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Naturally, He Must Be 


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    1. ALVIN! I havet seen hide nor hair of you for DECADES!

      It's good to know you're stll alive, even if your material has become rather déclassé.

    2. Barton Brunoleschi il Duomo said

      ‘DACA No Longer Enough:’ Soros-Funded Illegal Aliens Demand Amnesty by Protesting Schumer, Democrats

      Breitbart Big Government, by John Binder

      Illegal alien activists stormed the home of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the offices of Democrats demanding immediate amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the United States, as well as the release of all illegal aliens who are in detention centers for crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. Illegal aliens and open borders activists with “United We Dream,” a group that is partially funded by globalist billionaire George Soros, blocked off streets in Brooklyn, New York to protest Schumer’s vote to cave and reopen the federal government without an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens being included ... ... ...

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    1. I happe to AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with the idea presentedd in THAT video.

      ABRAHAM LINCOLN was IN TRUTH one of History's greatest VILLAINS.

      A man so VILE all but one of his children preferred to DIE rather than remain part of his depraved, degenerate household. A man so VILE his poor wife wnet MAD from the terrible strain of having to live with a MASS MURDERER and maker of WIDOWS and ORPHANS of EPIC proprotions.

    2. Dementia Praecox Abandonatta said

      Legislation Tries to Block Census from Adding Citizenship
      Question as DOJ Requested

      PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson

      WASHINGTON -- D.C.´s delegate to Congress said Monday that she´ll introduced legislation in an effort to block the Census Bureau from asking questions about citizenship, nationality or immigration status in the 2020 survey. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said she was spurred to take legislative action after a Dec. 12 letter from a Justice Department official asked Acting Census Bureau Director Ron Jarmin to reinstate a citizenship question on the survey. In the letter, Justice Management Division General Counsel Arthur E. Gary called the data provided by the question, which used to be on the long-form Census questionnaire until 2000, "critical to the - - -

  3. According to Bill Still’s source — an unnamed “NBC associate producer of the forum” — Hillary was so enraged that, after the forum, she went into a ballistic melt-down, screaming at her staff, including a racist rant at Donna Brazile, calling Brazile a “buffalo” and “janitor”. Brazile recently turned against Hillary — now we know why.

    This is the NBC associate producer’s account of what happened:

    “Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of the assistant, and the screaming started.

    She was in a full meltdown and no one on her staff dared speak with her — she went kind of manic and did not have any control over herself at that point. How these people work with this woman is amazing to me. She really didn’t seem to care who heard any of it.

    You really had to see this to believe it. She came apart — literally unglued. She is the most foul-mouthed woman I’ve ever heard. And that voice at screech level — awful!

    She screamed she’d get that fucking Lauer fired for this. Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said, ‘If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished, and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.’

    Her dozen or more aides were visibly disturbed and tried to calm her down when she started shaking uncontrollably as she screamed to get an executive at Comcast, the parent company of NBC Universal, on the phone. Then two rather large aides grabbed her and helped her walk to her car.”

  4. It will be a dismal spectacle watching the slow-motion car wreck that is the Repubelicant Party totally cave to Schmucky Schumer.

    DemonCraps care about nothing but legalizing their millions of undocumented voters, and the GOOP are a dithering, blathering national embarrassment.

    1. It's because the vast majority of eligible voters are absolute MORONS who are effectively LED AROUND by the NOSE by the POOPAGANDA generated by the ENEMEDIA.

      "All I know is what I read in the papers," used to be considered an amiable JOKE. Now it's a DIRE THREAT.

      It has achieved DIRE THREAT status, primarily because most people haven't the faintest idea of the degree to which they are being manipulated. Even if they knew, they'd have even less understanding of WHY.

      POPULAR CULTURE is one of THE primary sources of MIND POISON that has caused the massive degeneration of our once-vibrant civilization.

      I believe I know how AND why this has happened, but the knowledge does no one any particle of good, because MOST have been SO effectively BRAINWASHED by the engines of CRASS MASS COMMUNICATION they deeply RESENT any challenge to the hideous things they have been subtly persuaded to accept and regard as Normal, Right and Good.

      Even YOU dear souls who are my friends don't REALLY believe me. I'm sure most of those who seem to like me, personally, simply look at me as an amiable-if-somewhat-too-crusty eccentric reactionary –– something like a Mad Uncle who lives in the attic.

    2. I not only believe you, FT, but whole heartedly agree with you. People no longer wish to live. They prefer being "entertained" by the society of control.

    3. People will fight you in order to STAY inside the matrix.

    4. Thank you, Thersites.

      I imagine it's a lot like the state of mind that compels hardened criminals to return to jail at every available opportunity or worse yet ordinary goot soldoers who keep REENLISTING for no reason other than their inabiluiy to know what to do with themselves when they are not being ordered about.

