Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Obamas in a Brown Study
Frankly, neither has ever looked more appealing, more honest, or more authentic.
There is true beauty in this photograph.
May the New Year bring all of us 
into the sobering Light of Truth.


  1. The future looks grim -- as do the expressions on the Obamas' faces.

  2. An Ode to Obama Benghazi.
    Sing to the rhythm of “Bye, Bye American Pie”

    A long, long time ago.
    I can still remember,
    how America used to make me smile

    And, I knew if we had a chance,
    that we could make the people dance,
    & Maybe they'd be happy once again.

    But, November made me shiver.
    With every paper I'd deliver
    Benghazi on the doorstep.
    I couldn't take one more step.

    I can't remember if I cried.
    When I read about his widowed bride
    Something touched me deep inside.
    The day the 'Hero's' died.

    So bye bye good American pie
    Along came fundamental change
    Which made us all cry
    Whatever happened to God and country
    We're watching it die
    Democrat Pie in the Sky

    1. The decline which so many recognize began in the early "60's."

      The decline continued through each succeeding election cycle as the underlying causes, or seeds if you like, continued to multiply.

      What is unfortunate is America is so polarized and stuck in neat tidy little boxes replete with the platitudes and hyperbole that literally NO ONE is willing to address the real underlying causes of our national condition.

      Being a members of a political tribe, or ideology if you prefer, has become more important than solving problems. One dare not question the leader(s) of ones own tribe.

      Look to putting ones own house in order before criticizing the house of another.

      Blogging can be a great learning opportunity if one allows it to be.

  3. They all look stupid right now! For the NY Tall Tale Tellers, AKA NY Slimes, to come out at this point and tell another Politically motivated LIE is beneath even their LOW standard! They have lost any respect as a News Organization and have become a Purveyor of Propaganda!

    The Lying Rodeo Clown clearly stated he would not have any lobbyists in his administration. As soon as he hi-jacked the White House, he hired thirty-four lobbyists.

    Whislteblowers exposed high-ranking members of The Democratic Party "knew" from the very beginning that it was a TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi -
    as SPECTATORS to a SLAUGHTER - but "chose" to falsely portray it was a protest that turned violent - that caused the DEATHS of FOUR Americans in Benghazi.
    Why isn't Obama exposing the identity and prosecuting the person who gave the "three" STAND DOWN ORDERS for Benghazi?

    And BTW Did ya'll see what was posted - on the internet =
    The MOTHER of Hillary Clinton's long-time aide Human Abedin Weiner - is married to Mohammed Morsi.

    BTW, EXCELLENT Rendition of " American Pie"

  4. It feels starting to feel like we're in the Soviet Union these days. The NYT makes up the news like Pravda. NSA spies on our calls. IRS suspends equal treatment. Courts are so bloody corrupt they take their orders from the liar in Chief The Senate is the President's lap dogs and rubber stamp whatever he wants. The lies and spin coming out of the obama administration are the worst in my adult lifetime.
    Bush was chicken feed compared to this idiot. The TARP and bailout money is what they are moving around. Oh, and GM just told us to phuck off we aren't paying back 10 billion and obama said, OK. Talk about a union buy off for health insurance. Pfffttttt. And the Iraq war was paid for long ago. Afghanistan is still there, as are our troops but less every month as obama said that was the good war, before he said oh well, let's pull out, after he told everyone when it would happen, just like he did in Iraq. BILLIONS of weapons? In Iraq? Please. If they were left there blame your boy obama. He was in charge at the end when he pulled the troops. At least be honest. obama was using F&F as a gun control measure. He was trying to say look at all these weapons they get from us to institute more gun control and it blew up in his face. Why the heck do you think he called EP on it with the House committee? Because they were busted. It will come out soon enough when the lawsuit gets through the court. I have never said Bush was perfect. But at least he cared for America and did right by us. obama just bows to everyone including our worst enemies. .
    Our only hope are those liberty loving Constitutionalist tea party folk.

  5. FT, I like you are fed up with the idiocy from these libtards on the left.
    I wonder just how are things going in their Progressive Obama lap dog losers lives?
    It must be nice to be the president and have the NY Times cover up a catastrophic event like Benghazi where 4 heroes left to die so not to interfere with the Presidents narrative that Al Qaeda is dead. But as they say, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

  6. What one learns, Les, is that most people, -- if they pay any attention, -- or respond at all, will give a conditioned response much like that of Pavlov's famous dogs.

