Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Off-the-Cuff Review

Not Quite Ladies Night 

Ann Romney during her stellar performance last night

I watched about 85% of the Convention on C-Span last night. I did so reluctantly, because I didn't expect much, but Boy! was I pleasantly surprised. Everyone who spoke was mightily impressive. Artur Davis –– a man of color from Alabama, a former D'Rat turned Republican –– is a Gift from God. A magnificent speaker in every sense of the term.  

I just about fell in love with Nikki Haley –– real star quality there, beauty, brains, talent and abundant charm wrapped in a neat package. 

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina
I was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of Luce Vela Fortuno, the First Lady of Puerto Rico –– a dynamic, sophisticated, polished, attractive, intelligent mother of thirty-year-old triplets and still a practicing attorney. 

Luce Vela Fortuno, First Lady of Puerto Rico

Then ANN ROMNEY is so incredibly BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word I couldn't believe it. She has to be in her sixties, yet she looks no older than 35. How she could do that after raising five strapping sons, being married to a big time businessman and politician while battling both MS and breast cancer I can't imagine. She not only looks more attractive than most movie stars by far, she speaks beautifully, is very feminine, but at the same time shows great force of character, and is obviously nobody's fool.  Most important of all she has the unmistakable aura about her of a truly happy, fulfilled individual without the faintest trace of conceit or smugness.

With he exception of some dreadful loud vulgar woman with one of those obnoxious trashy southern accents, ALL the speakers were nothing less than excellent.

New Jersey's larger-than-life Governor, Chris Christie

I LOVE Chris Christie! I had never heard him speak before, except in sound bites from the enemedia, and HE is “the real deal” –– a veritable powerhouse of authentic, heartfelt  dynamism. Like all of the others who spoke so eloquently and so beautifully last night, Governor Christie radiates sincerity and deep, powerful conviction. He’s not speaking in a manner calculated to create “the right impression,” he is who he presents himself to be. Someone I believe we could trust. How refreshing!

The members of the enemedia –– including FOX –– should be forced to dig a deep ditch, then stand at attention at the edge while they're machine gunned into it, covered in quick lime and consigned to oblivion as quickly as possible.

I watched the proceedings on C-Span who doesn’t suppress part of the commentary with tedious, inappropriate, unnecessary “analysis.”

If only the public could see these intelligent, dynamic, attractive Republicans as they really are, instead of being filtered through the enemedia. the country would stand a good chance of recovery. 

I probably like Ron Paul better than most, but I have sense enough to know a man with his personality, squeaky voice and gnomish physical appearance could never be elected president. Even HE knew that and freely admitted it while campaigning. Too bad his devoted followers can't face reality!

“Politics is the Art of the Possible.”  It is not an arena in which militant, inflexible ideologues could possibly survive.

~ FreeThinke


  1. Did Ann Romney talk about the pain of having to spend some of the trust fund while they were in the basement apartment during Mitt's salad days?

    I think the Rethugs really missed the boat when she didn't ride in on her $80,000 tax deduction dressage horse and sit to the trot.

  2. Did Nikki Haley beat her grand jury problems?

  3. Spoken like a true marxist, Ducky.

    The Ivy League Obumbles and $300K/year Michelle didn't exactly jump out of a Dickens novel.

    FreeThinke: Thanks for the excellent review, since I didn't watch any of it.

    Maybe I should take your suggestion and watch via CSPAN. I absolutely hate, and I mean puke on the tv screen hate, political tv. Watching it makes you dumber.

  4. Now behave, Silverfiddle. You know my thesis, they're all crooks.

    Michelle is one of the worst. A no show affirmative action job that got hiked to 300K when hubby got elected.
    The job was eliminated as soon as they packed up for Washington.

    Doesn't change the fact that Ann Romney is a bitch who thinks she's talking to the help.

  5. Thanks, Kurt. we learn so much more about Canardo from what he says about Ann than we learn about Ann.

    Ducky, dearest, if you didn't do such a superb job of showing our reading public the true nature -- the heart and soul -- of the twisted, degenerate political thinking of the left, I'd jettison your silly remarks, BUT I realize you're playing a character part most of the time, so I have to admit I enjoy having you around.

    I do wonder, though, what could be the cause of such contempt?

    As much as I despise Barack Obama's policies and find his wife's low-class tastes and blatant self-indulgence, I couldn't say I despise them. They both have many attractive qualities, though he has shed most of his the deeper he sinks into the pile of doo doo he has made of his presidency.