      Freedom must be a TERRIFYING thing for cowardly, dull-witted people who have no imagination and anything faintly resembi[ng breadth of vision.

      Most, apparently, [refer to push a proverbual peanut back and forth across a worplace floor all day ever day, than to make any effort to raise their sites above base board height.

      And face it, automata of THIS sorry ilk is what the "RULING CLASS" prefers.

      Smart people make waves. Smart people are born troublemakers. Smart people make poor cogs in the machinery designed by the bosses.

    5. "People will fight you in order to STAY inside the matrix."

      Indeed they will, Alas! –– and routinely DO.

      There is no cure for it. All we can do is rise above it in our THINKING, and live as we wish to do isafe within the marvelously fertile confines of our own minds.

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  5. Sad it must be, to live a life so consumed by hate.

    1. It really is, isn't it Anonymous?

      YOU should know that better than anyone, I should think.

    2. Anon. is part of the army of worthless pieces of excrement who make it their business to befoul every site they visit.

      'Tis best not to dignify thier presence with a response of ANY kind, I think.

  6. Given the history of Trump-haters breaking themselves to pieces when trying to attack President Trump, I am cautiously optimistic he will defeat Shithole Schumer and the senile Sanfran Granny.

    President Trump's position was quite reasonable: A DACA deal in exchange for immigration reform.

    I don't know how Democrats survive opposition to that. Unfortunately President Trump will have to fight against half his own party to beat the DemonCraps.

    1. Funny, Silver! I was just listening to a rebroadcast on C-Span of a November 18, 2017 symposium on Abraham Lincoln of all people. ;-)

      What struck me most forcibly from the whole schmeerange was how the rhetoric and heated exchanges from press, politicians, and public opinion in those times was so EXACTLY like it is today. If you think we are hopelessly divide NOW, a review of how things were in the late 1850's and early 1860's might prove astonishing.

      Perhaps we needn't be so concerned after all? If we could prevail in the Revolution of 1776, the War of 1812, survive the rough and tumble presidency of of the brutal racist redneck, Andrew Jackson, endure the Civil War and its aftermath, get through various financial panics, WWI, the onslaught of anti-constitutional Progressivism, the disastrous presidency of the Racist-Progressive strike victim, Woodrow Wilson, the Depression, FDR and the Socialistic New Deal, win WWII, survive Korea and Vietnam, etc. it seems logical to believe we can –– and WILL –– be able to do ANYTHING we must in order to carry on, in spite of our fractious, foolish, fearful, feeble-minded little selves.

    2. My optimism is guarded.

      As I said at AOW's, they who frame the debate win the argument, and the entire Western World's activities are carried out in a progressive frame. Mushy masturbatory feel good progressive ideology permeates our culture and is the de facto norm. Anyone wanting to say or do anything off that skewed center bubble has to work very hard and do a lot of defensive explaining.

      I hope, as in the past, that things swing back. If Merkel doesn't survive, and there is a 50/50 shot she's toast, that could be a harbinger of the pendulum swinging back to the center.

    3. To put it as simply as possible –– and perhaps too simplistically for those who can't help but see every challenge both great and small as a Gordian Knot –– I believe the TRUTH –– however daunting, perplexing and unflattering it may seem in its surface aspects -–– CAN and eventually WILL set us free.

      God's Truth and God's Love ,which are inseparable from one another, are more powerful than anything the would-be tyrants, malicious malcontents and feckless followers of false philosophies could ever hope to devise.

      The following words based on bibilical texts –– an English translation of choruses in A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms –– have given me lifelong inspiration. My hope would be that they do the same for all who come in contact with them.

      Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

      They who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.

      Go forth and weep, bearing precious seed, and return with joy bearing their sheaves

      For all flesh is as grass, and the glory of man like flowers.

      The grass withers and the flower falls.

      Therefore be patient, O my brethren, for the coming of the Lord.

      Behold, the husbandman waits for the delicious fruits of the earth
      and is patient, until he receives the morning rain and evening rain.

      But the word of the Lord endures for Eternity ...

      Since it is painfully obvious we cannot merely rely on each other, we really have no choice but to rely in God's Holy Word [remembering all the while that God, who IS All IN All, is at the same time the personification and perfect expression of Truth, Love, Principle, Mind (Intelligence and Creativity),Soul (Individual Identity), Spirit (the force that animates all forms of life) and Life, itself, which is, despite all its often terrifying challenges, God's greatest Gift to us, His children.

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    5. Just another pawn in the army of worthless pieces of waste matter, FJ. An individual whose sole purpose in life is to degrade every place he visits with coarse, childish, dirty-minded, nonsensical pseudo-inflammatory rhetoric.

