Friday, July 8, 2016


Hear what's in store for you, America,
if you support this vexatious virago.


Dark Victory


  1. Way to go Shaw.
    . Comey crushe the GOP's hopes of sinking Hillary's campaign. She won AGAIN!!!!!

    1. I watched Mr. Comey being questioned by congress last night for over four and a half straight hours. It was fascinating. The way he handled himself during the long session was impressive.

      I wound up believing that Mr. Comey, himself, honestly believes everything he has said. He appears to be an absolute straight arrow –– the kind of person we don't see very often anymore.

      He admitted to being a Republican all his life, but said he was no longer registered as such.

      The trouble is that a dispassionate, absolutely straight, by-the-book, fair-minded person like Mr. Comey will always bend over backwards to give his opponent every possible benefit of the doubt, and to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid even the appearance of corruption at all costs, while a DEMOCRAT in his position passing judgment on a REPUBLICAN opponent would in all likelihood be completely partisan, and relish taking full advantage of the opportunity to destroy his political enemy, because the leftist ALWAYS believes his opinion is right and should, therefore, be given the full of force of law without his bothering to implement it through the legislative process.

      Because of that, it's virtually mpossible for a principled person to deal effectively with leftists whose only known "principle" is to WIN at ALL COSTS. Nothing else matters to the Left, but VICTORY in gaining as much political power as they can.

      You know that's true, because we see it every day. President Obama with his damnable phone and pen is a prime case in point.

      Leftists ALWAYS operate on the fervent belief that –– since THEY are MORALLY SUPERIOR and everyone who opposes them is morally unfit ––THEIR ends justify whatever means THEY choose to employ to get THEIR way.

      I doubt if a person of Mr. Comey's superior quality can even begin to comprehend people who operate without adherence to Principle.

      However, Mr. Comey, who appears to be an inveterate "square" and more than a bit naive, may rely a bit TOO MUCH on his understanding of PRINCIPLE to be effective in combatting nefarious forces. He freely admitted –– under oath and with with a discernible aura of pride –– that he believes the strictest possible adherence to the LETTER of the LAW is far more important than taking into consideration any "Social or Political Consequences" that might result from such an approach to doing his job as Director of the FBI.

      The trouble with that brand of thinking is that most Democrats work on an entirely different operating system.

      If a Republican tries to play –– let us say "tennis" –– with a Democrat, he will ALWAYS get beaten, because while he, the Republican, is manfully playing with a regulation tennis racquet, his Democratic opponent is playing unabashedly with a howitzer.

  2. I hate the Tea Party Republicans who've been trying to destroy this country since Obama became the president and now they intend to deliver the coup de grâce by voting for Donald "Asshole" Trump. I embrace my hatred of the enemies of our country.

    1. You are entitled to your point of view, even though I believe it to be MORONIC and STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN.

  3. Where is the Justice?July 8, 2016 at 7:45 AM

    America is the greatest nation that ever has and ever will exist. I daily give my thanks for having been born an American citizen. Yet, today I am an American who stands disillusioned, disappointed and embarrassed. I remember Watergate vaguely as I was only 15 when Nixon waved for the last time from Marine One. I do recall then feeling some embarrassment for my nation. I now feel equally as embarrassed having witnessed the charade involving Bill and Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and James Comey. Everybody knows the truth as to what really happened with Hillary and her emails. Yet, like magic she is exonerated. Can anybody say with a straight face that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about their grandchildren and golf for 30 minutes in private ? Really ? Then we have a holiday weekend and boom everything is cleaned up ? 42 years after Nixon I again feel embarrassed to be an American. Nixon was driven from office for the Watergate cover up. What Hillary did was far worse. Not only did she lie repeatedly to the American people about her email but she put some of our nation's top secrets at risk according to FBI Director Comey. In, short she has disqualified herself from ever being President of the United States. But that will never happen. But hopefully this will open up a few of the blind eyes of her faithful followers.

