Sunday, March 8, 2015




or Daunting?

I ask you please to review all five items in this series –– twenty remarkable individuals in all –– and tell us which one you found most inspiring, encouraging, and significant. If you'd care to rank all twenty in your particular order of preference, or pick out several with special appeal, please be my guest.


  1. I like the look of that drummer in this set.

  2. Stamatis Moratis... creating beauty/(wine/mirth) for the benefit of his friends.

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    1. This hideous troll -- and all who resemble "it" -- are forever BANNED at this blog.

      That means that their every remark -- and all who attempt to RESPOND to them -- will be DELETED on sight -- UNREAD.

      In others words GET OUT and STAY OUT.

  4. I strongly agree with the sentiment expressed in the first graphic in this blog post. It's not always easy to find those two important elements: loving what you do and loving the person that you are with.

    1. I'm not sure she meant what you seem to think she meant, AOW.

      I read it as yet another variant of "BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED."

      In other words we need to take WHATEVER life hands out, make the best of it, and not waste energy wishing things were different.

      We must make every attempt to love ANYONE who becomes part of our lives, however, inadvertently, and to perform WHATEVER tasks we are given to perform WILLINGLY and CHEERFULLY.

      No matter what, it is best for our mental and physical health to embrace what we are given wholeheartedly, even when it's not what we thought we wanted or imagined we were getting.

      What is that biblical passage abut its being better to be a humble doorkeeper at the house of righteousness than an honored guest in the tents of wickedness -- something like that? ;-)

      One of the built in defects of internet communication is the inability to write one of these posts and do reference work simultaneously.

      In that area email has a tremendous advantage over what we're attempting to do here.

  5. My favorite of the graphics in the five blog posts is the one with Constance Reeves. That particular graphic is the third one in the fourth blog post of this series.

    Now, rocking chairs provide a necessary therapy to prevent age's decline -- something about the balls of the feet. I learned that little bit of wisdom from my massage therapist.

    I think there really may be something important involved in rocking. Just think how many old people back in the day rocked on the front porch.

  6. Constance Reeves, the 102-year-old cowgirl? Interesting choice, but then you go on to say sitting in a rocking chair -- presumably rocking -- is a necessary therapy to retard he effects of aging.

    Now, I'm worried, because I've never owned a rocking chair. Does that mean I am doomed? ;-)

    Oh WAIT, that's no true. I just remembered have TWO of them on the screened porch, but they're both made of wrought iron. For some reason I never use them.

    1. FT,
      It's all about the proper balance, IMO.

      Sitting in a rocking chair all the time is not good for a person -- a sort of giving up on life.

      However, using a rocking chair properly seems to have benefits. See Rocking Chair Therapy Research. Brief excerpt:

      ...Alzheimer's, Dementia Relief & Healthy Seniors

      Research from the Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin resulted in an article in the “American Journal of Sports Medicine”, March-April 1989 titled “Seniors ROCKING TO GOOD HEALTH” detailing the benefits of rocking to older Americans. It is good for the mind, body and spirit and even can help those with an otherwise sedentary lifestyle to achieve muscle tone through the manageable, non-weight bearing exercise of rocking in a rocking chair.

      Later, studies at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York using Rocking Chair Therapy with Alzheimer and Dementia patients. Their research showed that seniors could literally rock away their anxiety and depression. The patients required less medication and their balance improved as well. Further benefits included a happier nursing home staff. Families of rocking seniors were happier because their loved ones were happier. Isn’t it interesting that this research showed that one intervention (rocking) produced six benefits, and effected [sic] many people in a positive way?...

      Much more at the above link.

    2. Constance Reeves reminds me a lot of my grandmother.

  7. Dr. Charles Eugsten in part three of the series, because of the truth and wisdom is my favorite.

    This entire series has really highlighted very well the importance and value of "staying young at heart" and maintaining an active mind and body.
    Genetics certainly plays a role in longevity, but living a healthy and active life is at least 1/2, if not more, of the key ingredients.

    AND... Remain positive in outlook, always looking to shape a better future.

    Excellent series FreeThinke.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Les. Your choice of the nonagenarian rowing champion is a very good one, but I have another I admire even more. I'm not going to say which it is till all the "votes" are in.

  8. I pick the first onesies so sweet and her sentiments are fitting to her personality .

    1. Looks darned good for an EIGHTY-EIGHTY year old, doesn't she? Got to be doing something right, I'd say. It isn't ALL just a matter of luck. ;-)

  9. Like flowers in the field, each is beautiful in his or her own way

    1. True enough, but that's a copout. There's got to be at least three who stand out even in this amazing group. Some of them are still HOT-looking for Heaven's sake, and that ain't easy for the over-eighty set. That one-hundred-year-old Drummer Gal still looks like bed bait to me . };-)> And Dame Gillian Lynne is still a beauty at age 88.

      But their SPIRIT is the best part of each of them. Everyone in our materialistic society dwells on BODY BODY BODY! I am sure, however, that if we kept our SPIRITUAL lives in better order, the rest of what we are would quickly follow suit.

      "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God," and all that. Those are not just words.



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