Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scientists Baffled

What Was Missing 
In Japan?

An article appeared in US News & World Report regarding the orderly behavior of theJapanese citizens and the absence of looting after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear nightmare.

Social scientists were baffled by the total non-existence of looting and savage behavior in Japan considering the magnitude of this catastrophe. They conferred with human study organizations as well as sociology experts throughout the United States . Finally, after days and days of studies and meetings, they came to a conclusion. 

Guess What Was Missing in Japan?

The Entitlement Crowd

The Truth hurts 


  1. ...laying on cots and mouthing,"help me!" to television cameras...

  2. I wonder....Are most homogeneous societies less criminal and less "entitled"?

    1. That is the secrete, homogeneous societies are less criminal in the areas of violent crime and robberies. Japan is 97% ethnic and cultural Japanese. When you visit Japan you will see workers take their bicycles to the train station and leave the bikes, unlocked all day, and they are not stolen.

  3. AOW's probably got a good point. We aren't a UNITED States anymore, it's largely divided by the Left which thrives on dividing for votes.
    And, though MANY immigrants come to love and participate in this country, they don't all do that.
    Still, I personally have heard more patriotism from Hispanics than I have from many minorities. You don't rob your own backyard.

    Yes, it hurts to see we aren't the same America anymore......
    But, remember, in the more homogenous American farmland, all those floods didn't cause looting, either.


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  4. Few things:

    1. How did this week's meeting of the White Citizen's Council go?

    2. The level of looting in New Orleans was not at all extensive.

    3. Japan has a far narrower income discrepancy than America which is very significant.

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  5. You forgot Number 4, Canardo:

    Japan doesn't have a black population.

    Japan is a proudly racist nation. They (wisely, I think) are determined to keep Japan for the Japanese. Others may visit, and even work there, but they cannot become Japanese citizens.

    It is extremely unusual for people all over the globe NOT to be what-you-want-to-regard-as "racist."

    What-we-insist-on-calling "RACISM" today is deeply ingrained in human nature.

    Britain's determination to rid itself of "racism," already threatens the very existence of Englishness.

    The same is true in the rest of Europe. By opening their doors to dark foreign hordes whose ways are compatible with European mores and traditions, Europe is in the process of commitTing cultural and ethnic SUICIDE.

    I know an aged French woman who works here in the United States as a waitress. She's very charming and fun to talk to. I asked her recently if she has been back to France in recent years to visit family, etc. I also asked her if she would consider returning there to live?

    She said, "No. I don't go back. My country is not my country anymore. Very soon the people there will no longer be French, so I might as well stay here.

    I have known many British and Europeans, but had never heard anyone say exactly that before.

    Self-Hatred, Self-Abnegation, Self-Immolation even Self-ANNIHILATION are the corollaries to the New Religion of Militant Anti-Racism.

    If the liberals ever fully get their way, your sons and daughters will be REQUIRED by LAW to marry someone of a markedly different racial and ethnic background.

    For the record: People should be free to marry whomever they honestly feel able to love and cherish till death does them part, BUT interracial couplings made for PURELY POLITICAL REASONS -- as Stanley Ann Dunham, the lunatic, anti-American, Communist bitch did -- is not only IMMORAL, it's DISGUSTING, and thoroughly REPREHENSIBLE.

    Evolution must be accepted, because it's part of Nature -- and it's extremely gradual.

    Revolution on the other hand is generally revolting.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. What makes you think there was no looting in Japan?

    Isn't some "looting" inevitable when a lots of people need food and water and the legitimate routes to supply are closed down?

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  8. Potpourri of post-quake crimes contradicts foreign media's reporting of placid Japanese
    KUCHIKOMI NOV. 15, 2011 - 11:00PM JST

    Tokyo bar busted for hiring earthquake victims as prostitutes

    5 youths arrested over ATM robberies in quake-hit Tohoku
    CRIME JUL. 15, 2011 - 07:09AM JST

    Toyama man arrested for stealing earthquake collection box
    CRIME MAR. 21, 2011 - 10:08AM JST

    Female quake shelter volunteer injured in attempted rape in Miyagi
    CRIME JUL. 04, 2011 - 09:19AM JST

    NGOs warn evacuees of possible sexual assaults in shelters
    LIFESTYLE APR. 21, 2011 - 06:14AM JST

    Evacuee finds shop robbed during brief return home
    CRIME JUN. 06, 2011 - 08:00AM JST

    2 men arrested for stealing from Fukushima exclusion zone
    CRIME AUG. 31, 2011 - 06:45AM JST

    Thieves raid evacuation areas / Unguarded ATMs robbed of 684 million yen; empty homes violated

    Japan's national police agency says since the March disaster more than 700 burglaries have been reported within the 20-kilometre no-go radius of the Fukushima plant.



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