Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pithy isn't it?


  1. The news media is now openly and shamelessly acting as Obama's Ministry of Propaganda.

  2. And we expected better? I know that I won't live long enough to see this country get back to the way it was, but I can certainly do all I can to get it on the right track. NO MO bama!!

  3. The sodomy claim is not being reported by any reputable news source.

    It seems to have originated with Pamela Geller.

    No do you really want to be a similar moron and spread her petty homosexual gossip.

    The matter deserves respect and Ambassador Stevens and his family deserve some dignity and respect.

    So try not to be an asshole.

  4. This is a preview of our future as long as we cozy up to the Mooselimbs. It's time to start cracking a few heads.

  5. Dry up, Canardo!

    Be good to know our side can use this so that the poor man did not die completely in vain.

    I'm sure they force fed him at least ten pounds of camel dung, then made him lick up the vomitus this induced from a dirt floor crawling with scorpions before they took turns sodomizing him till the blood gushed from his ruined anus, and then murdered him.

    These God-damned bastards are BARBARIANS. I wouldn't piss on one of them to put out the blaze if he were on fire.

    Get real. Take OUR side for a change, or join your beloved compatriots who live in Anusmundistan and share their fate.

    ~ FT

  6. Freethinker, try to step back and look at this with some perspective.

    I know that various right wing sources have pounded a load of crap into your head with a freaking power tool and you might not be able to change.

    But isn't that sad? Your next opportunity for change comes when you drift off to the grave and start to decompose?

    Live life while you may.

  7. I watched CNN for a while this afternoon.


    The anchors of the shows I saw were oozing syrup with their statements supporting Obama and oozing venom every time they mentioned Romney's name.

    At last, I turned off the TV, loaded Mr. AOW and the scooter into the Crown Vic, and headed to a car cruise-in. Had to escape politics and the so-called news!

  8. I know, Ducky. I do admire your desire to think well of fellow men no matter how foul and fiendish they may be, -- I share that, myself, to some extent, believe it or not -- but conditions in the Arab world are so desperately unattractive it's very difficult to accept the notion that Arabs have anything to offer us that we ought to want or need other than their friggin OIL -- and culinary delights such as Shish Kebab, Souvlaki, Falafel, Couscous, Tabouleh salad and certain heavenly pastries.

    Do read the New York Times article on the late Ambassador to Libya we published this morning. It teeters perilously on the brink of self-parody, and would be comical, if it weren't so pathetic -- and the circumstances of "Krees'" death weren't so terribly sad and tragically ironic.

    ~ FT

  9. Why do they have to offer us anything?

  10. Stop that willful misunderstanding so characteristic of "oppositionists"the wide world o'er, Ducky.

    You know perfectly well that I meant that societies dominated by Islam are antithetical to Western values and there is nothing there we ought to consider bringing into our own -- infinitely superior -- world.

    And when I say, "infinitely superior," you know damned well I don't mean "perfect," so please don't let the predictable attempt to gainsay responsible opinion escape through your doughty fingertips.

    You know perfectly well by now that no one is more critical of putrid Pop Culture, mindless materialism, and the bas Bourgeois mentality than I.

    ~ FT



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