Thursday, February 14, 2013


Somehow, at least half the posts to this thread disappeared overnight. I have no idea how or why it happened, but no one is sorrier about it than I. 

Whatever caused this please be assured it was NOT "CENSORSHIP." 

I think this blog 

may have been HACKED.

~ § ~

Our friend Andie -- aka Divine Theatre -- shared a beautiful retelling of the story of St. Valentine -- who he was, when he lived, what he stood for, what he endured and how he died at the following link:

I highly recommend it.

~ FreeThinke

~ § ~

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day!

Affection is the pearl of greatest price.
Value it above material wealth.
A chance for closeness may not happen twice.
Loving truly can improve one’s health.
Ease of conquest should not be the goal.
Nesting instincts point to more than that.
Trust and loyal caring make us whole.
Involvement and commitment long have sat
Nobly ruling high on Virtue’s throne.
Eros from morality detached
Crudely goads into a trap well known:
Amour becomes a mere itch to be scratched.
Redemption from the loneliness of lust
Demands we work to earn our loved one’s trust.

Love and Good Wishes to All from
... FreeThinke ...


  1. the loneliness of lust

    Too many do not realize the above reality.


  2. Acrostics seem to be an obsession with you.

    Very well done. :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. As an avid hater of political correctness, I found that Ms. Shaw
    s compassionate of the two (Jolson and Obama) was ridiculous. Not at all like the racist comedians/rappers we have today. Stupid people will always say stupid things.

    The only similarity of the two is the song that Jolson was famous for "Brother Can You Spare A Dime", which can be our new national anthem, because that's about where Obama has brought this country to. And should have been the theme song for Obama's State of the Union, in stead of saying that "The economy is in great shape" and that "The state of the Union is Strong"
    As Obama's moronic policies have brought us to the brink of ruination.

    Just as there is NO similarity between Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama, Netanyahu is a LEADER, Obama is a BS Artist.

  4. I fully agree with most of what Shaw Kenawe said, Al Jolson was a racist, make no doubt about it.. I am well aware of the history of plantations and slavery.
    I'm afraid only the ignorant would believe that Al Jolson opened up Negro music to a wider white audience ... it just isn't historically correct, and just another excuse for racism. I don't like racism., or bigotry intolerance from any viewpoint. And that is why I can’t understand Shaw Kenawe’s tolerance for a certain anti-Semite who constantly posts and comments on her blog.
    Very simply put, Racism, stinks from whichever sewer it emerges from and that includes Black-Faced singers such as Al Jolson, so stop making him out to be some kind of a “Hero” He was a racist like the resy of thoes Black-Faced idiots. Just like the soroy of Little Black Sambo, and the Amos and Andy show. .
    Minstrel music came into being through 'White' entertainers mocking Negros and Negro music, tap dancing etc..
    Minstrel shows developed after the Civil War and remained popular into the early 1900s. Minstrelsy was born out of bigotry. In these shows, white men blackened their faces with burnt cork to lampoon Negroes, performing songs and skits that sentimentalized the nightmare of slave life on Southern plantations. Blacks were shown as naive buffoons who sang and danced the days away, gobbling "chitlins," stealing the occasional watermelon, and expressing their inexplicable love for "ol' massuh."
    If it wasn't bigotry then how come the Ku Klux Klan came into being?
    That's why the sight of White men blacking up and assuming mock southern slave accents is so revolting.
    If you study the history of the Southern States and you will understand the significance of Martin Luther King and his "I have a dream" speech.
    In the older films they didn’t allow a kiss between a black person and a white person on screen, let alone in bed together, it was totally and socially unacceptable which is another way of saying "politically correct" for the time.
    My point is Non-white people have come a long way in the last hundred years, trying to make it as if it was not the fault of White actors or singers like Jolson is pure nonsense.

  5. Minstrel music came into being through 'White' entertainers mocking Negros and Negro music, tap dancing etc..

    I found it astounding how progressives profess to possess psychic abilities that penetrate mens reus.

    A more charitable interpretation of their actions is simply not possible or credible.

    I sure wish I possessed "like" psychic abilities...

    *shakes head*

  6. from Wiki on the Hays Code:

    In 1922, after some risqué films and a series of off-screen scandals involving Hollywood stars, the studios enlisted Presbyterian elder Will H. Hays to rehabilitate Hollywood's image. Hollywood in the 1920s was expected to be somewhat corrupt, and many felt the movie industry had always been morally questionable. Political pressure was building, with legislators in 37 states introducing almost 100 movie censorship bills in 1921.