    1. I understand how you feel, but you were too young to understand that "Watergate" was the result NOT of corruption on the part of President Nixon, but of devious, scurrilous machinations on the part of vicious, overzealous leftist operatives in the enemedia who were determined to bring President Nixon down, not because he was guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors," but because he had been such an effective force in the fight against the crafty, subversive communist elements determined to bring this country down.

      Very sadly, as those with eyes can see today, the communists won, and Mr. Nixon was cruelly bullied by a relentlessly hostile press and thus maneuvered into resigning from the office he'd win with an historic LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

      I had never been interested in politics before, but this terrible event is the primary reason I became the ardent political conservative i am today.

      The rest of your statement seems right on target, although I would not choose to call my feelings about the direction our country has taken "embarrassment."

      What we have been forced to live with since "Watergate" is nothing less than TRAGEDY.

  4. America has become split, we are being divided by people we don't even know!
    We used to work together to
    Make our country better, now we are being pitted against each other daily because of our skin color, socio-economic scale, gender, religion of choice, sexual orientation etc...

    The media, in my opinion, has been the leader in this division!

    We have allowed ourselves to be made to pick sides and then we are pushed and pushed to defend ourselves.

    America has lost its values of being a melting pot of all peoples from all walks of life working together to make a better life for everyone! We are now a sampling plate of many different different values, views, beliefs that are not allowed to be paired together for fear of blending in


    ��������GOD BLESS AMERICA����

    Lord knows we need help from someone other than us right now. And other that Hillary Clinton.


  5. Look What We Just Found Out About Black Thug Shot By Cops,And the Media WON’T Tell You THIS…

    Racism is alive and well in America today and it seems that some never let a good crisis go to waste. They attempt to re-make thugs and criminals into heroes and law abiding citizens, attaching racism where it is not and finding fault with even the most innocuous of statements. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are at it again with the shooting death of Alton Sterling..
    Now will the Racist in Chief blame this on Gin Conrrol or on the Republicans?
    It remains to be seen.

    1. "GIN CONTROL," §:^D= may, indeed, be exactly what we need to combat the stinking mess you aptly describe.

      But remember we tried that with the Volstead Act better known as "Prohibition," and all THAT accomplished was increased drunkenness with bathtub gin and rotgut liquor while giving Organized Crime a virtual death grip on the nation.

    2. We'll attempt to deal with the Blacks v. The Police businesses tomorrow. Right now, we're trying to focus on Hillary Clinton and the admittedly disappointing-but-hardly-unexpected results of the FBI Probe.

  6. And some IDIOT said.
    "After Hillary Clinton was hounded Javert-like by Republicans and their beltway press stenographers for the past 18 months about her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State,"

    Is this Moron middling? She was "hounded"?
    She laid, and was found to have load! When will these Progressive Idiots wake the hell up?

    1. What do you mean by "Javert-like?"

      Into wish our guests would define their terms clearly. As one of my professors in graduate school said about writing term papers, "You must assume without openly insulting them, of course, that your readers are hopelessly ignorant, lazy, easily distracted, and completely lacking in curiosity in order to write effectively."

      Of course that was back in the days when people still read novels and poetry for pleasure and high school and college students –– and their instructors –– honestly cared about developing optimal skill in writing elegant, stylish, highly polished, erudite prose.

  7. America owes Richard Nixon an apology. He was an absolute choir boy compared to Hillary's path of death, destruction and criminality.

    Hillary Clinton will be the most corrupt person ever elected to the White House.

    *-Comey is not a "straight arrow." He is a political hack, and he did what the people who put him in that position demanded he do. Anyone at that level must do what the corrupt system demands or they will find themselves out of a job, shut out, unemployable and powerless. The really unfortunate ones end up hounded, investigated and perhaps prosecuted. That is how gangster government works--across the globe and throughout history.

    1. I believe, if you had been able to take the time to observe Mr. Comey's remarkably composed and forthright performance during yesterday's hearing for the full four-and-a-half hours, as I did, you might feel differently about the FBI Director.

