Sunday, March 29, 2015


Xanax smoothies will be passed around the hall.

Visions of witches and cauldrons and the
dark of the moon spring to mind.

As Congressman Gowdy sees it.

Well, hello Sidney. It's so nice to have
you back where you belong.

Perhaps they could write it in crayon?

Threats and bullying. Way to go Barry.


  1. Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal

    Of course! It's the Chicago way.

    Barry must be throwing tantrums, too. I wonder if he's using his black-preacher voice?

  2. Criticism is the same as Liberal "harassment"... the ULTIMATE sin... unless IT's harassing YOU!

    1. First, courtesy of the Feminazis, came SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

      Now, courtesy of the Proglodytes comes POLITICAL HARASSMENT.

      Meanwhile, at this very moment the Enwords and the Essheads are ULULATING on C-Span about how UNFAIR it is for ISRAEL to have nuclear weapons when Iran and "the other nations in the region" do not.

      If I can summon the necessary wit, I may soon write a new song called THE EGALITARIAN RAG.

      Of course "some animals are more equal than others." That has always been the case in the minds of LEFTISTS who fancy themselves our moral and intellectual superiors.

      How many more millions must die gruesome deaths before we realize once and for all The Concept of EQUALITY is Mortals' Chiefest Enemy?

    2. Spoken like an antebellum dandy.


    3. JMJ: Spoken like a true communist idiot

    4. Jersey's no Communist. He owns and operates a BUSINESS. Unless he's one of those privately wealthy trust fund babies who can afford to provide jobs just because people NEED them, and then GIVE AWAY all his wares, because it would be "immoral" for him even to TRY to make a PROFIT, he's not a Communist.

      SO, be careful what you say -- BOTH of you.

      By the way, Jersey, old boy, what is YOUR definition of a "dandy?"

  3. Claradeluna Lipschitz said

    I want to know when the Republican majority in congress is going to order a commando squad to break into Hillary's lair and forcibly remove that server from her possession so experts from the CIA and the FBI can dig out and publish every damned word she wants to hide? The people have a right to know what the hell is going on with those who govern them, don't they?

    I know Democrats think so when they think they can get something on a Republican just as I know Democrats feel perfectly fine about silencing opposition.

    Don't you think turnabout is fair play?

    1. I'd like to know the answer to that question too, Claradeluna. I'm very much afraid, however, that the answer would be "Never."

      The reasons behind Republican reticence to do what, presumably, they've been ELECTED to do in the past two congressional elections, Alas! remains unclear.

  4. No one trusts Iran's Ayatollahs but our Dear Leader.

    1. What makes you so sure? Appearances can be (very) deceiving.

  5. All the major networks spent the entire weekend vigorously condemning Indiana’s law by Governor Mike Pence that would protect private businesses from government infringement on their religious freedom. Rather than provide balanced coverage of the Indiana bill, the networks eagerly trashed the legislation as opening “the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians.” From Saturday morning through Sunday morning, the "big three" devoted 14 minutes and 24 seconds to the Indiana legislation and other than soundbites from Governor Mike Pence!

    Who really cares, Is the gay agenda really the most important issue facing this country? WTF is wrong with us that we let 3% of the population dictate to 97% ?

    We have some real problems that need to be addressed: 18 trillion in debt, 47% on govt dole of some sort, the highest corporate tax rate in the world, illegal immigration taking american jobs, Russia, Iran, ISIS, etc.

    But instead we spend hours and hours on whether homosexuality is normal and whether gays are being discriminated against.

    1. I firmly believe the bulk of the news is designed to keep the shrieking socialists in a permanent hysterical outrage.

    2. "Who really cares, Is the gay agenda really the most important issue facing this country? WTF is wrong with us that we let 3% of the population dictate to 97% ?"

      Asked just like a fascist.


