Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baltimore residents united against their police force

Symbolizes the Achilles Heel 
Of Our Nation
Everything We Did Wrong in the Past 
Has Caught Up With Us in Baltimore

Death of Achilles, Peter Paul Rubens c. 1630


This won't be a piece of cake.
Heads up! It's very likely coming to your town.

"Liberal Democrats have played blacks for over 50 years.Obama is simply their latest front man, brilliantly covered in a black skin disguise."
With no national voice of reason we'll just hang
tight for 555 more days.


  1. For what it's worth...

    The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black 'shows this is not about race', says family source:

    A source close to one of the African-American police officers charged over the death of Freddie Gray says the mixed race of the accused cops undermines the argument that race is driving the outrage surrounding his death.

    Three of the police officers charged over the death of Freddie Gray are black.

    Sergeant Alicia White, Officer Caesar Goodson and Officer William Porter are all African-American.

    The other three officers who have been charged – Lt Brian Rice, Officer Edward Nero and Officer Garrett Miller – are white.

    A family source of one of the African-American officers said these facts are highly significant.

    They told Daily Mail Online: ‘That totally undermines the idea that this is about race.

    ‘The only people who are saying that this is about race are the outside media. This is not another George Zimmerman, it’s not another Ferguson. This is completely different.’...

    But Baltimore does have a long history of race problems:

    From the late 18th century into the 1820s Baltimore was a "city of transients," a fast-growing boom town attracting thousands of ex-slaves from the surrounding countryside.


    On the eve of the Civil War, Baltimore had the largest free black community in the nation.


    Maryland was not subject to Reconstruction, but the end of slavery meant heightened racial tensions as free blacks flocked to the city and many armed confrontations erupted between blacks and whites. Rural blacks who flocked to Baltimore created increased competition for skilled jobs and upset the prewar relationship between free blacks and whites.

    And this:

    Between 1950 and 1990, Baltimore's population declined by more than 200,000. The center of gravity has since shifted away from manufacturing and trade to service and knowledge industries, such as medicine and finance.


    I don't see a way to fix Baltimore.

    1. The sins of the fathers are inevitably visited upon the sons (and daughters) for countless generations to follow –– possibly forever.

      THAT in a nutshell defines the History of Mankind since our curious, paradoxical species emerged from the ooze and slime.

      IF we believe in the redeeming power of Almighty God in the person of Jesus Christ, we may find Salvation, but only as INDIVIDUALS, and only if we have developed an understanding of Who and What God really is –– something we cannot hope to get from BOOKS -- not even THE Book.

      There is no "Salvation" for groups, entire families, neighborhoods, school systems, clubs, businesses, cities, counties, states or nations –– and certainly not for "The World."

      The world is MEANT to be a BATTLEGROUND where we, as individuals, are given the CHOICE either to be part of the SOLUTION or part of the PROBLEM.

      That an apparent majority seem to prefer pointing fingers at others, dwelling on negatives, indulging in Schadenfreude at every available opportunity, and exacerbating tensions by spending most of their energies trying to affix BLAME and to find ways to PUNISH perpetrators, instead of HELPING the injured, the characteristic strife and agony that has plagued every generation in one form or another will continue unabated.

      HOWEVER, if we CHOOSE to follow a godly path –– NO MATTER WHAT–– it is possible to find much Joy, deep Satisfaction, and Fulfillment amidst the carnage that will ALWAYS surround us during our mortal existence.

      This I know –– NOT because the Bible –– or anyone ELSE –– "told me so," but from EXPERIENCE. I don't expect anyone to believe me, but I have WORKED to BUILD and MAINTAIN FAITH in GOD, since age 12, when I was faced with my first Major Life Crisis and realized what a fearsome challenge life was going to be for me and my family. It has never been easy, and the "ascent" has been rugged and full of setbacks and misadventures, but at age 74 I can honestly say, "I Know that My Redeemer Liveth."