    What we see is largely a reflexive reaction to a stimulus. Every time they a see a picture of Barack Obama or his wife, Michelle, so-called "Conservatives," will snarl and bare their metaphorical teeth, and treat us to well-rehearsed tirades of "boilerplate" rhetoric. The process of thinking never enters into it.

    We may give some not-so-subtle hints as to what we hope the post might engender, but almost invariably all that is blithely ignored, -- like so much wallpaper probably not noticed at all -- because "Obama" is the subject and these people just KNOW that he's "bad," and will give a "stock" response, instead of a thoughtful one.

    It's a kind of CHAUVINISM, isn't it?

    THAT, very sadly, is what I have learned from this experience -- and from life too, I'm afraid.

    Occasionally, however, something interesting, unexpected or unusual occurs, and those rare occurrences are what keep me going -- that and the interest I have in digging up or creating material I think worthwhile in the first place.

    The corollary to all this, of course is that LEFTISTS do EXACTLY the SAME in reverse. That Rorschach pattern or mirror image I keep talking about.

    Ergo, EVERYONE with very few exception tends to shut out anything that challenges his or her preconceived notions. The very idea that there might be nuances or subtleties in these complex situations, or that -- at least once in a while -- the "Other Side" just MIGHT have a point worth considering sends the True Believers -- the Moral and Intellectual Chauvinists from BOTH sides -- into paroxysms of rage generating volcanic eruptions of hideous invective.

    It's never enough simply to be "correct." We must know WHY, and we must be able to support our understanding with much MORE than mere "facts." We must have INSIGHT, and be able to ARTICULATE it soberly with patience, good will, hope, good humor and without lapsing into accusatory belligerence.

    Putting what we (think) we know into out OWN words without harshness, name-calling, and bilious rhetoric is very challenging.

    And of course, it's much easier to point fingers at others than to examine ourselves with honest criticism -- and even when we do, it's all-but impossible to remain calm and objective.

    That is because "REASON is but the SLAVE of PASSION." David Hume said that first, not I, but I think he was definitely onto something, don't you?

    The evidence we have would seem to support his contention.

    1. I find nothing to quarrel with in your response to my above comment.

      Yes, perhaps Hume was on to something. For reason to be reason the entire process from premise to conclusion needs to be bases on empirical data, scientific analysis, physical observations amongst other things. Of course when bias or emotion and passion invades the process of reasoning then of course Hume is correct.

      The HUMAN condition. Some just are better at minimizing the effects of emotion, passion, and bias that others. None are capable of escaping it completely.

  7. So now the New York Slimes is covering up for the Pig in a Pant Suit and Obama looks like its getting harder and harder for the Socialist Obama regime to come up with excuses and lies for Benghazi.

  8. Mr. Jamerson, you are only HALF right. I am equally fed up with the idiocy we see coming from the RIGHT too. I just tried to explain it to Les (RN) in my last remark.

    Our CONDITIONED REFLEXES are serving us badly from all sides. We need to SHUT UP, LISTEN more, and SAY much LESS.

    Of course, whenever I've made a serious attempt to bridge the gap and try to meet The Other Side halfway, I get lambasted from BOTH sides, so I have no Magic Formula to make all the bad stuff go away. Wish I did!

    In a very real way ALL of us on BOTH sides are the victims of cleverly orchestrated PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGNS with which we've been stealthily influenced for at least a century.

    It started with LEFTISTS to be sure, and for a long time was so subtly and insidiously perpetrated that very very few had an inkling as to how they were being shaped and manipulated. That started to change with the advent of William F. Buckley when he published a book then-morally-shocking book called Man and God at Yale back in the 1950's, but Buckley was too erudite and high flown for the average Joe. It took RUSH LIMBAUGH, a self-educated disciple of Buckley, to d that. Once Limbaugh appeared n the scene, a kind of COUNTER-REVOLUTION began -- the RIght Wing, which had been as dormant as if it had been severed since the New Deal took over, magically reattached itself to the "bird", and -- much to the consternation and aggravation of "liberals, " who had had it strictly theor own way for nearly forty years --began to assert its presence in the body politic with a vengeance.

