Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Isn't This Boy Just Too Coy?

by Barack Hussein Obama

A I'm adorable

B I'm so beautiful

C I'm a cutey full of charms.

D I'm a darling and

E I'm exciting and

F I know I’d feel good in your arms.

G I look good to me

H I'm so heavenly

I I'm the one I idolize

J I'm Jack and you are Jill

K I am so kissable

L I'm the lovelight in your eyes

M, N, O, P, I could go on all day

Q, R, S, T, I'm beyond OK!

U make my life complete

V means I'm very sweet

W, X, Y, Z

Don't you love to wander free
Through he alphabet with me
So I can tell you just how much I mean to me?

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SERIOUSLY, I think ads lampooning or attacking Brokeback Obama are the very LAST thing any Republican running for office ought to do.


Because everyone – R and D alike – needs to outline and emphasize the POSITIVE policies they can put in place to

A. Foster Independence

B. Encourage and enhance the possibility of accumulating private property and personal wealth

C. Educate the people about the virtues and great advantages of practicing thrift, studying realistic options for sound long-range financial planning, and making long-term investments.

D. Present ideas in ways that engage the attention and capture the imagination.

Voters don't need to be lectured on how greedy, selfish, stupid, short-sighted and immoral they are. Neither do they have any appetite for endless insults and harangues.

Instead, they need ENCOURAGEMENT -- something on which to build hopeful eager visions and fuel ambition to build a better future by PUTTING POWER and a strong, healthy MEASURE of CONTROL BACK INTO THE HANDS of the INDIVIDUAL.

We need to return to the moral equivalent of offering FORTY ACRES and a MULE, then letting the chips fall where they may.

People need OPPORTUNITIES to SUCCEED on their own.

What they do NOT need is to be MICRO-MANAGED "for their own good."

~ FreeThinke


  1. Yes, it will take a positive message to beat him. It won't be a cakewalk like many think.

  2. Not only will it not be a cakewalk, SilverFiddle, I frankly don't think it will happen at all.

    I truly believe "the fix is in," and that both Republicans and Democrats are in on it.

    Call it a conspiracy if you like. It just seems obvious that nothing done in and by Washington, DC is on the up and up. Motives there are obviously not only impure but almost invariably ulterior.

    The true Establishment –– those shadowy, heavily-moneyed puppeteers pulling strings behind the scenes –– is heavily invested in engineering our abject failure, so they can rush in, take over and function as dictators.

    If you knew Ivy League elites, as I do (I grew up with the bastards, so I ought to know, by God!), you would be FORCED to realize that almost to a man "they" no longer believe "democracy" is capable of functioning.

    They'll tell with a perfectly straight face, "Democracy is too inefficient. It's a stumbling block to getting things done."

    Their assumption, of course, is that they know better than 'we" ever could what's really best for us.

    May God save us from the scourge of these incredibly arrogant, SELF-APPOINTED EXPERTS who suffer mightily from delusions of grandeur!

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. In a consumer economy, B and C are contradictory.

  4. Obama is a megalomaniac!

    Romney has a chance to win in November, IMO. Of course, where I live, Liberal-land Northern Virginia, Obama will carry by a huge margin. Elsewhere in Virginia will be a different story.

  5. "In a consumer economy, B and C are contradictory."

    I don't agree, Ducky. I think it's more a crisis of values and priorities that prevents individuals from doing well. When a licentious mentality devoted to promoting the worship of all that's pernicious, meretricious and spiritually enervating takes over the popular culture –– and is not in any way contradicted or edified by a perverted educational establishment ––, you get the crisis we face today.

    The one thing you fail to note about "consumerism" is that it is still VOLUNTARY. We can bemoan the average person's seeming inability or perverse unwillingness to RESIST the blandishments and seductive tactics of the amoral, purely self-serving advertising industry (i.e. Edward Bernays, et al.), but this generally morbid condition of Mind Spirit and Soul has been brought about by failure to promote and reinforce concepts of virtue and reward that stood us in good stead for a long while before show business, pop music and the ad industry too heavily influenced our thinking.

    Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

    When we fail to serve the best interests of Truth and devote ourselves almost exclusively to the pursuit of instant gratification and sensual pleasure, we're bound to wind up on the rocks.

    "FREEDOM" takes a helluva lot of WRK to preserve, enhance and maintain. We've allowed ourselves to be seduced into adopting a ruinous mentality.

    You can blame Capitalism, if you like. Capitalism –– like fire –– is morally neutral. I prefer, of course, to blame Cultural Marxism which has always had DESTRUCTION through SEDUCTION as its primary raison d'etre.


    ~ FreeThinke



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