Sunday, December 29, 2013

Alas! 'Tis Too Too True!
I dare anyone to take offense at this,
but feel free to do your best
if so inclined.


  1. Certainly it is true, offense it would be quite hard to take.

    Would be even better were the spine to be complete with a new brain attached.

  2. Yes sir! BUT I would insist the deficiency is in the Republican ESTABLISHMENT. Most of them really are RINOS, and IF the GOP is ever again to gain credibility as the Conservative-Libertarian OPPOSITION party it is SUPPOSED to be, it must move a great deal farther in the direction of NON-COMPROMISE, NO COOPERATION WHATSOEVER with SOCIALISM which is armed to the teeth, galloping at fill tilt, and has already TAKEN Capitol Hill, and is in the process of making rotted MINCEMEAT of out once-blessed way of life.

    The Democratic party, as it stands to today, IS the SOCIALIST Party of the USA, deny it however vehemently as they will.

    Once again, I'll drag out the tried-but-true observation:

    "EXTREMISM in defense of LIBERTY is no VICE."

    The Founding Fathers, who wrangled among themselves ceaselessly. may rarely have agreed with one another, BUT they were firm in their RADICAL OPPOSITION to what-they-believed-to-be TYRANNY.

    Hurrah for them!

    What we need TODAY is stronger OPPOSITION and virtually NO COOPERATION at ALL with the party that has clearly embraced quasi-MARXIAN tenets, and means to OPPRESS us with its totalitarian version of FORCED EGALITARIANISM and their perverted, nightmarish concept of UTOPIA, which Orwell described to PERFECTION in NINETEEN-EIGHTY-FOUR.

    Democrats, themselves, as INDIVIDUALS, can be charming, delightful, charismatic people, people with whom it's all-too-easy-to-fall-in-LOVE even, but we must never forget that their POLITICAL beliefs are ill conceived, misguided, pernicious and totally destructive to Liberty.

    If you don't believe that, you've been snookered, I fear.


    1. FreeThinke my friend, I understand your concern. Having been raised during the 50's and early 60's in the Great Pacific Northwest I often find myself missing those freer times and more carefree times.

      Often I fear for the loss of liberty my children and grandchildren may experience. As I contemplate this I also am reminded that me and the misses will be okay for the remaing 15 or 20 years we may have left.

      The fight to protect and preserve liberty as we once did is now in their hands and rests with them. For us my friend it is time to pass the torch to the generation just to our rear.

      While we should remain engaged and in touch our position should be that of the questioning poser, the modern day Socrates if you will.

      In other words we should be the leaders without a stake in the outcome. If that makes any sense to you.

      The older I get the more I realize how much we have yet to learn.

  3. Phil Robertson/Ted Cruz 2016

    The right wing self immolation continues as they continue the craziness.

    With the recent news that there was little al-Qaeda involvement in he Benghazi uprising they have also lost their blunt instrument against Hillary.

  4. al Qaeda involvement is the latest "red herring" talking point being trotted out by the NY Times to throw the public invisibility cloak over their favorite-daughter for 2016.

    How soon they expect us to forget Susan Rice's/ Hillary Clinton's "spontaneous demonstration" fabrications...

  5. The Progressive's view.December 29, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    As one who admired him so,It is very difficult to convey my feelings about the passing of Nelson Mandela. Words like "commitment", "sacrifice", and "compassion" seem inadequate when we look back with thankful hearts at the life of the beloved comrade on arms who has fought so long and hard for the rights of so many others. . And while none of us may ever attain the levels of commitment, sacrifice, and compassion that the image of Mandela conveys, honoring his life means that we are determined to put forth our best efforts. We are humbled by the standard Mr. Nelson set and with such grace and dignity.
    Rest in peace, dear friend,
    Your American friends in the Progressive Party of the USA.

    People often call me a socialist. But, no, I am not a socialist. I like our President Mr. Obama am a Progressive Democrat, fighting to maintain, decent health-care reform and a fair wage for the work that I perform. As for the stock market, you must agree that it is looking pretty good last time I checked. I agree that Mr. Obama is NOT a socialist, but a President who is looking out for the best deal that all the people including the lower and middle class can receive. And I always believed that this is what America stood for. Mr. Obama is committed to building a movement for social justice and economic democracy.

    I have no problem as a Progressive Democrat admitting that I am. Or that I’m a proud Progressive American. It’s time for the Conservatives to admit that they are the party of Hate and Bigotry. Let the voters decide if that’s what they want or not. Stop lying about the progressive party, we are not the evil ones. We are not the party of Sarah Palin, George Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and God Forbid Michele Bachmann! It is up to us to rid this scourge called presidential hopefuls!