      I found Him –– as everyone who does eventually must –– by searching diligently for Him and doing everything possible to BOLSTER and AFFIRM my FAITH while RESISTING those who would eagerly deny and possibly take delight in DESTROYING it.

      If labels must be applied, call me a PRAGMATIC Christian. I believe, because my belief WORKS.

      This is why I reject so-called Liberalism, ALL forms of Collectivism and GroupThink and why I vehemently oppose all forms of temporal Power Seeking –– no matter how "benign" the stated aims may appear.

      I apologize if that seems to make no sense to those conditined to look at life from a radically different perspective -- a perspective, I sadly realize is considered by most to be "normal."

      If, "Security is mortals' chiefest enemy," as Shakespeare avers in Macbeth, then surely the quest for Power and Control runs neck and neck for the same title.

    2. FT,
      The sins of the fathers are inevitably visited upon the sons (and daughters) for countless generations to follow –– possibly forever.

      That may be so. But it is not justice of any kind for anybody involved.

    3. Are you seriously questioning the ultimate Authority and Integrity of Divine Justice?

      Did He not say, "My ways are not thy ways, and my thoughts are not thy thoughts?"

      I don't think HE cares what WE think. He wants us, instead, to care about what HE thinks.

      Ogden Nash of all people reminded us of an inescapable truth in his uniquely whimsical fashion

      "Only the game fish swims upstream, the sensible fish swims down." ;-)

    4. President Kennedy put it another way:

      "Life is not fair, he said.

      Life becomes a great deal easier, however, once we accept that, and just try to do the best we can in spite of it, all the while knowing full well that Life is a Game no mortal can win.

    5. If the conditions in Baltimore are an indication of divine justice then we have an obligation to rebel.

    6. as plain as the nose on your faceMay 3, 2015 at 6:24 AM

      Divine justice? Indeed. History is chock full of examples of Divine justice.

      Not pretty. Sure as hell not justice.

    7. THIS JUST IN from the PROVINCES:

      Nancy Pelosi's father was mayor there from 1947-1959.

      Her brother served one term as mayor from 1967-1971.

      The Democrats ran Baltimore into the ground just as they did Detroit and many other cities with large black populations.

    8. It is the LEFT who has asserted the notion that Man could produce a better world via tyrannical edicts –– i.e. Government Proclamations backed up by the threat of withholding funds and paramilitary intervention for non compliance.

      It isn the LEFT who has made a lucrative business out of keeping "The Poor" in a state of helpless, hopeless dependency, and therefore trapped pockets of poverty and degradation.

      It is the LEFT who has effectively destroyed the Black Family by withdrawing support from unwed mothers if they should marry.

      This is what always happens when Man decides HE has a Right and a Duty to ignore GOD and substitute HIMSELF to play that role.

      Meddlesome Busybodies, compulsive Do-gooders, and those despicable souls Hungry for Power who vainly imagine that THEY know what is best for Everyone have been the cause of most of the strife, grief, agony and loss the world has ever known.

      By the way this logic applies equally to corrupt, demagogic Theocrats and crazed Fascist Dictators as it does to Leftists.

      As I never tire of reasserting, it is POWER that CORRUPTS; therefore it is POWER –– and above all Those Determined to Achieve Dominance by ANY rationale –– whom we need most to fear, to despise and to REJECT.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, of course, but we've already been confronted with abundant evidence of the ugliness and hopelessness of it all for days in end already. What good does it do to keep rubbing our noses in it? What legitimate need does that supply? How could it help us develop a more constructive approach?

      We all know that bowels movements have an unpleasant odor. Why then would we want to keep bobbing our heads in and out of the sewers as if we needed to reassure ourselves that feces really do stink?

      Isn't that more than a bit Masochistic?

