Wednesday, January 31, 2018

President Donald J. Trump


Anyone Who Disagrees Was Either 

Not Listening,

So Blinded by Prejudice or Steeped in Leftist Propaganda Generated by the ENEMEDIA 
He Could Not Comprehend It,

Mentally Ill,


An Absolute Moron


Na Na Peloser at the SOTU


  1. It is refreshing and encouraging to have a president again who cares about all Americans and who believes our best days are before us.

    1. That's exactly it, Silver. Sure we could pick it all apart phrase by phrase earnestly trying to find something to criticize in the hope of embarrassing or and punishing him, but WHY should ANYONE want to do that other than to serve a selfish, dishonest, self-aggrandizing, probably subversive, destructive political agenda?

      I don't know if you watched it, but I DID, and I was impressed by the dignity, easy, unforced cmmand, the palpable aura of sincerity and the nearly complete LACK of EGOTISM in the piece –– a sharp contrast to the vain,shallow posturing of his always-preening predecessor.

    2. I just discevered this cute item at Always on Watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

      Osgood Boynton, Ph.D., Psychotherapissed said


      When you're down and out,
      Lft up your head and shout,

      When anything displeases you, say, "SCHIFF!"

      When you accidentally pour Dishwashing Detergent instead of Olive Oil all over your company salad, say, "SCHIFF!"

      When you get a flat tire, and have no spare, say "SCHIFF!"

      When your septic tank backs up and ruins your new bathmat, say "SCHIFF!

      When your hateful neighbor pours a box of sugar into your gas tank, say SCHIFF!

      When your 14-year-old daughter gets pregnant by a syphilitic, drug-addicted black pimp, say, "SCHIFF!

      When your husband, whom you have supported while he went to Law School, fails to pass the Bar Exam –– for the FOURTEENTH time ––, and then decides to leave you to marry a rich plain Jane, say, "SCHIFF!"

      It helps. It really does. BELIEVE it. };^)>

    3. D'OYLY BOYD said

      Adam Schiff accuses Devin Nunes
      of making ´material changes´ to memo
      given to White House

      Washington Examiner, by Diana Stancy Correll and Daniel Chait

      Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, accused the panel´s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of altering a controversial memo sent to the White House for review — an assertion that wasn´t denied but rather tempered with an argument that the changes were merely cosmetic or were edits requested by Democrats and the FBI. (Snip)A spokesman for the House Intelligence Committee conceded that small edits were made, but dismissed the minority party´s complaints as an attempt to create a "bizarre distraction from the abuses detailed in the memo." "In its increasingly strange attempt to thwart


  2. Presiden Trump has already been privately criticized for "parroting" Bill Clinton's SOTU of twenty-odd years ago. To this I said:

    If a REPUBLICAN expresses and idea, it’s automatically regarded by the ENEMEDIA as unspeakably VILE. If a DEMOCRAT should say the same thing, however, the presstitutes will immediately say it deserves to be inscribed in 24K gold letters on the frieze of one of the District of Columbias’s many whited sepulchers

    Now, gthose of you who delight in harping on the president's widely reported use of vulgar, inappropriate language – at a PRIVATE meeting ––, the president has faltly denied saying the ugly-if-singularly-appropriate word. Why are you apparently eager to believe that he did say ut? And "at this point what difference does it make” anyway? ];^}>

    President Trump’s style last night could only be described as dignified, restrained, –– even a bit subdued –- but he remained admirably focused on others he deemed worthy of recognition, applause and compassionate consideration throughout.

    His addresst was strong without being unduly belligerent or bellicose regarding our adversaries abroad. His leisurely-paced delivery of the carefully prepared address was flawless, –– poised, relaxed, obviously sincere –– and impressively generous in its regard for the needs and feelings of others. I didn’t count them, of course, but the number of times he said “I” were notably sparse.

    I was never an admirer of Mr. Trump in the past, but I have been mightily impressed with how beautifully he has grown since he first entered the race to take on the daunting, always thankless task of trying to lead the Free World to a much needed Renaissance before the darkness of tyrannical Globalist Socialism administered by an Oligarchy of Self-Serving Moguls and Intellectual Morons imposes mutually-shared poverty and degradation on all of us forever.

    May God protect our president, as He continues to bless America!

  3. Amen to that FT.
    You summed it up perfectly.

  4. The Town Crier said


    Pelosi Frowns at Call for Working Together...

    Gutierrez triggered by 'USA!' chants, flees House chamber...

