Saturday, February 9, 2013


By: John Hayward  
Dr. Benjamin Carson is a leading pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, where he is a renowned authority on separating Siamese twins.  He was raised in the Detroit inner city by a single mom who worked multiple jobs to get him through school.  He is a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, and plastic surgery as well as pediatrics… and he holds over 50 honorary degrees on top of that.  He’s been the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins since he was just 33 years old.  In 2008, he received America’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, from George W. Bush.  He and his wife Candy run the Carson Scholars Fund, which hopes to “name a Carson Scholar in every school within the United States.”
He spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast today, ahead of President Obama’s address.  Carson’s 26-minute speech, played in part this afternoon by radio host Rush Limbaugh, is setting the world on fire.  If you haven’t seen or heard Dr. Carson before, and his biography makes him seem intimidating, rest assured he is anything but.  Video is the only way to properly appreciate this speech, both because the good Doctor is a very animated speaker, and because he’s standing right next to Barack Obama when he delivers it.


  1. I've now watched Dr. Carson's speech twice.

    Quite something, eh?

    Dr. Carson is so respected in the field of neurosurgery. Here in the D.C. area, all of us interested in neurology know of and admire the man. A gifted neurosurgeon such as Dr. Carson comes along very, very rarely!

    He pioneered intrauterine surgery on a hydrocephalic fetus and the hemispherectomy -- both procedures now accepted as tools that the best neurosurgeons use all over the world today.

    That Dr. Carson spoke his words in front of Obama speaks volumes.

  2. I was deeply impressed, AOW, and at this point in life that doesn't happen very often.

    The MANNER in which he delivered his words was every bit as impressive as the words, themselves -- maybe even more so. There was no trace of arrogance, overbearing pride, egocentrism, or insolence. He seemed as relaxed and unguarded as if he were at home talking with family and friends, yet he spoke with considerable dignity. You have to be really good to do that in front of an audience of your peers.

    Everyone is making comparisons with Obama, but as far as I'm concerned the two men should not be mentioned in the same breath.

    Dr. Carson long ago reached far beyond the place where his blackness could have any bearing on his career pro or con, whereas Obama is where he is simply BECAUSE he is a black man.

    Liberals have always been enamored with symbolism over substance -- dreams over reality, etc. Potemkin villages were the essence of what Marxian-Socialist-Anarchist-Liberal-Progressive-Statist thinking has been all about.

    Dr. Carson is all about NOTHING-BUT SUBSTANCE.

    My hands are practically bruised from applauding that remarkable speech.

    I hasten to add, however, that I don't believe for a moment that Dr. Carson's motives were to shame or embarrass the president. The doctor's message was essentially positive, filled with encouragement and profound belief that high achievement and good results are ALWAYS possible in ANY environment, if one keeps faith with oneself and PERSEVERES.

    It's so rare when we hear of anything positive these days I have to say the doctor's speech and forthright manner seemed "square," and almost quaint, and isn't that a telling observation on the enemedia's dismal effect on the Public Mind?

    If Obama is poison, Dr. Benjamin Carson is the antidote.

    A great role model not just for BLACKS, but for us ALL.


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  5. FT, You are linked at RN USA. This was a great find and I too thought it spoke volumes with Dr. Carson's delivery in the presence of President Obama.

    I find myself wondering what our good Friends in progressive blogistan think of the Dr's remarks...

    Be of good cheer!

  6. Reading the highlights on The Blaze (choke), all he's missing is 9-9-9.

    Pure boiler plate.

  7. IOW, Dr. Carson's words are descriptive of how Mr. Obama overcame immense obstacles to become the leader of the free world.

    Dr. Carson has endorsed Mr. Obama's rise to the highest pinnacle of power through dint of his own hard work by acknowledging this.

    To keep denigrating what Mr. Obama has achieved and trying to make this into a bad minority vs. a good minority cheapens this discourse.

    Both men have achieved their successes because both men possess above-average intelligence and talents.

    I refuse to cast either one as enemies or failures because of their politics.

    That's just plain silly.

  8. "To keep denigrating what Mr. Obama has achieved and trying to make this into a bad minority vs. a good minority cheapens this discourse."

