Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kudos to the Illegal Immigrants!

Mexican-American Gothic

The best of the Illegal Immigrants are the only ones who still embody the kind of courage that made us great to start with. 

It’s astonishing how few find the Obama Mystique eerie, isn't it?
I'll never understand why we are such a gullible people –– so willing to follow the lead of a corrupt press –– so willing to elect mediocre, venal or downright evil people to congress. 
Do we need a good strong leader?
Or do we just need to find strength, courage and a sense of purpose in ourselves as individuals?
Why have we lost The Spirit of '76 –– the pioneer spirit –– the eagerness of the late-nineteenth-century immigrants to take their chances, work hard and make good?
I contend that the best of the Illegal Immigrants are the only ones who still embody the kind of courage and perseverance that made us great to start with. 
Why is that, you ask?
Because they are -- like our immediate ancestors -- working outside the hellish, byzantine "social system" we devised because of the Cultural Marxist appeal to human weakness and cupidity.
In searching out and following the paths of least resistance we have just about done ourselves in. 
If the Illegal Immigrants wind up taking over, if will be because they DESERVE to succeed where WE have failed.
~ FreeThinke


  1. Certainly, many illegal immigrants are as you describe, FT.

    Others are not -- gangs, drug dealing, etc. I see that nearby. Not too close, thank God.

    The other problem that I have with immigrants isn't really their fault: the impact on public education, particularly for ESL classes (a failure overall) and special ed classes of the hopeless type.

    For example, the influx of Arabs here has overwhelmed special ed classes in a terrible way: "basket cases," no doubt the result of hundreds of years of close inbreeding. It's bad in every way, and these "students" have to be warehoused until age 18 or 21 -- I can't recall which.

    Many Latinos have no respect or interest in education. This is not true of all, but certainly of many. They often become disruptive in the classroom and in the hallways. I was once called up on (1976?) to break up a fight between two Cuban boys who were WIELDING STRAIGHT RAZORS! They were fighting over "chica."

    You already know about my personal experience with a cab driver who was an illegal immigrant. At least he had auto insurance! Not that I got anything to speak of in the settlement as this is a sanctuary city.

  2. FT,
    BTW, your site is looking very nice these days. I see that your blogroll is growing.

  3. Well-said. I understand AOW's point also, and it is not necessarily contradictory.

    I too think importing inbred Muslims is a bad idea, and much of the pathologies we see in the Hispanic community is caused by our progressive government. They are an entrepreneurial people who know how to make it without a safety net, but our nanny statists bring them in, coddle them, give them bennies and teach them how to play the victim game.

    What they are more fit for is to allow them to open a business without jumping through 500 fiery bureaucratic hoops, which is why many of their businesses you see are clandestine.

  4. Hi, AOW,

    Please notice I said "the best" of the illegal immigrants.

    There are rotten elements and weaknesses in any group you can imagine,

    The point of this post, I hasten to add, is NOT to extoll illegal immigration per se, but to show respect for the courage, daring, hopefulness, and the eagerness to take whatever opportunities arise that might help better oneself.

    Sadly, we have come to expect and demand too darned much. We want a soft easy life given to us just by dint of our ever having been born.

    We claim the soft, easy life as a "right" now. THIS is why we've hit the skids.

    I blame the false ideals and seductive appeals to jealousy, spitefulness and greed inherent in all varieties of the Marxian creeds for our decline.

    The "illegals" have not been hampered with these degenerate expectations -- except in California where the cancer of liberalism has rendered the state virtually moribund.

    The undesirable behaviors you describe are apt to be found in any cross section of mankind. We may notice them more in "elements" whose physical attributes make them appear anomalous, and tend to brush them off with an "Oh well, boys will be boys" when they appear in people of our own, more familiar kind.

    Thanks for your thoughts as always.

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. "... [Many] of the pathologies we see in the Hispanic community is caused by our progressive government. They are an entrepreneurial people who know how to make it without a safety net, but our nanny statists bring them in, coddle them, give them bennies and teach them how to play the victim game.:

    Egg- ZACK-lee!!!

    BRAVO, Kurt! You GOT iT. That is the point I was trying to make, as I just laboriously explained in the previous response to AOW.

    She, of course, makes good points too, as always, but I see GREAT VIRTUE in what-you-just-eloquently-called "clandestine" entrepreneurship.

    The system under which we labor long ago became increasingly unfair, over burdensome -- even insane -- so it's long past time to "alter or abolish it."

    It would be "nice," of course, if we could do that legally and go through proper channels, etc. but when the system is rigged to defeat all such initiatives -- as it most certainly is now -- the best way to alter or abolish it, is probably to UNDERMINE it with a great deal of increasing ILLEGAL but HIGHLY MORAL commercial activity.

    God works in mysterious ways, indeed. I believe He-She-It is innately just and tends to favor what is RIGHT far above what is LEGAL.

    Legalistic thinking is PHARISAICAL, and you surely know what jesus and the Pharisees thought of each other.

    Thanks for the kindly and substantive comment, Kurt. I wish we could see more of you in these here parts, but I know how incredibly busy you must be, and often wonder how you manage to keep juggling so many different "balls" in the air.

