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  1. Great graphic!

    I just "borrowed" it.

    BTW, I did not delete your comment to my post about autism. For whatever reason, you had posted it to the post about Ebola.

  2. According to all that we've been told, "Patient Zero" in Dallas didn't show any overt signs of Ebola when he flew here.

    Ban all with visas from the Ebola Hot Zone!

  3. The people are scared , and do not believe anything that this administration tell us anymore.
    Now they are saying that the Ebola virus COULD spread through the air and not necessary only
    through contact with bodily fluids.. Didn’t you see this coming! I did. And Preez Obola, the Hope Changey guy, wońt secure our borders, and won’t stop airplanes from coming in to America from Libya.
    As for the people responsible for putting this man in office (TWICE!) As the saying goes that if you fool me once, shame on you. But if you fool me twice, shame on me. The point is that when you allow yourself to be duped over and over again, there is no one to blame but yourself.
    I say god bless Israel for being some of the very few people in the world and especially in the middle east that know how to deal with Muslims.
    Just think about what happened in Benghazi! We trusted the Libyans, we trusted Obama, and you fools trusted Hillary Clinton. And Ambassador Chris Stevens trusted the Libyans… and how did they repay that trust? By murdering four Americans and dragging our Ambassador’s body through the streets like a piece of garbage.. This is madness!

  4. Federal Temperature Sensors Won't Save YouOctober 9, 2014 at 11:10 AM

    Quite appropriate.

    That scythe could be labeled with any number of social and criminal maladies progressive political correctness has ushered into our once great nation.

    Liberalism is not only a mental disorder, it is a collective death wish.


  5. I have to say this: I think it's nearly as foolish to blame the president for the outbreak of a dread disease as it was to blame his predecessor for the devastating effects of a monstrous Force of Nature weather experts called "Katrina."

    There's an arrogant assumption in all such opinions that one man -- the president of the United States of America COULD or SHOULD have enough power to abort or control what are clearly "Acts of God" -- to use insurance industry parlance.

    That said, the smartest thing we could have done, of course, would have been to QUARANTINE all of West Africa the MINUTE this outbreak became evident, and forbid travel by boat, train or plane from there to any parts of he Western world or to Asia for that matter.

    I very much doubt, however, that the president has sufficient power to effect such a policy strictly on his own.

    What we CAN criticize legitimately is his choice of RHETORIC. He consistently sends all the wrong signals, because he obviously suffers from a form of Locked In Syndrome -- namely that his thought processes are paralyzed by an inimical IDEOLOGY he was conditioned to support from birth. He seems incapable of genuine thought. Whatever he says seems robotic. He's been PROGRAMMED. One can' help but suspect he literally has no mind of his own.

    Most of us are "conditioned," ourselves, of course, without realizing it. But we were better off when we were shaped and molded by the precepts and guiding genius of Christianity, English Common Law, and the brilliance of the Founding Fathers, who drew their inspiration from The Enlightenment.

    Once we began to abandon that, and took in a lot of seductive, manipulative hocus pocus, we started to degenerate.

    Politicizing the Weather, Disease, the vagaries of the Human Condition, and he vicissitudes of Life in order to gain political ascendancy has put us on the Road to Ruin.

    GOD will NEVER allow US to put ourselves in HIS place.

    We are not adequately equipped to play that role.

  6. Its not that he's to blame for the disease, but he IS to blame for what he is doing about it.

    And by the way, I DO blame him for sending 4,000 of OUR troops there to help. I can guarantee you that this is NOT what these people enlisted in this mans army for.

  7. Now, FT, don't tell me that you've been forced to ride that tired old Bolshevik steed of Political Correctness, too.

    Are the internet police monitoring every comment on every outlet of free thought?

    Bolsheviks are never happy until they can have the thought police kicking down the doors of salons of free speech and thought everywhere, I guess.

  8. This is only one thing coming our way in this war against humanity, the end game of which is to cull the population of the planet drastically. Weaponizing pestilence and disease and even the weather while balancing on the edge of a nuclear holocaust should be enough to jar some people into opening their eyes and ears in an attempt to comprehend the evil that we face is a good first step, although I have to admit I consider a good part of the population to be already brain dead.