      The tone of the questioning was divided completely along party lines, as we would naturally expect. The Democrats for the most part were more cordial and less abrasive than usual with one or two notable exceptions –– a notably combative hyper-partisan representative from Virginia, and another from Pennsylvania whose tone was snide, and notably sarcastic –– but many of them seemed downright congenial, EXCEPT when they took time away from the business at hand to take swipes at Donald Trump and the tragic war ow emerging between blacks and the police.

      The Republicans, as usual, were polite, composed, measured and making a manful effort to be 'fair" to their interlocutor. Some were impassioned other plaintive in their often redundant questioning of the FBI Director, but nine were what-I-would-call "incisive."

      I completely agreed with your opinion, Silver, UNTIL I saw Mr. Comey in the Hot Seat. IF what he gave was merely a 'performance," he surely deserve both an Oscar and a Tony for the impression he gave, which I outlined in some detail above.

      This does to mean I no longer think his decision was wrong, but I now believe he is a type –– extraordinarily rare today –– who honestly believes when administering The Law that ethics and strict adherence to the most stringent standards of propriety should trump Passion, Righteousness, Decency –– and even Reason –– at all times.

      As i indicated in my attempt at a comical parody yesterday, Comey would put his own wife on trial and sentence her to death before he would allow himself
      to do anything that might appear "partisan."

      I know. It "weirds me out" too.

    2. I'm not saying Comey is dirty. Hillary is dirty.

      What I am saying is that he was appointed to a very high position within the power establishment, and you don't get there by not playing ball.

      I don't know what his motives were for going beyond simply presenting the evidence and throwing it in Lynch and Obama's laps.

      He delivered the nation a complete non-sequitur: Patiently laying out a felony case against HRC and then telling Obama, "don't indict her."

      I can only conclude that he is an organic piece of the Power Elite Machine and he performed as designed.

      Who with a straight face can say justice is blind? Who can seriously defend the absurd proposition that some are more equal under the law than others?

      The scenery and scaffolding have fallen from the storybook potemkin depiction of our nation, and we are sick at heart to see nothing but a turd-world toilet... and the toilet is broken, clogged with toilet paper, feces and cigarette butts. It leaks, and it runs all the time, no matter how you jiggle the handle.

    3. We're not really all that far apart, Silver, as I think you must know, despite our occasional mild altercations.

      I do think your last paragraph may go a bit too far. I don't think things are quite that dismal. When we take a good look at Americans doing their jobs and interacting with clients, customers, family, friends and neighbors in our daily walk, the picture seems a good deal brighter than the impression we receive from the enemedia and in the dim, dark recesses of the bigoted, bitterly divisive, hyper-partisan, mutually-abusive world of political junkies operating anonymously in daily slugfests on the Internet.

      Even as an aged, half-blind, "shut-in," I can see there's a great deal more to life than we are in touch with in THIS dreary realm.

      As you, yourself, a well-travelled Welteinwohner, have said, "Wherever you go in many different countries, at all socio-economic levels, and in all walks of life, people are essentially the same."

      This is why, despite all my bluster, I preach reliance on SPIRIT –– both Holy and Human –– as our PRIMARY guide to getting through life as gracefully and as graciously as may be possible.

    4. FreeThinke, I am not arguing with you at all, just providing my jaded opinion. To use another German phrase, perhaps after so much travel and so much intense studying of what is happening around us, I am suffering a weltschmerz.

      Thank you for saying this, because it is true, and something all of us should never forget:

      When we take a good look at Americans doing their jobs and interacting with clients, customers, family, friends and neighbors in our daily walk, the picture seems a good deal brighter than the impression we receive from the enemedia and in the dim, dark recesses of the bigoted, bitterly divisive, hyper-partisan, mutually-abusive world of political junkies operating anonymously in daily slugfests on the Internet.

      America is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people looking out for and serving one another in neighborhoods and communities all across this beautiful landscape. Despite the system corruption and relentless sapping of our foundations by corporatist vampires, global elites and assorted statists and activists, we shall endure, as humankind has always done since banishment from the Garden of Eden.

