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Moronic Abuse of Power Occurring
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California HOA Forces Residents to Keep Garage Doors Open to Deter Squatters

PJ media ~ JANUARY 10, 2018

In a couple of years, my wife and I will be looking to buy a house. There are a few things we want, such as a fireplace, lots of kitchen storage, and an office for me. These are important things, but for the right house, we may be flexible on some of these.

One thing we're not budging on is no homeowners associations. Why? Well, stuff like what is taking place with one HOA in California, for one.
The HOA in the Auburn Greens community of Auburn, California, found out that someone in the neighborhood had allowed someone else to live in their garage. This went against the HOA's rules, you see. While I don't see where it's any of their business, I can at least get that it's the rule.

So what scheme did they come up with to combat this?

Everyone in Auburn Greens is required to keep their garage doors up from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You know, the hours when most people are at work and can't keep an eye on their stuff.

"I don’t think it’s a good idea because they are going to steal my bike," said one 9-year-old boy, who seems to have a better sense of reality than the entire HOA. "I’ve got an electric scooter, I've got an electric wheelchair, I’ve got all kinds of stuff. So, I just don’t think it’s very good to have it open."

Yet keep it up they must. 
Either that or face a $200 fine.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem with HOAs.

While the purpose behind an HOA — to keep the neighborhoods neat and orderly — sounds great, it's important to remember that HOA membership basically means that your neighbors get a say in what you do with your property. It's not enough to have federal, state, and local governments issuing rules over what you can and can't do. No, we had to create these petty tyrannies to stick their noses in as well.

Different HOAs have different rules, to be sure, but they all focus on the mundane, trivial stuff. That's because the people who are attracted to rules like HOA boards and elected offices are people who are often attracted to power in general. However, what good is power unless you use it, right?

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  1. There are many HOA's and covenant communities here in my sprawling small city at the foot of the Rockies, but fortunately we do not live in one. We live in a working class neighborhood where people work on cars in front of their houses and sometimes have many cars parked out front, but we all take care of our houses and its a nice neighborhood, all without a board of tyrants dictating behavior to us.

    HOA's keep the riff-raff out, supposedly, but people also complain of the type of tyranny described in this article.

    If we were still a nation of people with some commonly shared values and mores and with similar standards of common decency, such organizations would not be needed.

    1. I agree completely with you last sentence. That is EXACTLY the point.

      We have lost our moral compass, and no longer seem able to distinguish between good taste and bad taste.

      You can thank Cultural Marxism, the 1965 Immigration Act –– and Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll for that.

  2. California's dictatorial progressivism grips every level of society out there, and one of the many deleterious side-effects is sky high home prices and property taxes. Like all socialism, they've caused more problems than they have fixed.

    Working people are being pushed out of California. They are creating a state consisting of the the rich and the poor, with no middle class.

  3. A. Realtor-Tycoon said

    From time to time, I have large beautiful wooded residential lots to dispose of. The first question from prospective buyers is always a concerned "Is there an HOA?" My answer is "No" and then the buyer is ready to continue talking.

  4. Mr. AOW and I are grateful to be living in a neighborhood without an HOA.


    The county's Zoning Nazis are ever on the prowl.

    Citizens of this county are encouraged to report zoning violations to the county's web site (or to phone in). The name of the squealer is never available.

    One curse of the Digital Age: with only a few keystrokes, the county is forever updating the regulations pertaining to homeowners. It's impossible for homeowners to keep up with the changes.

  5. Joy Funloversaid

    Years ago I needed housing for a job in the Washington, DC area. Not wanting to live in a city, I purchased a townhouse in Virginia. It was my first experience with a homeowners association, and it will be the last time I ever live under such conditions. I understand why homeowner association is preceded by the word "Nazi".

  6. New regulation here: garage doors must be kept closed if a vehicles tags or annual safety inspections have expired.


    Every vehicle parked on the street OR in a homeowners driveway must be moved at least every 48 hours. Thank God that our handicapped van has a waiver -- for now, anyway.