  3. They don't even know who their Fathers are.

    1. That's all right. Most of their mothers don' know either.

      It's their CULTURE after all. How dare "we" pass judgment on them or attempt to interfere? };-)>

  4. Oh, for Christ's sake, there's nothing new or ominous here. "Law and Order," that simple stupid slogan that so appealed to the "Silent Majority" of morons, brought us a police state that has become a parasite on the society. This is not the end of days, it isn't the decline of Western Civilization, grow the f up. Hillary Clinton, a woman smarter than any human being on the right, knows the public is getting fed up with the ridiculous police state. It is damaging the society. It's time to ease the f off. That's all.


    1. Claradeluna Lipschitz said

      It would do you a world of good if once in a while you listened to something besides the dinning inside your skull. You remind me of a loud radio nobody can turn off. Everything goes out of it but nothing comes in.

    2. And you're a pseudo-psychologist.


    3. Oh, I don't know, Jersey, I thought she made a valid point. I wouldn't just pick on you, however. One of our basic problems is a built in rejection of and unwillingness to give credence to thoughts that run contrary to our reflexive, culturally-conditioned, habituated concepts of right and wrong.

      In other words we find it all-but-impossible to discard our pre-conceived notions and look challenges squarely in the face.

      I hope you have noticed that I attribute this defect to humanity in general not just to Leftists? It's a fault ALL of us share, and I believe it is the reason why we have reached the point where we no longer even TRY to talk WITH each other, but merely shout AT and PAST each other –– always to little or no avail.

    4. I've dealt with many cases of foul flatulence and nasty, content free discharges in my practice, but the fellow who blames 'law and order' takes the cake. It would advance his case if he would produce some facts and evidence to substantiate his claim that Americans want police to 'to ease the f off' of criminals prowling around with guns in their pockets, robbers, rapists, murderers, and cigar smoking gorillas who rough up shopkeepers and steal cigarillos from them.

      But, this is what we have come to expect from the unhinged left: Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in human history, and good progressives everywhere should provide a space for Democrat party looters to destroy.

      Liberal Democrats own this problem solely and comprehensively.

    5. Tallullah Tabacowitz said

      Oh but don't you want to curb police brutality? It's obvious those goons killed poor Freddie Gray. Have you no empathy for the wretched, downtrodden specimens who live in a kind of hell you've never even imagined.

      Shame on you! It's people like you who are a big part of the problem.

    6. Of course I stand against police brutality! You liberals display some serious flaws of character and reasoning.

    7. FT, white guys with easy lives are not capable of even seeing the problem, let alone addressing it.


    8. Jerky,
      What percentage of 'white guys' do you think have 'easy lives?'

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  6. Nancy Pelosi's father was mayor there from 1947-1959.

    Her brother served one term as mayor from 1967-1971.

    Both links are worth reading.

    This information appears at the second link:

    His one term as mayor was dominated by civil unrest and budgetary troubles. In 1968 D'Alesandro ordered the relocation of the East-West Expressway unstarted since 1941 to be rerouted through the Western Cemetery, followed by cancelling the project, followed by implementing a HUD program to finance 475 of the vacant homes abandoned after they were previously condemned to create "homes for the poor". The homes were demolished in 1974, with the Rouse Company creditors abandoning the project.

    The Democrats ran Baltimore into the ground. Nevertheless, the citizens of Baltimore keep electing Democrats.

  7. From MLK’s Niece Pens Devastating Open Letter To Baltimore Mayor:

    In response to widespread rioting and violence that brought the city to a standstill in recent days, activist Alveda King took Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to task for seemingly endorsing the mob’s destructive behavior.

    “Your invitation to ‘give space for those who want to destroy’ is unbelievable,” King wrote. “This interpretation of rights to free speech is dangerous Ma’am.

    King, the niece of civil rights icon Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., went on to assert that “people are not entitled to pillage and destroy.”

    She shared her insight into cultural changes over the past half century she feels have fostered the current environment of civil unrest.

    “How did we get here?” she wrote. “Where do we go now?”

    King took a look at several statistics, citing the compiled result as an indication that the status quo is not working.

