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Trinity United Church of Christ Statement of Purpose (Later Suppressed presumably to Aid Obama campaign)

The Rev. God-Damn America and You-Know-Who

Mission Statement: What Trinity Is About
Trinity United Church of Christ has been called by God to be a congregation that is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that does not apologize for its African roots! As a congregation of baptized believers, we are called to be agents of liberation not only for the oppressed, but for all of God’s family. We, as a church family, acknowledge, that we will, building on this affirmation of "who we are" and "whose we are," call men, women, boys and girls to the liberating love of Jesus Christ, inviting them to become a part of the church universal, responding to Jesus’ command that we go into all the world and make disciples!
We are called out to be "a chosen people" that pays no attention to socio-economic or educational backgrounds. We are made up of the highly educated and the uneducated. Our congregation is a combination of the haves and the have-nots; the economically disadvantaged, the under-class, the unemployed and the employable.
The fortunate who are among us combine forces with the less fortunate to become agents of change for God who is not pleased with America’s economic mal-distribution!
W.E.B. DuBois indicated that the problem in the 20th century was going to be the problem of the color line. He was absolutely correct. Our job as servants of God is to address that problem and eradicate it in the name of Him who came for the whole world by calling all men, women, boys and girls to Christ.
Statement of Purpose 
We honor Dr. Manford Byrd, our brother in Christ, because of the exemplary manner in which he has thrice withstood the ravage of being denied his earned ascension to the number one position in the Chicago School System.  His dedication to the pursuit of excellence despite these systemic denials has inspired the congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ.  We have prayerfully called the wisdom of all past generations of suffering Blacks for guidance in fashioning an instrument of Black self-determination, the Black Value System. 
And we shall, beginning in 1982, institute an annual Black Value System-Educational Scholarship in the name of Dr. Byrd. 
This year, 1981, however, we recognize Dr. Byrd as the first recipient of the Dr. Manford Byrd Award which will be given annually to the man or woman who best exemplifies the Black Value System. 
The Black Value System 
These Black Ethics must be taught and exampled in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever Blacks are gathered. They must reflect the following concepts: 
Commitment of God 
“The God of our weary years” will give us the strength to give up prayerful passivism and become Black Christian Activist, soldiers for Black freedom and the dignity of all humankind. 

Commitment to the Black Community 
The highest level of achievement for any Black person must be a  contribution of substance to the strength and continuity of the Black of the Black Community. 
Commitment to the Black Family 
The Black family circle must generate strength, stability, and love despite the uncertainty of externals, because these characteristics are required if the developing person is to withstand warping by our racist competitive society. 
Those Blacks who are blessed with membership in a strong family unit must reach out and expand that blessing to the less fortunate, especially to the children.
Dedication to the Pursuit of Education 
We must forswear anti-intellectualism. Continued survival demands that each Black Person be developed to the utmost of his/her mental potential despite the inadequacies of the formal education process.  
“Real education” fosters understanding of ourselves as well as every aspect of our environment.  Also it develops within us the ability to fashion concepts and tools for better utilization of our resources, and more effective solutions to our problems.  Since the majority of Blacks have been denied such learning, Black Education must include elements that provide high school graduates with marketable skills, a trade or qualifications for apprenticeships, or proper preparation for college. Basic education for all Blacks should include Mathematics, Science, Logic, General Semantics, Participative Politics, Economics and Finance, and the Care and Nurture of Black minds. 
To the extent that we individually reach for, even strain for excellence, we increase, geometrically, the value and resourcefulness of the Black Community.  We must recognize the relativity of one’s best: this year’s best can be bettered next year.  Such is the language of growth and  development.  We must seek to excel in every endeavor. 
Adherence to the Black Work Ethic 
“It is becoming harder to find qualified people to work in Chicago”  Whether this is true or not, it represents one of the many reasons given by businesses and industries for deserting the Chicago area.  We must realize that a location with good facilities, adequate transportation and reputation for producing skilled workers will attract industry.  We are in competition with other cities, states, and nations for jobs.  High productivity must be a goal of the Black workforce. 
Commitment to Self-Discipline and Self-Respect 
To accomplish anything worthwhile requires self-discipline.  We must be a community of self-disciplined persons, if we are to actualize and utilize our own human resources instead of perpetually submitting to exploitation by others.  Self discipline coupled with a respect for self, will enable each of us to be an instrument of Black Progress, and a model for Black Youth. 
Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness” 
Classic methodology on control of captives teaches that captors must keep the captive ignorant educationally, but trained sufficiently well to serve the system.  Also, the captors must be able to identify the “talented tenth” of those subjugated, especially those who show promise of providing the kind of leadership that might threaten the captor’s control. 
Those so identified as separated from the rest of the people by: 
Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.

Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons. 

Seducing them into a socioeconomic class system which while training them to earn more dollars, hypnotizes them into believing they are better than others and teaches them to think in terms of “we” and “they” instead of “us”. 
So, while it is permissible to chase “middle-incomeness” with all our might, we must avoid the third separation method-the psychological entrapment of Black “middleclassness”: If we avoid the snare, we will also diminish our “voluntary” contributions to methods A and B.  And more importantly, Black people no longer will be deprived of their birthright, the leadership, resourcefulness, and example of their own talented persons. 
Pledge to Make the Fruits of All Developing and Acquired Skills Available to the Black community 
Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions. 
Pledge Allegiance to all Black Leadership Who Espouse and Embrace The Black Value System. 
Personal Commitment to Embracement of the Black Value System - to Measure the Worth and Validity of All Activity in Terms of Positive Contributions to the General Welfare of the Black Community and the Advancement of Black People towards Freedom.


  1. W.E.B. DuBois, huh?

    You might be interested in this video interview of David DuBois, son of W.E.B.

    According to the blurb at YouTube:

    In a rare interview, David Du Bois, son of NAACP founding member W.E.B. Du Bois, speaks passionately of his dad's commitment to Communism and Socialism, and how his wife introduced him to leading white activists within the Progressive movement at that time, among other things.

  2. Most of it sounded ok, other than the socialist jabs, but it got really weird at the end.

  3. Hey, I can't blame the black community from being a bit paranoid and not rushing out to embrace a multi-ethnic America. If they had once enslaved us, I'd be a bit leery, too.

  4. Sorry, gentlemen, this credo is not only warped, it's depraved -- very similar to The Nation of Islam started by Elijah Mohammed. Eventually, if unchecked, this mentality will force the country into attempts by each race to exterminate the other.

    How could that in any way be good?

    Don't you see what vile racists THEY are?

    When have two wrongs EVER made a right?

    This so-called "church" is obviously run by SATAN.

    ~ FT

  5. I have to agree that most of it sounded good on the surface, BUT, it was the most racist piece of shit I have read in a long long time. You suppose a white could have gotten away with that crap? Yeah, right!

  6. Average American, you ever been to Idaho?


    One of my favorite black leaders. A man who educated himself in slavery and then went on to being a man and leader all could respect ad admire.

  8. Hi, Les,

    The story of Frederick Douglass is, indeed, poignant and inspiring.

    Fascinating that the people of the British Isles in Douglass' time seemed to accept him easily as a fellow human being, and, apparently, did not regard him with fear, suspicion, and loathing or as an "exotic," which is the usual response most ordinary people give to anyone perceived as "different."

    It would be interesting -- and perhaps revealing -- to gain a fuller understanding of Douglass' genetic makeup. From the pictures we have it seems obvious he was not of purely African heritage.

    One of the wryly amusing ironies of history is that white slave owners and "overseers" are very likely to have quite literally planted the seeds of their own destruction in the wombs of the African women with whom they sinfully slaked their lust.

    An even greater irony, however, is that once education was no longer not only forbidden to Negroes but positively encouraged most of them appear to have lost interest in it, and too many have even come to regard it as objectionable, because it makes them "too white."

    Yet another irony, of which practically no in dares speak is that without the formidable efforts of white people moved to outrage over the Negro's plight, the blacks might still be in chains.

    The African natives originally sold into slavery were captured, abused and betrayed by fellow black Africans.

    History at times appears to be little but a series of grotesquely comic an hideous ironies.

    ~ FreeThinke



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