    Resolved, That those things which are included in the following list shall not appear in pictures produced by the members of this Association, irrespective of the manner in which they are treated:

    Miscegenation (sex relationships between the white and black races);

    Willful offense to any nation, race or creed;

    Gee, the Hays code censors found no "willful" offense to a race... but today's censors must be MUCH more subtle in THEIR discernment of "offense"...

  7. Political correctness has naught to do with complying with "written" rules. It's about enforcing "unwritten" ones.

  8. ...and people who follow WRITTEN laws are completely exhonorated from accusations of mens reus.

  9. In theory, if the actus reus does not hold concurrence in point of time with the mens rea then no crime has been committed.

  10. ...and from whence do these "unwritten" rules originate?

    Ideology, of course.

  11. To call Jolson racist is unbelievable...then the whole country was terribly racist then, which it was not.
    Yes, he DID suddenly make black talent FINALLY merit BIG STUDIOS making black films (sadly, even then, they didn't do that well); until then, very few were done.

    Jolson did this for self interest, but it DID wake people up.

    Happy Valentine's day, FT

  12. It’s Valentine's Day and some of us who are unemployed are struggling to survive so how can we celebrate Valentine's Day? Well one good idea is to to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour. How dumb is that, when the employers are struggling to pay their employers now as it is with the recession, with Obamacare and in a lot of states with the results of what hurricane Sandy did to their businesses?
    And Obama wants to raise the minimum wage when we're on the verge of a second recession? How dumb is that? What planet did he come from to believe this would be a good idea?
    This only goes to show that this president has zero knowledge of the business world. Then again how could he when he never worked an honest day in his life.
    Business owners are either going to stop hiring or start hiring illegal workers, because they don't want to pay Americans over $7.25 an hour? And this will only add to the unemployment rate in America. Great Idea Mr. Obama, where the hell did you get that stupid idea? In my humble opinion, this is further evidence that he wants to destroy this country. Why don’t he just suggest that we hire illegal Mexicans and be done with it!
    He once again said this time in his State of the Union address that if Congress won’t approve what he wants, then he would do it himself by invoking Executive Power
    Obama’s blatant disregard for the Constitution is appalling. I am disgusted with the disregard that the President continues to show to our Constitution. Has he forgotten about the separation of executive, judicial and legislative branches found in our founding document? Our founders gave us a system of checks and balances so that one person could never seize more power than was provided in the Constitution. Where will the madness end? When will the President stop blatantly disregarding and disrespecting the Constitution if ever?
    Happy Valentine’s Day to one and ALL.

  13. With ALL the outrageous, and dumb programs proposed by Obama in his outrageous, and State of Union, the only thing that some of these MORONIC Progressives such as Shaw Kenawe could think about blogging was that Marco Rubio was drinking water from a bottle. Who cares! Who cares about what the FOOLS on the Radical Left care about. I guess that they must not care about the president’s NOT keeping his oath, because they never blog about that!
    But instead they are freaking out about Marco Rubio was drinking water from a bottle.
    I thought he came off as very sincere and that’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for Barrack Hussein Obama!
    The lame stream, media doesn’t seem to care, but Marco Rubio did! Marco Rubio is more real than Obama can ever be.

  14. Obama and his followers are not only hypocrite’s, but colossal liar’s as well. Maybe these lefties should blog on his using Pot and Drugs.

  15. @z --- Yes, he DID suddenly make black talent FINALLY merit BIG STUDIOS making black films

    In the 20's and 30's? Are you thinking of some other film industry?

    Stepin Fetchit?

    The mulatto marriage dropped from the 1929 filming of "Showboat"?

    If you can find examples of great film roles for blacks before Poitier and others made it to features (though in a sanitized fashion, Shaft was a little later) I'd like to know what they were.

  16. Today is VALENTINE'S DAY. If you want to continue yesterday's discussion, fine, but please let's do it at The Jolson Thread.

    I appreciate everyone's participation, BUT I appreciate it even MORE when we stick to the topic at hand.

    Talking about LOVE for a change would surely do us all a lot of good, don't you think?

    It's time to be HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!


  17. Hey, FJ!


    Acrostics my not be an obsession, but for me they make an interesting challenge.

    There's nothing like having to work within the confines of strict formal limitations to free the imagination and spark ingenuity.

    I must have written at 150 acrostic sonnets by now.

    At the very least it beats twiddling the thumbs in front of the TV. ;-}

  18. SUGGESTION to all who post as "Anonymous:"

    It would help a great deal if each of you would give yourselves a name -- ANY name you like, but something to distinguish yourself from others who post anonymously. If not a name, even a NUMBER would do.

