Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If Obama Had been President in 1941

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  1. If Obama Had been President in 1941, we all would be speaking German today! But there were to many God fearing patriots back in those days it never would have happened , they would have ran the commie out of the country.

    I'll give you a short version of my answer here.
    The US would no longer be an independent nation but a colony of either Germany or Japan.
    The Coward of Benghazi and his Lizard Queen are monsters only fit for a firing squad. Those that took and oath to defend out Republic should arrest the lot.

    FT, do you think that the people who read this blog will understand the thought behind this blog? Thank goodness I can, but will they?

    1. I like to think of it as a kind of private personal library to which the public has been given access n a limited basis. Whether everyone who comes here understands or appreciates it or not is strictly his or her business.

      I boils down to the old old saying:

      "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink."

      Or as ne of my piano teachers used to say, when I asked for special help learning something I thought too hard, "No one can eat your dinner for you." ;-)

      I try not to worry too much how others may respond, BUT I won't put up with anyone who comes here to use the place as a Public Toilet or a City Dump.

      Neither will I put up with those who come here to insult or badger me or their fellow bloggers.

    2. That's the facts.March 3, 2015 at 12:45 PM

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  2. Obam's speech would sound something like this.
    "We will find the Jap or the Nazie that did this and bring him or her to a swift trial and justice.
    So let's not jump to confusion or concessions until we gather ALL the Fscts.
    I have sent out Secretary of Confusion Mr. Kerry and his old pal Donny Osmand to Switzerland to gather all the information that may or may not be available "
    May God Bless America, because we are going to need all the help from whoever is willing to help us. I well not rule out anyone, including Iran."
    Thank you very much.
    No further questions please, I'm slready late for my afternoon Golf game with Tiger Woods.

  3. Let's not be angry at ALL people with slanty eyes, it may or may not have been the Japanese who did this horrendous act. It could have been someone in disguise. But whoever it was, I will issue a list of Sanctions that will deem them helpless, and you can quot me on that. I think this was a stupid act of violence that was completely unnecessary.

  4. Whether one considers December 7, 1941 a"a day which will live in infamy" or as it has become more apparent a "day of deceit" that was used to bring the United states into World War II (two years after it actually began), it's a bit rich to pretend that FDR and Obama aren't just two birds of a feather—of extreme left/communist sympathies.

    A phony argument.

    1. Are you trying to say that Pearl Harbor did not happen? I'm sorry, Waylon, but I've been well acquainted with two different men who were THERE when the attack occurred. One of them is now 94 years old, and still very much alive last time I checked. I was eight months old at the time, and of course have no memory of it, but I remember very well all the adults in my TALKING about it for YEARS afterward.

      In case you're wondering my family HATED FDR with a passion. They knew perfectly well what a supercilious mountebank he was and what had his twitter-pated butt-ugly buck-toothed bride pegged as the meddlesome fool she certainly was.

      BUT at the very least FDR, that highly-touted, much-vaunted Hero of the Left, had no qualms about ordering the American Japs into PRISON the day after Pearl Harbor. I give him MUCH credit for that.

      If GWB had had a REAL set of balls on him, he would have done exactly that with all the MUSLIMS we have INFESTING this once-blessed land of OURS, and it would have started PROMPTLY on 9/12/01.

    2. Of Course, Pearl Harbor happened. What I am saying is that the publicly widely accepted version of the story doesn't coincide with the entire story of what occurred and why it occurred.

      Another individual who was at Pearl Harbor took the trouble to explore questions that were unanswered in his mind, even though he lived through the attack. He did write a book "Day Of Deceit" (by Robert B. Stinnett) which he was able to do after official government documents were released under a freedom of information request.

      He has signed and initialed documents copied into print that show FDR was very much aware of an impending attack on Pearl Harbor BEFORE IT HAPPENED. FDR wanted a REASON for the country to enter the war and the subtle weapon used was trade and economic embargoes of Japan.

      He got his "heart's desire" on Sunday December 7, 1940.