    3. And we should care about what YOU think?
      I Don't think so!

    4. You're acting dopey agan, Jersey. If that poor girl wants to plant a "fagg" in her fanny, who are you to call her a "fascist" because of it? ;-)

      She didn't complain about the presence of faggots, fudgepackers, fairies, pansies, or diesel dykes in our midst. At least give her credit for that.

      We all need to get a grip, develop a sense of humor, especially about our precious little selves, and quit complaining about how other people think and what they say.

      IT DOESN'T MATTER what they SAY. It only matters what they DO.

      And speaking of that what have YOU done lately for minorities -- gay, black, latino, Jewish and otherwise?

      I hope at the very least you've hired a token tattooed, overweight transexual with a ring in he(r) nose in a wheelchair to be the host(ess) at your restaurant, and at least two black drag queens to wait in tables, have you?


      We care what EVERYONE thinks, as long as their words show even the faintest evidence of THOUGHT and not just the reflexive spewing of ill will, stale shibboleths, and irrelevant, pre-digested BOILERPLATE.

    6. Fascists! How dare you wish to intervene and prevent me from practicing my Brony lifestyle! Where's your TOLERANCE?

    7. That is just sick, Brian. But I get the whole "age of consent" thing. It's soooo unfair. Don't children have rights to consent, too?

    8. Mae West said

      As I told ya long go, "Honey, If you're big enough, you're old enough."

    9. Gloria Skunt said

      I fully agree with Mae, Brian. Once they get hair on it, there's no stopping them anyway. Chastity belts went out with the Middle Ages. Duennas went out after Henry Ford did his dirty capitalistic profit-making deed and. TV turned Father into a blithering henpecked milquetoast clown.

    10. Mr. Grundy said

      AHEM! Enough of that, now. Do you hear? I don't want my poor wife to get upset, because I will have to bear the brunt of it.

    11. It's not me that you need concern yourself, about, Mr. Grundy. It's those damn Emo McJones kids that you need worry about!

    12. What percentage of the posts here are from FT and Farmer?

      What's the over/under, 80%?

    13. "What percentage of the posts here are from FT and Farmer?"

      Only The Shadow knows. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      ++++++++ Lamont Cranston-Rohdeiland ++++++++

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. ____________ A GENTLE REMINDER _____________

    Here once again are the headlines we should be discussing.
    Please try to stay on point.

    Signs of discord at Iran nuke talks as deadline looms

    Hillary Clinton wiped email server clean, refuses to turn it over

    Gowdy: Clinton Wiped Email Server Clean, Deleted All Emails

    Leaked Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide´s Secret Spy Network

    Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal

    Hot links to each are available in the body of the post.

  8. Replies
    1. It would help a great deal, if we knew more precisely to whom -- or to what -- you were referring.

      The headlines?



      Any two?

      All three?

  9. This is off topic (delete if you want) but may be of interest regarding the recent plunge of the Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Two of the victims were opera singers who had recently performed the previous Saturday.

    The final roles of Maria Radner and Oleg Bryjak

    What's your educated opinion of their performance, FT?

  10. Fine performers both of them -- but he was especially good. Erda and Alberich are two of the most unattractive, unsympathetic roles in all of Wagner. She was very beautiful. A tragedy to be sure.

    All I can think when something dreadful like this happens is, "Why couldn't have been HILLARY -- or Nancy Pelosi -- or Chuck Schumer -- or Dick Durbin -- or Lizzie Warren -- or ------ well, you get the idea, I'm sure.

    The question we need to answer right now is WHY do airline officials allow people with PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS to FLY AIRPLANES? And how could we stop potential "problem people" from even BOARDING airplanes?

    I don't care a fig about "discrimination."

    BETTER SAFE than DEAD is the best motto

    1. Like the only good man in a world filled with sinners...? ;)

    2. Thersites makes a fine point, albeit obliquely, when he refers to Hawthorne's fantastic, semi-allegorical tale "Young Goodman Brown" –– a dark tale ostensibly about a young man's inadvertent meeting with a Satanic Figure who escorts him to a gathering of his family, friends and neighbors -- and ultimately his sweet young wife -- in the dark of night at a Witches Sabbath deep in the forest.