  6. I take no offense, whatsoever, but I would also extend this wish to the American electorate, at large!

  7. See what I mean, Les? };-)>

    There you have it neatly laid out in squares -- The Doctrinaire Leftist View. Chilling, isn't it?

    It's so putrid they dare not even ADMIT that they are in truth crypto-Communists. People of that regrettable persuasion have lived on a steady diet of lies fed by an illegitimate, absolutely nauseating sense of self-righteousness so long they would not be able to recognize the Reality if it rose up straight in their path, thumbed its nose, stuck out its tongue, and kicked them in the shins -- which it mostly certainly will once that element finally gets its way.

    The Golden Age of Pericles lasted but a very short time. After its demise the Western world was plunged into FIVE-HUNDRED YEARS of DARKNESS.

    All of human history is but the twinkling of an eye from the perspective of Eternity, and everything seems to run in cycles -- some spanning thousands of years.

    The prospects for my children and grandchildren are horrifying. Poor little things!

  8. Thank you, Jon!

    RIGHT ON, Brother! RIGHT ON!


    Thank you too, Red!

    We've been taken over by highly skilled, polished professional prevaricators who are so good at their craft, they actually BELIEVE the excrement that falls daily from the lying lips to be true, just as I'm sure they easily confuse the excrement that escapes from their bowels with imported chocolate gelato of the highest quality.

    "Fair is foul, foul is fair," INDEED, in the topsy turvy world inhabited by leftists.

  9. So, the implausible report from a newspaper, in decline,[somehow] exonerates Hillary-really:'What Difference Does It Make'?

  10. Raven S. Wolff said:

    Hillary is The OLIGARCHS" CHOICE. There ain't nothin' or nobody who will be able to stop her, unless Nature Intervenes, or some appalling unspeakable Fate befalls her.

    And then The Oligarchs' will just force Someone Else down our throats and up our fundaments.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. One set of Progressive BOILERPLATE BS is quite enough for one day, thank you very much.

    No matter what you assert, none of you is any different in essence from any OTHER bullying self-righteous busybodies, and would-bedictators.

    You are more like Hitler, Savonarola, Caligula, Nero, and Genghis Khan than you know.

    Freedom loving people do not despise you and your kind, most of you are merely "Useful Idiots," but we recognize the terrifying THREAT your misguided beliefs represent, and will fight your vicious ideology to the death, if necessary.

  13. To the death?

    You're more likely to rebel if the butler hasn't properly prepared your drink.

  14. Free Thinke, I think that you are you’re being too mild in your assessment of Progressive, Liberals, or what the hell else they want to be called. There’s a hardly a “progressive” alive who isn’t a moron or a sellout

  15. ATI,

    May I add to your last sentence [and very, very, childish!]?

  16. I think that you are you’re being too mild in your assessment of Progressive, Liberals, or what the hell else they want to be called. There’s a hardly a “progressive” alive who isn’t a moron or a sellout and very, very, childish, naive, stupid, arrogant and hateful !

  17. How good this piece is!!!!! . You hit it exactly -- Thank you for your insightful blog. We voters who disagree with Obama are either misinformed (at best) or racist and obstructionist.
    Liberals are arrogant and naive and insult/hate you if you have different political views.
    They think no matter WHAT Obama does, they support him 100%. It's like they're slaves to him!
    liberals are arrogant and naive and insult/hate you if you have different political views then they do.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. The term “Useful Idiot” was coined by the Russians, to describe people (Liberals) who blindly followed communists like Vladimir Lenin, and Stalin.

    You will often find useful idiots (aka libtards, American Progressives, and even todays Democrats ) hanging around in the corner convenience store perhaps purchasing lottery tickets, with their food stamp money friends, or in the local Starbuck or discussing the bad things about America over a cappuccino. Or Protesting the George Zimmerman verdict.
    Useful idiots come in various types of people from the hippies of the 60's, to the brainwashed college kids of the current day. They are also often 60 year old self righteous goodie gooders, with gray pony-tails and holes in their jeans, and often wearing Birkenstocks or Flip Flops. Or Jerkyquirky wannabe-intellectual misguided College Professors, to the hysterical feminists, environmentalists, gays, and Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, devotees.
    They often follow the herd when it comes to Global Warming, Green Peace, Globalist, Gun Control, and other Green Crap. They can often be found protesting about protecting the environment, while they continue to tear down our Constitution. And protecting illegal immigrants.
    Useful Idiot Libtards aren't necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kindhearted. Many have high IQ's and hold advanced degrees and many are High School drop outs. . Many lack the capacity to put a coherent sentence together, or able to find their own ass with both hands. . Though they fancy themselves as "free thinkers", but they actually follow and worship politically correct and other creatures you from the Hollywood or TV scene . When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid and cane be very dangerous! To paraphrase the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy, libtards are "the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists."
    They spend all of their energy attacking Republicans and ex- Republican Presidents or other politicians, while refusing to confront the real power that pulls their strings.
    The good things about useful idiots, is yet to be found.

