Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Howl

There’s nothing to tout.
There’s nothing to buy.
The stores have run out.
Your funds have run dry.

Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

For his mill you’re just grist.
He thinks fun’s a crime, 
So he clenches his fist,
When you seek a good time.

Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

He monitors your reaping.
He’ll ration what you take.
Whatever you try keeping
He will grab for others’ sake!

So, you’d better not sing,
You’d better not dance.
Obama’s the King,
He might look askance.

Baracklaus Upon You Will Frown.
Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

He’s the stick-thin man 
With the big black ears.


~ FreeThinke 12/10/12


  1. Great poem! And funny even though it wasn't dirty. Haha.

  2. I agree with Mr. AOW. Great satiric
    Mr. AOW had me "steal" this poem for posting at his site on Friday.

  3. Thanks AOW, but it's just a little old parody of Santa Claus is Coming to Town I dashed off at lunch yesterday.

    That old tune in some hideous new version was booming over the loudspeakers at the local beanery, and suddenly in my restless, fervid, ever-questing mind "Santa Claus" became "Baracklaus." The rest was easy.

    When you're eating alone and waiting for service, the underside of placemats provides a useful surface on which to jot down idle thoughts, make plans -- and capture sudden inspirations.

    This would never happen, if I had an iPhone to stare or blare into, or could still read standard printed material comfortably.

    "Sweet are the uses of adversity," as I never tire of reminding myself -- and others. ;-)

    Writing satirical verse is -- for me -- the best revenge.

    Certainly better than buying myself an Ouzi and spraying bullets into innocent crowds shouting, "Merry Christmas, you God-damned bastards!" or Allah Hooey Okbar! or whatever it is the Islamaniacs like to shout while mowing down or blowing up Christians and Jews.

  4. Too bad I don't have the resources to post a sung version!

    But then, if you ever heard me sing, you might be grateful I don't.

    Thanks to both Mr. and Mrs. AOW. I'm glad you like today's "morning offering."

    At 11:30 AM, EDT today an "antidote" will appear in the form of a great smooth jazz version of the song.

    It may not be what we'd prefer, but life will continue after Obama, so we might as well get as much enjoyment from it as we can, because "we only pass this way but once."

    Merry Christmas!

    ~ FT

  5. Certainly better than buying myself an Ouzi and spraying bullets into innocent crowds shouting, "Merry Christmas, you God-damned bastards!" or Allah Hooey Okbar!...


  6. Well, Silver, my friend, the sentiment is appalling, but it may come down to that, since most people don't relieve their frustrations by writing satirical verse -- or lyrical novels and short stories -- but, instead harbor frustration, and bottled up rage and resentment till it reaches the boiling point.

    Once the budding totalitarianism under which we now live matures, and even one's private writings may be "investigated," and "confiscated" while the authors, whose ideas are deemed "antithetical to the best interests of The State" start getting hauled off to the "Re-Education Centers," suicidal outbursts of extreme violence like the one caricatured above are likely to become the norm.

    The fundamental urge to be free becomes stronger than the will to survive once oppression becomes sufficiently extreme.

    ~ FT

  7. I totally agree with you. I was expressing laughter.

  8. Well, that's good, Kurt, because we need laughter as much or more than we need money right now.

    I swear "The Mirth Deficit" is growing even more rapidly than the National Debt, ;-D

  9. The Mirth Deficit is a pain in the ass and a vicious cycle.

    Of course, it's hard to find much joy with the mess that "America" is in right now.

  10. Damn. I posted that second comment above as Mr. AOW; he himself posted the first comment above.

    I wish that I knew how to use Mr. AOW's iPad better. Alas! I don't have much experience with iPads.

  11. Count yourself damned lucky that you can even SEE an ipad AOW! My wife has one and I NEVER use it. I claim that's because it's pink, but the real reason is because I can't see it.

    FT, I stole the "baracklaus" picture for facebook. Hope you don't mind.

  12. Mind, AA? Of course not. I'm flattered.

    I "steal" all these images, myself, from online sources. My part in the process is having a pretty clear idea of what I hope to find. Usually, what I need pops up pretty quickly.

    My eyes are so bad I have to read everything in EIGHTEEN-POINT type.

    Thank God for the computer! But I shall always have a love-hate relationship with it, I'm afraid.

    Like so many many things

    It wouldn't be missed
    If it didn't exist.

    Merry Christmas!

    ~ FT



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