Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Do You See In This Picture?
What Does It Suggest To You?


  1. Is she holding her daughter's hand?


    My comment may seem pointless, but that is what I see when I look at this image.

  2. What you see, JenNifer in this image is a reflection of your own character, temperament and disposition. You happen to be kind, generous, loving, and pure in heart, bless you.

    What others see -- or think they see -- or want to see -- or choose to see -- will accurately reflect -- NOT what the picture is all about -- but what THEY are all about.

    This is, of course, another one of my little experiments in trying to trap -- yes I said, "trap" -- those who possess various and sundry aspects of human nature to reveal themselves.

    Perhaps it is foolish of me to spell out my intentions so clearly, but since -- as I have noticed time and time again -- very few bother to concern themselves with anything other than exhibiting their preconceived notions -- i.e. "BOILERPLATE" --, or their eagerness to mock, scorn, deride, abuse, and discredit whatever displeases them -- or any handy object whatsoever, since debunking and denigration appear to be their sole passion in life.

    I see curiosity as one of the greatest of virtues. The evident dearth of curiosity among most respondents is a sad commentary on THEIR character and powers of judgment.

    I expect no particular outcome from this exercise, but I have enough curiosity left to be eager to see what-if-anything transpires.

    People fascinate me as much as they horrify me. I am always hoping to discover another unusually benign, sensible, fair-minded soul like you, JenNifer, and would, of course, be ecstatic if my generally low opinion of participants at these blogs -- and out there among the electorate -- could be conclusvely proven wrong.

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  4. Putting a check in the comments notification box so that I can see how this post is received. **smile**

  5. BOILERPLATE and irrelevant remarks WILL be removed as soon as they are detected.

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  7. Irrelevant remarks WILL be deleted, especially when they contain gratuitously nasty sentiments that do nothing to advance any worthy cause or positive agenda.

    Merely reiterating the potent dislike the Left feels for the Right and vice versa is a complete WASTE of TIME.

  8. What it means to me, or should I say what I would hope it means is that She is FINALLY boarding a airplane, holding Obummer's hand to get the heck out of Washington and our lives. Maybe that's wishful thinking ... but I can dream can't I?

    Lets not forget that this the same “First Lady” that hated "OUR COUNTRY ALL OF HER ADULT LIFE" until her hubby was elected president of the United Stated of America by all these “racists” and now she wants us to believe that she and her husband are not liars. Sorry the American people have had enough of these two face lying crooks. They are both made for one another...both liars. These two "lying communists" deserve each other, but America doesn't!

    So if they are indeed walking to the airplane, maybe in disgrace after being impeached, I'd say Good Riddance.

  9. To me it means that Michelle really needs to start practicing what she preaches and eat much more of the crapola that she grows in her White House vegetable garden. Because her butt is starting to look super sized.

  10. The play, "Red" opens with a young artist apprentice wanna-be arriving at Mark Rothko's studio in the Bowery of NYC standing before a painting being developed for the Four Season's Restaurant. Rothko emerges from behind, and asks the young apprentice, "What do you see"?

    Do you get him, now?


  11. Spidey, with three and half years remaining for his term, I highly doubt he'll make it to the end of his term before having been forced to resign, Nixon-style. And the Moocher will be gone alone with him.

  12. I think that the similarity proves that you, too, FT, are amongst the "last" of the Moderns.

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  14. Just a woman walking, Nothing of real interest.

    If I had my camera I wouldn't bother taking the shot.

  15. Interesting observation, Speedy -- particularly since I consider myself a person who wishes to spend as much time living in the atmosphere and among the relics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries while doing my best to avoid everything that deemed "popular" in the past half century.

    Even so, I spent a great deal of time in my youth at MOMA, and was -- for a short while -- a devoted fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe and "Japanese Modern" domestic architecture.

    As time wore on, however, and a creeping awareness of the horrors of Industrialization and Modernity became increasingly acute, I changed a great deal.

    For the record, I never cared for the gloomy, rather morbid excesses of post-Civil War styles in architecture and the decorative arts, but I did enjoy the literature and music from that period -- and into the mid-twentieth century a great deal.

    Cultural evolution never occurs with perfect synchronicity in all fields.

    The past to me a perpetual smørgasbord of ever-fresh, unending delight. Our own time enervates and gives me a nauseous headache.

    Thank God for the Beautiful Refuge the Past Provides!

  16. Ah, the Four Seasons paintings.

    Rothko bringing despair to the bourgeois dining swells. They couldn't handle the message or they were just too superficial to see it.

  17. Sorry duck, Rothko had the integrity to decline completion of the commission (after executing the "painting" part of it... his contract enabled him to keep the paintings) to install the paintings. Pollock's "Blue Poles" was rented and graced the interior in its' place. I'm sure that the diner's digestion was completely unaffected...

  18. Meanwhile, the "Seagram murals" (Canadian owner of the 4 Season's restaurant & building) paintings were disbursed to 3-4 different venues. If you want you digestion stopped, you'll have to go the Rothko Chapel in Texas...

  19. Meet the Bob Dylan of the Art World. Warhol went "electric".

  20. I still say The Emperor is Naked.

    Most so-called "Modern Art" -- though by no means all -- is nothing but flummery. A con job -- a put-on -- an in-joke designed to trap Philistines and dilettantes into making asses of themselves [not a very hard to do, and innately cruel -- like shooting fish in a barrel -- or fishing with dynamite!]