    In an attempt to be fair let me put it this way:

    If we stipulate that all politicians are bullshit artists whose sincerity is always questionable at best, the speakers at last night's convention at least produced a more attractive, higher quality brand of bullshit than the foul-minded fiends and dangerous lunatics who run your revolting excuse for a political party.

    Calling the remarkably beautiful Mrs. Romney a "bitch" reflects very poorly on you, Ducky. And as always the attempt at Marxian-style class warfare proves only that those who think the way you, apparently, do, are motivated by Envy, Spite, Malice and Greed. That IGNOBLE, Ducky. I believe you are better than that, so why misrepresent yourself as you do so often?

    ~ FT

  6. I watched "The Hunger Games" last night. It' s never to early to start training for life "outside" the empire's capitol.

  7. Oh stop, Freethinker.

    A woman who lived off a trust fund and talks about the tough times.
    A woman who takes an $80,000 tax deduction on her dressage horse and talks about the horrors of her trust fund days living of her husband's CEO daddy's gift?

    A women who probably spent five hours in the chair before her "speech".

    Poor woman has medical problems and doesn't have to worry about any bills she runs up.

    Look, put some poor women named Laquisha with a kid who has no insurance and is dealing with MS. She doesn't know where the father split to and the Baggers are trying to cut off her food stamps.

    Put her up there and you and the rest of the Bagger Party would piss on her.

    Trust me Freethinker, I don't misrepresent myself but I sure can't say the same for a fraud like Ann "Sit to the Trot" Romney.

  8. Ducky, if you didn't do such a superb job of showing our reading public the true nature -- the heart and soul -- of the twisted, degenerate political thinking of the left, I'd jettison your silly remarks,

    ~ FT

  9. If we stipulate that all politicians are bullshit artists whose sincerity is always questionable at best, the speakers at last night's convention at least produced a more attractive, higher quality brand of bullshit than the foul-minded fiends and dangerous lunatics who run your revolting excuse for a political party.

    Extremely well said, and I agree with this as well:

    Calling the remarkably beautiful Mrs. Romney a "bitch" reflects very poorly on you, Ducky.

    But the trust fund baby serial rapists known as the Kennedy Klan are AOK!

  10. No they weren't, Silverfiddle. But they had a sense of purpose.

    As you might imagine I get a little dicey with the idea of noblesse oblige. I don't want to speak for Freethinker but I believe it is an important concept in his world view, maybe not.

    The Kennedy's did have a sense of it and Ted did a lot for this country. Gross imperfections and all we are the better for his term.

    Ann Romney believes she is exceptional, as does Governor Olympics.
    When his punk sons were asked why they didn't enlist and give something to the country the answer was, "We are, we're helping our father get elected"(this was 2008).
    Privileged brats.

    A guy spreads a bundle of government money amongst his corrupt Utah friends and then he struts around about "saving the Olympics". That should disgust you.

    The right simply cannot deal with the absolute fact that they have been big players in creating this mess and no amount of Ann reminiscing about how tough it was without a personal maid, secretary and manicurist is going to change the fact the Mittens is a disaster waiting to happen.

    No, this guy doesn't have enough substance to have faults. Just a greed head who believes in money and power and whatever he has to do to obtain more.

    You should read up on his father some time. Maybe you have. I dearly wish that type of principled decent Republican would make a return.
    But the last three decades have shown us our future and it doesn't involve decency.

  11. You are one-eye blind, Ducky.

    You are describing the world as it is, and it doesn't just apply to conservatives and people you don't like.

    "Mittens is a disaster waiting to happen."

    Pure conjecture. The truth is that Obama is a disaster playing out before our eyes.

    And I love your defense of Fat Teddy. So a guy can be a drunken lout, callow woman-killer and rapist so long as he advances the progressive agenda.

    You're one of the few who are honest enough to admit it, and for that I give you credit.

  12. Nice review FreeThinke. Looking forward to Luis Fortuno, Condo Rice, and Paul Ryan tonight!

  13. What I find absolutely WONDERFUL about how liberals go on and on about how Mitt and Ann "don't understand the middle class because they're rich," is that they don't apply that same logic to their Democrat overlords.

    When John Kerry ran for president, he was the richest man in congress. True, it was mostly because of his wife, but where were the people calling him out?