    Think about this: Baltimore 1965 vs. Baltimore 2015, compare and contrast:

    1. Money spent on public schools then vs. now.

    2. Amount spent on social welfare payments then vs. now.

    3. The size of Government Bureaucracy then vs. now.

    4. The number of black elected officials then vs. now.

    5. Number of black children born in Baltimore to an intact nuclear family.

    6. Number of Black lives MIA by abortion and incarceration.

    Her conclusion amounts to a devastating indictment of the prevailing leftist mindset.

    “If you look at all six questions/comparisons,” she wrote, “what you will see is the only statistics to have decreased (1965 to 2015) is the number of black children born in intact nuclear families.”

    1. At LAST a voice of sanity, logic and decency from a so-called back leader. God bless Alveda King!

      Because she is obviously anti-Liberal and certainly anti-Leftist, however, she is sure to be vilified and discredited by every rationale the Dictocrats have dreamt up in the past one-hundred years.


  8. Please help me to understand this situation better.......
    If I were a cop, it would be very hard today to answer a call involving Blacks. I’d be in a no win situation as no matter what happened, if someone complained, I would be in the wrong. God forbid I had to draw my weapon to defend my life or the life of others as I would be crucified not only by the media but also by the Feds. Officer Wilson was proven completely innocent but no apologies by Obama or Holder for what they put him though..
    What ever happened to personal responsibility, and accountability for actions? What part do Freddie’s own actions take in this fiasco? With all due respect, I don’t think the prosecutor had enough time to evaluate the coroner’s report (is that complete already? kinda quick, wasn’t it?) and make the life-altering determination that all six officers are culpable for Gray’s death. In fact, it is my suspicion that she may have acted a bit prematurely, in equal parts to placate a mob of thugs calling for blood and to keep the race divide BS stirred up, but that’s just me.
    In Baltimore, a city with black politicians at all levels, black police officers on the force, black officials in charge of the black officers on the force, and black officers on the team that arrested Freddie Gray, the consensus is that the WHITE man, the WHITE officers, and the WHITE leaders made this happen?

    1. Thank you, Rottweiler! I appreciate the thoughtfulness and inescapable logic of your post.

      The LEFT will doubtless have a long series of ready, highly articulate, quasi-scholarly rationales to defend their policies and excuse their bad behavior, but if they were honest with themselves –– and not simply determined to seek and hold POWER at all costs, because they like being in charge –– they would have to agree with you.

      Unfortunately, few-if-any human beings are guided primarily by logic. We all know what we LIKE and how we FEEL, and therefore, remain closed to logical, possibly superior alternatives.

  9. What happened in Baltimore will no doubt result in the same thing that happened in Ferguson….
    It will go down as a Police Cover-up, and the Cops will be hung out to dry. If the courts don’t find it that way, then Race-baitor Al Sharpton will see to that. It’s unfortunate but it seems no one cares about the truth, it’s the protestors and the Rioters who wins in the end. The Police Officers are now going to be judged on keeping the peace. Apparently that’s how the process works now in the new America! The thugs doing the looting and rioting eventually get their way.
    Freddy Gray was just another innocent “Gentle Giant” that was picked on by those “Racist” Cops.

    Is it possible that 3 Black Cops could engage in racial profiling?

  10. Blacks lives matter? Doesn’t Cops Lives matter?

    So now cops are the enemy?

    There's nothing complex about any of this but the destruction of the United States.

    1. Thanks for your comments, DD. I'm not sure that Baltimore will be regarded as "just another police coverup" –– at least not on the national level.

      I do agree about the absurdity of Victims and Perpetrators being regarded as having traded places in public consciousness. That kind of perverse, pseudo-logic where up is down, west is east, black is white, good is bad, day is night, etc. is characteristic more of the Left than ay other segment of society. They operate by continually shaking things up to such an extent that the average person loses contact with Reality and the moral compass of most ceases to function properly and goes completely out of whack.