    How about Libanon or Conanon? Whichever fits your worldview best.

    You know a lot of readers just automatically SKIP anonymous comments, because they (often wrongly) assume they must either be SPAM or irresponsible nonsense.

    At any rate, please consider adopting a pen name.


  19. Did anyone see Finntann's very interesting article on St. Valentine and the day named after him over at Western Hero?

    It's concisely written and contains lots of good, carefully researched information most of us might not know already.

    I my never humble opinion these "cultural" posts are more important and do more to nourish our hearts, minds and souls than the endless political diatribes we indulge in too much of the time.

    They say, "Travel broadens," --- and SO does RESEARCH.

    Try it. It's fun.

  20. In ADDITION -- while I'm at it:

    I deleted one of the comments from "Anonyous," because it was a repetition of an earlier post with barbed insults aimed at fellow blogger Shaw Kenawe.

    Most often I disagree with Ms. Shaw, but I like and respect her all the same. There's enough belligerence in the world without adding to it gratuitously.

    I often oppose Ms. Shaw -- and others -- with considerable vigor, but don't believe there is ever any need for snide remarks, taunts, gibes, or other forms of insolence.

    As far as I know, Ms Shaw is not a public figure, and should not, therefore be subjected to any form of personal unkindness.

    Congress, POTUS, FLOTUS, SCOTUS, the ENEMEDIA, HOLLYWEIRD and the "POP" MUSIC INDUSTRY are fair game, but not fellow bloggers.

    Besides, it pays dividends to be nice.

  21. If you really feel the need to be nasty, try sending a Penny Dreadful.


    In 1858 new type of Valentine's Day Card appeared: The Penny Dreadfuls. Their name was appropriate, because cost was exactly one cent, and contained generally horrid sentiments.

    Not beautiful, ornate or romantic at all, but quite the opposite, these cheaply-printed items were filled with humorous rhymed insults, that skewered anyone and everyone -- teachers, spinsters, friends, rivals, departed lovers -- you name it.

    The following might serve as an example of the genre:

    You skinny, knock-kneed, buck-toothed hag
    Your breath is bad, your bosoms sag.
    No matter how you weep and whine
    You’ll never be my Valentine!


    Most often sent anonymously to those either resented or despised the insult was made even worse by the recipient's being forced to pay the postage -- as was the custom in the 1800's.

    Penny Dreadfuls, sometimes called Vinegar Valentines, remained popular until the mid-1900's.


    Want to get even with a fellow poster?

    Try putting your meanest thoughts in verse.

  22. I visited Andie's post yesterday. Quite something, huh?

  23. Sorry, but I couldn't let this pass.
    Commenting on someone's blog is a way that we tell you as well as others we have read their work and we agree with them or disagree with them. When you delete the said comment it only shies me that yiu want the comments to be your way or no way. I think you’ve created an unfair double-standard here, by allowing "Ms. Shaw's Marxist BS stay and delete any rebuttals to her anti American nonsense .
    I find the comments by "Ms. Shaw" to be very distasteful and I wish to express that thought through my comments but you seem to not want that, therefor I will be parting ways with YOU.
    I will not read the TRASH that she writes without a rebuttal. This is still America and we still have Free Speech here and if you allow her to express her Marxist views without allowing others to exercise their resentment, then you my "friend" are worthless! I like to comment on blogs and tell you and others exactly what I think be it bad or good, but my opinions will not be stilled by you or anyone else. I do believe that you have the right to your opinions. However I’m not commenting on whether or not you are right or wrong but on the fact that you are not allowing others to express their opinions. .There are countless times, on my own blog and on other blogs including yours that I read, that I find the comments from the readers are actually more interesting and more informative than the original post itself.The Marxist left is burying this country and I think and believe it's my duty as well as every true America lover's duty to defend our dear Country from these vermin Communists such as "Ms Shaw". We don't need communists and anarchists shouting, and protesting, and picketing, and letter writing whenever someone on the right expresses THEIR opinions, be it political or religious.
    I hope that you found this comment useful and productive. Either way, I'm sure that you get the idea.
    Thank you

  24. TO:

    "My Fellow Prisoners"

    We maintain STANDARDS here -- or at least try to.

    I too find many of Miss Shaw's opinions hard to take, but I make every effort to respond politely with a reasoned, measured tone.

    Name-calling and childishly insulting remarks, which ALL of us do from time to time, do NOT constitute proper rebuttal.

    ALSO: I have made it abundantly clear that posting off topic -- especially to or about someone who is not present on the thread -- is not acceptable, UNLESS something extraordinarily interesting, instructive, enlightening or amusing is said. A rare occurrence, indeed!

