Thursday, March 19, 2015

And a Har Dee Har Har 
to you, Mr. President.


  1. And he really believes that "Hands up" will work with Iran.

    The rulers in Iran have nothing but disdain for a man with African blood. The mullahs are laughing up their sleeves at Obama's efforts to make peace with Iran.

    PS: Great cartoon, FT!

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  3. Iranian's by an large are smart people. They realize there exists no "upside" in a conflict (war) with America and the west.

    Sanctions don't work with Iran and Walk softly
    and carry a big Stick may still be the best avenue of approach.

    1. Sanctions do work. The Iranian people are not mad at the US. They are mad at the mullahs who are grinding them and their great country into the dirt.

      Sanctions had the mullahs on the ropes, so they conned the Naivest Leader in the World (tm) Barack Hussein Obama, into 'negotiations' in exchange for him giving them money (that in itself shows the superiority of Persian poker playing).

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    1. The only thing worse than leftwing talking points are stale leftwing talking points.

      Who cares about the president's motivation at this point?

      Just look what he's done! Wreckage everywhere.

      It doesn't matter if he's a sincere idiot or a Muslim Brotherhood plant. The damage is done, and you communist morons who voted for him are deaf and blind to reality.

      Still bleating "RACISM!!!" after all these years. Sheeeesh. Come up with a new schtick already or buzz off!

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    3. "Who cares about the president's motivation at this point? Just look what he's done! Wreckage everywhere. It doesn't matter if he's a sincere idiot or a Muslim Brotherhood plant. The damage is done ..."

      Yes, indeed, but somehow the Whackocrats and Proglodytes either confuse or conflate their ego strength - sense of personal pride - self-esteem -- whatever you want to call it -- with their policy positions. Ever to admit they could be wrong would -- in their view -- constitute an act of self-destruction.

      To question, critically analyze, or express disdain for any of their cherished notions is seen -- by them -- as an unwarranted, personal attack.

      Leftists don't really have principles; they have feelings -- feelings invariably negative, intolerant, and contemptuous. They thrive by forever fanning the flames of trumped up, pseudo-Righteous Indignation.

      Worse even than that, they have no sense of humor whatsoever, especially when it comes to their precious selves.

  5. This present administration is the most inept and naive in our nation's history. We are in grave danger. I pray our next president has a gimlet-eyed view of the world and brings a staff of seasoned experts on-board. There's a lot of damage to repair.

    1. I would agree, but for my abiding conviction that Obama -- like his poor bumbling predecessor, GWB -- is just a marionette whose "strings" are being pulled by The Oligarchs whose longtime, not-do-secret agenda has been to create a DICTATORIAL ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT run by THEMSELVES, of course, where everyone on earth is reduced to a malleable, uniform, dun gray mediocrity.

      Since "Results are all that count," how could it POSSIBLY be otherwise?

      Nothing happens by accident with the possible exception of natural disasters.

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    3. If they are, their money ain't buying much

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    5. Sorry, SilverFiddle, but you were responding to the Registered Nurse. His odor is unmistakable, and it's vile. We're not gong to have it here as long as I'm around.

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      Are those who post where they're not welcome
____ Demons who to us from hell come?____

  6. If anyone seriously believes Iran poses a threath to the US or the West more broadly, I've a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

    Iran only poses a 'threat' to the West insofar as it challenges our hegemonic designs on the region. And the unintended consequence of the ongoing Iraq debacle was to hand a lot of power to Tehran.

    Those still fostering wet dreams of 'regime change' in Tehran might want to remember that the Mullahs are the 'long shadow' of a previous regime change: the parachuting of the Shah-puppet into Tehran's seat of power.

    "Leftists don't really have principles; they have feelings -- feelings invariably negative, intolerant, and contemptuous. They thrive by forever fanning the flames of trumped up, pseudo-Righteous Indignation."

    Talk about boiler plate. You only need to look at Conservative attitudes to same sex marriage and LGBT issues: it's entirely faith based and Reason free. Not to mention endless scaremongering about a small group which has poses no threat to the larger one.

    1. Gert: An Iran ruled by Mullahs is a very recent phenomenon. They are the "long shadow" of Carter doing their dirty work and removing the Shah.

      Your leftwing sources won't mention that, yeah, some Iranians hated the Shah, but most did not.

      The Ayatollas you love so much sent a one-advanced Iranian society into retrograde. May you reappear in your next life as an Iranian woman.

    2. Well, this newcomer, while intelligent, certainly fits your description of leftists, FT. Leftists are always telling other people what they ought and ought not to do, think, say, and even feel. Then they wonder why they are not well liked by any but their own sort, and even there they end to want to argue all the time. Bringing in homosexuality was irrelevant to the focus of your post today. The attempt to distract with irrelevancies and a generally hostile attitude are other traits you could attribute to leftists.

