Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Bill from New Hampshire Speaks on Federal Fiscal Mismanagement

I listen to the inept political aristocracy we keep voting into office and seethe.  They would have you believe the Federal Government can’t reorganize and streamline its various agencies, cut fraud, and eliminate waste. 

They would have you believe that cutting 2% of the scheduled growth of the budget will “damage the economy severely …”   The president claims we will have to terminate or cut back employees the federal government doesn’t pay for such as first responders, teachers, daycare, etc. all because of the “sequestration” that Obama, himself, sanctioned in 2011.  

This cuts only $85 billion from planned expenditures –– a mere  three days of current spending levels, yet we’re supposed to believe the sky is falling?   

Obama is using his own rule to try and skewer Republicans who, tried ion 2011 to alleviate the problem through various legislative proposals, only to have Obama threaten to veto whatever they presented. The democratically controlled senate killed every one of these initiatives anyway.  

No one can have it both ways –– not even you ––, so which is it, Mr. President?

We have evidence from the government’s own reports and actions of ways we could reduce the cost of our bloated central government.  Here’s a sampling:

On welfare with an EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card, a person with children can receive an income whose value exceeds that of someone earning $69,000 per year.  

When states put in anti-fraud software, they typically find that anywhere from 6% to 25% of the welfare payments they make have been wasted on fraudulent claims, yet our ruling class in Dee Cee refuses to install this automated safeguard at the federal level. 

The “free” emergency phone program for the poor that enables them to have a way to contact emergency services has created yet another an “entitlement” where 41% of the participants in the eight-billion-dollar program can’t prove they truly need a phone paid for by us taxpayers. 

Last election, activists forced Massachusetts to send welfare recipients absentee ballots only to have 39% of them returned because the addresses provided were false –– yet Massachusetts taxpayers continue to send money to these apparently non-existent people every month.

In the 1990’s a federal study found 159 federal agencies and various departments duplicate each others efforts employing tens of thousands of duplicate employees in the process whose existence cannot be justified.  

There are 70,000 bureaucrats at the State Department alone.  What do they produce?  They are unionized and can’t be touched, therefore economic reform at State is impossible.  

In New Hampshire, the Department of Revenue cut a fill one-third of its staff between 2009 and 2010.  Through automation, they have improved tax collection and thus received more revenue. But nothing as sane as this could possibly be allowed to occur in the District of Columbia!

Recent Ten-Year Government Studies have discovered that, despite spending two-hundred-million dollars on Head Start each year, third grade Head Start students are still behind their peers in reading comprehension. 

The federal government spends over Fve-hundred-seventy-one-billion dollars for education each year in addition to state and local payments, and our children have no clue about the US History, our unique qualities as a nation, are failing at math and science, and are generally unable to reason beyond their vapid, egocentric Facebook activities.  What do the fve-thousand employees of the federal department of education employees actually accomplish?

We spend over two-hundred-billion dollars each year supporting illegal aliens.  This amounts to virtually 20% of the $1.3 Trillion we borrow each year to support criminals.  If Obama succeeds in conferring legal citizenship on all of them, we will add at least three family members per illegal immigrant, and most will be going going on the dole.  Does this mean we will then have to pony up  six-hundred billion –– or more –– to support them?  

Bureaucrats and activists like Obama don’t care about effectiveness, they care about holding and aggrandizing their power –– the the taxpayer’s money they give their pet causes –– and maintaining the appearance they are trying to do something.  They really mean well.  

It is clear Obama’s current objective is to make the cuts he will be forced to accept as painful and humiliating  as possible –– so we will never again demand cutting federal spending. 

This is nothing but a bald-faced campaign of shameless  prevarication emanating directly from the president’s mouth. It's obviously intended to scare constituents into seeing things his way.  

The stench rising from manure being spread to defeat Constitutionalists in 2014 is enough to gag a maggot.  

If the federal government were sincere in their desire to improve the nation’s fiscal condition, they should start by raises they just passed for legislators and unionized government workers. 