    5. If the Kingdom of God really is "within us," then that must mean the HOLY Spirit and the HUMAN Spirit are one and the same –– an idea that could have gotten every bone in my body smashed to splinters on the Catherine Wheel, disjointed on the Rack, impaled on the Judas Cradle, Drawn-and Quartered, or Incinerated at the Stake by the Order of an Ecclesiastical Court a few hundred years ago, but one I heartily embrace today anyway, because it makes sense.

      The ONLY reason we were given Free Will must have been to allow us to CHOOSE Salvation over Damnation FREELY and with no outside constraint. If we were merely programmed automata, Salvation would have no meaning whatsoever.

  8. Amilcare FussoloniJuly 8, 2016 at 10:48 AM

    Hillary Clinton is the Leftwing Progressive's Choice!

    Her stern lecturing, executioner's stare, her proven track record of international death and destruction, wanton foreign firebuggery and callous disregard for human life makes her the Paragon of Progressivism!

    Hillary Clinton's crowning achievement was burning down the muslim world, ordering the anal rape of Mo Kadaffi and cackling at the violence porn video her reckless foreign fumbling inspired.

    Hillary Clinton freed millions of muslim terrorists, rapists, misogynists and pederasts to flow into Europe to ply their foul trades on a whole new continent!

    Her record of international corruption, influence peddling and money laundering makes Michael Corleone blush with shame. She enjoys the tortured screams of her enemies as she squashes them like grapes.

    She even owns her own muslim slave girl!

    Yet, there is a softer side to the Hellahag. She can melt like butter as she disguises herself as a sweet old granny and panders to stupid voters, flip-flops like a fish on a hot deck, promises everything to everyone, takes all sides of an issue, all the while maintaining her reptilian cold-blooded mein while betraying not a trace of shame.

    Her latest coup, suborning the world's preeminent law enforcement agency and bending it to her will, is a master stroke. This comes on the heels of her stripping the congressional GOP naked live on FOX News, walking on them with stiletto spike heels, whipping them with a cat-o-nine-tails, all while shrieking "Who's your daddY?" and making them beg for one more hearing.

    With every limp-wristed attack from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, her evil powers grow. Once ensconced in the White House, she will lay waste to her enemies, salt their earth, rape their women, castrate the men. Here rape, pillage and plunder of the US and poorer parts of the world will put Attila the Hun to shame.

    Hillary Clinton is the Progressive Choice!

    1. A bit over-the-top, perhaps, –– even for me ––, but funny as hell and wonderfully well-written.

      Worthy of Mark Steyn at how twinkly-eyed, happy warrior best.

      I love astringent political satire.

      THANK YOU for this REFRESHING contribution. It will, of course, drive the dour, sour-mouthed, utterly humorless Left absolutely nuts.


  9. If a Republican tries to play –– let us say "tennis" –– with a Democrat, he will ALWAYS get beaten, because while he, the Republican, is manfully playing with a regulation tennis racquet, his Democratic opponent is playing unabashedly with a howitzer.

    :) - Where else but on the internet can one find such partisan rhetoric? Oh, that's right, Fox News and MSNBC.

    You must be a patient man FreeThinke to sit and listen to anything with political current for 4+ straight hours, regardless who is putting on the show.

    There is one thing I absolute believe to be true (regardless of whatever else may also be true) and that is HRC and Donald J. Trump are the two worst presidential candidates of my lifetime. Albeit for different reasons.

    1. It's a real crap sandwich, Les...

      Giant Meteor 2016
      Just End it Already...

    2. I assure you, my adversary, that what you get from me is completely original. I tell it the way I believe it really is.

      If anything Talk Radio and FOX, which, if you bothered to listen to it, is anything-but a partisan rightwing propaganda mill, get their ideas from ME and others like me. Our name is Legion.

      We used to be called The Silent Majority. Thanks to Bill Buckley, who started the modern conservative movement with Man and God at Yale, and his protege Rush Limbaugh who pioneered Rightwing Talk Radio, the remarkable success of which PROVES that a HUGE segment of the population harbors profoundly conservative sentiments, we are no longer silent.

      As always the Left finds ANY form of opposition INTOLERABLE and does its level best to CRIMINALIZE dissent.