      --------------------> Katharine Heartburn

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    4. If you really understood Iran and its history, you would understand why the Ayatollahs should be grateful to the CIA for doing their dirty work for them. They hated Mossadegh. He was a leftwing academic who didn't give enough props to the Mullahs.

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  8. FreeThinke,

    Was that really Les posting all that? Man, he's really gobbled up the red propaganda. It's sad to see. And he fancies himself a freethinker...

    If there's anything I've learned, it's never as simple as the propagandists from any corner says it is. To believe the CIA drove the Iranians into the Ayatollah's embrace is infantile and it betrays a lack of intellectual curiosity and and ignorance of history.

    The Shah abused his power and turned the people against him. What people forget is that the academic left drove that opposition, and the Mullah's coopted it and used it, and then slit the throats of the secular revolutionaries.

    The Iranians hailed Ayatollah Khomeini's return because they saw him as a kind of beloved Pope or a Reverend Billy Graham. His seizing power was a betrayal much more painful than any CIA shenanigans. Ask and Iranian who fled from the religious tyranny (funny how atheistic leftists make all kind of excuses for the world's most evil theocracy, isn't it?)

    So, in summary, the story of Iran in the 20th century is not as simple as the simpletons on the left make it out to be, but they're all probably too busy shouting "SCIENCE, MACHT SCHNELL!!" to the climate change deniers to learn anything.

    I hope you're wrong and that wasn't Les. If so, he's just careened from one doxy to another, and after the lecture he administered at his blog about freethinking...

    What a shame...

    1. SilverFiddle and All:

      The Shah may have "abused his power," but can you name a potentate who has not? I remember very well that at one time we Americans LIKED the Shah. I don't believe Shah Reza Pahlavi was ever hostile to AMERICAN interests, and as far as this old Tory is concerned, American interests are the ONLY interests AMERICANS should concern themselves with.

      As I see it, the root of virtually all OUR problems in the Middle East may be laid at the feet of the Western Penchant for "INTERVENTIONISM" in the internal affairs of FOREIGN nations. Whether this urge to interfere comes from Christian Missiinary Zeal, which may be at the root of ALL of it, or from the colonialists' belief in Manifest Destiny -- i.e.a sort of "Divine Right" of supposedly superior powers to TAKE OVER and EXPLOIT the natural and human resources that rightly belong to weaker, less advanced, less sophisticated nations, or more recently the misguided notion foisted on us by so-called LIBERAL DO-GOODERS who believe THEY have not only the RIGHT but the DUTY -- i.e. "moral imperative" to CORRECT and REPAIR everything THEY perceive as a FLAW in the attitudes and behaviors of OTHERS. This regrettable impulse, I believe, stems from what the Jews-call TIKKUN OLAM.

      Here’s WIKI on the subject:

      ”Tikkun olam a Hebrew phrase that means "repairing the world" (or "healing the world") which suggests humanity's shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period. The concept was given new meanings in the kabbalah of the medieval period and has come to possess further connotations in modern Judaism ...”

      In other words, whether it’s the spirit that motivated the Christian Missionary Movement, the arrogant assumption of superiority and covetousness that produced Colonialism and Empire, or the rabbinical dictates of Judaism that gave those people the belief it was up to THEM to improve, repair and tell others what they ought to do, it is the very human urge to MIND OTHER PEOPLES’ BUSINESS that led to the stinking mess we must deal with today.

      The urge to DOMINATE and CONTROL OTHERS –––– for whatever reason –––– good, bad or indifferent –––– is in my view the true ROOT of ALL EVIL.

      Since Christianity, itself, and thus all Western Civilization, is rooted in ancient Judaism, it’s all too easy to blame everything in “The Jews,” but that mistaken notion fails to take into account that Jesus’s “message” in essence was told of our need to examine our OWN flaws as individuals FIRST and FOREMOST and to dedicate our lives to doing everything possible to perfect OURSELVES in loving obedience to Divine Law. Jesus’ only commandment was that we should LOVE one another.

      12 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

      2. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

      3. For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

      ~ Romans 12:1-3 King James Version

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  10. Obama threatens to lift Americás shield over Israel at the UN.
    Every failure of Obama's (long list) is always followed by a some kind of hissy fit

    1. Yes, I agree, but, as I tried to indicate in my last (admittedly lengthy) post to SilverFiddle and elsewhere, the origins of the present strife in the Middle East and all over the world go much deeper than that.

      Unless and until we understand how and why we've come to such a sorry pass, we will never be able to change course and repair the damage we have been doing to OURSELVES for countless millennia.