    That's why I said, "I don't believe for a moment that Dr. Carson's motives were to shame or embarrass the president. The doctor's message was essentially positive, filled with encouragement and profound belief that high achievement and good results are ALWAYS possible in ANY environment, if one keeps faith with oneself and PERSEVERES."

    I also said other things, which I know don't set well with you, Ms. Shaw. However, what I'd hoped to achieve in posting the doctor's entire speech was to emphasize the salubrious effect stern self-discipline and positive thinking can have on one's career.

    The speech, itself, is The Thing, not what others say about it or the agenda-driven uses they might try to make of it.

    Summaries, "snippets," "sound bytes," (bites? ;-) editorial observation, etc. all have the unhappy faculty of presenting a distorted picture -- often a HIDEOUSLY distorted picture -- that leads people in any direction the "editor" wants to take them.

    That is why I try never to read critical reviews of movies, plays, books, opera or concerts. I prefer to form my opinions from looking at and enjoying these things, myself. It is also why I have come to believe that most of what-passes-for-journalism and the items foisted on us by the "Entertainment" Industry are downright wicked.

    We have been ignoranticized (i.e. "dumbed down" ;-) and perverted by most of the major organs of public communication. TV has been the worst ciulprit in modern times, because its ubiquitous presence and nearly universal appeal provided the owners and operators with tremendous power, and thus too great a temptation to engage in a form of Mind-Control that amounts to agenda-driven mass hypnosis.

    President Obama was sold to us. He did not sell himself. Like most seekers after public office he may have had the "fire in his belly" but would never have stood a chance of becoming a candidate for high office, if he had not been spotted, groomed and pushed by the vested interests who pull strings in the shadows that lurk behind every podium.

    I honestly do not see any basis for comparison at allbetween Barack Obama and Benjamin Carson other than their blackness, and our president, who doesn't even fully share that, because he is half-white, came from a highly eccentric-but-by-no-means-poverty-stricken background.

    Dr. Carson by his own good-humored admission came from the vilest end of the Detroit ghetto, and appeared ostensibly to have virtually nothing going for him, except the strictness, worthy ambition and great strength of character possessed by his desperately poor, illiterate mother who was determined to do the very best she could with the little she had.

  9. That was a breath of fresh air.

    I haven't seen Dr. Carson speak for a few years. I've always been impressed with him. Never more than in this speech though.

    He understands well the tyrannical underpinnings of political correctness, coming as it does originally from the progressive Bolsheviks of the USSR.

    Can't say I detected any "boilerplate" here. Maybe Ducky needs to have either his ears or what's between them cleaned out and flushed down the drain.

    How did the President react in response? Aside from his haughty pose emulating Mussolini he seemed to shrink into his chair.

  10. Mr. Obama hardly was a product of a privileged family. His father abandoned him and his mother, and at one point she was on food stamps. His mother used to wake him up at 5 am to make him do his school lessons before she went off to work. She insisted he do well in school, and he did.

    Both the doctor and the president are exceptional achievers.

    Good for both of them. They deserve the success they both worked hard for.

  11. The President's response to Dr. Carson's speech is good if you need something to put you to sleep. An empty cliche-filled and mind-numbing snoozer of novocaine for the brain.

    He does make one snide remark to Dr. Carson about turning out so well from not watching television that he would tell that to his daughters. As if that was the central thrust of the doctor's speech.

    At least Obama says he is intent on improving the gene pool of his own family. Not sure how well that will work, though. He obviously lacked a mother that cared enough about him since she sent the poor boy to a mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a rabid foaming-at-the-mouth communist to teach him something in place of his absent father. Communist mentoring is no substitute for hands-off absentee parenting, as we can readily observe, and the results are apparent.

    And what's up with this channeling of Lincoln so often? Hasn't he understood that Lincoln only became the "Great Emancipator" as a contrived idea to unite the forces he was leading in a civil war that was going badly and in need of a worthy cause for which to fight and had been lacking?

  12. To compare President Obama's political "achievements" to Dr. Carson's real achievements is a disgrace.

    And Mr. Obama was not a poor child from the inner city. His parents and grandparents were educated people, and he attended a private high school.