    The Twentieth-Century was surely the most violent and irrational in recorded history. And things only seem to have been getting worse in the twenty-first.

  21. I blame Industrialization which in turn gave birth to Communism, which gave us Cultural Marxism, which has been killing us like a slow-acting poison ever since it was introduced into our cultural water supply.

  22. I think that your missing my point. "Modern" art is fine. It's in Post-Modern Art that cynicism and comedy overcame whatever was "sacred" and/or serious/tragic in art.

    Rothko was attempting to capture the raw emotion of "tragedy. After Rothko, you get Warhol's "Soup Cans".

  23. Television put us into a state of stupefaction, and the computer-cell-phone culture is in the process of giving us the coup de grace.

    GET OFF the GRID. GET BACK to NATURE. Thoreau was right. Everyone is in desperate need of a retreat to WALDEN POND.

  24. ...again, this is all an extension of Orwell's Inside the Whale.

    "Modern" man died with the death of "laissez faire" of Adam Smith's Enlightenment Age.

  25. The America envisioned by the Founders died with the Civil War and Industrialization.

    Even so, life was very pleasant for an upper middle class type like myself till the SICK-sties. It's been increasingly perplexing, disturbing, dispiriting, and daunting since-- let us say -- since the emergence of the Flower Children, Haight Ashbury, Woodstock and Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll, which gave us the Manson Family, etc. I hated and despised all these things at first sight and sound. My loathing and disgust has only grown and intensified with the passage of time.

    I used to believe we'd eventually outgrow the SICK-sties, but I no longer do. Those things dealt us a mortal blow, and practically nobody younger than I -- and even most my age -- don't even begin to realize it.

  26. You don’t have to be a hater of obama to hate what he has done to this country in just four years. Four more years of his “change” would indeed change America. From a once flourishing country to a third world rat’s nest.

    Apparently you (Free Thinke) and I are old enough to remember the greatness of this nation and young enough to feel the pangs of the Obama change. Good luck to the following generations who will reap this change. Fortunately for them, they are not as intelligent as past generations and will likely not know what’s going on anyway. Afterall, his change included relaxing public educational standards.
    And the only defense, the Libs have for the worst president this country has ever had is to accuse people that disagree with him, and his failed presidency is to call people names and accuse them of being bigots and racists. Its done by a mind that does not think and in fact is upset with the guy. He's a failure and it's hard for the Minions of ObamaManiacs and Moochie Lovers to admit the truth. Just think of the wasted monies this guy has had his hands on?

    You Lefties should really try educating yourself to the way this country was originally set up. It is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy/Oligarchy which has actually been turned to a form of communism, socialism, and every other “ISM” imaginable . In a Constitutional Republic the rights of the individual are protected, in a Democracy it's 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what's for dinner (sound familiar?). Time to wake up people!

    Demoncraps=progressive =liberals=communists and they have been quietly overtaking our political and educational system for years, at leasr since the Clinton’s were in office, and it is more evident now than ever with the Obama’s in office..

  27. The sixties represented the "flowering" of Modernism into Post-Modernism. Serious thought ended with them. Laissez-faire capitalism transformed into nationalist mercantilism, with the resultant corporate profits off-shored and then pencil whipped into non-existence in order to prevent its' subsequent taxation.

    Mom and pop's corner grocery store and their neighbor's bakery was stomped by WalMart.

  28. ...just as Cubism/Surrealism was stomped by CIA funded "Abstract Expressionism" was stomped by "Pop Art"...

  29. The Republicans are no "better" than the Progressives, Truthinator. THEY won the Civil War with the Railroad, Cotton Gin, and Northeastern textile profits. Corporatism is small-scale Socialism with the "profits" going to the elite "few".

  30. Only when the hencetofore IMMORTAL "corporations" are stictly LIMITED again, and their profits heavily TAXED (or FORCED into distribution to shareholders as "dividends") will "laissez-faire" individualism return. Until that happens, financial independence for the common individual is impossible.

  31. What I do not see is Moochelle Obummer. I see a woman holding a hand of someone older than a child, could be male or female. I see a bag made from an old pair of jeans. If the picture is recent, she's out of style. If the picture is the right age, then she was chic when carrying it.
    I see sneakers with no socks. Sorry, I dislike that look, on males or females. I see something over her shoulder but can not figure out what it is.
    Last, I see a haircut that completely turns me OFF. I suppose that says a lot about me. Oh well.

  32. To me it suggests a long awaited departure; wishful thinking, I guess.

  33. "Most so-called "Modern Art" -- though by no means all -- is nothing but flummery ..."

    Lot of crap in the Baroque also, FT.

    I don't believe you've made much of a daring observation.

  34. I would hope that she's walking off in to Infinity. And she’s taking her “Hubby” with her.
    After his latest pack of lies about the obamacare website he told today, this comes as no surprise.
    Obama exposed himself for the egomaniac that he is. He said the ACA will not be repealed as long as he is President....Now what the hell is THAT?
    Essentially he just announced he is "supreme ruler" and no matter what the Congress does, he will not budge. What a schtick of crap!.

    It appears Obama has appointed himself Lord and Master as well as the Messiah. When did Jesus renounce he was no longer Lord? He’s buffoon living a lie and too dumb to realize it. Who needs a poll to despise such a despicable President, the most incompetent president in your lifetime! Yet the Liberal element of society as well as the media has used his color to promote their progressive-communist agenda and ignore the opposition's.



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