Monday, December 3, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff

Congress taking chances with our future

Traipsing toward Perdition arm-in-arm
Happy little morons fecklessly
Embrace ideas most apt to do them harm ––
False hope their wants could be supplied for free.

Imposing on society’s producers,
Soft-headed sycophants conditioned madly
Cast aspersions, ape their vile seducers,
And thus make sure our future will go badly.

Leaving hardship for the yet unborn,
Cleverly sidestepping Duty’s call,
Leaders weak, deserving of our scorn
Impel our once-great nation toward her fall.

Foolishness portrayed as wisdom fails us
Forever in the search to cure what ails us.

Our current fiscal condition

~ FreeThinke - 12/1/12


  1. Happy little morons and Soft-headed sycophants -- Yes, indeed!

    And an excellent acrostic sonnet all round, FT.

    I see people running around and acting as if all is well. They are dancing on the edge of the cliff, and they don't even know that a cliff exists!

    Why do so many Americans put so much trust in politicians in the first place?

  2. Ah, AOW, that is the quintessential question. Perhaps there is no answer.

    Just a thought... Is it because Americans don't trust themselves? In placing trust in politicians they can avoid responsibility and accountability perhaps?

    Just saying...

  3. RN: I think the answer is simpler. The 100 year Progressive Long March has infantilized us, turning us all into children looking first to Big Daddy Government.

  4. Silver, I acknowledge that is PART of the answer. Identifying the COMPLETE answer requires more depth of thought, IMNHO.

  5. Most people are fed with these problems that never go away, and even more fed up with boring commentary that repeats itself and does nothing but complain. FT's way of dealing with this stuff is clever, accurate, extremely original, and to the point. He's not solving anything, but at least his way of dealing with this stuff is creative. That's why I love this blog.

    Helen Highwater

  6. Helen, your praise is beginning to embarrass me. I'm not sure I deserve it, but please don't stop. ;-)

    Recognition and kindness are extremely rare on the net.

    It's unusual to meet anyone who is able to share their thoughts open-heartedly without being confrontational or sometimes downright abusive.

    ~ FT

  7. I'm beginning to wonder if the "fiscal cliff" isn't just a concocted scheme to reach a point at which people become so sick of the political partisan bickering that they will be ready to accept any solution offered.

    And what is defined as "rich" when arguing to "tax the rich". Absent from any mention in the media are the "really rich" whose agenda is being carried forward as we speak. I speaking here of the "really rich" like the Rockefellers and specifically the likes of David Rockefeller. He bragged about not paying taxes unless he feels an urge to do so then he might issue a small cheque of something like $649 to pay his share.

    That was part of the game instituted back at the time of the "trust busters", when "charitable foundations" were created in order to allow the "rich" like the Rockefellers, the Fords and the Carnegies to protect their assets by placing their wealth and companies into trusts. This allows them to put their earnings into trusts to be protected from taxes while allowing them to still control the companies.

    Maybe the best idea would be to re-open the 1954 Congressional Inquiry into Charitable Trusts. It was shut down as a means of silencing the inquiry:

  8. "You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart."- David Rockefeller, before a Congressional committee



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