    Black Dems' Stonefaced Reaction to News of Low Black Unemployment...

    Hollywood Live-Tweets...

    CNN: Melania Wearing White to Protest Her Husband...

    ABC NEWS: 'Divisive... Gloomy... Sad...'

    MSNBC Triggered by Word 'Family'...

    President Scorches NFL Protests Days Before Super Bowl...

    Praises America's heroes...

    Says 'We' 129 Times...

    Uncharacteristically conciliatory...


    Bernie Response Tech Glitch: 'We'll Be Back Momentarily'...

    Was Kennedy Drooling?

  5. Dalila Dallopiccolulu said

    The Shabby, Sophomoric Behaviorof Democrats at the SOTU

    American Thinker, by Patricia McCarthy

    It is difficult to imagine a more galling demonstration of incivility than the Democrats in the room for Trump´s SOTU speech. They scowled, frowned, and sat on their hands throughout the speech. They could hardly be bothered to acknowledge the heroes in the audience when they were introduced. While the Dems brought illegal immigrants, Trump invited actual paragons of American character and the families of victims of illegal immigrant crimes, as well as a victim of North Korea. It was embarrassing, like watching the anti-Semites in the UN stomp out of the room when Benjamin Netanyahu speaks. How is it ---

  6. Vanyushka said

    ‘Drool’ on Rep. Joe Kennedy’s Mouth Distracts from
    Dem Response to Trump’s State of the Union

    Breitbart Big Government, by Ben Kew

    Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) appeared to have an unidentified liquid coming from the side of his mouth as he delivered the official Democratic Party’s response to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. As Kennedy delivered his remarks, Twitter commentators were quick to point out an unverified moisture on the side of his mouth, which they speculated could be anything from saliva to lip balm. Marco Rubio had dry-mouth during his #SOTU response in 2013. Joe Kennedy has drool-mouth. —Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) January 31, 2018 Joe Kennedy tonight. #SOTU — Ryan Saavedra ???? (@RealSaavedra) January 31, 2018

  7. Victor Manure said

    Viewers Approve of Trump´s First State
    of the Union Address - CBS News poll

    CBS News, by Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus,*

    Views of the speech - Three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump's State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave. Just a quarter disapproved. (Photo) How did the speech make you feel? Eight in 10 Americans who watched tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it. Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer. Fewer said the speech made them feel angry or scared. (Photo) Party Identification But as is often the case in State of the Union . . .

  8. Schmuely Saskwatchivitz said

    Washington Post Rewrites SOTU Headline
    after #Resistance Rages on Twitter

    Breitbart Big Journalism, by John Nolte

    In apparent effort to appease the left-wing Twitter mob, the far-left Washington Post quickly rewrote its front page State of the Union headline. Not long after the conclusion of President Trump’s extremely well-received State of the Union speech, the Post advertised what it promised would be “the front page of tomorrow’s Washington Post.” Just above a photo of Trump giving his speech, the five-point headline read, “A call for bipartisanship” (Photo/Tweet) The Twitter backlash from the anti-Trump resistance was bitter and immediate — some 3000 replies, almost all of them negative. Obviously, a headline that reported something accurate and positive ***

  9. Ladislaus Pancho O'Rourke said

    President Trump gets a 10-point polling bump
    in January bouncing back from his all-time low

    Daily Express [UK], by Nikki Schwab

    President Trump has recovered from a December polling low, with his approval rating popping up 10 points in January in the Monmouth University poll. Trump´s rating now sits at 42 per cent approval and 50 per cent disapproval in January. In December, he received an all-time low in this particular survey, with 32 per cent of Americans approving of the president, and another 56 per cent saying they disapproved. Another marker of good news for the president is that a smaller percentage of Americans would like to see him impeached, while a larger chunk wants to see him stay in / / / /

  10. Marco Lorenzo-Zygoti said

    CNN polled the audience on
    Trump’s State of the Union
    and soon came to regret it

    BizPac Review, by Frieda Powers

    CNN may have been hoping for a different outcome as results from their poll on President Trump’s State of the Union address came back to bite them. It seems 70 percent of those polled who were watching the speech reacted positively according to an instant CNN/SSRS poll, CNN reported. CNN announced the results of the poll on the air making every attempt to play down the positive responses. The network noted that 48 percent of viewers polled had a “very positive” reaction to Trump’s address on Tuesday, his first State of the Union address since taking office. And while the network probably ~ ~ ~

  11. Gioblastoga Malarkey said

    ACLU Complains: "Trump Used the Word
    ´America´ More Than 80 Times"

    Cybercast News Service, by Susan Jones

    The American Civil Liberties Union -- note the word "American" in its title -- complained Tuesday night about President Trump´s repeated use of the word "America" in his State of the Union speech. In a written response to Trump´s speech, Faiz Shakir, the ACLU´s national political director, said: Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that ‘America’ is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and ...

