker. That fire started in a National Forest, so the federal government is responsible.

    Don't let your hatred get out of hand. It clouds your thinking.

  16. We don't bite, you know, ;-)

    Well, SOME of us might!

    You know what I saw while Christie was leading NOMObama around by the hand? I saw the Governor of the state most severely ravaged by the storm of the century doing whatever it took to help his state. But for you naysayers that have a problem with that, I ALSO SAW a Governor that was leadibng the leader of the country around like a lost puppy, showing him what he should have already known. I saw a President that needed some schooling get some schooling! I think a lot of independants saw the same thing I did.

    AND, one other thing, I would have played it almost exactly the same way Chris Christie did. HE DID HIS JOB!

  17. This is perhaps the most undeserved criticism of a principled politician I've heard of late.

    And meanwhile the praises of the human Flipper continues...

    What has the rEpublican ideology become?

  18. Sorry guys, I am a PRAGMATIST not an idealist. I care much more for the country than I do for high-minded principles.

    We MUST rid ourselves of OBAMA.

    RIght know, that is my ONLY political concern. Mitt Romney is ALL we have in that regard, so of COURSE I am supporting him. There is NOTHING ELSE of any PRACTICAL VALUE to DO.

    New Jersey is my home state. Of COURSE I care about it, but the massive physical and economic destruction and frightening inconvenience there right now are NOTHING compared to the need to BREAK the BACK of the MARXISTS who are in control of the WHITE HOUSE right now.

    Governor Christie allowed his emotions to run away with him. It is HE who has lost sight of the BIG PICTURE in the panic and terror of the moment.

    I wouldn't give Obama ANYTHING except a good swift kick in the shins, if I had the chance to get near the bastard.

    And CANARDO, it AIN'T his RACE I hate it's his disgusting BELIEFS, perverted VALUES and destructive POLICIES.

    At root he's nothing more than a rotten, rabble-rousing THUG who's put on a coat and tie.

    Good night all.

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. BTW, there's no need to "suck up" to Dee Cee. Federal Law MANDATES that FEMA has NO CHOICE but to move in once they are called upon for help by the governor of a state.

    The president has virtually no say in the matter.

    He CAN order in the National Guard in cases of rioting or armed insurrection, but NOT in cases calling for disaster relief.

    THAT is why the criticism of GWB was so terribly unfair during Katrina. Buses hands were tied, UNTIL te Governor of LA made a FORMAL request for aid.

    And we all know that NAGIN had NUTTIN inside his NOGGIN -- and even less on the ball. YET poor GW BUSH got BLAMED for KATRINA and was branded a :racist" for the caprices of a WEATHER EVENT.

    The political scene as shaped and promoted by the enemedia is HOPELESS.

    There IS no justice in this world. NONE.

    ~ FT

  20. FT,
    GW BUSH got BLAMED for KATRINA and was branded a :racist" for the caprices of a WEATHER EVENT.

    Isn't GWB getting blamed for Hurricane Sandy, too? I have heard it opined that this hurricane wouldn't have been so awful if GWB had taken the proper steps to curb global warming. All that I can say to that tripe is as follows: "I call BS!"

    Meanwhile, all this storm damage in NYC, New Jersey, AND Pennsylvania is horrendous. Tragic! People are dumpster driving, for God's sake!

    The repairs cannot be hurried along (except to let in non-union power workers and electricians) -- the repairs are that extensive and that long term in nature.

  21. I wonder if Obama noticed THIS when he flew over?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. No question that Marxists THRIVE on DISASTER, DISEASE and DISCONTENT, AOW.

  24. Could you explain this exclamation in depth? Specifically as it applies to our mixed economy and republican governmental structure?

    Thanks in advance from a true classical liberal and bonafide .capitalist.

  25. Only The Poseur-in-Chief would be callous and cynical enough to use a cataclysmic weather event to gain political leverage by using tragedy and disaster as a PHOTO OP.

    How EASY it is to be flown in comfort into to a disaster area, stand before the cameras, make a pretty speech, appear "sympathetic" and "concerned" while hugging a few handy victims.

    What has our president ACTUALLY DONE to restore power, clear away wreckage, make gasoline available, keep the babies, toddlers, elderly and infirm made newly homeless from dying of exposure in the freezing weather? What has he DONE to provide food to the starving, medical care to the dying?

    Obama is a practitioner of PERFORMANCE ART -- nothing else -- his entire career has been nothing but RHETORIC -- the promotion of PIPE DREAMS -- SYMBOLISM without SUBSTANCE.

    And it's DEEPLY OFFENSIVE to ME -- and SHOULD be to YOU too -- that this mountebank stood by and did NOTHING to try to help Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three men who were brutally murdered along with him, when he KNEW -- well in advance -- the deadly danger they were in.

    He refused even to TRY to protect and defend those poor souls, who BEGGED for his help, and then either brazenly instructed or cravenly allowed members of his staff to LIE day after day after day in hopes of sustaining the ILLUSION that he had improved conditions in the Middle East and put a virtual stop to Al Qaida.

    His presidency -- like that of his inept, APAIC-directed predecessor -- has been nothing but an unending torrent of HORSE SHIT.

    That Chris Christie -- the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION and one of the earliest supporters of Mitt Romney -- would heap PRAISE on such a man ABUNDANTLY and EFFUSIVELY is frankly REVOLTING.

    Will Romney do any better?

    I have no idea, but I am certainly more than willing to give him a CHANCE. He could hardly do WORSE.

    Good God in Heaven! WHAT ever happened to our sense of PRIORITIES?

    Gone With The Wind, apparently.

    ~ FreeThinke



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