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She Just Keeps Getting Better! Joan Collins, 79, Dazzles in Sequined Biker Jacket 
at Pre-Grammy Shindig 

10 February 2013 

She outshone women half her age at the star-studded gala. As Alexis Carrington in the 1980s soap opera Dynasty, Joan Collins was known for her chic outfits and blood-red talons. And it seems some things never change, as she proved on the red carpet at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Still got it! Joan Collins looked spectacular in sequins at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday. Posing like the professional that she is, the veteran actress wowed in a shimmering, slinky black floor length gown.
Adding sparkle to match her vivacious personality, the mother-of-three sported a fashionable black sequinned biker jacket, left open to show off her enviable figure.

Her glossy hair, perfectly coiffured as always, framed a face that belied her 79 years .

Although she has admitted to trying Botox, the Dynasty star famously declared that sex was better than Botox for staving off the aging process, but clearly a dash of vermillion lipstick helps too.

Adding to the glitz, Joan accessorized with a sparkling diamond bracelet, as well a necklace, dangly earrings and a large shell-shaped ring.

A black Fendi bag slung over one shoulder completed the picture.

Dynasty comeback? With Dallas a success again, Joan is up for bringing Alexis back 
On her fifth marriage, Joan appeared at the event, which was held in honour of X Factor judge and record producer L.A. Reid, without her husband Percy Gibson, who is 32 years her junior.

She tweeted on Friday: ‘It’s freezing in Hollywood!’ but the cold weather isn’t dictating her style.

She was photographed enjoying a night out in Hollywood in January, wearing an equally glamourous outfit, but sporting a shorter hemline.

Earlier in 2013, Miss Collins tweeted a series of slimming tips, ranging from tongue-in-cheek to downright ridiculous.

Queen of the red carpet: Joan loved being the centre of attention
The advice, which she began sharing on January 8, included eating nothing but eggs one day a week, brushing your teeth with peppermint toothpaste to quash hunger pangs and drinking tequila instead of wine.

Collins recently admitted that she wants to sign up for the newly revamped Dallas.

She told the Daily Star that she would love for her scheming alter-ego Alexis Carrington to turn up in the show to cause trouble for the Southfork residents.

'I think it's a brilliant idea. It's a great idea. I love it,' Collins said.

Dallas returned to the small screen recently after a 23-year absence, but it was dealt a huge blow when Larry Hagman –– who was known for portraying evil oil baron JR Ewing –– died in November.


  1. As my mother used to say: "She is well preserved

    Apparently, Botox injections can be of assistance in preserving good facial looks -- as does good skin care and make-up.

    ‘And the truth is I’ve always taken very good care of my skin, and always, always worn make-up.’

    In any case, she is a knockout at age 79!

  2. i doubt that you'd really want to go sub rosa on that evening gown. ;)

    But the bloom still lingers about the rose, no doubt about it.

  3. That's a LOT of Botox (see hands)! And probably a wig...but you've got to love her joie de vive! And her 32 yr younger hubby!

  4. That husband must be incredibly brave.

    ---------> Katharine Heartburn

  5. By the way, I didn't mean to sound sour grapes on her...she does look gorgeous for 79!

    Katherine, you're probably right!

  6. A woman's hands typically betray her age.

    I see that betrayal when I look at my OWN hands!

  7. Hasn't this ditz written four autobiographies?
    One would have been excessive.

    Joan, how can we miss you if you won't go away?
    One of the early manifestations of no talent celebrity culture.

    And her children shall be called Kim, Paris, Lindsay ... and the stupid actor who stars in the Twilight series.

  8. opposed to a forty-something ditz having written two autobiographies, "Dreams of my Father" and the "Audacity of Hope".

  9. Wrong as ususal, Canardo!

    WIKI says:

    Collins was born in Paddington, London, the daughter of Elsa Collins (née Bessant), a dance teacher and nightclub hostess, and Joseph William Collins (died 1988), an agent[1] whose clients would later include Shirley Bassey, the Beatles and Tom Jones.[2]

    Her father, a native of South Africa, was Jewish, and her British mother was Anglican.[3][4][5] She has one sister, author Jackie Collins,[1] and one brother, Bill Collins.

    Collins was educated at the Francis Holland School and then trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). ...

    At the age of 17, Collins was signed to the J. Arthur Rank Film Company, a British film studio. ...


    After decades of flirting with British politics, on 24 May 2004 Collins joined the United Kingdom Independence Party.[27]

    In early 2005 Collins commented that she had rejoined the Conservative Party stating, "The Labour Party doesn't care about the British people."[28]

    She also continues to contribute as The Spectator magazine guest diarist, something she has done since the late 1990s. Collins also writes occasionally for the Daily Mail, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Lady, and in the USA, Harper's Bazaar. In September 2008, Collins signed on to the Sunday Telegraph as a weekly opinions columnist through the final quarter of the year before leaving to pursue other projects.

    She has commented that she was a huge supporter of former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. Collins is also a staunch monarchist, stating "I'm a big monarchist and I love the Queen."[29]


  11. ALSO:

    Collins has publicly supported several charities for several decades.

    In 1982, Collins spoke before the U.S. Congress about increasing funding for neurological research.

    In 1983, she was named a patron of the International Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities, earning the foundation's highest honour in 1988 for her continuing support. Additionally, 1988 also saw the opening of the Joan Collins Wing of the Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

    In 1990, she was made an honorary founding member of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

    In 1994 Collins was awarded the lifetime achievement award from the Association of Breast Cancer Studies in Great Britain for her contribution to breast cancer awareness in the UK. Collins is patron of Fight for Sight.

    in 2003, she became a patron of the Shooting Star Children's Hospice in Great Britain while continuing to support several foster children in India; something she has done for the past 25 years.

    Collins serves her former school, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as the Honorary President of the RADA Associates.[30]

  12. Whether you like her Superior Slut Image or not, you have to admit this is one helluva, hardworking, incredibly durable dame.

    She's been working steadily in a profession known for fickleness and instability for SIXTY-EIGHT YEARS.

    I have to admit I posted today's article from The Daily Mail almost as a joke, but after reading her Wikiography I have to admit I am impressed.

    She deserves kudos for her amazing industriousness, perseverance and durability if nothing else. There's a lot more to Joan Collins than we see in the Tabloids. I think it's kinda cute the way she's used the Super-Whore image to build a great fortune.

    She has NOT been exploited. It is SHE who has exploited US -- and very elegantly I must say.

    I've never been a fan, but I have always admired her mastery of Voice and Diction. She speaks English superbly -- as do all products of RADA -- and that goes a long way with me.

  13. Screen goddesses should have a presence...

    or a good cinematographer.

  14. Henri Decaë, about as good as it gets.

  15. She looks like she's got no neck.

    Heller Van Erve

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