  12. American Politics has becime nothng but a war of attrition. That's why so may good membefrs of congress are bowung out.

    The DemnRats are EXACTLY like the creeps who have completely taken over ppoor Lisa's blog.

    REASON and DECENCY are DEFENSELESS against relentless, adamant inanity.

    That should scare the whiz out of all of us.

    I guess that's why every so often a whole lotts people have to get KILLED.

    It's like washing off the black board. Anyone remember that?

  13. A. Watcheranda Ho Li Won said

    Trump’s Tour de Force

    American Thinker, by Janice Shaw Crouse

    Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address -- President Donald Trump’s first -- was, in the view of many clear-minded, experienced observers such as Newt Gingrich and Powerline’s John Hinderacker and Scott Johnson -- a tour de force. CBS noted a 98 percent approval rating among Republicans. By all but the most partisan critics, the President’s recounting of the successes of 2017 was impressive, even record-setting. There are numerous conservatives giving Trump very favorable comparisons to Reagan with some finding Trump’s accomplishments even more impressive than the iconic conservative leader. According to CNN, the 80-minute speech was interrupted by applause ./././

  14. Jacques Strappe said

    Why Trump Was Right to Slam North Korea in State of the Union

    PJ Media,

    by Claudia Rosett

    Out of the menace, misery and geopolitical morass of North Korea, President Trump brought us a stirring moment Tuesday evening, in his State of the Union address. The president introduced a defector from North Korea, seated in the audience, Ji Seong-ho, and told the story of how Ji "traveled thousands of miles on crutches all across China and Southeast Asia to freedom." Speaking to Ji, Trump said, "I understand you still keep those crutches as a reminder of how far you have come. Your great sacrifice is an inspiration to us all." Ji Seong-ho, who as a boy suffered the loss _ ^ _ ^ _ ^

  15. Toussia "Treblinkablle" Pyne sid

    Democrats Dig Themselves Into A Hole After Trump´s Speech

    Investor´s Business Daily, by Staff

    State of Disunion: President Trump´s political opponents complain that he is petulant, extremist and divisive. Then they revealed themselves at the State of the Union — with the entire country watching — to be far more petulant, extremist and divisive than Trump. Touché!

    Trump may have many faults, but one of his unique abilities is to drive his opponents absolutely bonkers. That was nowhere more evident than Tuesday night, when Trump delivered what was by all estimations a very good speech..

    A CBS poll found that 75% approved of it, and CNN´s poll found that 70% had a positive reaction. The resulting contras . . .

  16. Blogger Don Surber Reports

    Sen. Manchin, D-Schumer, by Don Surber

    Omg @ComfortablySmug, you see Manchin??? — Charlie Cafazza (@Cafazza)

    January 31, 2018

    Sen. Joe Manchin almost applauded the president but Chuck Schumer won´t let him. Why do we West Virginians –– the Trumpiest people in the USA –– have Manchin as our senator? Manchin showed at the State of the Union address last night whom he works for. It´s not us.

    Manchin did not applaud: *"We proudly stand for the national anthem." *"Americans are dreamers too." *"Let’s come together, set politics aside, and finally get the job done." *"We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny ///

  17. Trump's Approval rating Jumps 10 Points to 48 Percent.

    Last Updated Jan 31, 2018 6:58 PM EST

    President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, arguing his administration is responsible for an economic upswing and heralding a "new American moment" marked by deregulation, tax cuts and new immigration restrictions.

    Mr. Trump hoped to project a sense of unity in his address before an audience of lawmakers who remain bitterly divided over issues like immigration, trade and infrastructure. He spoke for about an hour and 20 minutes, touching on subjects ranging from drug abuse and opioid addiction to North Korea and terrorism.

    He relied on figures and statistics to bolster his case. How accurate were those figures? Did they stretch the truth, or accurately reflect reality?

    We fact-checked Mr. Trump's speech below over the course of the night. Find all of CBS News' coverage of Mr. Trump's first State of the Union

  18. These leftist are getting more desperate and sounding stupider every time they open their mouths.

  19. Oh! How I wish we Germans had such a leader. The Muslims will eat us like halal lambs!

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    1. Sorry, we don't permit personal remarks aimed at fellow bloggers. Please ciriticize the CONTENT, if you like, but please avoid using specific names and name-calling, egtc.