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  14. That was absolutely AWESOME ! Absolutely the best speech I’ve heard in a long time, and he didn’t even use a Teleprompter.
    Obama had a look on his face like he just crapped in his pants.
    He looked pissed off and couldn’t hide it.
    Anyone who tells Obama where he can go is OK in my book.
    THANK YOU! Dr. Carson.
    I don’t think that BO appreciated it though. BO did his best to appear indifferent about it, But you can bet your life that he took it all in and didn’t like what he heard. That was perhaps the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. I wish that everyone would take heed to this man’s philosophy, Obama particularly.. Dr. Carson you have just became a man of importance!

  15. Wait. What 'hard work' did Obama do? Which hard work?

    Silverfiddle is so right...

  16. So this is where we are now?

    "My hero had a more terrible childhood than your hero?"

    Give it up.

    Unless you personally know what it's like to be an African American male in this country and achieve anything, we should be a bit more reticent in this silly competition on who's done the most with the least.

    Both Mr. Obama and Dr. Carson are to be admired for their incredible achievements.

    One is the leader of the free world; the other is a talented professional.

    Both of them overcame much to get where they are.

  17. Leftists/Marxists are very sensitive when someone challenges their failed ideology. As Communists are always offended by the truth!

  18. Take away their race, and Obama and Carson are mediocre at best.

  19. It's only brain surgery. It's not exactly rocket science.

  20. Sorry, AoW, but I'm very familiar with the Fort McHenry story. It was not "well told".

  21. Thersites,
    Dr. Carson is quite the brain surgeon, though, particularly in that he has pioneered a couple of new techniques.

  22. I was speaking mainly in terms of politics, AoW. And even though Dr. Carson may be an "accomplished" neurosurgeon and Obama an "accomplished" lawyer, neither would be my "first choice" to remedy a neurological or legal condition, and they would CERTAINLY NOT be amongst my first choices for a leader of America's government.

    And although Carson might make a good Surgeon General, he'd likely make a lousy President. Ditto for Community Organizer in Chief, as he'd make a passable HUD Cabinet Chief... but keep him OUT of the Oval Office unless there's a Cabinet meeting.

  23. Thersites, your last few remarks were dishonorable and despicable. If I were FT I'd have them stricken out of the record.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

  24. Don't forget, FJ would not seek Western treatments for his neurological conditions, since they are no better than the ancient remedies of the Greeks. No CT scans for him, no! Just some dandelion & hemp tea and a poetry recital.

  25. Dr. Carson is a vast improvement over another eminent American brain surgeon, who earned his fame and fortune doing lobotomies. he employed a particularly crude method of inserting an ice pick through the eye.

    Fair warning: This is not for the squeamish or easily offended and definitely not to be viewed too soon after eating or drinking ...

  26. Jez wants the medical field to complete commit itself to eugenics. Too many brown people.

  27. ps - Katherine, the day when the truth becomes both too despicable and dishonorable for you to consider is perhaps the day that you should consider retiring from blogging entirely.

  28. The soft racism inherent in "Carson worship" reminds me of the Collin Powell Republicrats.

    *shakes head*

  29. No, FJ, to you every dark-skinned man no matter how smart and dedicated will always be just a nigger. That's not the truth; it's prejudice.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

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  31. Choose your poison. A frontal lobotomy performed by Dr. Walter Freeman, a pipe smoking Jew quack or Dr. Benjamin Carson.

    Personally I'll take Dr. Carson 100 per cent of the time.

  32. Sorry Kate, I'm just not a believer in Magic Negroes like you. :(

  33. Freethinke: some of your friends suck.

  34. Thersites,
    I'm no believe in Magic Negroes. But I do believe in recognizing excellence. Dr. Carson as neurosurgeon is definitely excellent. I know of one family who availed themselves of his skill, and their child lived.

  35. Excellence is a relative term, AoW. It doesn't come from "titles" like "Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital". The Peter Principle is just as valid there as elsewhere in the Universe. And given the current state of Affirmative Action in this once great nation, I believe myself to have valid reasons for maintaining my skepticism, especially given ALL the myriad of historical inaccuracies in his delivered speech. And that speech is the ONLY criteria by which I have to render "fair' judgement upon his "fitness" for "higher office".