      Whether this disturbing scene be mere nightmare or grim reality Hawthorne never makes clear. What he DOES emphasize however, is the hideous experience's power to distort young Mr. Brown's PERCEPTION of Reality to such an extent that it ruins his character -- makes him bitter, suspicious, cynical, resentful, -- destroys any capacity he might once have had to experience love, joy, gratitude, generosity, curiosity and even HOPE.

      "Things are seldom what they seem." Everyone has something of a dark side, but it is VITAL to emphasize the need to be determined to see things from a more rounded, three-dimensional perspective.

      The all-too-human tendency to let whatever dark, disagreeable elements or flaws seem apparent in someone's demeanor define that person –– as though that were ALL there was of any significance about him –– does a great disservice to everyone involved.

  11. ”I don't care a fig about "discrimination."”

    Really? Maybe you’ve never been at the receiving end of it?

    And if you don’t care about it, was the Civil Rights movement and its achievements also a waste to time to you.

    In what way is the ‘Religious Freedom’ Law, which would effectively allow businesses and individuals to deny services to LGBT people on religious grounds, any different from allowing people to deny services to people on the grounds that they’re black, white, red haired, [insert long list of your choice], etc etc?

    It reminds me of a few cases where British Muslims tried to refuse to handle alcohol in a supermarket. Perhaps they should realise that handling and imbibing aren’t the same thing? Same here: if a religiously minded business person was to sell some flowers for an LGBT function, what’s the worst that could happen, huh? Hot dang! They might become friendly with other human beings!

    As long as Republicans/Conservatives keep trying to elevate these non-issues to matters of state, they’ll keep losing against the adults.

    It's what I find so risible about you Libertarians: it's always about freedom. YOUR freedom, that is...

    1. So in other words, if I wanted to meet the Queen at Fortnum and Mason's in Piccadilly for tea, they would have no problem serving me if I arrived bare chested, in shorts and flip-flops?

      You British and your quaint "customs". :)

    2. You REALLY must HATE and wish to discriminate against ALL former Colonials. ;)

    3. Read the sign on the wall at 0:53 into this clip. Only THEN will you understand the meaning of "freedom", in the "capitalist" sense.

    4. R U a JEW?

      Sweet Rosie O'Grady

    5. Gert,

      May I please suggest you read my post to Thersites above made today, March 31, 2015 at 2:13 PM.

      Thank you,


  12. FJ:

    All analogies are bad but that one is nonsensical.

    That Law opens the door to all kinds of discrimination without solving a problem. One may also ask, how many Indiana citizens will want to actually make use of their new-found right to, ‘exert their religious freedom’ [cough!]? My guess (and hope) is very few.

    [i]”You REALLY must HATE and wish to discriminate against ALL former Colonials.”[/i]

    A complete non sequitur. I don’t hate former colonials.

    ‘Sweet’ Rosie: I’m not Jewish. This is relevant, how?

    1. You miss the entire point, Gert. As you say, there are very few people who aspire to becoming "soup Nazi's". Let their economic losses be the penalty they pay for not providing a profitable service. There's no need for the Law to punish a crime that punishes itself.

    2. Markets are self correcting. They don't require laws.

    3. And I wasn't referring to you in the singular, Gert. I meant the British in general, who make everyone "dress up" for "tea". Turn me away at your shops if you like. I'll simply grab a bite elsewhere and save myself a considerable expense for a rather "tastleless" pastry (like a gay wedding cake might).

  13. Mike Pence is apparently the biggest threat we face right ahead of a nuclear arms race by a bunch of crazy people in the ME , and Obama and his puppet nasters destroying our sovereigntY brick by brick

  14. Mike Pence is apparently the biggest threat we face right ahead of a nuclear arms race by a bunch of crazy people in the ME , and Obama and his puppet nasters destroying our sovereigntY brick by brick



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