  21. Your Donald Trump is just the viril leader Western Christendom need at this moment. Effeminate inveiglers like Hussein Obama and Angela Merkel have sapped our vigour.

    A firm hand is what we are wanting at this moment, and President Trump is ramrod straight!

  22. _______________ ON THE FISCAL FRONT _______________

    The DOW apears at last to be making its long awaited "CORRECTION."

    I think we may expect a one-thousand point drop –– at least –– in the near future.

    MEANWHILE" Former FED Chief, '91-year-old Alan Gfreenspn, –– better known these days as MR AnNDREA MITCHELL of NBC News, now in his dotage ––. has been heard singing lusty chruses of I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, as he gleefully aricipates the destruction of President Trump's successful economy, so the DemonRats may return to power and shackle us more firmly than ever under the yoke of Globalist Utopian Worldwide Socialism.


  23. < b>__________________ Late Breaking News! _____________________

    President Trump is expected to declassify a controversial memo on purported surveillance abuses, sources tell Fox News, even as Democrats raise objections that edits were made to the document. (Fox)

    Fox News is told that the White House will declassify the latest version, which sources said included “technical edits” at the request of the FBI.

    1. Any sign of "cooperation" with this corrupt, malodorous FBI sends up a RED FLAG to me.

      I'm afraid we're going to get another fraudulent government Snow Job.



    2. Dagmar Eulenspiegel said

      Intelligence Agencies Join FBI in
      Push Against Plans to Release
      FISA Abuse Memo, by Sara Carter

      Whistleblowers, Republican congressional members, and some former intelligence officials cite mounting concern that the White House may not release the House Intelligence Committee’s FISA abuse memo as the FBI pushed against plans to make it public based on false allegations that the memo contains information that would harm U.S. national security, sources tell this reporter. The memo alleges severe abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by employees of the FBI and Department of Justice but FBI Director Christopher Wray Wednesday warned against the release of the memo issuing a public statement from the FBI that the bureau has “grave

  24. Donald Trump is a grave threat to the civilized world! He is an enemy of the bright multiculture future so eloquently espoused by President Barack Obama!

    We here in London are with you, America, and we wish you well throwing off that wild beast who has usurped the US presidency!

    1. Well, well well! You certainly embody and vigorously display every facet of all the foolish, unsavory, mendacious, wantonly hostile characterstics your (most amusing) name implies.

      Come back anytime. We always appreciate humorous material that gives us a good reason to laugh.

      Are you sure you are not a big Trump supporter pretending to be one of his baby unbecuuc antagonists.

  25. Exposing the Left's turducken of treason that was the Steele Dossier promises to be quite fun!

    1. IF the Deep State doesn't succeed in tying the president's hands.

      I wonder why Juian Assange hasn't divulged this prime nugget ilong before now, don't you?

    2. No

      Assange has no "leakers" inside the FBI.

    3. Oh! Well, I was under the impression that Assange knew everything there was to know about everyone who is anybody everywhere.


  26. All those Democrats at the Presidents SOTU speech last night should have been united with the great SOTU address the President gave the other night. Trump speech was positive for every American. ...The DNCs behavior I believe have lost them credibility with the American people, and votes for the midterms mostly with the Independence and some blue dog Democrats. ... The DNC by acting like a bunch of two year olds, did a disservice to it’s party. ....Agree! Disgraceful and shameful how they all sat as the President of the USA entered the chamber, and at most of the topics that he addressed..

  27. Honestly, how many retards are out there to vote for dems.

    1. They'd rather bite off their noses to spite their faces than ever admit there could be even ONE tiny little good or decent thing about Donald Trump.

      WHY is this?

      Because Mr. Trump's boid, unconventional, insurgent candidacy beat them to a pulp. They STILL don't know what hit 'em. they only know that Mr. TRUMP has been the cause of their embarrassment, humiliation, and loss of POWER. Since DemonRats LIVE for the SOLE PURPOSE of wielding POWER, it's natural they'd hate the author of their ignominious defeat.

      Pitiful, ain't it/

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. America owes me an apology. Unlike that money-grubbing bitch, I did what I did because I love this beautiful nation.


  30. Exposing the Left's turducken of treason that was the Steele Dossier promises to be quite fun!
    ** HolidayPalace**



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