Friday, March 27, 2015

Jen Psaki, Chief executive in charge of stonewalling at State
The U.S. State Department 
Theme Song
(Under Hillary)

Double down, Jen Psaki, double down
Hill can win, Jen Psaki, if you double down
We can break their necks,claiming they’ve had sex
 With John Kerry’s ex, so double down.

Give 'em hell, Jen Psaki, make 'em yell
Hill can win, Jen Psaki, if you give 'em hell
Don't you dare give in, kick ‘em in each shin
Hill is sure to win, if you will only double down

Double down, Jen Psaki, double down
Hill can win, Jen Psaki, if you double down
Just use all your gall, and they’re sure to fall
Scaling our stonewall, so double down

Give 'em hell, Jen Psaki, make 'em yell
We can win, Jen Psaki, if you give 'em hell
Don’t admit Hill's lies, hold ‘er ‘tween your thighs
nd you’ll hear their cries, if you will only double down

Wear the crown, wear the crown, double down!

~ a parody by FreeThinke

Jen Psaki deflecting embarrassing questions


  1. So, how did Psaki get this job? From Wiki:

    Psaki began her career in 2001 with the re-election campaigns of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack. Psaki then became deputy press secretary for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. From 2005 to 2006, Psaki served as communications director to U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley and regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Psaki served as traveling press secretary.[7] After Obama won the election, Psaki followed Obama to the White House as Deputy Press Secretary and was promoted to Deputy Communications Director on December 19, 2009.[8][9] On September 22, 2011, Psaki left that position to become senior vice president and managing director at the Washington, D.C. office of public relations firm Global Strategy Group.

    In 2012, Psaki returned to political communications as press secretary for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. On February 11, 2013, Psaki became spokesperson for the United States Department of State.

    In sum, she's a unicorn-awaiting Obamabot.

    Could she be an android?

    1. Addendum:

      And she's a blinker, too. Watch any video in which she appears.

    2. And what might be the significance of blinking, AOW? Surely, it's something all of us do more or less constantly, isn't it?

    3. FT,
      Sometimes such blinking indicates lying or other obfuscation.

      From this source:

      1. Blink rate tends to increase when people are uncomfortable or feeling stressed.

      2. Some feel excessive blinking is a sign of lying, but in my experience, the opposite effect - excessive staring is more telling. Liars typically work hard to control their expression and tend to force their eyes to stay open and appear to stare.
      3. Blinking can also be a sign of unconscious rapport.

      4. Rapid blinking psychologically blocks vision which can [be] an arrogant signal saying "I'm so important, I do not need to see you." When combined with the Driver raised brows, this one seems especially probable.

      5. Cognitive neuroscientist Daniel Smilek at the University of Waterloo, found that blink rate increases when the mind wanders. The brain is actually shutting out information.

      Whatever the reason, I can't stand to watch Psaki on video.

    4. Interesting, but inconclusive. Points listed seem to conflict with one another at times.

      Jen Psaki (always pronounced as thought it were all one word) is in fact a good looking young woman, but I agree her supercilious manner in front of the cameras makes her a bit hard to take. Her bemused, condescending smile when asked "tough" questions is irksome in the extreme.

      Leftists always seem to respond to Conservatives with a sort of "Oh You, Poor, Silly, Naive, Fool! Well, I Suppose I'll Just Have to Tell You Just How It Really Is" look on their faces.

      If comes through in their writing as well -- the aura of bored, pitying condescension.

      And yet most of the time ALL they have to offer is VICIOUS ATTACK and DEFLECTION. There's rarely much-if-any there there. [That line by the way, which has recently come under attack by know-nothings who think they know something (a rapidly-metastasizing breed!) was made famous by Gertrude Stein]

  2. Jen Psaki's defence of the Bergdahl trade of five terrorist just adds to the fact of how embarrassing our Government has become. Shame on Obama and all the people who assist to bring down this Country.
    Many soldiers have died for our freedom and protect our Constitution. We now know that Obama has a cozier relationship with Islamic terrorists than previously known, but to protect and defend this POS is going to far. Well duh!!!!! This was to be expected.
    And that other POS Hillary Clinton said that “How Bergdahl disappeared 'doesn't matter' “

  3. Obama has introduced us to some scary and hilarious amateurs, hasn't he?

  4. Arrrrh! Don't look to the left, mateys!

    Ahoy thar be quivering creatures:

    That hermaphroditic blob thrashing and whining on the surface is the Shrieking Tentacled Pinko, churning the waters over imagined political fixations.

    In close proximity, as I scan with my spyglass, is the Lestard of Ratturd Crustations, hooting out his incoherent and convoluted mating call, craving a shred of affirmation from his fellow progressive creatures.

    A sad sight indeed. Look away! I warn ye!

    1. Ahoy there, NIMN!

      I'll not me speakin' any names. I just be describin' what I see through me spyglass.

      Careful and beware ye! That tentacled she-creature one can poison you with her stinky ink!

      The Ratturd Crustation Lestard is harmless, in spite of all the puffing up he does. It's just for show. Poor bugger is toothless.

  5. Excellent verse, FreeThinke.

    You're really on a roll lately!