    Have a great day!

    ~ FT

  6. Thanks too, AOW for the nice compliment about our graphics.

    I see this as a "spiritual cyber-spinoff" of the newspaper business. When I edited a paper years ago, generating headlines and adding illustrations that provoked CURIOSITY, inflamed PASSION or made folks CHUCKLE was more than half the battle in getting people actually to read the articles.

    It may be terrible to admit, but successful seduction is a vital part of this game. [I hasten to add that we ain't talkin' sex here. ;-]

    At any rate, finding appropriate illustrations tohelp underscore a point is -- for me -- a fascinating process. I love it.

    ~ FT

  7. FT: I don't see the rise clandestine economies as a God-send.

    If the case were that they eventually supplanted the real economy, I'd agree with you, but the sad reality is that they don't.

    They just end up breeding corruption and dysfunction as government officials are bribed to look the other way as bureaucrats continue paying lip service to a creaking "official" economy as it weighs down heavier and heavier on its citizens.

    See Conservatives on Fire's latest post:

  8. Sadly, we have come to expect and demand too darned much. We want a soft easy life given to us just by dint of our ever having been born.

    Well, that is the problem -- the root of the problem.

    I've learned something from the Korean community.

    Good: The immigrants and, typically, their children put their hand to the plow and take advantage of the American opportunity.

    Bad: The next generation(s) down, after having been in our school system long enough, develop the entitlement mentality.

    America is destroying itself!

  9. "America is destroying itself!"


    ~ FT

  10. Man, you ARE a racist and a retard! There’s no buts about it, The good bible belt “Christians” hate mixed race people more than they hate blacks.
    Anyone who doesn’t believe that race is a large factor in the Obama hate campaign is out of touch.
    There are simpler and more rational explanations for Obama’s behavior than “he wants to destroy the nation”.
    This is because I am sick and tired of hearing brain-damaged people describe things as being socialist or Marxist or Trotskyite or whatever when they don’t have any clue what any of those words mean, they only call him that cause they can’t call him “n i g g e r” hey just , the Obama accomplishment is in regular text, followed by what it would have been had Obama been a socialist, in quote:

    Obama has overhauled the food safety system – “Obama nationalized all farms.” Advanced women’s rights in the work place – “Obama implemented a single standard wage for all workers.” Ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) in our military – “Obama implemented compulsive military or civilian service.” Stopped defending DOMA in court. – “Outlawed all religious marriage” Passed the Hate Crimes bill. – “Passed an antisedition act prohibiting all speech which is not glorifying to the state.” Appointed two pro-choice women to the Supreme Court – “Replaced all nine justices with suitable replacements.” Expanded access to medical care and provided subsidies for people who can’t afford it. – Nationalized all health insurance companies Expanded the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – “Nationalized all health providers Fixed the preexisting conditions travesty [and rescissions] in health insurance. – Executed all insurance company executives for crimes against humanity” Invested in clean energy. – “Directed National Energy Corps to disassemble coal power plants and replace them with wind and solar.” Overhauled the credit card industry, making it much more consumer-friendly. – “Nationalized all banks.” He got help for people whose health was injured during the clean-up after the 9/11 attacks. – “Continued Bush-era cover-up of hazardous breathing conditions following 9/11 attacks” He’s got Osama Bin Laden – “Used Osama bin Laden as a bogeyman to convince people to do everything else he wanted.”

  11. Wow! Did a cold wave of hate just leave the room? Talk about about conservatives/libertarians/classical liberals all you want My Blog, but you really take the prize..

  12. Want to read a real rant, go visit that ("my blog")jerks blog. What a pile of crap.

  13. I just noticed that you added me to your list and I went and did the same. See you again.

  14. "My Blog's" post has no relevance whatsoever –– in fact directly contradicts –– the spirit of the post applauding the courage and daring of illegal immigrants, so we wont bother to pay any attention to that boilerplate outpouring of utter nonsense.

    This, of course, is yet another alias for "Bd" or "Liberalmann" or one or two other Marxian plants that perpetually befoul conservative blogs with little "speeches" ginned up then canned at the Propaganda Factory of CPUSA -- or something of similar ilk.

    We'll let it stand as a testament to the dishonesty, immorality and scurrility characteristic of Marxian tacticians.

    Their intent is always to confuse, disrupt, defame and derail honest discourse.

    If we get peppered with too much of this kind of irrelevant buckshit, it will be deleted without warning.

    ~ FreeThinke

  15. Thanks Average American. Glad to have you aboard.

    ~ FreeThinke

  16. Excellent post!

    Those who come here (from wherever) and become part of the American dream will inherit the American dream. It is likely that these people will be Hispanic. If this is the natural order of things, I can embrace it. In that sense, we haven't "lost" America, we've only gained better citizens.

    Lost on the radical elements (LULAC and La Raza) is the fact that they will never inherit America from outside mainstream society. Most Hispanics do not share these radical reconquista mindset.

    Again, BRAVO!

  17. Thank you, Sam.

    I appreciate your support and understanding.

    ~ FT

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