  11. Mr. Free Thinke,as you know, It is impossible for you or I to even try to argue with an ignorant person such as these progressives who try their eviel and sneaky ways. or simply not telling the truth.
    You are correct with your facts Sir.
    I am less concerned about Israel ability to handle the Iranian threat, than i am about America’s. I personally think that Israel is better equipped than we American’s are under the leadership of the Moron-in-Chief.
    As an American who, in fact, voted for Obama first time around, thank you for an excellent summary of the dangerous world he has created, not just for Israel, Arabia, Egypt and Europe, but for our own country.
    He was elected ONLY because he is black. The blacks would have voted for him, if he a was a Barber shop owner, only because of his color, and (so would the useful idiot liberal’s) shows what white guilt can do.

    Maybe Im just mad because I was promised fried chicken after I voted, and I never got it.

  12. Does Obama “Love” this country?
    Well, Rudy Giuliani says that Obama doesn't love America. We can agree or disagree with Rudy, that is up to the individual. The difference between John McCain and Barack obama is very clear, we can like or dislike McCain and still respect the fact that he has the Country's best interests at heart.

    In this Country, EVERY single president up to #42 LOVED this Country.

    FDR loved America. There is no doubt in my mind. None. He had a different outlook in what would best serve ius, but he loved America. So did Truman. Ike? He risked his life for this Country. So did JFK. LBJ, as much of a scumbag as he was (and, hoo boy, he was) I still think he loved America with all his heart. So did Nixon and so did (believe it or not) Jimmy Carter.

    Ronald Reagan? Are you kidding me? Of course. George HW Bush almost died defending our Country.......

    Then it all changed. Then came someone who didn't 'hate' America but let me tell you right now -- Bill the rapist Clinton didn't give a flying fuck about America one way or the other. Bill the rapist Clinton loved Bill “the rapist” Clinton.... Period.

    GW loved America. Only an idiot would contemplate otherwise.

    Then came John the traitor Kerry as the dimocrap scum nominee. His name says it all.

    Dimocrap scum then became bolder than ever after they saw how well the traitor, Kerry, did and nominated someone who ACTIVELY HATES AMERICA......

    The Liar in Chief we currently have infesting the White House.

    People, dimocraps are the scum of the earth. It's no more complicated than that.

    And they're only going to get worse. They're only going to become bolder, they're only going to nominate more radical, more hateful scumbags until one of two things happens 1) We stop them.... Cold, or

    2) American falls into complete anarchy, like they want it to, so they can seize total power (that's how it works)

    If you vote for a dimocrap, you're a scumbag.

    1. I understand what you're trying to say, and I go along with most of it, but really do wish you -- and everyone else -- would drop bearing down so hard on the obvious, stop overstating your case, and stop using terms like "scumbag" to describe people with whom you disagree.

      SERIOUSL, try to phrase your analysis in good, old-fashioned standard English, edit out redundancy, tone down the hyperbolic hate rhetoric, and you'll make your case far more effectively.

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  15. How does the US government congratulate Bibi Netanyahu on his landslide re-election?

    Our president stays silent and instead Obama sends John “Lurch” Kerry to do the duty.

    Once again this proves that Barack Obama is a friend to tyrants and an opponent to free peoples everywhere. His hatred of Bibi Netanyahu and the Jewish people go back to his upbringing as a Muslim. It was instilled in him as a child to hate Jews and that’s something he’ll never get over. He believes himself the most powerful man in the world and having been elected twice, believes himself right on everything to include his personal beliefs so why should he change.

    1. If that is true, which I doubt, because the reasons for Obama's attitudes and decidedly foreign -- even alien -- sense of values are far more complicated than that, but let us stipulate for the moment that Jewish concerns and the fate of Israel, The Jewish State, are NOT uppermost in Obama's list of priorities. I think that much probably is true, but bama is sympathetic t tyrants because he, himself, has all the instincts of a born tyrant. His every move has been to grab and hold ever greater amounts of Power in order to Restrict, Constrain and Suppress the great mass of individuals who make up this nation and bend them to his will. He either honestly thinks he knows better than all of us what we OUGHT to do with our time, talents, money and property -- the main characteristic of an overbearing, busybody shared by just about every so-called Liberal I've ever known AND every religious fundamentalist as well -- or is simply maniac corrupted by power.

      Whatever it is he is, it sure AIN'T good for our country.

  16. So, since Obama and his Gang of Goons couldn't put in a anti American in Israel, he's going to the UN now in hopes they can force a deal between Palestine and Israel.

    It's way past time for American j\Jews to poop or get off the pot - this old war between Obama and Netanyahu is REALLY getting to be old and Obama is showing his true Colors..

  17. There's no shortage of Jewish poop clogging the media and pop culture—the 'pop-cult'—foisted on the gullible goyim minds of America and others of the Western countries.

    I'd rather see them pick up their poop and their pots and their pentagrams and and just pack up and go.

  18. I apologize for the revolting display of moronic vulgarity just eradicated.

    When we're away,
    Trolls go astray.
    When we return, we must scoop
    Up and toss out all their poop.



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