      If any political force today should called "fascistic," "bigoted," "intolerant," and "dictatorial," it is the LEFT not the RIGHT.

      The main reason you and I don't get along is your assumption of ta right to play the role of Accuser-in-Chief at every blog you frequent.

      I've never tried to stifle honest disagreement, but I won't tolerate insulting, name-cailing, badgering, and assuming the role of a cross-examiner at THIS blog. Elsewhere you may do as you choose, of course, but here you all remain well-mannered or again be asked to leave.

      That said, I agree that our choice of candidates leaves much to be desired, but given what-I-have-long-perceived to be Hillary Clinton's vile nature, I find Mr. Trump INFINITELY more tolerable, and I do believe he honestly wants to help lift our country out of the CESSPIT into which President Obama's loony-left, pro-Muslim, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-constitutional policies have tossed her.

    3. I won't tolerate insulting, name-cailing, badgering, and assuming the role of a cross-examiner at THIS blog.

      I applaud clamping down on name calling and insulting comments. When it is applied to all who name call and insult.

      It simply bothers the hell out of me when I read the continual hyperbole, sophistry, innuendos, assertions without fact, etc. that seems so commonplace on many weblogs. While I find more of this on right-wing weblogs I freely acknowledge it exists on left-wing weblogs as well. And, that I have been guilty of it from time to time also. :) Who the hell hasn't?

      There is by far too much us-VS-THEM mentality in our body politic. It will, eventually, destroy our republic. Mark my words FreeThinke.

    4. Percy TittlebottomJuly 8, 2016 at 1:39 PM

      It is wonderful how you welcome liberals to this Blog. Rational Nation USA does provide a refreshing view from the left.

    5. Why thank you PT. However, I do not fit nicely into any "conventional" description of any specific political ideology. The vast moderate middle (of which I fall into) tend to be more questioning the entire political continuum.

      A fiscal conservative, social libertarian, responsible pro business by profession, with an understanding that as the size and complexity of our society changes government must effectively, responsibly, and as in the least intrusive way adapt to meet the demands the people place on it.

      Rarely is there only one way to do things to achieve any end, the possible solutions are usually numerous. Government's job is to find the compromise that best strengthens the national interest. Which is to say the interests of its people. At least in a representative democracy (democratic republic).

    6. You're a freakin' commie ass kisser, you Rat Turd Nation, you!

      Always sucking up to the slobbering mouth-breathers at the extreme liberal blogs. Don't roll in here and try to pull that shit, we aint that stupid.

    7. No name calling here. Nope.

      What a bunch of bulls**t FreeThinke.

      Guess it depends on which side of that political line you are on eh FreeThinke?

      Stupid is as stupid does Diddler. Now back to your mommy's basement.

    8. The Masked PaddlerJuly 9, 2016 at 12:27 AM

      BOO HOO!!! I'm poor Rat Turd Nation and those mean conthuglicans are picking on me!!! BOO HOO!

      Go crawl up one of those communist bloggers asses you are always kissing, you pathetic loser. There's nothing conservative about you. you're a communist appeaser.

    9. Now, now, boys!

      Paddler and Diddler! Can't you see you've hurt little Lester's feelings?

      Lester, it's OK, baby. Mama's here. Perhaps the proprietor of this weblog has simply not yet become aware of there hurtful comments. I'm sure he'll be along shortly and make those bad boys go away.

  10. President Obama owes General Petraeus an apology and a full pardon.

    Yes, the facts in his case were different than those of Hillary grossly incompetent and careless mishandling of classified information. Petraeus handed improperly-safeguarded classified information to an Army Officer who had a security clearance, but not the need to know and most likely not possessing all the SCI caveats. Clearly, Petraeus committed a crime.

    Hillary led an entire agency in what the FBI characterizes "extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." Hillary Clinton led a State Department with a "security culture" ... generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government."

    The FBI found 55 e-mail chains that contained classified information. That's not an oopsie. That is a deliberate culture of violating federal statutes. Add in the clandestine server and the documented illegal destruction of public records, and you have clear intent (which is not required under the statutes cited--indeed people are punished under it all the time for careless handling).