  7. Bicoastal Broad said

    All of those Auburn families then had to find another place for their twenty-something sons to live.

    Florida is just as bad. One community doesn´t allow pickup trucks to be parked outside, in another you can´t remove a diseased tree without buying a permit - or waiting for the next hurricane.

  8. Everyone in Auburn Greens is required to keep their garage doors up from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You know, the hours when most people are at work and can't keep an eye on their stuff.

    Thus promoting theft! Sheesh.

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  10. It could be worse. You could live in a "planned community" like Columbia or (Old) Greenbelt, MD (where I work). Businesses can't have signs over a certain size, and trying to find things in the commercial areas (like a gas station) are difficult unless you know where things are.

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    1. Chicago Housing Tenants Organization (CHTO), MOVE, BPP, Tranquility Marksman Memorial Organization...

      They may not be "owners" bu they are "organizations"

  12. Oprah for President is a guilt-free, no-consequences, virtue signaling vibrator the progressive pleasure center

    This article featured by FT is one more progressive-produced DISASTER!

    1. ...with the ugly dude's hand grabbing your lower left cheek!

    2. Whether anyone wants to think so or not, "PROGRESSIVISM" is in fact a form of MARXISM. I'm sure there have been collectivist ideologies before Uncle Karl, "Der Scheisskopf," began to dominate the West, but "MARXISM" serves very well as an umbrella term for ALL forms of CENTRALIZED AUTHORITARIAN POWER –– artfully contrived academic distinctions notwithstanding.

      Even "FASCISM" is really just another name for the same thing –– i.e. CENTRALIZED POWER.

      HOWEVER –– as you, yourself, were so find of arguing in a discussion on econoics the other day, Herr Bauer –– an absoutely uncintrolled, unregulated form of Capitalism leads to tyranny by bullying plutocrats, so would a totally unregulated domestic community lead to the making of a chaotic, degenerate SLUM.

      The crying need for BALANCE is ever present –– an always maddeningly elusive conundrum.

    3. "Everything in moderation?"

      But NATCH, Doc!


    4. FT,
      The crying need for BALANCE is ever present –– an always maddeningly elusive conundrum.

      Perhaps human beings should not live so closely together. Neighborhoods with HOA's seem ever embroiled in battles.


    DJIA hit 25,574.73 - up 205.60 today

    Three months ago it was 22,841. One year ago .it was 18, 891.

    Five years ago it was 13, 649.



    Is this a "bubble," and will it burst? Probably, but so what? GOOD money managers ex[ect periodic setbacks and factor them into their calculations.

    1. And the Democrat Socialists are ready to smother it all with 300 pounds of billionaire whale blubber!

  14. Trump calls African nations "Shit-holes"

    Because they are shit-holes. Why does the truth hurt?

    Has anybody got a reason why he's being so kind and complimentary to them?

    1. African nations are shitholes. And africans migrating to the EU routinely beat and rape the native women. And if someone is worried about offending some african savage, they should die or move there and be raped and killed.

  15. Where were we.... HOA. I wouldn't live in an HOA anymore than I'd rent a prison cell.

    1. I do livei in one, Kid, but I have lived to regret it. Fell i nlove with the house and grounds eighteen years ago –– a rare find in these here parts.

      One GOOD thing:

      Your neighbors can't paint their houses bright orange, line their eaves with neon lights, build 100-ft tall radio towers that look like oil wells, or park Wnnebagoes, boats or service trucks in their driveways. Neither can they have a rock band or a stereo playing FORTISSIMO in their back yards all night, etc.

      BUT, there's no doubt about it "POWER" turns otherwise decent people into snotty bastards.

      Like everythng else in life it's a TRADE-OFF.

  16. I say, I was quite interrupted up there by the vulgar yobbos. Thank you FreeThinke, for throwing them out.
    * FootballLives**

  17. Has anybody got a reason why he's being so kind and complimentary to them?
    ** HolidayPalace**



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