    That renascence of the Right Wing was good -- at first -- but IT soon developed it's OWN brand of propaganda, and boilerplate rhetoric, which has resulted in our present impasse -- a typical "Mexican Standoff."

    We're in a political LOG JAMB now, and I have no idea who might break it up, or how they would go about it.

    The only thing of which I AM sure is that cooler, more thoughtful heads must prevail, or we are certain to lose not only our COUNTRY but our CIVILIZATION as well. The latter in my view is even more important than the former.


  9. We've just seen EXCELLENT example of everything I've tried to address in the little post sandwiched between our last two longish ones.

    Does no one EVER read before he posts?


  10. To answer your question, AOW, I don't rightly know. I think I just swiped it from one of the websites I visit.

    I wasn't kidding when I said I saw beauty in it -- and some HONESTY for the time since The Big O entered the scene.

    It may be unlikely, but I think we should hope that he may have LEARNED to be a little less cocky, and a lot more thoughtful since the embarrassment of The ACA Rollout.

    "ACA" by the way stands for Asinine Communist Antics in my admittedly prejudiced mind. };-)>


  11. Bloggers from both political sides may take different positions, but they all still seem to
    (or are beginning to) hate Obama.
    I guess more accurately the question should be why do some people hate President Obama? He was elected by a large margin of electoral votes so there are definitely a lot of people on the left who still like him. But that said! Why All this Drama Over Obama?
    Did he murder somebody, no, rape somebody, no, rob a bank, no, commit an act of terrorism? No! No he didn't do any of those things. But what he did do, is to lie to the American public from day one to yesterday, and he will be lying some more tomorrow. ..
    All through the presidential campaign there were people protesting his candidacy, calling him a traitor, a socialist, a communist, a Muslim or an Arab, which to their minds were all bad things but was any of this true? Maybe some were and are, who really knows? But they still persisted in spewing their hatred toward him.
    You had the so-called birthers attempting with all of their might to DE-legitimize his presidency saying that he couldn't be president because he wasn't born in the United States.
    At many of the so-called town halls meeting, angry protesters carried caricatures of the president as Adolf Hitler as well as other offensive racial images of him to show what a horrible person they think he is! But what had President Obama done to make them view him as Hitler or as someone who was the same type of person as Hitler?
    Did they do the same to George Bush? You bet they did, and they did so in spades.
    Then there was the healthcare scare. Obama is going to kill grandma! Obama pronised that he was going to 1. Lower the cost of Healthcare. 2. He promised that If you liked your plan you can keep your plan!
    3. If you liked your Doctor, you could keep your Doctor. Of course there is no need to answer any of those quotes are there? There wass no way this could have worked from the git go.
    Obama can do no good. He could walk on water, bring the dead back to life, wipe out world hunger, bring peace to the world and they’ll find a way to find something wrong with what he did. Because it’s not about what he did. It’s about what he is. And what is he? He is most definitely a liar and a Socialist, there is no doubt in my mind about that!
    We are ORDERED by the government to get health insurance! Socialist? You bet! And since Obama is a consistent liar, I dońt believe him when he denies being a socialist.
    As for the sudden rise in the stock marker, Heck yes the stock market is doing well the government is buying to float it - you cańt lose in the short term. But it́s with printed money. Look at the hard facts - people on government assistance, below poverty, and unemployed or underemployed. Elected officials, liars and thieves. And as fir Healthcare or Obamacare, he screwed up from the very first day that they launch Obamacare. Shall I continue, OK, I’ll make it short. The Unaffordable Careless Act
    "You didńt build that" "It́s good to spread the wealth around", Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett. Bill Ayers, Occupy Wall Street, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Red Line with Syria, Getting involved with Lybia, Egypt, Africa, Enormously Expensive Vacation for his Mooching Wife, Getting involved with Private matters, like the Professor Gates, and Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman case, Passing on the keystone pipeline, Calling the Tea Party racists, Calling our Vets, Domestic Terrorists, Returning the bust of Churchill to the Brits, Promising to close Gitmo — failing to do so, Naming numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to his various Czar positions, Bowing to Arabs, Having a Cabinet full of social democrats and had one avowed communist, and many Tax cheats as well. All of this and those Imbecile Progressives Libs re-elected him tp a second term in office.
    Thanks a lot you imbecile progressive leftist Democrats!
    Nuff said.