    Sounds like a lot of people are just jealous. I guess America is the country where you're a dirt bag if you strike it rich or come from privelage.

    Maybe we should all be poor saps. Then apparently we'd all understand each other.


  14. Oh we can face reality. We WILL keep the Revolution going with Gary Johnson. We simply will not vote for American Fascism, which in reality IS what the rEpublican pArty (new neo fascist party of America) power brokers represent. Sadly Americans seem blind to the real direction their countries leaders are taking them in.

    The army is growing and ultimately it WILL win.

  15. I missed most of the coverage last night because unexpected overnight company appeared at my door.

    However, everything I've managed to read and watch today indicates that last night was a great success for the GOP.

    As I read what various opponents of the GOP had said and written, I detect two things: (1) fear and (2) sour grapes.

    The election this November will determine, perhaps once and for all, exactly what national character our nation will carry into the future.

  16. Silverfiddle said:

    The truth is that Obama is a disaster playing out before our eyes.

    If the electorate take that view, then Obama will go down in ignominious and decisive defeat.

  17. No Jack, that isn't the issue.

    Romney has been concerned with one thing in his life -- accumulate money. If that means using every tax dodge and offshore shelter then that's what he did.

    Now the oligarchs have been picking your pockets for decades and 'ol Mittens is one of the best.

    It isn't that he steals. It's that he is so good at it that he has to convince the marks that he's just a hard working guy who came up from scratch.

    Get ready to take it in the ear.

  18. Ducky hates facts; the fact is that Romney gave away his inheritance to charity and started on his own, but it's easier to mock through sheer jealousy.

    Freethinke, last night was good, but tonight? Oh, my GOSH. I'm not the biggest Condi fan alive, but she was FABULOUS (and no teleprompter, just some notes)...and SUSAN MARTINEZ? ? WOW.
    But PAUL RYAN? One of the best speeches I've ever heard and delivered faultlessly. He's everything I was hoping he'd be and I'm so glad he changed his mind about running

  19. “'We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time.

    “'The stock came from Mitt’s father. When he took over American Motors, the stock was worth nothing. But he invested Mitt’s birthday money year to year — it wasn’t much, a few thousand, but he put it into American Motors because he believed in himself. Five years later, stock that had been $6 a share was $96 and Mitt cashed it so we could live and pay for education."

    In her own words.

    The fringe right, fish in a barrel.

  20. Envy, Spite, Malice, Vengefulness and relentless negativity!

    Thank you, Ducky, for showing us The Face of the D'Rat Party whose members ought by now to be known better as MARXICRATS.

    The Third Reich
    Lenin's Soviet Union
    Mao's China
    North Korea
    Southeast Asia
    Broke and Failing Europe
    Central and South America

    All MAGNIFICENT successes.

    Every one a shining example of where your political beliefs were made manifest and grew to dominance

    Every one a place far better in every respect than the United States of America

    Every one a place we would do well to emulate.

    Thank you for being you, Ducky. We most desperately need men like you to show us how to go o'er the hillside steep -- how to gather -- how to sow -- how to feed our sheep. We will listen at thy voice, lest our footsteps stray. We will follow and rejoice on Disaster's Way.

    ~ FreeThinke

  21. Yes, there have been failures, Freethinker. Left and right.

    That's our condition. Keep pushing the freaking rock.

    You haven't figured that out?

    That's why I reject the evangelicals. I don't want redemption in the after life. Not interested. I want a religion that can teach me how to push that rock.

    You don't push it by sitting and cashing your daddy's stock.

  22. That depends upon what you cash it in to use for ducky...

    Creative destruction is BOTH a necessary and useful function (in moderation).

    Consumptive destruction is what you imply... and given the mans career... a false analogy.

  23. O, Duck, thou art sick!
    The invisible worm
    That flies in the night,
    In the howling storm,

    Has lodged in thy head
    His Marxist gore:
    And doth dark hate
    Perpetuate forever more.

    ~ FT

  24. You know it's to bad, Freethinker. It would be so much more beneficial to talk about the dynamics of classical performance. My ear isn't that good and I enjoy insight into the subtleties of a piece.

    But here I am. Nothing but a sick rotting heap working to get the Muslim and North Korean hordes in power.

    Too bad, I could tell you a few things about how to develop an eye.

    But the door is closed. Pity.
    We just call each other everything but a child of God.

    Not productive.

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