      It would be great if there was great fanfare and celebration on the day wide recognition of the treason committed by American leaders entering World War I and World War II. There was a heavy cost imposed on the country and the world from both these conflagrations.

      Most of FDR's "brain trust" were more sympathetic to Bolshevism than they were to the concept of the Founding Fathers of the country, as they are today in the present administration.

    3. Actually, FDR should be reviled for the internment of Japanese Americans who were innocent of ANY wrongdoing.

    4. I see it very differently, Gandolf. We knew how to put OURSELVES FIRST back then. We protected OUR interests and treated them as sacrosanct. We had no idea that ANY of those people were innocent of any wrong doing at the time, and we were very WISE not to take any CHANCES with them. They weren't tortured, mutilated, maimed, experimented on or killed. They were set free after the war, and never deported. It was said, certainly, but it felt right at the time, and it WAS right considering what had just been done to US.

      When anyone starts a war, you can always expect many hundreds of thousands –– even millions –– of innocent people to be killed or suffer the tortures of the damned ––- or both.

      I would prefer not to be one of them, and have always been grateful that our military has stood ready to protect US and OUR interests.

      TODAY, only GOD knows WHO or WHAT would be there for OUR benefit. We've been virtually abandoned by Washington, DC., except for the way they use US as cash cows.

      IF it had been up to me on September 11, 2001, I would have ordered the military to close every mosque, round up ever Muslim, freeze all their assets, and either intern them or deport them -- preferably the latter. An frankly I don't give a damn whether some of them are innocent or not. They do NOT belong here, and our society should be PURGED of the EVIL influence of their depraved, barbaric so-called "religion."
      GWB made me sick to my stomach the day he mewled, "Islam is a religion of peace, " into the microphones. I knew then and there that he was a LOSER -- a weakling, a nonentity, a spineless, witless nincompoop. The Bushes are all closet liberals anyway. No damned good, the lot of them.

    5. By your rationale we should have interned German and Italian Americans as well?

      There certainly is an abundance of evil in this world but not all people are evil because a minority happens to be.

      It is my considered opinion we must continue to observe innocent until proven guilty and recognizes and practice due process. If we do not do this then there is really nothing that sets us apart from tyrants. IMO.

    6. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the country declared war on Japan and Germany the military focused immediately upon the war in Europe and upon Germany. This even though it was JAPAN that supposedly initiated the action with the attack on Pearl Harbor, this war upon Japan remained a secondary focus(MacArthur thought so).

      What the hell was up with THAT?

      And I agree with Gandolf that the "fairness doctrine" should have called for equal treatment of German and Italian citizens. Maybe your family is lucky to have escaped the fate of the American Japanese, FT.

    7. You must be a good deal younger than I thought, Gandolf. Normally, I would agree with you, but events rarely-if-ever adhere to the rules of logic. The immediate after effects of Pearl Harbor were anything but "normal," and things could hardly be said to be "normal" now. Today, we coddle our enemies and alienate our friends.

      ALSO, neither German nor the Italians ATTACKED US on our OWN SOIL -- a very major consideration.

      The Japanese were a FAR more barbarous people than even the worst of the Europeans, unless of course, you happened to be a Jew, a Gypsy, a Homosexual, a Cripple or a Mental Defective.

      One of my uncles died at the hands of the Japs in one of their POW camps. One of my father's closest friends survived several years in one, so did our gardener as it so happened. The stories they told of how brutally the POWS were treated were hair-raising, unforgettable and unforgivable.

      Also, did you ever read Three Came Home? And in latter years Iris Chang's chilling account of The Rape of Nanking?

      The Japs were barbarians all right, until WE straightened them out with Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- followed up by the Marshall Plan, of course.

      I still don't trust the Japanese completely and never will. IF they had had the Bomb they would not have hesitated for an instant to ANNIHILATE ALL of US. I have no doubt the USA would have been reduced to a smoking pile of cinders coast to coast and canada would have gone with it.

      We did the RIGHT THING at the TIME. Sadly we have turned ourselves into a nations of limp-wristed pansies and EUNUCHS since Nuremberg and the creation of the UN -- one of the biggest swindles ever perpetrated on a victorious nation full of basically decent, kind-hearted individuals by crafty Marxian manipulators.

