Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Annotated Headlines Linked  
at Lucianne. com
Obama opens a twitter account in time for ISIS to thank him 
for all the new American weapons they have captured.

If you have an email from Hillary while she was SOS, hold on to it. 
It may be valuable on eBay someday.

Chelsea learns valuable lesson in Management 101. If Foundation 
has your name, you make the rules.
Ever get mad on Tuesdays? You will now. It seems most 
of the relevant evidence of corruption has been destroyed.

Realizing that failure is not an option, 
Obama looksfor someone else to blame.

$75,000 is a pretty mingy kick-back for a 105M contract 
Wonder what the others coughed up.

Membership in the Clinton inner circle has its rewards. 
Sooner or later, it could be prison orange.

Now we'll be wanting to know how the money was handled.


  1. Could you imagine the media uproar surrounding all this incompetence, malfeasance and nefarious acts with malice and aforethought if the perps were Republicans instead of Democrats?

    But instead, the hallelujah choir and the Democrat Party pipe organs in the press just keep rolling merrily along...

    1. SF,
      They keep rolling merrily along and will do so until the situation gets so bad that they have to stop.

      Something will continue on as long as it can, then it stops. One of those laws of reality.

  2. stomp, snort, and gruntMay 19, 2015 at 8:54 PM

    Tis true, and at the same time such a distraction.

  3. What a creepy list of petty gossip.


    1. Black Lives MatterMay 20, 2015 at 8:03 AM

      Yeah! Who care thuggs be rippin' of the government. GOP whities be golfin and lyin and stealing since the Baytoven dude waz prez

      get some niggaz ina white house and everybody freak

    2. Broad-brushed dismissals, denials and mere denigration don't carry any weight, Jersey.

      Are you trying to say that each of these articles must be a FABRICATION or DISTORTION by purely partisan Right Wing publications?

      We could hardly callThe New YorkTimes a sworn servant of Right Wing Agendas, could you? ;-)

      That old mostly-Leftis tactic of DON'T DISCUSS the ISSUE RAISED, to do so would lend it credibility, INSTEAD do your best to IMPUGN the INTEGRITY and insult the intelligence of the SOURCE.

      Sooner or later, "murder will out," as Chaucer said. The Truth can never be suppressed forever. Unfortunately, needed proof emerges too late to save us from electing another tyrant or moron.

      That's what partisan media always does -- it SUPPRESSES truths unflattering to whatever candidate the publication happens to be boosting.

    3. FT: Well said. Jersey and his ilk reveal themselves to be the partisan loonies they are when they dismiss the boobery, incompetence and malfeasance on their own side.

      They are one-eye blind

    4. Please guys, pick any one of those issues. Let's talk about them.

      Tell me about Benghazi. What exactly happened in Benghazi? You idiots.

      Eou! And Chelsea's a scmelshy!

      Sur-prise, Sur-prise, George Stephanopoulos, the dream team boy genius of the 92 Clinton campaign gave money to the Clinton's foundation. Woooooowww.... spoooooooookyyyyyy.... bla bla bla bla bla

      No one cares. Morons who start dumb wars and wreck the economy shouldn't talk.


    5. "Eou! And Chelsea's a scmelshy!"

      Would you please translate that for us? I can't even tell what language it is let alone understand it.

      Unfortunately, the Left's 3-D Strategy –– Derision, Dismissal and Denial –– works all too well with the gullible, dumbed-dwn American Public who only know what they are told by the Media Moguls who working in an unholy partnership with Left make, shape and Control Public Opinion.

      Instead of trying to answer a frankly stupid question –– What happened in Benghazi? –– let me ask you an intelligent one:

      Can you name and describe ONE positive accomplishment that could rightly be attributed to Hillary Clinton either as First Lady, Senator from New York or as Secretary of State?

      "Getting Rich" does not qualify. Neither does "Tacit Acceptance of Her Husband's Flagrant Infidelities in Order to Hold Onto Power."

      Tell me please, what has this charmless, graceless, deeply unpleasant, desperately unattractive woman DONE that could rightly be considered in any way meritorious?

      Speak! I'm all ears.

    6. Benghazi: Multiple requests for increased security went up the chain in Hilary's State Department. She either fumbled or ignored the request and people died.

      Next question.

    7. Break it down, egghead, tell us what part of what i just said is bs.

      Hillary Rotten Clinton herself doesn't deny the basic facts, instead daring us to tell her what difference it makes.

    8. Your telling of the Benghazi "scandal" is nonsense. That's not even what it's about, let alone true.


    9. "Morons who start dumb wars and wreck the economy shouldn't talk."

      Obama talks constantly, and he fits that description to a T.

      Jersey: State Department people were murdered that night. If Hillary Rotten Clinton had any shame at all, she would have resigned over it.

      The rest of it is sketchy, but the bottom line is that good Americans were left to fend for themselves in a very dangerous place, and it happened under an incompetent, self-serving, raft of amateurs known as the Obama Administration. Forget the scandals, that alone damns them.