      A lot like the morons who get thier kicks by drawing mustaches on Subway advertising posters –– or silly seventh graders who write FUCK TEACHER on the blackboard when they think they are not being observed.

      My recommended response would be FIDO (forget it, drive on! ;-)

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  7. Trump should NOT be Blamed for the Government Shutdown, And The Democrats Should!

    The Republicans are the ones who were, and are willing to continue to fund the Government without a single string attached - a clean CR. It is the Democrats that have forced the shutdown to leverage their position on a bill. That makes it squarely, and completely a Democrat shutdown. All the finger pointers in the world do not change that fundamental reality. None of it changes the hypocritical stance of claiming that the right was holding a gun to heads of Americans to leverage their position. Placing illegal immigration above interest of American people is a losing proposition for the Democrats. The Democrats are putting illegal’s before our Military and law abiding natural born American citizens
    Perhaps if Democrats spent more time on the important things like the good of THIS Country rather than this grandstanding BS...things might get done in Washington!

    I don't even think that Schumer believes the BS he's trying to peddle. Has anyone told Schumer that this bill is about extending the funding of the government? He speaks as if this is an immigration bill.

    I don't know about you people, but I'm thinking that he needs to have a mental evaluation
    The Bottom line is this, and I hope Trump and Republicans remind voters of this: If you want to elect people to represent non-Americans here and abroad, vote Democrat. If you want people to represent Americans, vote Republican.

    Chuckie Schumer has changed around the quote from JFK to read.... "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For The People, And The MS-13 Gang Members Who Snuck Into Our Country Illegally From Another Country"

  8. The Truth Has Been SpokenJanuary 21, 2018 at 9:53 AM

    They call President Trump "Crazy" while they run around wearing Pussy Hats and Vagina Costumes.

  9. So to sum it all up, the Democrats are putting these illegal whatever you call them before American citizens. The gall of these people especial Chuckie Schumer really gets to me and the Lefty Commie news media will give them cover from their despicable actions, and deflect the blame on the Republicans, and on President Trump

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  11. The Obama administration will be forever known as the most criminal in US history, but we are only finding out NOW as evidence is exposed that Obama created his own little 'Secret Society' that met the day after the election to conspire and commit treason...and the evidence is being exposed proving Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Hillary, and even Obama himself were involved

    1. The Registered Nurses' Male LoverJanuary 23, 2018 at 10:15 AM

      Do you think the Mainstream Media will even cover this? They are even part of it!!!

  12. The Hill:

    “Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew well in advance of FBI Director James Comey's 2016 press conference that he would recommend against charging Hillary Clinton, according to information turned over to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Friday.

    The revelation was included in 384 pages of text messages exchanged between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and it significantly diminishes the credibility of Lynch's earlier commitment to accept Comey's recommendation — a commitment she made under the pretense that the two were not coordinating with each other.

    And it gets worse. Comey and Lynch reportedly knew that Clinton would never face charges even before the FBI conducted its three-hour interview with Clinton, which was supposedly meant to gather more information into her mishandling of classified information.”

    This looks like some serious stuff, stuff that makes Watergate look mild in comparison.
    Was Lynch coordinating with Comey in the Clinton investigation? There’s little room for doubt there. Prosecute them for Obstruction of Justice for starters, to the fullest extent of the law and make them an example for all to see.

    And how about that meeting on the tarmac between Slick Willie Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Still think that they were talking about their Grandchildren????
    And they want to Impeach Trump? Are they Kidding???????

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  14. Strozok knew all the time that President Trump didn't collude with the Russians and told Mueller in an e-mail. YET they went forward with the farce anyway. The Department of Justice and the FBI needs to start prosecuting the RIGHT people and sending them to jail. .

  15. I was really upset watching those stupid women marching on Saturday. Specifically those Men wearing those dumb Pussy hats!
    Real heterosexual men don't wear pussy hats. How do I know that? I'm married to one. He is a proud, responsible and working Husband, and Father. He isn't in the streets posing for selfies with a bunch of ignorant Progressive women.

  16. Senate in Maryland. He's checking all the boxes: Traitor, felon, tranny, but he has that uncomfortably Caucasian genetic legacy that weighs him down. Never mind, you can self-identify as any gender or race at a whim and swap at a whim according to whatever pervert makes these rules up in South Beach, Fire Island, Greenish Village NYC and San Francisco.

  17. Lindsey Vonn, Olympian gold medalist skier said she'll be representing the American people, not trump in the Olympics. Who can blame her for not wanting to represent a lying, crooked,thieving, whore-monger and pig like Bill Clinton and his Crooked Wife! The Clinton's represent the lowest fashion of America, the filthy Progressives, and the stupid lefty Loons.. Not to be confused with the real Americans

    1. Vonn is stupid. Olympians represent their nation, not the nation's government or leadership.

      This risk-free, gratuitous virtue-signaling is reaching embarrassingly masturbatory proportions.