    8. Waylon,
      You mentioned a "day of deceit" (Pearl Harbor). Something about too much of our fleet in one location and the advance knowledge that you mentioned.

      I've heard something similar about the Maine and the Lusitania. Eric Larson has recently written a book about the latter. I will be going to hear Mr. Larsen speak in a few weeks and wonder if he's unearthed any real evidence about the conspiracy which my father mentioned; my father was born in 1911 and had lots of contact with WW1 contemporaries.

      Is it possible that world leaders manipulate the people so as to rally them for entry into wars? Probably. On the other hand, war is sometimes necessary.

    9. FT,
      My long-time neighbor's father survived the Bataan March. Till the day he died, he hated "the Japs." What that man saw, what he endured -- hideous beyond description.

    10. Apologies for the delayed response, AOW.

      I am not familiar with the Maine and the surrounding story.

      But the Lusitania story and how it was used as a pretext to bring the USA into WWI I'm more familiar with. Similar principle used to bring the country into WWII involving the loss of American lives to move the country against its will to enter both wars, I believe.

    11. Waylon,
      Somewhere (college?) I heard that the U.S. blew up the Maine so as to rally Americans' support for a Spanish-American war. I don't know if the information we students heard was reliable because we had liberal professors for Latin American History and American History.

    12. Waylon,
      I hate using Wikipedia, but you might want to look at this.

    13. IMO, it is possible that the explosion was an accident -- not an act of war.

    14. AOW, from the Wiki article:

      "The historians, then working with the admiral on a study of the U.S. Navy's nuclear propulsion program, said they knew no details of the Maine sinking. When Rickover asked whether they could investigate the matter, the historians, now intrigued, agreed. Knowing of Rickover's "insistence on thoroughness," Wegner says, all relevant documents were obtained and studied. These included the ship's plans and weekly reports of the unwatering of the Maine, in 1912, by the chief engineer for the project, William Furgueson. These reports included numerous photos, annotated by Furgueson with frame and strake numbers on corresponding parts of the wreckage. Two experts on naval demolitions and ship explosions were brought in. Since the photos showed "no plausible evidence of penetration from the outside," they believed the explosion originated inside the ship."

      I guess with Teddy Roosevelt waiting in the weeds and ready to strut his stuff on San Juan Hill, this episode might have similar factors behind it to being on a conflict with Spain as happened later with WWI and WWII.

    15. Waylon,
      I believe that the Maine was blown up from inside. Should we be surprised? Nope.

  5. Ratso FinkelsteinMarch 3, 2015 at 1:59 PM

    Mr. Obama would never have been president in 1941, thanks to the overtly racist white privilege set. It took good liberals to battle the entrenched racist conservatives to bring progress to this nation. You clods on the right won't acknowledge that.

    1. And I say Thank God!
      Because if he had" been president, we wod have surrendered!

    2. ____ QUERY _____

      Are those who stay
      Where they're not welcome

      Demons who to us
      From hell come?


    3. Ratso FinkelsteinMarch 3, 2015 at 4:07 PM

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  8. The lefties are out with their talking point orders..."Netanyahu didn't offer a solution."
    News flash....he wasn't there to give a solution,he was there to voice a very real concern about Iran.

    1. No solutions? He offered to bomb Iran back into the Stone Age for us... all WE need to do is get out of their way. Sounds like a solution to me.

    2. With a history of involvement of regime change in Iran over the preceding decades leading to the imposition of the Ayatollahs, what are the chances that the USA was involved in replacing the Shah?

      Who was the American "diplomat" who remarked that the Shah had been tossed into the trash like a dead mouse?

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  10. Didn't like my comment, FreeThinke? Intellectual coward.


    1. I never deleted anyone's comments unless they were obviously spam. I find it abhorrent and cowardly, especially if there is no profanity or any other objectionable language. All I did was point out that it was the conservatives back in the 30's and into the very early 40's who were against going to war with Nazi Germany, and noted the sleazy hypocrisy.


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