    The main difference in the Petraeus and Clinton cases is that Petraus illegally handed over improperly-stored classified information to his Army Officer biographer who did possess a security clearance, while Hillary and her staff sent classified information all over the world and left it unsecured on easily-hackable servers that were not authorized to store classified information.

    So, who did the greater damage to our nation?

    If Hillary walks, Petraeus should also, as should all those others--with no criminal intent--who were prosecuted according to the law's standard of gross negligence.

    FBI Rewrites Federal Law

    1. Yes, I agree. My defense of Mr. Comey was not of what he DID –– a frankly incredible decision with which I deeply disagree –– but rather of his reasoning process and most peculiar set of values. I accused hm of being naive.

      That's the kindest "spin" I could put in it. The man is a 55-year-old father of six children. He has fine educational background starting with William and Mary, and an exemplary record as the faithful husband of only one wife, and from all appearances an apparently devoted father.

      Neither of us is privy to the arcane thought processes of those involved in administering the law. I am still burned up at judge Robert's refusal to o
      vertuen Obamacare when he had the perfect opportunity, but it does back to my earlier statements about the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are generally committed to sticking with Principle no matter what it may cost them. Liberals believe their feelings ought automatically to be considered "Settled Law" without going through the legislative process.

      What we need is a latter-day SOLOMON to tell today's mothers wrangling over possession of baby to "cut the baby in half." ;-)

      Unfortunately, we have no men of SOLOMON'S caliber left to guide us. the last I know of may have been Winston Churchill, whom found since childhood to be one of the most appealing characters ever to act decisively on the world's stage.

      The miseducated, misinformed, misguided youngsters –– and Red Diaper babies like our friend Canardo, who think they know so much, when in fact they know NOTHING, mindlessly embrace crypto-MARXIST policies, because they've never been TAUGHT to RESPECT anything BETTER.

  11. Isn't it great living in a country where having a corrupt power hungry liar running for President? You get not one, not two, but THREE investigations on her wrong doing with National Security, her responsibilities as Sec. of State, , and dirty money flowing into the Clinton foundation. Liberals will need to draw on all their powers of delusion to convince themselves to stick with Hillary.
    And how about the 3 lies she told the Benghazi committee (a felony) are they to be forgotten?

  12. 18 USC 793 Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

    (f) Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or
    (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

    Hence Comey's odd, legally-meaningless formulation, "extremely careless," and his canard about criminal intent.

    The following articles discuss the law and people who were punished under it:

    US News & WR: Hillary Clinton Is Not the Only One Handling Classified Info

    <a href = ">10 Times People Were Punished For FAR Less Than What Hillary Clinton Did</a>

    Further obfuscating the matter, uninformed military personnel who mishandle classified information--as the FBI found Hillary has done on multiple occasions--are punished under departmental regulations derived from that law, so the numbers punished precisely under that law appear artificially small.

    Additionally, those military personnel are punished by court martial, so they are tagged with a felony conviction for life, something the special people like Hillary Clinton don't have to worry about.

    I don't scream this in a hoarse voice demanding Hillary be jailed. That will never happen. It's water under the bridge now, but I provide this so people can understand the rape of reason and justice that has just happened, and I understand this is just the latest in a long line of such incidents.

    1. BRAVO! After "listening" to you today, I now feel that it was a pity that yOU were not able to participate in yesterday's hearing, which I found mesmerizing largely because of the tone of bland, sweet reasonableness it maintained throughout a protracted period of time.

      Unfortunately, I heard no Republican raise the points you have so eloquently, nor did I hear ANY of them properly emphasize the significance of the willful deletion –– and complete obliteration –– by HRC's attorneys who hired "highly-qualified technical experts" of nearly half the emails that were on HRC's server(s).

      Mr. Comey WAS asked about this, and he blandly brushed it aside saying, "Those were personnal meals that had nothing to do with government business."

      When asked how he knew this to be the case, he blithely answered again, "Because Mrs. Clinton told me so" –– or words very much to that effect.

      Yes, I was incredulous, but there was something reassuring in his blandly impassive, unperturbed tone. I suppose he really may be a professional prevaricator of unusual talent after all.