  36. FJ, Did you LISTEN to the doctor's speech -- all the way through?

    Thanks to the ruthlessly aggressive, disingenuous machinations of the left I too still tend to view Negroes in high places with a weather eye, but your attitude here reminds me too much of the blindness exhibited decades ago when the DAR soiled itself and marred its reputation forever when it refused to allow Marian Anderson, a very great American personage blest with a magnificent contralto voice, to perform in Constitution Hall.

    The same aesthetic blindness and willful stupidity asserted itself years later when Leontyne Price made her earliest appearances at the Metropolitan Opera, and many, despite unanimous critical acclaim, refused to believe that Miss Price could really sing opera when in fact the lady had one of the most beautiful, best trained, exquisitely honed lyric-dramatic soprano voices ever heard on the world's stage.

    I've seen this kind of prejudice in lower echelons of high achievement as well. A certain segment of the population simply can NOT believe that a NEGRO could POSSIBLY do what a WHITE person can do as well or better.

    The same attitude prevails with homosexuals. Worthy individuals, who have proven themselves time and again over a period of DECADES, are suddenly DISQUALIFIED -- considered No God-Damned Good at All! -- if some "investigator" discovers the individual in question participates or has participated in homosexual acts.

    I'm no liberal, believe me, but neither do I espouse the CONEHEAD mentality.

    Talk is cheap, which is why I am at war with Political Correctness. Talking about rape is not the same as committing rape. Neither is joking about it. Calling Barack Obama's lousy, stinking, irresponsible BUM of sub-Saharan African father a SAVAGE is in that same category, which I why I say it repeatedly -- and will CONTINUE to say it OPENLY till the day I die. I say it, because it is TRUE. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Blind, unreasoning prejudice determined to ignore or deny TRUTH on the other hand is reprehensible in the extreme, and I will OPENLY fight that TOO till the day I die.

    The policy here is that anyone can say anything they want to say -- except for insincere taunts and gibes and persistent badgering obviously designed to disrupt and derail honest discussion -- BUT honest commentary will have to suffer whatever honest rejoinders it may engender.

    Be of good cheer. We welcome HONESTY here.

  37. Apparently, Dr. Carson is retiring from surgery in June. He has indicated that he might -- MIGHT -- be interested in entering politics. God help him if he does!

  38. Did YOU listen to all that muck about soldiers taking turns propping up the flag at Fort McHenry?


    Four men died. Four.

    "British Ships as far as the eye could see"...

    ...were 19 ships.

    I enjoy a good piece of military hagiography as much as the next guy, but this bit was rather poorly developed and delivered.

  39. The speech may have been a mile wide, but it was only an inch deep.

  40. ...but now I'll take the good Doctor's excellent advice, despite the "theme" of "Speaking truth" and not being intimidated into remaining "silent" and fall back on Proverbs 11:12, and only, in future, speak "truths" that people "want" to hear.

    *shakes head*

  41. I only ask you to honestly ask yourself the following question... "Had the speech been delivered by a White politician, would you have proclaimed its' "excellence"?" Had it been an "amateur" like Joe the Plumber, perhaps, but not a "motivational speaker" working on delivering his fourth rendition of said speech THAT week.

  42. Methinks thou art straining out gnats while swallowing camels, FJ.

    When I listen to Obama, my mind intones repeatedly, "He's full of shit" -- like a Greek Chorus.

    When I heard Ben Carson -- and I've listened all the way through at least three times -- my mind says, "How refreshing! What FUN! You GO, guy! I LIKE you!"

    It's as simple as that.

  43. Put him in a debate with another great Marylander, Dr. Alan Keyes, and you'd swear that Carson was a Grade Schooler.

    He made Obama look like one.

  44. ...but then the Republican establishment prefers lapdogs.

    They have to learn how to "sit".

  45. "Savage" carries connotations beyond "one who was born in Africa," though, eg. it commonly means "one who is not civilized". Obama Snr is only a savage if you construct a rather unusual definition of "savage", probably one designed to accommodate your assertion. I expect the Germans would have argued that their colonization of Kenya in the 19th century civilized it, therefore Obama Snr was born in a civilized country.

  46. Sorry, fellows, but I have an innate distaste for contrarianism. I prefer always NOT to take the dim view, unless and until all other alternatives have been tried and found wanting.

    We are all entitled to our views. Now that we know what they are, could we please conclude this pointless discussion?



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