Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reality Check: RNC's Last Scramble to Strip Delegates Before the Convention

Pulling Out All Stops to Keep Ron Paul’s  Name out of Nomination


  1. It's all BS. 20% support Ron Paul?

    This is more Pauista sour grapes, and this is not a real newscast.

  2. This is in fact what the rEpublican new fascist party does. To think anyone would be comfortable with the rEpublican party in power today is indeed bewildering.

  3. Silver,

    The party supported the blatant FRAUD of the primary in Maine, and you think this is far-fetched?

    The party simply does not want Ron Paul's message to go mainstream. They want to keep him marginalized for fear that too many people will actually LISTEN to him rather than just discount him as a "radical" or a "fringe wacko."

  4. The RNC's scrambling to get ANYBODY BUT OBAMA elected, and I'm 1000% behind that; And still there are those who REALLY think Ron Paul's the answer and would stand a CHANCE of winning an election?!

    My Gosh, we have to be realistic, whether we like it or not.

    Ron Paul's a nut in some things and wise in others...I don't think any RNC people aren't finding valid his wisdom, for example, to GET THE HELL OUT OF AFGHANISTAN, a popular Rand Paul message.

  5. Jack and Les are correct on this one.

    The internecine warfare waged by the RNC against a significant number of independent well-organized voices clamoring to be heard because they are desperately eager to save us from yet-another Dole-McCain-like disaster is disgusting and degrading.

    I plan to vote for Romney, of course, BUT the RNC's determination to suppress hundreds of participants who backed Ron Paul is shameful and un-American.

    There's entirely too much CALCULATION and MANIPULATION going on behind the scenes.

    Silver, you have always been against Ron Paul. I've never understood that, because you present yourself as a libertarian, and Dr. Paul is the only candidate who qualifies under that aegis. AND he's the only one who's been consistent in telling the public what he believes we ought to know.

    Everyone ELSE is playing games, and being disingenuous for "tactical" purposes. This may be typical, but that doesn't stop it from being reprehensible.

    ~ FT

  6. The RNC is a joke, pathetic, useless, and serves no legitimate political purpose. Its only purpose is to control the outcome EXACTLY the way their Oligarch masters demand them to.

    When will the conservative movement wake up? Or is there still a bonafide conservative movement (aka: Classical Liberal Movement) alive in America? Methinks not.

    Today's conservative movement equals; neo-con, socon fascism in its worse format. Indeed the rEpublican party is is dire straights when the best it has to offer is GWB, JMcC, and MR.

    Gary Johnson 2012!

  7. Some people will think that they have to vote for their corrupt party nominee just because the other parties nominee is even more corrupt. These people are fooling themselves if they believe that they are living in a democratic republic.

  8. Thersites, I think you said that people delude themselves into thinking, and believing they live in the democratic republic designed and ultimately instituted by the natioms founders. When in all reality we are living in an oligarchy that insures the perpetuation of the wealthy elites self interest at the expense of the middle class .

    How close did I come?


  9. By the way, SilverFiddle, those "real" newscasts you refer to are the very ones we absolutely cannot trust.

  10. All I can say is that if Paul's people vote for him in large enough numbers to make the difference, instead of Romney, I will blame THEM for NObama's second term and I will also equally blame the RNC for this bullshit tactic of theirs. I am not a Paul supporter and never have been, but he does have some good ideas. He's just to damned cocky for me. His unlikeability makes Romney look like America's favorite son (except to the 10% or so that are his zealots).



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