Friday, August 3, 2012


Poverty in Appalachia

One-hundred years ago –– before "Progressivism" –– a humble immigrant could arrive here penniless, marry, father several children, work at a low level job, and still save enough to buy property and build a house large enough to accommodate a set of parents and eight children on acreage for roughly $1,500.00. And they were able to accomplish this without succumbing to neurasthenia because of the constant ethnic slurs and racial epithets they had to endure on the sidewalks of New York.

Calling people nasty names and beating each other up was standard practice in those days, No one liked it, but few-if-any died over it either. You toughened up, rose above it, did your homework, and overcame the challenging atmosphere.

This is simply a statement of fact, because it is the story of my own family and millions of others.

Poor boys finding ways to enjoy themselves

When you compare the lives and prospects of today's poor, who have received so much Federal State and Local "help," to the poor of yesteryear who received nothing but kicks in the shins, there can be no doubt that those left on their own to find ways to cope with adversity became much better people than those who live on Food Stamps.

The Welfare State has produced generations of pathetic, feeble, drug-addicted, violence-prone, prison-bound thugs and countless other disgusting, discouraging and dispiriting phenomena.

The State makes a lousy substitute for good, hard-working, God-fearing, goal-orientated, ambitious, upwardly-mobile, legally married parents who raise their children on their own.

This is not THEORY; this is FACT. Look what the poverty pimps, bleeding hearts, mercy freaks, grievance junkies, and guilt mongers have produced. It's monstrous.

Their little faces say it all

The human spirit thrives in spite of it.

~ FreeThinke


  1. I think that I'll stroll down to my local Chick-fil-A shop and have a chicken sandwich for lunch today.

  2. My mother left Appalachia as soon as she was old enough to be employed. No help from the welfare state. Period.

    In fact, all of my mother's family did the same -- except for the no-good distant relatives who preferred to wallow in drinking moonshine.

    We hear a lot about poverty in Appalachia. There is indeed poverty there; I visited Tennessee Appalachia just a few years ago. However, the people whom I met seemed content with their existence. Really. Women smoking corncob pipes, living in trailers with outhouses, toting their shotguns, and keeping their dogs (Pit Bulls?) by their sides. The people whom I met DESPISE outsiders, particularly those from D.C. or the D.C. area.

  3. I agree completely. We've infantilized successive generations, making them helpless wards of the state.

    If someone did on purpose what our government has done to the underclass, it would be considered a crime against humanity.

  4. This s why there is so much resentment in tis country FT. People struggling to make ends meet,counting their money at the grocery store,while the unmarried pregnant women with 3 other kids are paying with food stamps, who believe(with attitude)because I lived with it for many years, it is their right to tax payer funded government help to support single mothers with children old enough to be their own siblings and dead beat dads who show up once a month with their hand out for some of their share of that gov't check.
    And Obama would just love to expand this so those same people will vote democrat forever,not becuse they are so caring and republicans are so evil.

  5. I'd keep it in place.

    This should give you dreamers a pretty goo idea of what Kapitalhas in store for you

    If we get through this one intact let Romney set up the next one. That curve is really going to stretch out next time.

  6. You'd have to explain that spaghetti-confetti graph to me, Ducky. It doesn't "speak" with clarity to these old eyes.

    Remembrance of actual facts about one's own family history is hardly "dreaming."

    It isn't Capitalism that's at fault, it's the vicious games "moguls" have dreamt up to try to defend themselves against Marxism that has corrupted the Capitalist System. wall Street and Government now regularly conspire against the best interests of American citizens -- the result of an "if-you-can't-beat-'em,-join-'em strategy no doubt.

    Marxism, despite it's high-sounding-but-patently-absurd goals, has a corrosive, corruptive influence on everything it touches.

    My family's history is The Story of America -- as America used to be before the Progressives" seized power during a crisis and gummed up the works for a fare thee well.

    What my family accomplished -- albeit with great effort -- it was never easy -- could not happen today because of the stifling, intimidating, initiative -inhibiting policies "liberals" have put in place.

    Your outlook, dear Ducky, is diseased. I pray that one day soon it (not you!) will be deceased.


    ~ FT

  7. Remind me to tell y'all how my Great Aunt Mary == who came over "on the boat" as an infant-in-arms -- managed to put her two children through college on an era when graduating from high school for poor people was something of a rarity.

    She worked miracles using her native intelligence and her enormous capacity for hard work -- long before the Income Tax, the Federal Reserve and all the "help" from our dotty old Uncle Sam came into being.

    Her story is one of many beautiful jewels sewn into the gorgeous raiment that once covered the body of America the Beautiful.

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. You know my family background....they'd have died sooner than take welfare from the new wonderful AMerica they'd come to be part of....and succeeded so well in so many ways...with no English, etc.
    Why liberals insist Mexicans are too stupid to survive without bilingual education is beyond unkind and bigoted.

    I only disagree with your last sentence ...I believe the human spirit in america is not thriving in many people anymore.....I believe enough generations of welfare has kept dads away from families, the kids don't see or appreciate self respect and dignity, and we have a whole different American today.
    So sad.
    Your images are exquisite.

  9. Well thank you very mich, Z, for your kind words.

    I actually did have things you've shared with me about YOUR family history in mind when I referred to my great aunt. Our families have much in common -- as do most families of immigrants who came here with very little, except good character and worthy ambition, and made good on their own using only the great freedom of opportunity this country USED to provide.

    In that last sentence, however, I did say "... the gorgeous raiment that once covered ..." meaning it was in the past and no longer true. So we really don't disagree at all. ;-)

    Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to make interesting images I probably obscure the meaning.

    Good to see you here!

    ~ FT


    Off topic. Late night thoughts for whatever they may be worth.

  11. This is good stuff until you actually believe it and begin desiring for Americans born before 1965 to stop freeloading for their "entitlement" junkie fix and use what little they have of their lives left to find a way to pay for themselves for once.

  12. We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats' feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion



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