    10. My @$$. By your standard the entire Bush administration should be beheaded. You guys are all bs on Hillary, and the sad part is you're using those poor souls who died over there to score political points. You're telling of Benghazi is baseless. It's a shame, what happened, but this is dangerous business, and Stevens was well aware of the danger long before he cabled about some concerns earlier that day. This subject was thoroughly explored and it is clear Stevens shouldn't have been there in the first place, but he knew that going in. He took a chance and lost his life. If it was a revenge attack or whatever, it possibly wouldn't have happened if Stevens was not there, but no one knows for sure.


    11. Benghazi: Just MOSSAD stirring the pot or steering the ship over the precipice...

    12. The ability to justify the unjustifiable is an incurable disease of the partisan political groupies with battered wife syndrome like Jersey.

      Jersey and his ilk who never hold their political heroes accountable are killing the nation.

    13. You cons massacred thousands of American kids in the desert. You have ZERO credibility on anything until to confess your stupidity. You are whining little little faggots, turning a tragic, but not historic, international incident into cheap schoolyard pettifoggery.

      Meanwhile, you wrecked the whole fucking world the last time you idiots had your way.


  4. From that first link, which leads to an essay at Pajamas Media:

    I’m not really interested in Obama’s answer because I already know that it will be about 5,000 words long, won’t answer the question, and would put me to sleep. I just want to hear someone from the MSM ask him the question.

    Valid question: Is The United States Fighting To Lose The War?

  5. Now I'm jus SayinMay 20, 2015 at 7:23 AM

    Your LucyAnn is just like Foux Nooze, ment only for DumbAss's.

    1. Betty Battles, Sgt, USAMay 20, 2015 at 12:50 PM

      Yeah, those NY Times articles Lucianne cites are all part of Hillary's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy... *eye roll*

  6. From this lead story in today's WaPo:

    The fall of Ramadi amounts to more than the loss of a major city in Iraq’s largest province, analysts say. It could undermine Sunni support for Iraq’s broader effort to drive back the Islamic State, vastly complicating the war effort.

    Yes, the fall of Ramadi is that serious.

    One analogy that comes to my mind is the fall of Iwo Jima a few months after winning Iwo Jima. Another is the retaking of Normandy by the Nazis. I know that those analogies aren't perfect. Just think of the effects that those losses would have had on The Allies!

    The fall of Ramadi seems to be having a signiificantly deleterious effect on the 16-nation Arab Coalition created to fight ISIS. Not that the coalition was all that effective, but still....

    Now, with the fall of Ramadi, Sunnis in general are going to wonder, "Is ISIS the will of Allah?"

    Don't kid yourselves! That bit about the will of Allah is huge! It goes way beyond the Christian concept of the will of God. I learned about this matter from a Muslim friend of mine.

    1. Dear, AOW, I'm very much afraid it would take something on the scale of reducing all of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles –– or the Washington Metro –– to smoking, radioactive rubble to rouse the American Public from its drugged stupor and complacent slumber.

      Since everyone wants to think I am either wicked, stupid or insane whenever I suggest DIDADIN, I officially give up.

      What we do NOT want to do is play the part of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," if you catch my drift?

      I think the 24/7 News Cycle on Cable TV is one of the worst things that has ever risen to the surface in the septic tank that passes for contemporary American Culture. What we are doing in the blogosphere runs it a close second.

      What do I mean?

      Just this. By keep ourselves at fever pitch ALL the TIME with one shrieking crisis after another -- most of them inconsequential Media Monsters –- we have become INURED and therefore DESENSITIZED to horror. Incessant preoccupation with every dreadful possibility we can imagine –– and more –– means that contemplating Gloom, Doom, Horror and Gore has become our primary form of ENTERTAINMENT. We are so steeped i]n negative thinking we have forgotten how to be creative, optimistic, good-humored and good natured.

      In short the dominant culture generated by the ENEMEDIA has made us a SICK SOCIETY.

    2. FT,
      I do not believe that I play the part of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Now, it may have seemed that way whent I was sounding the alarm about various matters back in 2005-2008. However, much of what I was positing as coming down the pike has indeed come down the pike.

      As we look at those headlines from Lucianne -- or other daily headlines, for that matter -- could we really have believed just a few short years ago that all this would possibly be transpiring?

      We are so steeped i]n negative thinking we have forgotten how to be creative, optimistic, good-humored and good natured.

      I see value in that statement. Yes, I do. But if all of us do that all the time, there has nobody fighting the good fight for a long time.

      In fact, it may be that we have reached the political and sociological point that we have now precisely because of optimism. Sometimes, things are not "going to be all right" -- in this life, at least.

      Too much of ANYTHING is bad for humankind, and that anything includes optimism and the like.

      Our Lord Jesus Christ wasn't always good natured with His words; I'm sure that you know the passages of Scripture to which I refer. Matthew 10:34 states the following: Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword (NIV).



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