    I, personally, HATE "Comment Moderation," and have so far refused to use it. Neither do I insist on "WORD VERIFICATION" which, quite frankly, is a pain-in-the-ass for all concerned,

    HOWEVER, dealing with out-and-out SPAM bleeding directly into the commentary is fast becoming an ENORMOUS problem. Therefore, to combat the SPAM it may be necessary to block Anonymous comments altogether.

    I would regret that very much, because many intelligent, sympathetic remarks arrive from Anonymous participants, the best of whom give themselves names.

    At any rate, I don't mind your posting here at all -- as long as you adhere to our guidelines.

    Taunts, gibes, catcalls, obscenities, repetition of the same remarks, and just plain silliness are all fit subjects for deletion.

  25. Understandable,and well written. I'll consider that, but I'm still very doubtful that anything will change around here. You seem to have a bad habit of bending over backwards excessively to liberals and especially progressives. If there is one thing that utterly disgusts me is liberal hypocrisy.

  26. It may be a "Blogger" issue as well, as most of my "disappeared posts" were later in the conversation.

  27. So far, Film, The Case of the Vanishing Verbalizations remains unsolved.

    A Pity, because a number of valuable comments were destroyed.

    Blogger terra, apparently, is anything but firma.

    But then was terra ever firma ANYWHERE?

    A dubious claim that.

  28. Burn the f.i.g's. is MY motto.

    That way you write in flesh and bone, instead of ink.

  29. Tricks of the trade found in the Liberals handbook
    Also known as how to destroy a republican's blog.

  30. Us republicans/conservatives, will not accept their way of compromise, in this mans opinion this is not by-partisanship, it is tyranny, period. Our terms are negotiable, their terms are political servitude. We will not abandon our children future. We will not accept a fate that will lead us to a generation of socialism in this country. We will not accept these politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like slaves rather than the America’s we are and our forefathers worked and died for. There are many others in this country who choose tyranny over liberty. These are the people whom I same speaking about, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Socialists, and the people who only want the free-bees and hand-outs. Those people do not speak for us, 57 million of us who voted against this Socialists, and they do not get to dictate to us, no matter what! , We hold the Constitution dear to us and we do not want to see it trashed by King Obama His Majesty We will resist his . We’re not going to surrender to this man who has been violating the Constitution of the United States.
    We will not be belittled by those who write PROGRESSIVE blogs, There are those of us who are intelligent enough to see it, and will not participate in it. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is the freedom of speech, lets see just how Gutsy YOU have your choice to delete this comment or not!
    If you are one of us who love the freedom of speech, then you will not. I will be very happy and even surprised if you allow this comment to stay.
    Thank You.

  31. Good morning, Cyberpatriot and All,

    I understand how you feel, and probably why,and I agree with much of what you say, but not the avowal of intolerance.

    Aren't you tired of having concepts you deem unacceptable forced on you by the Trinitarian dictatorship that runs the federal government --Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court?

    I certainly am, but the only hope of improving the situation would be through the same kind of INTELLECTUAL AGGRESSION that overtook us long ago.

    We need to take back the educational system, and make it even better than it was before the Progressives got ahold of it, and turned it into a series of Indoctrination Centers advocating One World Socialist Government -- i.e, The ULTIMATE in CENTRALIZED POWER.

    We must fight this -- NOT with ANGER and DERISION -- but with the calm, relentless, well-informed advocacy of the moral principles embedded in Christianity and the ideals of the 18th-Century Enlightenment. We also need to recognize the abuses that attended the Industrial Revolution, recognize where the original Titans of Industry went wrong, and do our best to correct the abuses Labor and Management have heaped on each for the past 125 years or so.

    It took a long time to reach our present situation. We must develop the wisdom, the patience and the far-sightedness NOT to UNDO, but to REFASHION what we have and make it -- NOT what it WAS all over again, but to make it BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE.

    It isn't as though we once had "Perfection," and then lost it.

    Back in The Good Old Days there was still plenty of room for improvement. The trouble has been that we fell prey to a lot of really ROTTEN ideas in attempting to make "progress."

  32. Back in The Good Old Days, we wouldn't stand for a Commie in the White House!

  33. What he have is a CRYPTO-Marxist. He would ever admit even to having communist sympathies let alone being one, himself.

  34. Your poetry is beautiful, FT. I wonder why everyone ignores it. The message was very apporpriate for Valentine's day or any day, really. Thank you for doing what you do.

    Helen Highwater



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