Friday, November 16, 2012

Ron Paul's Farewell Address to Congress

You owe it to yourselves –– and our country –– to take the time necessary to listen very carefully with close attention to this address.

The only candidate who told the truth was treated abominably by our self-serving, truth-hating Establishment –– and by stupid people preoccupied with the idiotic fear of being called a "racist," or an "anti-Semite."

Listen, learn, then weep for the great opportunity we threw away with both hands, when we allowed the Republican Establishment and the enemedia to treat this very bright, dedicated, deeply sincere man so shabbily.


Many thanks to Waylon for providing the following link 
to the text of Dr. Paul’s address

~ FreeThinke


  1. I need to find time to listen to this! You have recommended it, FT, and a few others have as well.

    Maybe I can give this speech the attention it deserves once things settle down here. Today is the memorial service for the mother of two of my students. I'm in the dumps.

  2. Ron Paul deserves much credit for raising some substantial issues which must be faced if the country and the world is ever to get back on track again. I'll always respect him for pointing out the fraud being perpetrated by central banking —the Federal Reserve.

    What would happen to the "financial cliff" looming in the near future if one viable solution was put forth to rip the shroud open and expose to the light of day those who have benefited over the last century from this institution? Why not expose those personally and institutionally behind the scam and perform a forensic audit of how much money went where?

    The debt and deficit could be and should be handed back to those who have looted the country and the world of trillions of real assets for their own benefit. How much real effort and production (as well as blood sweat and tears sacrificed in phony wars) has been looted from productive individuals to bring the world to this state? They have destroyed the currency and looted the treasury in the process of deliberately destroying not only the country but the rest of the world.

    Ron Paul seems sort of sad but relieved to be leaving ...

    "In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without congressional declaration, deficits rise to the sky, poverty is rampant, and dependence on the federal government is now worse than any time in our history."

  3. From the speech ...

    "During my time in Congress the appetite for liberty has been quite weak; the understanding of its significance negligible. Yet the good news is that compared to 1976 when I first came to Congress, the desire for more freedom and less government in 2012 is much greater and growing, especially in grassroots America. Tens of thousands of teenagers and college age students are, with great enthusiasm, welcoming the message of liberty.

    I have a few thoughts as to why the people of a country like ours, once the freest and most prosperous, allowed the conditions to deteriorate to the degree that they have.

    Freedom, private property, and enforceable voluntary contracts generate wealth. In our early history we were very much aware of this. But in the early part of the 20th century our politicians promoted the notion that the tax and monetary systems had to change if we were to involve ourselves in excessive domestic and military spending. That is why Congress gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax. The majority of Americans and many government officials agreed that sacrificing some liberty was necessary to carry out what some claimed to be "progressive" ideas. Pure democracy became acceptable."

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  5. Thank you, Waylon. Where did you find the text?

    Could you give us a link to the transcript.

    If you do, I'll publish in the article.


    ~ FT

  6. Here's the link. It's a long speech.

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  9. Thanks FT. America is indeed losing one of its beat and brightest. It is a sad commentary on Americans that many were too stupid to realize the value of this great Patriot.

    Linked at RN USA.

  10. Thanks for the link, Waylon. I'm much obliged to you.

    ~ FT

  11. For not unquestionably supporting Israel, he has been labelled an anti-Semite. I wonder how would these "negative-name callers" would have judged our founding fathers then?

  12. From Ron Paul's list of questions:

    Why is it political suicide for anyone to criticize AIPAC ?

    Sounds like he's had the Jew card played against him. But he raises a legitimate question since the first act of World Government as represented by the United Nations was to create the state of Israel ... based upon the Balfour Declaration. This took precedence over other promises over time from other countries to other Arab countries.

    Now the Arab Spring seems to have led to another Middle East conflagration.

    Armageddon ... next we'll be hearing somebody quoting scripture that this was all known if we'd only have read the scripture.

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