Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Very Special Sunday Treat 

Another Side of American Race Relations 


An American Success Story

A Unique Beauty with Astonishing Charm, 
Talent and Durability
Whose Life Story Should Serve as 
An Inspiration to Us All


  1. Possibly of interest.

    Eartha Kitt was one talented woman and called 'em like she saw 'em.

  2. For the most part, I ignore entertainers' views. If I respect an entertainer and that entertainer's talents, I enjoy without worrying about political views.

    So, I didn't agree with Kitt about certain matters. So what? Talent is talent!

    Great video, FT!

  3. Enjoy!

    A 1931 song with music written by Vincent Scotto. Recorded in 1953. Recordings by both Eartha Kitt and Dean Martin charted in the UK in 1955.

  4. She was hot! Remember her as catwoman?

  5. Eartha Kitt, who first came to my attention in New Naces of 1952, of you would believe, was UNIQUE.

    There never had been and may never be again anyone quite like her. She was adorable, inimitable, pixyish, incredibly sexy but never lewd, never merely outlandish, caustic, or rudely "edgy.'

    Children and their mothers even liked her.

    Yes, I remember her as Catwoman, Kurt. That was late in her career, though. She'd been around since the 1940's.

    She came illegitimate, half-white, abandoned, bereft and heartbroken out of the southern cotton fields to New York, but had such spunk, and so much energy, so much talent and natural "presence" she became a beloved entertainer very quickly.

    I think her story -- as she tells it in this video -- is inspiring. Her daughter's testimony, which comes across as touchingly genuine, is priceless and endearing.

    I'll have to post her appearance on what's My Line and also her performance of "Monotonous" -- the song that made her famous. "Monotonous," incidentally, is a riot.

    She had that rare gift of being at once beautiful, sexy, touching, good-humored and funny as hell.

    I'm so happy I re-discovered her on YouTube!

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. She was one sexy babe! She get's an 'A' for attitude in my book.

  7. Oh, Thersites, I give her an A-PLUS for attitude.

    I didn't realize until a few minutes ago that she had less than three years to live after giving this vibrant, infectiously joyful interview. She died in 2008 at the age of 81.

    I'm sure Eartha was a "liberal," but whoever had a better right?

    She was right about the Vietnam War -- AND the Johnson White House. Yes, she sounded uncharacteristically truculent and abrasive when referring to the episode at lunch that embarrassed poor Lady Bird, but then Lady Bird had a LOT she SHOULD have been embarrassed about -- staying married to that crafty, scheming, low-class, conniving, unscrupulous, warmongering, whoremongering, ugly, jug-eared son-of-a-bitch was only part of it. Giving birth to those two ugly daughters was another.

    ~ FreeThinke

    Wouldn't it be loverly, if some personality on OUR side had the temerity to treat BO and Michelle ma Belle with that kind of brazen effrontery?

    That's what "WE" lack frankly.

    The lady had BALLS, God bless her!

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. I like this quote from the first article you cited, AOW:

    " ... Kitt showed a rare courage for an American, especially a black one in 1968, to be as confrontational as she was with a first lady.

    "The White House has a way of intimidating people, even those who are famous and powerful in their own spheres.

    "But she obviously wasn't overwhelmed by the trappings that surround the presidency. She spoke truth as she saw it to power. And she did that knowing it wasn't going to help her career, that she ran the risk of being blacklisted, as it were."

    YUP! And as I said above, THAT kind of courage -- and assertiveness -- is what WE conservatives need most desperately.

    "We" are much too namby pamby for our own good.

    ~ FT

  9. Yes, AOW! Under the Bridges of Paris may not be a great song, but her treatment of it is elegant and charming.

    I am normally a lover of classical music, opera and the kind of singing required for German lieder and French art songs, but Eartha Kitt's voice had a unique tremulous sound that was at once vulnerable and sexy. I was aware of this at age ten, and have never forgotten her.

    There are not too many vocalists about whom one could honestly say that. Frank Sinatra, of course, is one, Peggy Lee another, but how many others?

    ~ FT

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