Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fort Hood Jihad 
Mass Murderer's 
Muslim Beard 
Still Causing Case Delay

Mass Murderer Nidal Hasan

Posted at Jihad Watch

"Hasan has grown a beard in violation of Army regulations, saying it's an expression of his Muslim faith." So what? His jihad murders were also an expression of his Muslim faith. He has violated army regulations, but what the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces fails to understand is that he is not in the army at all, in any real sense. He is a jihadi, a soldier of Allah, by his own account (as I explained here). Shave him, try him, execute him.

"Fort Hood suspect's beard still causing case delay," from the Associated Press, August 22 :

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) –– The government has a Wednesday deadline to tell an appeals court why an Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage should be clean-shaven during his murder trial.

Last week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces delayed Maj. Nidal Hasan's court-martial while it considers his objection to being forcibly shaved.

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Why do we put up with SHIT like this?


He should have been shot dead the very second he was apprehended.  


  1. Almost three years have passed since this Islamomaniac committed mass murder at Fort Hood.


    Letting this guy "work the system" emboldens like-minded Muslims.

    When will we learn what the hell we are dealing with?

  2. Give Hasan 10 minutes to shave and declare: "Either shave now or we wheel you out to the firing squad at the 11th minute. Your body will be tossed into a hog pen."

  3. As horrific a deranged asshole as Hassan is the last time I checked we still remain a nation of laws.

  4. They need to get on with the court martial.

  5. BULLSHIT, Les! There s NO EXCUSE for this spectacularly pusillanimous, weasely, mincing, limp-wristed evasion of duty on the part of the military courts. The delays are PURELY POLITICAL, and rooted SOLELY in the fear of being perceived as "RACIST."

    ALL murderers caught literally RED-HANDED should be SHOT DEAD the SECOND they are apprehended. It would save the taxpayers millions.

    There IS no possible DEFENSE for an act of this monstrous magnitude. NONE!

    He WAS shot, you know. They just didn't get him in the right place -- either right between the eyes or straight through the heart.

    Our "Justice System" with all its pettifogging "technicalities" makes a MOCKERY of Justice.

    It is an OUTRAGE that this man is still taking in oxygen.

    And one again Dickens comes to my rescue in the person of The Beadle in Oliver Twist:

    "If that be the law, then the LAW is a ASS!"

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. And yes, folks, I AM "frothing at the mouth" and WAAAAY "over the top" about this. Everyone else should be too.

    What REALLY got to me -- and SHOULD get to YOU -- is the very idea that even one SCINTILLA of "respect" should be shown for this fucking bastard's so-called "RELIGIOUS SCRUPLES."

    If it were up to me, I'd have him strapped into a chair, lathered up and then cheerfully SLIT HIS GOD-DAMNED THROAT from ear to ear with a song in my heart.

    To show ANY kind of "respect" for a creature like this proves we've become a nation of "fraidy cats."

    ~ FT

    1. Do I have respect for this shit? NO.
      Is he an evil sick shit? YES.
      Does he deserve the firing squad? YES.
      Will he roast in hell, if there is indeed any such thing ? YES.

      Silver is right, time to move the court marshal forward.

      Will he be found guilty? YES.
      Will HS ultimately die? Remains to be seen.

      Best most inhumane treatment? IMO strip him, place him in a 10X12 padded cell with a hard bed and a toilet with a slot on the cell door to slide food and water through, allow him ZERO human contact for the remainder of his sorry ass life.

      Think about it.

      To my initial point, we remain a nation of laws. Ultimately justice will be served. Hasan will be convicted. I just wish he would suffer the fate I described.

  7. The beard is highly symbolic and, yes, a statement and promotion of jihad. The beard is a signal to other like-minded Muslims to rise up.

    Hasan should not be allowed to appear in court with that beard on his face. Period.

    I recall the trial of Charles Manson. He became such a problem in court that he remained in his cell during the trial -- with a video feed, I believe.

  8. Yes, AOW. Better his corpse should appear in court minus its head than that he be allowed to disport that beard.

    And Les, I agree with everything you said in your second post, except for two things.

    1. 10' x 12' is MUCH too large and generous a space for such a fiend. 6' x 8' would be more like it.

    2. I would make sure that a steady diet of bacon, sausage, ham and slices of roast pork swimming n greasy pork gravy would be slipped through the slot under the door, and that the sound of snarling, barking dogs would be piped into his cell 24/7.

    He would have no choice but to eat pigmeat or starve to death.

    Also, he should be made to realize with absolute certainty that when his sick, sorry ass finally dies, his body will be slathered in rancid bacon grease, wrapped in pigskin, soaked in dog urine and placed in a shallow grave under a pig sty or a kennel yard.

    Any Muslims who dare to utter a word of protest should be SHOT DEAD in the streets where they stand.

    If we're going to turn another cheek to these Musimaniac bastards make sure it's on the head of a charging boar or one side of it's copiously excreting hind end.

    If you always suspected I have a vicious streak, now you know it for sure, BUT rest assured I only display it on the rare occasions where it's truly warranted.

    But the ACLU would soon make such a stink that the nation would quickly be convinced by their henchmen and handmaidens in the enemedia that his punishment was too severe for the relatively mild offense he committed, and morally far more reprehensible.