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  19. My advice to anyone looking for any kind of solution should try voting for the Republican who is running no matter who he or she might be. We have already seen and we know to well what the Democrat /Liberal’s have done and are doing.
    And as for what Donald Trump said, Illegal Alien Rapists, Child Molesters, people who have prison records, people convicted for Drunk Driving, and people who deal in Drugs, need to be Deported. Throw them back into the country they came from.
    Don’t give them our Pity, our Sympathy, our Food Stamps, Welfare, Jobs, Medical care in our Hospitals, Schooling, etc... DEPORT them and don’t let them back into this country illegally again? NO amnesty. NO work permits. NO nothing but deportation
    We don’t need people like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry. or Barack Obama to tell us differently.
    Or those Progressive Freaks that write and comment on those STUPID blogs.
    Just my opinion…

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  22. ________________________ NOTICE ________________________

    "ANONYMOUS,"whose comments I have sedulously eradicated, is just another pawn in the army of worthless pieces of foul smelling waste matter that troll interactive websites everywhere.

    This, obvously, is an individual whose sole purpose in life is to degrade every place he visits with coarse, childish, dirty-minded, nonsensical pseudo-inflammatory rhetoric.

    He, she or it –– whatever the case may be –– is a lot like the morons who get their kicks by drawing mustaches on Subway advertising posters –– or silly seventh graders who write FUCK TEACHER on the blackboard when they think they are not being observed.

    My recommended response would be FIDO (forget it, drive on!


  23. Tocsina the Antitoxinatrix said

    Trump Defiant To Schumer: No Wall, No DACA

    Daily Caller, by Saagar Enjeti

    President Donald Trump fired back at Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer’s claim that funding for a border wall is no longer on the table as part of any legislation to codify DACA protections into law. Donald J. Trump ? @realDonaldTrump Cryin’ Chuck Schumer fully understands, especially after his humiliating defeat, that if there is no Wall, there is no DACA. We must have safety and security, together with a strong Military, for our great people! 11:07 PM - Jan 23, 2018 37,241 37,241 Replies 28,509 28,509 Retweets 113,691 113,691 likes Aides to Schumer told reporters late Tuesday the minority leader had taken off any border . . .

  24. Tocsina the Antitoxinatrix said

    Border Wall Builder Will Attend Trump's State of the Union Address as GOP Guest

    Washington Examiner,

    by Anna Giaritelli

    Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., will bring the owner of a construction company that built one of the border wall prototypes to President Trump´s State of the Union address next Tuesday. Tommy Fisher, president of North Dakota-based Fisher Industries, will travel to Washington on Jan. 30 to join the state´s at-large representative in Congress, Cramer´s office told the Washington Examiner Wednesday morning. "I am honored Tommy accepted my invitation to attend the State of the Union," Cramer said in a statement. "As Congress develops comprehensive immigrant enforcement legislation, I am proud to know a North Dakota company is a finalist to . . .

  25. Paolina Rivera-Woollcott said

    Illegal immigration numbers: MS-13 exploding, 1,100 border arrests a day, 1M on deport list

    Washington Examiner,

    by Paul Bedard

    The White House is steeling for battle with Democrats and moderate Republicans over immigration reform, raising new concerns that the illegal population is out of control — and violent.

    The White House released Homeland Security numbers about the troubling elements of illegal immigration created by legal loopholes that have helped to expand the killer MS-13 gang is expanding.

    “Immigration — The Need To Secure Our Border,” was the header on the latest White House email briefing in the escalating war on lax immigration rules. Under the words “By the numbers,” the White House provided this list: On average, DHS apprehends * * *

  26. Dacarrhea Traumes-Wirren Kerplotz said

    ‘Impeach Trump’ Parties the Left’s ‘I Am Stupid’ Moment

    Washington Times, by Cheryl K. Chumley

    Feb. 17 — mark your calendar. That’s the day all those on the far-left will emerge from their parents’ basements to rub weary video-gamed-out eyes and take to the streets for some no-doubt wild “Impeach Trump” parties. And all the Wendy-whiners go: “That’s racist! Not all Democrats live in their parents’ basements!” True. Not all those of the anti-Trump left are adult-age basement dwellers. There are plenty of other Democrats out there living independently of their parents, independently of their growing-years’ caretakers. Illegals, for instance. Mental hospital patients, to name some more. And, to toss out the names of even more, some members of government-funded

  27. The White House is steeling for battle with Democrats and moderate Republicans over immigration reform, raising new concerns that the illegal population is out of control — and violent.
    ** HolidayPalace**



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