  12. The Progressives say that due to the NY Times "investigation" we should apologize for slandering President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Susan Rice!

    Have you ever heard such crapola in your life? My bullshit meter is running off the charts....

  13. Yeah right, I'll apologize !

    When the moon turns to cheese

  14. why do you think that the progressives hates you? Is it because you DARE to expressive your views?

    Well FT, I can hear your frustration, anger even, and I hope you can hold with us who do see the harm in this administration.

  15. In other words, FT, you needed Talent on Loan from Synthetic Morphine to dumb down Buckley's superficial libertarian message but you seem to think the message didn't suffer in translation?

    Is that it?

  16. 1. Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Dropped and Perps Let Off Scott Free.
    Also ACORN’s and SEIU’s Scandalous Behavior, Encouraged and Intentionally Over Looked by Obama Administration.

    2. Declaring The Fort Hood Terrorist Attack “Work Place Violence”.

    3.The Solyndra Debacle. Millions of Tax Payer Dollars Flushed Down The Obama Hole.

    4. Fast & Furious

    5. The IRS and NSA Scandals and Cover Ups.

    6. Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration Card Used to Deceive the Public.

    7. The Benghazi Lies and Cover Up.

    8. Appointing Muslims with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to the Obama Administration.

    9. Obama Repeatedly Telling Lies To Pass Obama Care.

    10. Obama Wasting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Tax Payers Money to Build a Government Website that does not Even Work!!!

    How Much Worse Can It Get?

  17. Only a few more hours of 2013 remaining.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Especially to you, FT.

    May 2014 be kind to all of us: "God bless us, every one."

  18. Vladimir Putin has vowed to pursue terrorists to their “total annihilation”, in his first public comments since the Volgograd suicide bombings.

    In his traditional New Year's Eve address, which was broadcast at midnight from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, (5pm in Moscow), he praised Russia’s unity in the face of both terrorism and natural disasters and promised to continue an unrelenting fight against the bombers.

    Why Can't Our Commander-In-Chimp Grow Some Nuts
    Like Vladamir Putin?

  19. FreeThinke,

    Check the spam filter of your e-mail. I've been responding to you, but it appears you're not getting my e-mails.

  20. With that kind of serious look on the faces of the Obamas they must either have been reading his popularity polls or perhaps contemplating the end vision of their progressive agenda, which seems to be edging ever closer to the edge of the abyss.

  21. Or maybe they've cued up their VCR and are watching "In The Shadow of Hermes" providing a graphic description of the nuts and bolts of the arrival of the October Revolution in 1917 in Russia.

    I liked it since it supposedly comes from from the opening of some Soviet archives when the former incarnation of that socialist state bit the dust of the trash heap of history.

    The question ever remains: How can the committed "progressive thinker" remain enthralled by the failed ideologies of Marxism-Leninism in the face of the living reality of the means used to bring the USSR into existence?


    1. There has never been a true Marxist economy/government. Likely there never will be.

      Obama is not a Marxist and most true progressives view him as a sellout.

  22. After all that ...

    Happy New Year!

  23. I've always believe the resemblance between Michelle Obama and Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son was remarkable.

  24. Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  25. There has never been a true Marxist...besides Marx, as there has never been a "true" Christian besides Christ.

    Obama IS a Marxist. No, he's not Marx himself.

  26. Only a suck up to progressives could fail to see it...

  27. They are at a basketball game.



  28. That's funny, Andie. Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps they care more about basketball than they do about the ramifications of all the bad decisions he's made? And here I thought this photo might signal the dawn of Conscience in the perplexed-looking couple! HAH!

    I still think that in purely physical terms they look very beautiful. Sobriety to them is flattering. One quickly tires of smiles all the time, because we know they cannot be sincere.

    Only idiots smile all the time. You've heard of "grinning idiots," I'm sure, right?

  29. Such sobriety and pensiveness at a basketball game? Sheesh.

  30. Ironies abound everywhere, AOW. I wouldn't let it bother me, if I were you.

    As they say, "That's LIFE!"



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