Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Part One of Two


  1. Synchronicity!

    My homeschool classes will be reading Crime and Punishment during the 2016-2017 school term.

    Crime and Punishment is one of my favorite novels. Raskolnikov is punished -- and truly repents. Also, moral relativity is condemned throughout the novel.

    A pity that, in our society, today such justice is rarely in play. Crimes of all sorts are rationalized and justified.

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  4. Katrina Van Dingelberrie said

    I don't like being talked down to, or manipulated. I'm not moved by false images, or stories of falling in love, especially from my politicians. I don't do hero worship; and I certainly would not worship a musician, a sports figure, or a politician or that any of them as a hero.

    I thought Bill Clinton's speech was low grade pablum for the masses. He was saying the same thing Trump says. Only Hillary can solve all our problems, and I thought Aleshia Keys song "Super Woman" was horrible.

    He presented lots of detail about Hillary, but only the top icing, nothing that truly exposed how she deals with world leaders. Of course the mistakes were glossed over and ignored.

    Also, I'm not impressed by her early legal work anymore than I was impressed by knowing Obama was a community activist. I couldn't care less about how Bill and Hillary fell in love. In fact, I found that rather insulting implying she would be nothing without his political career.

    I'm sure there was a small percentage of people who voted for Obama just because he was black. No doubt there will be a small percentage of people who will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. It would be a mistake for the Clintons to think those few votes would hand her the victory.

    The event did nothing to erase her trust problem, which is what is most likely to cause her lose in November.

    The American people have always needed a little more sales resistance towards their politicians. I have no doubt all this imagery will get votes for Clinton. I just don't understand why.

    Maybe I have more sales resistance than most. The worst, or best thing the Clinton's have going for them is the dripping hate their supporters write about Trump, or any Clinton opponent. I don't believe Clinton is an angel anymore than Trump is the devil.

    I don't see the congress passing the money needed to fund her plans anymore than they will pass spending to fund Trump's plans. At least her plans are clear, not some mirage Trumps keeps talking about.

    Bernie was true to his convictions to the end. He stayed in to record the vote. Something he promised his voters. There was no acclamation for Hillary from Bernie, and he left the convention as soon as the roll call ended.

    He lost the nomination, but succeeded in moving the party's rhetoric to the left.

    All this talk about the Democrats passing the most liberal platform in history, is nonsense. Although, it's certainly more left than the democrats have been in over 50 years,
    I was totally unimpressed.

    If you bought this act, try develop a little more sales resistance for politicians in the future.

  5. It's depressing that someone who is as big as a liar as Hollary is even this close to the White House. I'm not a Hillary fan, but I love Trump and he is my choice, I will be voting for The Donald no matter what. I would hope most Americans would think the same, but past votes by Americans gives me no confidence.
    I like reading people who have far better knowledge on these issues than myself. I can learn much from reading you, but expect my John Doe opinions. Thanks for commenting.



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