      Something in me still wants to believe that not EVERYONE in government is a fraud or a self-serving fiend, but it's getting harder and harder with each passing day.

  13. If you have never been in the military and if you've never had a U.S. security clearance, then you've most likely never of heard of the "Surety Program". At the end of the Surety Program Training, you sign documents that you understand the need for total protection of both physical and electronic, sensitive material. That material may be classified "need to know" or a higher classification.
    But the Surety Training tells you up front, being responsible for a security failure is immediate grounds for disqualification in the Reliability Program. There is NO such thing as "not being careful" or being reckless, and not doint what is required"
    Meaning access to certain areas, your ability to go there is removed. They can insist your escorted. But use of your computer, you'll be locked out, until such time your "in the dog condition" suspension is removed. That suspension is up to the Surety Program Manager. Republicans won't get anything that's lasting because Hillary is Hillary and Hillary is a "Clinton"
    But be it as is is...Crooked Hillary Clinton is "as guilty as hell"
    That still doesn't change my opinion, of this individual's recklessness, that she's being assigned the highest post in the nation ? There are fools......and then there are damn fools. Going forward as a nation, if we adopt the attitude of "being a bunch of dumb idiots", then we may as well just pack it in and leave the USA to the loonie tunes .

  14. Who knew? FBI director James Comey was Deputy Special Council on the Senate Whitewater Committee! He had to deal with Hillary and Bill Clinton back then so he has to know that these two are as corrupt as they come!

    1. The Blogston BanditJuly 8, 2016 at 2:04 PM

      He's what they call in the business a useful patsy

  15. FreeThinke,

    Perhaps Charles Krauthammer expresses your opinion of Why Comey did what he did

    It is a charitable reading, and I can follow Krauthammer's logic.

    Still and all, I say to the Chief Justic Roberts and Director Comey's of the world: If you don't want that weight on your shoulders, get the hell out of town.

    1. Thanks for that, Sliver. I generally respect Charles Krauthammer a great deal, though there have been a few times ... but so what? He's one of the best commentators out there. At the very least he has a good command of English –– always a plus with me ––, but then so have many Reds, while redNECKS most assuredly do not. ;-)

      I understand his second theory of why Mr. Comey failed to do what most of us hoped he would, but would have been astounded if he had, and I have long been aware of the tortured logic that sought to explain away John Roberts' use of tortured logic in the case of the ACA.

      But such considerations only serve to bolster my main point which that Conservatives tend to PLAY by the RULES, and Reds refuse to abide by ANY Rules whatsoever, UNLESS they can be bent, twisted, broken or successfully misinterpreted to achieve Marxian ends.

      As I said, Mr. Comey shows himself to be a good, old-fashioned "SQUARE." Well, NOBODY is a "square"anymore. Being a "square" was so mocked, scorned and derided during the SICK-sties that nowadays no ne would who had any ambition to rise either in corporate OR public life would dare adopt such as passé approach to life.

      But, un;ess Mr. Comey is a consummate actor deserving of an Academy Award who just happened to go into law enforcement instead, he is the ,real deal when it comes to exemplifying "squarehood."

      With scurrilous people like the Clintons, their degenerate retinue, and army of devoted ignoramuses that means that James Comey qualifies as a classic Useful Idiot in implementing their schemes and dreams.

      Astonishingly, I doubt if Mr. Comey realizes that. I imagine it's he same with John Roberts.

      There are very good reasons why the Republicans h;ave become known as The Stupid Party and the Democrats the Evil Party.

      I suppose, since I make no claim to being either stupid OR evil, that that is why I've felt most of my adult life like a denizen of No-Man's Land.

    2. Comey appeared upset at his brief press conference, almost like he had been crying or he was holding back tears. I don't know if it was a look of anger, sadness...

      I haven't seen any other commentary on my observation, so maybe it was just me...

    3. He did look decidedly strained when he first made his 15-munute announcement that led us down the garden path, and then dropped a bomb in our laps.