      However, it's not right for "US" to prejudge the case of Freddie Gray any more than it is for "THEM" to do so. I still don't know what Freddie did to get himself arrested, do you? Simply having had a long list of "priors" is NOT sufficient grounds for making an arrest, UNLESS an illegal offense is being committed.

      As for black cops engaging in so-called racial profiling I'm sure it's possible because in actual fact what-the-Left-loves to denigrate as "racial profiling" is nothing more than the application of logic and common sense.

      For instance, IF a cop should see a scantily dressed young woman heavily made up, wearing a flashy blonde wig swinging a beaded bag and stopping repeatedly to strike a provocative pose while walking back and forth on a stretch of sidewalk in an area well-known to be a place where "johns" trill the streets looking to pick up prostitutes, it's dollars to doughnuts that young woman IS a prostitute, and it WOULD be logical for a policeman to make every effort to roust her off the street.

      The same logic applies to the characteristic behavior and modes of dress common to young punks black or otherwise.

  11. Sounds like the logical conclusion to be arrived at would be do away with both city and state police forces and put all policing under a national police force.

    Wait a minute. That's already being pushed forward by the redoubtable Reverend Al Sharpton, in his position as a media hack and Obama mouthpiece.

    1. That, of course, is exactly what we should want to avoid at all costs.

      CENTRALIZED POWER, as I never tire of saying, is The CURSE of the MODERN AGE.

      It wasn't all that great when Rome had her Empire either come to think of it was it?

    2. Central power, in this case, is what we do need, and we need them to back off the drug war, and come down hard on civil rights abuses. We need the federal government to repeal the drug laws and get out of drug war business. By exercising this central power, the states will follow suit. It's already beginning to happen at the state level, but until the feds get right on this, further progress will be stifled. You have to try to understand the reality here - it is at the state and local level that the vast majority of these problems, all these arrests and discordance, are happening, not the federal. Devolution of power should never apply to rights. And we are abusing the people's rights - millions of your fellow Americans. It's shameful. I'm ashamed of this country for this.


    3. Repeal all drug laws? Meth? Cocaine? Heroin?

      This is the loony left's brain on drugs, folks.

      The anti-drug meanies are "stifling" "progress."

      If we would just allow drugs to flow unhindered across our borders so more people can wreck their brains and their lives, it would be a progressive utopia!


  12. At the risk of being called racist, not that I care, but I just wanted to mention it anyway... Let me offer the following comments:
    1. We have black leaders all over the country but the problem persists. Perhaps it's time to stop the means by which all these rioters subsist (aka welfare) and make them earn a living like the rest of have had to do all our lives?
    2. With the advanced technology we have these days, wouldn't it be possible to identify each and every rioter, arrest them and incarcerate them for a long time? And I don't mean a 'school' jail, I mean hard time, like working on a chain gang!
    3. We've coddled these one parent “Gentle Giant’s” for too long, it's time to take back the country! Quit rewarding bad behavior! Quit giving these Thugs Free-Stuff, and let’s get back to working for what you get. No more hand-outs.
    The lesson that we can draw from this is that what has happened here is that now the Police have more reasons to act in their own defense or should I say self- defense in the past week than most of us will have in a lifetime.
    And isn’t it astonishing that the person who the Blacks seem to quote and worship so much Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to lead many civil rights marches with so little violence, and yet these THUGS can’t seem to follow that pattern.
    We need to stop giving the ghetto people free handouts to appease them. If they don't care, then why should we?
    We need to get rid of these bleeding hearts liberials in our City, and State Governments and in the White House as well. . And get the message out LOUD and CLEAR, NO MORE FREE HANDOUTS let them get out and work for it like the rest of us do.

    1. Unless and until the recipients of Liberal "Trash Benefits" start to realize they are being systematically BRIBED into submitting themselves to a craftier, less productive, less honorable form of slavery, the pattern will continue unabated –– till finally all the money runs out.

      Can you imagine what life will be like when this happens –– as some day surely it must?

