Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of the Most Terrifying Videos 
You Could Ever Hope to See

From a cute little woolly-headed black kid to a caricatured clone of –– who is that supposed to be? –– Natalie Wood? –– Liz Taylor? –– maybe an amalgam of both? –– and all with the persistent, unending grin of a death's head exhumed in an archaeological dig in one of the darkest, most remote corners of this benighted world.

The immense popularity of this grotesque, largely unreal, terribly sad, mentally ill, hideously exploited individual speaks so poorly for the degraded state of the Popular American Mind it's enough to make one burst into tears.

~ FreeThinke


  1. I thought of the words to "Smile" as I watched the video: "Smile though your heart is breaking...."

    I somewhat followed the long career of Michael Jackson. Such talent! And, in the end, whatever he was doing to his appearance killed him, IMO. All those pain killers! I have no doubt that he was in constant pain from all those surgeries -- and God only knows what else.

    "Thriller" was perfect for Michael Jackson. He did look the part of the undead by then -- and looked even worse as the years went by.

    IMO, MJ was one tormented soul. Why? I mean, the root cause.

  2. FT,
    Have you seen the first portion of this video? Why is his body so WHITE? Eerie. The pallor of death doesn't explain that skin tone, IMO.

  3. Weird!. I don't know if it's real, though.

    Note the date of this footage. Sheesh.

  4. I heard he was trying to be Diana Ross.

    His is a sad case. Very few child stars come out of the experience unscathed.

  5. He looked his best at frame 100 in my opinion. If only he'd stopped there, much of the pain and suffering might have been worthwhile.

    But no the obvious SELF-HATRED -- the inability to accept and live with his NEGRO-IDENTITY -- caused an obsessive-compulsive disorder that became a long slow method of committing suicide.

    Incredibly sad!

    ~ FT

  6. Does anyone know precisely HOW he changed his skin color from dark brown to white?

    I understand how plastic surgery works, but changing one's SKIN COLOR is downright eerie.

    How the hell did he DO it?

    ~ FT

  7. But Diana Ross was decidedly BLACK, Kurt.

    He obviously wanted to become a WHITE woman.

    If he'd lived longer, he might have carried his demented desires so far as wanting to become a BLONDE.

    can you imagine Michael Jackson as the Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?

    I'm not ridiculing him. I feel very sorry for him -- and even sorrier for the "culture" that encouraged and revelled in his insanity.

    ~ FT

  8. Here are the lyrics to Smile.

    Better late than never, I suppose.

    Smile though your heart is aching;
    Smile even though it's breaking.
    When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by.
    If you smile through your fear and sorrow,
    Smile, and maybe tomorrow,
    You'll see the sun come shining through for you.

    Light up your face with gladness,
    Hide every trace of sadness.
    Smile, though a tear may be ever so near,
    That's the time you must keep on trying,
    Smile, what's the use of crying?
    You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
    If you just smile.

    ~ Lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons.
    ~ Music by Charlie Chaplin, 1936.

    Interesting to discover the music came from Charlie Chaplin of all people.

    My favorite rendition of Smile is by Judy Garland in a performance videotaped late in her career. I'll never forget, as long as I live, how she delivered the line, "Smile though a tear may be ever so near".

    It was so very close to the way she had actually lived her life.

    Smile could be the Theme Song for a great many performers who've given the public so much pleasure while the performers, themselves, were living in anguish and torment.

    ~ FT

  9. FT,
    Hey! I remember that version by Judy Garland. After she died, that videotape took on a terrible poignancy.

  10. I never understood his status. He did a few interesting songs around the thriller period but nothing that would warrant the attention.

    A truly troubled soul with a galaxy of enablers.

  11. Duck,
    Thriller! I wore out the cassette and two CD's!

    Quincy Jones was a master -- may still be, for all I know. I rarely follow pop or rock music now.



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