Obama is trying desperately to stem the “sequester”, or is he?  His government is adding $38,000 per second to the debt.  Doom scenarios of TSA cutbacks, first responders laid off, loss of our entire government is at stake.   He appears to be completing his “fundamental transformation.”

There is a different story.  For example, there is $15 billion in undefined Federal Grants not yet awarded.  Eliminate them this year.
There is extra money in Homeland Security.  We can cut the several million dollars for Zombie Apocolypse Emergency Training and other funded fantasies.   
There is also $9 billion in appropriated funds which have not been assigned a purpose.  There is $980,000.00 for an as-yet-undeveloped  Underwater Robot and a few million more for Snow Cone Machines as part of an urban area initiative.
Obama keeps yacking on about closing the Corporate Jet “loophole.” If collected for 100 years, would only cover one month of Obama’s current spending levels.    

And then, there are the 800 FEMA “Emergency Camps” set up and populated with guards and administrators around the country.  Interesting that “emergency” camps in the East were not used after Sandy with all the homeless.  Of course the barbed wire surrounding these camps would make for bad pictures.  But we fund them and the guards nonetheless, even though they are empty.

According to Obama we can’t even cut 2% from the rate of growth of government expenditure let alone real expenses.  

This Administration is a fraudulent fiscal disaster that appears poised to implement tyrannical control when it feels the time may be ripe.

~ Mr. Bill


  1. All of of DC is a fraudulent fiscal disaster.

  2. Hint FT, once someone starts mentioning the FEMA concentration camps it's a signal that the article is clinically absurd.

  3. You're neglecting American history, duck.

    The Mississippi Flood of 1927...

    Negroes, because they comprise 75% of the population in the delta lowlands and furnish 95% of the labor power on the plantations and farms, where they operate as tenants, share croppers and small owners, constituted the human factor most affected. It is estimated that out of the 637,000 people forced to flee their homes by the water, 94% lived in three states, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana; and that 69% of the 325,146 who occupied the concentration camps, depending on the Red Cross for food and shelter, were colored.

    ...but then, what's so new about that?

  4. I suppose is was a "warmup" for the Japanese Internment Camps.

    So that's two strikes, duckman. Care to try for three?

  5. " ... The Apaches lost loved ones, their lands,
    their traditional ways of life, and for 27
    years their freedom. The Apache
    population dropped 95% from 1850 to
    1914. The few descendents of those who
    survived are proud to be called Apache."

    Thank you, Fj-Thersites.

    This moving tale of the fate of the Apaches at the hands of us white invaders, and the terrible story of the way Negroes were treated on the Mississippi Delta during the cataclysmic flood of 1927 should be included in a lengthy, illustrated chronicle called "THE REASON WHY" with the continuing subtitle "White Americans have been feared, hated and despised by Negroes, American Indians, Hispanics, Jews, and other Non-Caucasian, non-Christian Peoples".

    It also provides us with an excellent beginning to an understanding of why it is entirely possible -- and very likely -- that Barack Obama has, indeed, had a determination to act as The Great Avenger by willfully destroying the United States of America designed by white men, in which white people prospered enormously while treating non-whites either as SAVAGE bEASTS to be exterminated at will for "self defense," or in the case of Negroes as so many FARM ANIMALS to be used for the purpose of enhancing the quality of White Lives.

    The people we call liberals or progressives today, have been so moved by the more recent overemphasis by activist academics of these sordid stories from our partly-tragic-partly-admirable history that they feel compelled to commit virtual suicide -- and to force the rest of White America to join them -- in order to "atone" for sins they, themselves, never committed.

    By electing a mulatto conditioned from birth by a rabidly communist-activist family to work zealously for the destruction of all the fruits of White Privilege, a slim majority of American citizens have in fact signed their own death warrants.

    We are not "progressing" under Obama, we are IMPLODING.

    It's easy to understand why an increasing number are convinced that this very bit TIT is the only fair response to that admittedly dreadful TAT.

  6. The one who is punished is no longer the one who did the deed. He is always the scapegoat.

    - Nietzsche



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