  13. Rioting, looting, the burning down of private property, the bodily harm to policemen, and damage to private and public property has been happening again and again, and always in a Democratic Party controlled area like the city of Baltimore, a Democrat City. So, one has to wonder, just what are the Democrats in power doing wrong?
    Are these Black thugs Democrats, or do these thugs just vote for democrats and the democrats stupidly cover-up for them for votes by giving them the “free-stuff” that they want so damn much. Is getting welfare, food stamps and other free stuff that important? Well it looks like it is..
    And do these people really care about public property? What kind of person tries to take on a armed Cop? And what kind of person, burns down the homes, buildings, Riotsand and Loot stores in their own neighborhoods?

    This sort of insanity only happens in Democratic and Black sections of the country. Don’t that tell us something?

  14. I guess that to these Lefties there is no such thing as looting, burning and rioting, it’s now known as protesting to them..

    1. It's that upside down inside out and backwards thing we've discussed so many times. That's what leftists do –– they SUBVERT, INVERT and PERVERT proper, time-honored values that WORK, and replace them with hysteria and high falutin' pseudo-intellectul theories that never have and never WILL work..

  15. Over the past fifty years the U.S. government has spent $22 trillion nationwide on anti-poverty programs, yet the poverty level is about the same as it was when this massive redistribution started.

    Today, we read this on the front page of the WaPo:

    Why couldn’t $130 million transform one of Baltimore’s poorest places?

    BALTIMORE — Along the street where Freddie Gray was arrested, abandoned houses are gashed with gaping holes. The roof on an old red-brick building is collapsed. A storm drain is clogged with concrete.

    Sandtown-Winchester is crumbling, and there is little to suggest that two decades ago visionary developer James Rouse and city officials injected more than $130 million into the community in a failed effort to transform it. Instead there are block after block of boarded-up houses and too many people with little hope.

    “It’s frustrating,” said Stefanie DeLuca, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist who has studied the neighborhood. “How much money would it take? It certainly seems on an instinctual level that $100 million should have made some difference.”

    But for much of Sandtown, life remains bleak. Once home to Thurgood Marshall, Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway, the West Baltimore neighborhood has suffered from unemployment, crime and poverty rates well above the city’s average, census and other data show. The state spends nearly $17 million just to incarcerate its former residents. Life expectancy is 10 years below the national average....

    The article is very long, but very much worth reading and considering.

    BTW, I've read elsewhere that the truancy rate for school attendance in 45%. 45%!

    The people want better opportunities for jobs -- so they say -- but they aren't going to classes or training sessions.

    Baltimore may well be caught up the same kind of death spiral as Detroit.

    1. Thank you for all this valuable information, AOW, but I'm not at all sure what-if-anything could be done about it.

      DIAGNOSIS is fairly easy. Finding a CURE seems well nigh impossible.

    2. Throttle my Fanny asksMay 3, 2015 at 4:26 PM

      What difference at this point does it make?

    3. Does it also mention that the life expectancy is higher in North Korea?

    4. Yes, classes for the non existent jobs.
      That should do the trick.

    5. Duck,
      Does it also mention that the life expectancy is higher in North Korea?

      I don't know if the WaPo article mentions that, but I've heard the information in recent news coverage.

      Actually, there arejobs: Convention Center, Inner Harbor, Johns Hopkins, and more. But guess what? Dealing drugs is much more lucrative.

      Who is filling those jobs? Whites, of course, and immigrants.

      Did you read the portion of the article about the man who had a good job as a corrections officer then slid into crack addiction. Down, down, down! His story is not unusual for people in certain sections of Baltimore.

      This particular WaPo article doesn't cover the effects of lead poisoning on many of those young men such as Freddie Gray. Addicted mothers allowed their children to chew on the woodwork. Huge rate of lead poisoning in Baltimore!

    6. Ducky,

      Thank you for reminding us that leftwing progressives who have had a stranglehold on our culture and our governments (complete, 100% grip at the municipal level) have brought us to the level of North Korea.