      During yesterday's lengthy HEARING, however, he was the perfect picture of dignity, composure and self-assuredness. But he was not stiff or stuffy. He seemed relaxed and even managed to smile here and there at appropriate moments.

      I don't know if he had any kind of career in the military, but I would describe his demeanor as that of a high-ranking officer firmly in command of the situation.

      He seemed a very different person yesterday from the man who made the stunning, provocative announcement the day before.

  16. Here is the message from George Bush.
    Here is his message:

    “Laura W. Bush and I are heartbroken by the heinous acts of violence in our city last night. Murdering the innocent is always evil, never more so than when the lives taken belong to those who protect our families and communities.

    1. Bush should know all about that, after all the lives he destroyed in service to Moloch, Mars, Ares and Saturn.

      If he had even a shred of shame, regret or remorse, he would closet himself away and never show his lying face again.

    2. Don't you think that's a bit too harsh Silver? It is extremely well documented that EVERYONE in the Civilized world truly believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Remember that a huge majority of the D'Rats voted for the invasion of Iraq.

      My biggest problem wth GWB was the half-hearted, namby pamby way he went about fighting that stupid war. He lost me early on the day he mewled "Islam is religion of peace" into the microphones at an early post-911 press conference.

      I don't believe in half measures and don't respect those who do. If you're determine to fight a war, for God'ssake give it everything you've got till you either ANNIHILATED your enemy, or forced hum to his knees sobbing, clinging to your ankles BEGGING you for MERCY.

      There's no doubt in my mind that "The cruel war is the kindest war," because total, all-out campaigns of ANNIHILATION don't last anywhere near as long as these disgusting "limited" wars of attrition.

      I don't think GWB is bright enough to be truly wicked, but I DO believe he and his whole family are members of The Oligarchy I mention so frequently.

    3. I don't believe Bush was evil, but people were calling BS on the WMD claim before we invaded, and--voila--there were no WMDs. Bush has admitted it. Sure, we found some unusable rockets and rusted barrels of chemicals that were a danger only to those who got too close to them.

      Bush crashed the economy and got us into two disastrous and horribly expensive wars. What do we have to show for it? We are poorer and worse of as a nation thanks to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Throw in Dirty Hank Paulson for good measure.

  17. Laura and I have seen firsthand the dedication, professionalism, and courage of the Dallas Police Department. Their commitment to safety and justice makes us proud to call Dallas home.

    Our hearts go out to the families of the fallen. We pray for the wounded officers to recover fully and quickly. We commend Mayor Rawlings, Chief Brown, and all our city’s leaders and public servants who continue to organize an effective response to this tragedy.

    And we join our fellow citizens in saluting the fine law enforcement officers in Dallas and across the country who put their own lives on the line to keep all lives safe.”

  18. An Anti ProgressiveJuly 8, 2016 at 4:49 PM

    Almost 8 years of Obama has all but destroyed our great nation. His presidency has been a complete disaster. Our country is divided like never before. The anti law enforcement sentiment is as strong as ever, especially in the black community. We have Obama to thank for that.

  19. The graphic at the end is clever -- and spot on.

    1. I thought so too, obviously, but it's also a little EERIE, don't you think?

      But then what could be EERIER the H. Rodham Clinton? <}:^∂ (that's my witchicon in case you didn't know ;-)

  20. The miseducated, misinformed, misguided youngsters –– and Red Diaper babies like our friend Canardo, who think they know so much, when in fact they know NOTHING, mindlessly embrace crypto-MARXIST policies, because they've never been TAUGHT to RESPECT anything BETTER.

    I LOVE IT!

    1. Thank you. We like to think the Truth can be amusing as well as instructive and enlightening.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, but comments here MUST relate to the topic of the day in order to be accepted.

      Please come back tomorrow when we attempt to deal with the deadly serious problem of Blacks v. the Police, and how crypto-Communist operatives exploit these issues to gain political leverage

  22. Hilly was on the PBS Newshour this evening denying any/all impropriety...

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. But NATCH, and I'm sure Judy Woodruff et al. were there applauding her every lie like the bunch of trained seals they truly are.



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