    1. If the GOP had any sense, which damn it! they don't, they'd hire FT to write their opposition campaign ads for them. Can you imagine the effect "Double Down, Jen Psaki," or "The Land of Cotton" would have on John Q. Publick if they were given the full Hollywood production number treatment: Army Chorus, brass band, corps de ballet prancing all over the Capitol steps, and some big fat rass-voiced, leather-lunged black broad with bleached blond hair singing the lyrics above it all broadcast on every channel 24/7?

      Hildabitch would never know what hit her, and neither would the DNC.

      I just love the way FT gets those rotten Reds at Puking Revulsions and that pathetic toadying ignoramus who goes around heckling everyone in sight on their behalf so steamed up they'd love to see him humiliated and driven out of the blogosphere by the sheer power of their hatefulness.

      That means FT must have lots of power, maybe more than even he knows.

      ...... Castoria Fletcher aka Cascara Segrada ......

    2. We like to keep our references oblique and subtle, NINM. Also, we try not to bear down too hard on the obvious without wit or humorous intent.

      Canned BOILERPLATE BROADSIDES, and vulgar expressions of derision do not speak well for the intelligence or wisdom of EITHER side.

      I hope my meaning is clear?

  6. Replies
    1. What's the point? There are already far too many cheap shots in the blogosphere. Why add to the tedium of it all?

      Besides, all it accomplishes is to give ammunition to "The Enemy" to toss back into "our" camp. What good could possibly be accomplished by that?

      In plain English: I don't want my blog to be used like a toilet stall enclosure, or the City Dump

      I hope you will cooperate in the future.

      Thank you.

  7. I'd like thank both SilverFiddle and Castoria Fletcher for their kind words,eloquent expressions of appreciation and encouraging suggestions.

    I thank you too for respecting the standards we try to uphold. We do no pretend to be above being uncharitable or derisive towards our political-philosophical enemies, but we strive for some small measure of originality at least in our comments, and remain determined to avoid clichés, buzz words, catch phrases and "Newspeak" as much as possible.

    In this militantly egalitarian age it may sound "stuffy" or "pretentious" to some, but in our admittedly small way, we remain committed to upholding the standards by which we were raised and doing what we can to refresh and keep them alive.

    Obviously, this does not preclude mirth, play, fun or joy in communication, but quite the opposite.

    1. Wait! Maybe we should consider the Progressive Standards, too!

      On second thought.... "Carry On!"

    2. Unfortunately, Mrs. G., my last few moral relatives died more than twenty years ago.

    3. I'm thinking of emigrating to the East? Would you care to join me?

    4. FAXON FIGGERS said

      You can't emigrate to the Orient [Yes I said the ORIENT, and I'm GLAD, got that?;-], anyway you can't live there, because you are not ASIAN

      You are CAWK-Asian, and do not pronounce your R's as though the were L's. That sets you apart, and makes the Yellow Folk uncomfortable –– an unpardonable sin in today's world.

      There's nothing you can do. If you try to be a good sport and do it their way, and ask for FLIED LICE, they will just stare coldly at you and say, "Why don't you say Frrrried Rrrrice, you Melican Plick?"

      I tell you it's quite hopeless. It's best just to STAY HOME and TOUGH it OUT.

  8. No apologies necessary, FT! It's your place. I understand why others want to get some jabs in at Those Who Shall Remain Nameless, since they dedicate their entire blogs to nothing but harping, scolding, screeching and screaming about conservatives, including people like Palin who most of us don't even give a rat's about.

    Like you, I learned long ago to just stay away. The censorship, the controlling atmosphere, it's too much and life is too short. Unfortunately, some need to be constantly fixated on 'the other.' Healthy if you're discussing public figures in government who have control over our lives, no so much so when it descends into National Inquirer territory.

    1. I don't want to sound too harsh on Not in My Name and Craptain Arab. Pompous overinflated egos always make fat, irresistible targets.

    2. Ian Boyd MacShane said

      As me dear ol' Mum used to say when I was still a wee bairn, "Empty barrels make the most noise."

    3. B. Wilders said

      I don't see where he made any kind of apology?

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    1. Actually genuine Octopus, well prepared according to the French, Italian or Greek culinary traditions is a delectable gourmet treat. We've published several excellent kitchen-ested recipes here at FreeThinke's blog.

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  10. I likw you are getting sick and tired of these anti Americans and reading their Progressive blogs, .Just one more iteration of the "Blame America" Brigade

  11. Psaki, Harf, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Robert Reich, Marian Wright Edelman...

    Just one more clown in a long parade of kooks, weirdos, pseudo-intellectuals, bat-winged gargoyles, swivel-eyed loonies and slavering social engineers every democrat administration subjects the nation to when we are stupid enough to elect a progressive president.

    None of these people would have ever crossed the consciousness or field of view of ordinary Americans had they not attached themselves to the latest leftwing project to fundamentally transform America.

    1. YEP! And I'd dislike them just as intensely, even if they promised "to transform America fundamentally."

      There are times when good grammar is simply not enough. ;-}

    2. SF,
      I couldn't agree more!

      They are "true believers," too.



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