    That's why he must DIE. If any member of this legion of filth is permitted to live, the sick twisted leftist bastards who've gotten hold of the levers of power will do everything in their power to make sure he's released and free to kill again.


    ~ FreeThinke

  9. Ooooh! A beguiling thought just occurred to me:

    A nice added touch would be to have recordings of Roseanne Barr singing the Star Spangled Banner with alternate choruses of I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal, You! If Roseanne were backed up by whatever remains of The Grateful Dead, it would be PERFECT. };-)>

    ~ FT

  10. I'm glad you've caught my drift, Les.

    Indulging in grotesque fantasies is as good a therapeutic method I know to work off rage and frustration while focusing hostility in a harmless direction.

    See? I'm really a pussycat at heart.


  11. At least -- quite unlike you, Canardo -- I hate the things that deserve to be hated, love what deserves to be loved and have the wisdom to know which is which.

    One of the things I hate most is the SUICIDAL MENTALITY of which you are an ardent, inveterate practitioner.

    ~ FT


    Easy answer: because here in America we believe that every human being deserves a fair trial regardless of how horrifying their crimes may have been.

    To loosely quote George Orwell, if you promote the use of totalitarian methods, then the day may come when those same methods are used against you.

    Who are you to decide who gets a fair trial and who doesn't?

  13. Hey Canardo (Ducky), What's to love or even like about Hassan?

  14. He's a human being and our laws grant due process.

    We do the best we can and controlling the blood lust is something we do for ourselves, not him.

  15. Something has happened to those laws that supposedly make us a humane and just nation. They aren't humane and just really, they are progressivist political correctness pretending to be the original American spirit. The original American spirit would have had a very speedy just, fair and humane trial and shot the guy at daybreak within days of the crime. The nation used to be sane.

  16. The term "a fair trial" implies that both sides are abiding by certain rules.

    Hasan knows full well what military regulations regarding facial hair are. He's an officer.

    Hasan is turning this trial into a farce -- at the least, a farce. And the pc crowd is tying themselves in knots so that he can continue to mock the American military.

  17. Bless your heart, Anonymous! You saved me the trouble of having to type all that out, myself.

    Hostile foreign elements have been twisting and perverting our laws to work to thier advantage.

    Hostile foreign "logic" which depends on mulish, forceful, aggressive literalism while ignoring the spirit of law -- as defined and exemplified by those who wrote it -- has torn this country apart.

    Uncle Sam has been pushed off his wall
    Uncle Sam has had a great fall
    All of the justices and congressmen
    Made sure Uncle Sam could not rise again.

    ~ Anne Animus

  18. There is nothing "totalitarian" about cutting down a mass murderer caught in the act with enough bullets to make sure he will never be able to commit any acts of atrocity ever again.

    The only good Islamaniac is a dead mass Islamaniac.

    By showing "respect" for this dirty bastard's "religious" convictions those imbeciles in authority have turned the proceedings into a lunatic farce with tragic implications.

    ~ FT

  19. Jack,

    Eventually, the time will come -- I hope -- when you realize there are no easy answers.

    "Those who are kind to the cruel are cruel to the kind."

    It's only recently that I am finally able to say, even to myself, that there are lots and lots of people who are just no God-damned fuckin' good.

    I may be a Christian, but I do not make the mistake of pretending to myself that I am Jesus Christ.

    I'm very happy to let HIM forgive the Charles Mansons, the Sons of Sams, the Timothy McVeys and the Nidal Hasans of this world -- in the AFTERLIFE.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. Are you kidding me FT? Of course I realize there are no easy answers. You will never find a more devoted Machiavellian than me, and you'll be hard pressed to find a more dilligent student of the law of unintended consequences.

    You think that this guy's acts didn't outrage me? Do you think that I don't want to see every single child molester DEAD? Of course I do. I don't think child molesters deserve to live, or at the very least EVER get out of prison.

    But I have to stay my bloodlust, as Ducky put it, because if I allow my baser instincts take over then I run the risk of violating someone's rights. And that has NOTHING to do with whether or not that person violated someone's rights first.

    "He should have been shot dead the very second he was apprehended."

    Executing someone without a fair trial IS totalitarian. Here is the full Orwell quote, and it's funny because he uses law and punishment as his example:

    "These people don't see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you. Make a habit of imprisoning Fascists without trial, and perhaps the process won't stop at Fascists."

    It doesn't matter how righteous your justice is, you still give everyone a fair shake because that is their right. Every human being on this planet--from the saintliest saint, to the most monstrous monster--has the right to a fair trial, because that is what human dignity demands, even if the person on trial did not observe human dignity himself.

  21. I favor the pragmatic approach in these extreme cases.

    The real world is not made for idealists.

    ~ FT

  22. When a perpetrator of this magnitude is wounded while attempting to exite the crime scene, the police should have STRICT instructions to KEEP FIRING until all signs of life have vanished. I would have made sure at least a hundred bullets were pumped into his filthy body piercing his heart at least a dozen times and smashing his head to a bloody pulp obliterating his facial features so as to render him beyond recognition.

    Then I would have had every policeman on the scene PISS on his remains, then drag them into the nearest alley, douse them with gasoline and set them ablaze.

    Rabid dogs deserve better treatment than a man like Nidal Hasan. I don't want to "understand" him. I don't want to "learn" from him. I want to KILL him.

    ~ FreeThinke



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