  20. A Liberal is a person who is usually hypocritical, and narcissistic, with personality disorder are typically described as arrogant, conceited, self-centered with radical liberal views. However, an EXTREME liberal is the WORST type of person. To start with they brainwash, and bitter people. Then they convince you that they have set in stone views, and they will try to convince you that they are open minded. who has a “do what I say and not what I do” attitude. They tell you to hate Republicans and everyone who thinks differently than you. They are the first to throw around the word racist. Most extreme liberal abuse minorities. They look for a group typically blacks or Hispanics, convince them they are nothing and need the liberals to survive, then exploit them for political power. Extreme liberals are usually ignorant, and damn cocky but claim everyone else is. They pretend to be looking out for the people but are only looking out for themselves. Liberals typically support an economy, and a policy similar to that of fascism..........

  21. @Radical Redneck -- Though they fancy themselves as "free thinkers", but they actually follow and worship politically correct and other creatures you from the Hollywood or TV scene .
    I can't put a propositional calculus on that sentence.

    RR, I fear you are a constant reminder of mu guilty regret that Sherman didn't have theater nukes.

  22. We never know, of course, Les, but I probably have a great deal less time left than you as the age of EIGHTY begins to loom on the not-so-distant horizon.

    All right! I'm rushing it a bit, but as months now go by like weeks, weeks days, and hours minutes I can really see it coming -- fast.

    Even so, I care a great deal about the future I very likely will not share, and fear my generation has done a poor job of passing down a worthwhile legacy. The awareness rankles.

    Ducky so misunderstands me! Certainly I would like to have a butler -- and a chauffeur -- an upstairs maid, a downstairs maid, a cook and a gardener for herbs and vegetables, one for hedges and topiary, and another for the greenhouse and another tending the shrubs and borders, but Alas! poor me! I have to make do with a man of all work who, I have to admit after ten years of faithful, useful service, has become an excellent, much needed and much appreciated friend.

    In this exceedingly modest way the Old Order is still preserved. I think it's much the best way to live. I provide him and his wife and children with a house and a decent living. He provides me with necessary service. I have taken good care of them in my will.

    What could be better for all concerned? We do not function as Master and Servant, but as friends helping each other get through life as pleasantly as possible.

    I do my own shopping and cooking, tend something in the neighborhood of sixty house plants, practice piano two to four hours a day still learning challenging new repertoire, write a copious amount of letters, and tend this blog, which I try to make interesting, instructive and entertaining.

    It is enough.

    HOWEVER, if the day ever comes when the Soldiers from Central Command and Control beat down my door and order me to vacate my home and be escorted to a Government Reeducation Center, I would gladly let myself be riddled with bullets at my own front door rather than cooperate with them.

    Ducky would too, if he had any sense.

    "Give me liberty or give me death" is no joke to those of us who understand what loss of liberty means.

  23. BOILERPLATE HATE RHETORIC from EITHER side is an awful bore, isn't it?

    I let it stand every once in a while just to show that unthinking people on the RIGHT are just as undesirable and detrimental to the prospects of maintaining a good society as those on the LEFT.

    What we LOVE and ENJOY is important. What we HATE is NOT.

  24. R-W......

    "SO how did this "credentialed nobody" get twice elected as President?"

    Check out ATI's excellent piece on "Useful Idiots", above. Therein lies a major part of the answer.

  25. Jon, that may be true, BUT this item was designed to call attention to the manifold flaws, defects, failings, and futile gestures made by members of the REPUBLICAN party.

    AGAIN, I need to say that BOILERPLATE HATE RHETORIC unrelated to the topic of the day is very apt to be SCRUBBED.

    I'd rather have no comments at all than a lot of inappropriate garbage.

  26. FT,
    Duly noted! I was merely responding to something that I thought was allowed to stand. Although there may even be Republicans who fall into the "Useful Idiot" category.

  27. Well, Jon, I've had to get pretty strict about staying on topic. You've seen what a wreck "drive by" postings have made of this place -- and plenty of others -- in the past.

    And you are so right. I've come to realize that the two 'wings" tend to be mirror images of each other. There isn't much difference between them once things get to the food fight stage.

    Stereotyped belligerence is boring, and I don't think it advances anybody's "cause," so I'm trying to stop it here.

    I've been accused of being a tyrant, and a whole lot of others things as well -- nine of them good -- but all I'm trying to do is set and maintain standards.

    Freedom has never implied we have a right to commit vandalism, mayhem and murder whenever we feel the urge, know what I mean?



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