    Look for dots of information, connect the dots and suddenly the bigger picture will emerge.

  9. I apologize to my good friends for going on Moderation. I realize how irritating and frustrating it is to those who want an honest, exchange of free flowing conversation.

    Unfortunately, we've been inundated lately with remarks like the following from a source who shall remain nameless:

    "Why yes, of course, blame the Kenyan moslem [sic] imposter [sic] president. Sheesh FreeThinke, have you that few things of importance to do?"

    That is mild compared to many of the remarks recently dumped in our direction, all of which reside now in my SPAM box for possible future reference.

    And yes, WAYLON, leftists will ALWAYS resort to strong arm tactics to try to shut down debate or discredit their opponents when they can't win on the merit of their ideas.

    HOWEVER, I am honestly appalled at the extreme vulgarity, childishness and witlessness of the counter attacks too many supposedly on "OUR" side use in meeting the bigotry, disingenuousness, spitefulness, and unmitigated ill will constantly indulged in by leftists.

    "We" show lamentable lack of wisdom in trying to beat these nettlesome, combative, probably tormented souls at the games THEY have invented.

    "They" are better at being nasty than "we," who are babes in the woods when it comes to playing these vicious, demon-inspired games.

    Ergo, it's best to avoid these types altogether, and try instead to state our beliefs as clearly and as positively as possible.

  10. The short answer, POI, because it's too much work.

    I'd have to sit here all day, and do nothing else but monitor everything that comes in.

    The real danger in leaving the droppings of trolls on the board is that others foolishly RESPOND to them, and before you know it the G-D TROLL becomes Topic A, and the [urppse of the thread is subverted.

  11. Smoke and mirrors!

    It's a common tactic, in this case the left accuses the right of "blaming President Obama for Ebola".

    No one is blaming President Obama for Ebola, that would be silly, not to mention irrational. What people are blaming President Obama for is Ebola in the United States, clearly there is a distinct difference between the two positions.

    In a similar vein I've seen the response to an air travel ban twisted into... basically: Moron... there are no direct flights to the United States. Obviously those wishing to ban air travel from ebola countries mean via third party airports through the use of passports, but it's much easier for them to denigrate the opposition than engage in a rational intellectual discourse on the subject.

    Oh Wait!


  12. I don't blame Obama for the Ebola outbreak per se.

    However, I do think that he allowed a late awareness of the threat of Ebola.

    I hope to God that Mr. Duncan is the only Ebola death here on American soil. 20 more days of waiting to go; those who provided medical care and the post-death care of Mr. Duncan will be in the clear at that time mark. The same goes for those who cleaned the room where Mr. Duncan was staying in the hospital.

    Meanwhile, a law suit may be on the horizon: Family Of Ebola Patient Thomas Duncan Gearing Up For Lawsuit. WTH???

  13. I agree with AOW.

    Insofar as Obama is president, he's responsible.

    Does the buck stop on his desk or not?

    Specifically, I blame his policies and his lackadaisical attitude toward looming threats.

    Our federal government is stupid and flat-footed, but it sure knows how to audit its enemies and raid guitar makers who don't give enough campaign contributions to the Democrat party.

  14. It's very tempting to make extravagant, intemperate remarks about "racism," AOW, but it's gotten to the point where I really believe the less said about it the better.

    Let's try to throw sand on the fires and not douse them with gasoline.

    There has always been a fragile, delicate, wafer thin veneer hat separates Civilization from the barbarism and tragic ignorance that at root dominates most of the human race.

    It's hard hard wrk, but let's try to keep it intact.

  15. FT,
    Right now, the Enemedia are busy promoting the charges on the local news and the national news. Sheesh.

    And, now, I'm turning off my computer.

  16. Well, dear freind, I didn't dub them the ENEMEDIA for no good reason, did I? ;-)

    I'm still surprised and a little disappointed the term hasn't yet entered the standard vocabulary, because I know darned well you and are not alone in our opinion of that disgusting tribe of vultures and troublemakers.



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