      That alone makes a solid case against ever voting Democrat again.

  16. ____ OUR POLICY _____
    We welcome Conversation
    But without Vituperation.
    If your aim is Vilification ––
    Other forms of Denigration ––
    Unfounded Accusation --
    Determined Obfuscation ––
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    Sniping at fellow bloggers just to be hateful and disruptive is strictly forbidden. Also, gratuitous Displays of Extraneous Knowledge Offered Not To Shed Light Or Enhance the Discussion, But For The Primary Purpose Of Giving An Impression Of Superiority are obnoxiously SELF-AGGRANDIZING, and therefore, Subject to Removal at the Discretion of the Censor-in-Residence.

  17. Baltimore's history of abusive cops violating the rights of minorities is well-documented, so the anger is justified, as is the the investigation and prosecution of any cops found responsible for the death of that man.

    It does not follow from this that people have a right to burn and loot, and the mayor and the district attorney are shamelessly employing socialist rhetoric to play to the lowest elements of the Democrat party constituency. They are riding a wild beast.

    1. Believe me, as a busy single mother of a 5 year old, I thought I heard it all, but this guy Rational Nation USA takes the 1st prize for some Incredibly Dumb comments and posts.

    2. RN:

      My definition of lowest elements: Those who burn and loot, and those who support those who do. Also, those younger ones who have fallen for the false message that socialism would solve all our ills.

      The good people out there cleaning up after the wild animals rampaged and burned do not fall into that definition, nor do those who refrained from the rioting. Also, those who protest peacefully are not the 'lowest element.'

      Also, 'basest instincts' may have been a better formulation, because we all have base instincts that can be played to.

      Now Les, if you personally don't believe I mean it that way, why ask the question?

    3. Because I know you from prior conversations, that is why I asked. Clarification removes doubt in those who have doubts. Of course I am fairly certain The Censor in Residence will decide my response somehow fails to pass muster.

    4. Well Les, your little inquisition smacked a little to loudly of progressive putting people on notice and cautionary scolding, all wrapped up in a feigned sincerity and concern that I would be taken the wrong way, when everybody here knows only nasty, pinched leftwingers with sticks up their asses would focus in on such a fine point.

      My record speaks for itself, and there is now over seven years of my sometimes inarticulate ramblings echoing around Blogistan. Nothing in those words suggest racism, so it appears you have caught one or many social diseases slumming over in Left Blogistan. I wish you a full recovery.

    5. And you also probably already know that I don't give a shit about "those who have doubts." They can go to hell and kiss my hillbilly redneck ass on the way down.

    6. BRAVO, SilverFiddle! Well said. Thank you.

      HOWEVER, please let this be the very last time YOU or ANYONE ELSE responds to RN whose consistently smarmy, obnoxious, disingenuous approach to discourse has made him persona non grata at this blog.

      I WILL NOT HAVE HIM HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. He's a pest, a stalker, a liar, and a CREEP.

    7. No problemo, FreeThinke.

      I know you understand that Les and I go back a long, long way, and I hold out hope he can redeem himself. But you've got a blog to run, and I don't begrudge you brooking no bullshit.

  18. With these race baiters like Holder, Obama, and Sharpton around to pull the strings, we may as well dismantle the Department of Justice and the entire court system.. We have been takeover by the progressives…God help us.

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  20. I wonder if there is going to be any RIOTS in New York today as the White Cop that was shot by a Black THUG . Just Died



We welcome Conversation
But without Vituperation.
If your aim is Vilification ––
Other forms of Denigration ––
Unfounded Accusation --
Determined Obfuscation ––
Alienation with Self-Justification ––


Gratuitous Displays of Extraneous Knowledge Offered Not To Shed Light Or Enhance the Discussion, But For The Primary Purpose Of Giving An Impression Of Superiority are obnoxiously SELF-AGGRANDIZING, and therefore, Subject to Removal at the Discretion of the Censor-in-Residence.

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