Saturday, September 30, 2017

Whenever a brave White American marches 
in favor of preserving his cultural identity 
and rightful heritage …


When Leftist Agitators march hoping 
to upset the Nation's Apple Cart …


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Meanwhile at Lucianne Goldberg's 
News Forum Home Page


Hysterical Puerto Rican mayor not quite 
what she seemed to be.


This explains a lot.


This should be a regular feature

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    Oh that's rich, FT. You've made my day.

    1. I'm glad someone "got the joke," Anon.

      We try to inject occasionl notes of wry humor into the conversastion –– not to trivialize or be flippant about the issues ––, but to avoid the lugubrious dulness that comes from a deadly serious approach to pressing problems that may not –– at root –– be all that serious.

  2. To the first, neither do I see a Nazi JUST because a white individual marches to preserve their culture heritage and the natural rights of ALL individuals.

    To the second, I DO NOT smell a commie just because a liberal agitator marches to ensure the natural rights of every individual regardless of culture or race is recognized and respected.

    Treating other cultures and races with the same respect we demand seems only, natural and right.

    1. There are NO liberal agitators. That's a misnomer. ALL agitators are de facto MARXISTS, whether they know it, –– or choose to ADMIT it –– or not.

      That is simply a matter of FACT. As such it is NOT OPEN to DEBATE.

    2. Les the libtard coudn't debate his way out of a wet paper bag.

    3. Whoever this is believes his pompous, pretentious drivel to be a form of "Virtue Signaling," Patsy.

      Poor souls of this sort never seem to realize they are only mking asses of themselves.

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    1. It would sow a great more WISDOM in your part, Wise Man, if you would please oblige us by paying stricter attention to our Rules of Conduct at the this blog

      EIther you politely ADDRESS the TOPIC, or you WILL be deleted.

    2. Clarissa Penhalligan said

      What's the matter, FreeThinker? Was the Wise Man too mucb of a Wise Guy for your delicate sensibilities?

  4. Replies
    1. Oh come on, Beanie! Surely a clever fellow like YOU could do better than THAT!

    2. Shoot them Notsees down from a hotel windoh. Mayk em blead. Watch em dye.

  5. Progressivism is a goose-stepping orthodoxy whose determinism makes John Calvin blush.

    Because of this when it looks like "history" is not "on their side," or "the arc of history" is bending in the other direction, they go batshit.

    Hardcore progressives are intellectually stunted, bereft of imagination, angry, bitter, and immature. They will throw one long diaper rash tantrum until President Donald J. Trump leaves office.

    1. You lnow I can't argue against THAT, Silver, except to say the "movers and shakers" in that crowd are anything but "intellectually stunted and berfeft of imagination."

      On the contrary they have been –– and remain –– exceptionally BRILLIANT, overly IMAGINATIVE, and devilishly CLEVER. What they truly ARE is PERVERTED –– morally bankrupt, completely without heart or conscience, and ruthless beyond belief in their determination to prevail at all costs.

      It is their FOLLOWERS who should be labelled "intellectually stunted, berfet of imagination, " as well as NAIVE, SELFISH, and hopelessly SHORT-SIGHTED.

      Donald Trump is NOT the issue. He is being reentlessly vilified, because he represents a hoped for RETURN to Independence, Self-Reliance, Rugged Individualism, and the blessing –– and the BURDEN –– of LIBERTY.

      All that, of course, is the absolute ANTITHESIS of the totalitarian lifestyle promoted by MARXIAN COLLECTIVIST "dialectics."

  6. Apologies for the cut and paste of my comments from AOW's, FreeThinke, but this is relevant:

    Charles Blow, a Respected Establishmentarian writer for the New York Times says, on behalf of himself and his fellow African Americans: "The Flag Is Drenched With Our Blood"

    He dedicates all but the last few paragraphs of his racially-charged broadside to sins of the past, which cannot be changed.

    If this small subset of black American want to disrespect the flag because it is "drenched with their blood," nothing anyone can do today can un-drench it.

    He tacks on at the end proforma criticisms of black incarceration, as if klan members in cop uniforms are out hunting young black men, and adds that although blacks are only 12% of the population, they are the victims of 25% of police shootings.

    The perspective missing here is that young black men punch above their weight when it comes to crime.

    Young black males, being less than 10% of the population, commit up to and over 50% of many categories of violent crime.

    Based upon that statistical fact, police shootings and incarcerations are in line with that.

    Here is a more complete picture:

    7881 black people were killed in 2016, 233 killed by the police.

    90% of murders of black people--6,700 lives--are committed by other black people.

    So, 233 killed by cops, over 6,500 killed by black murderers.

    We can discuss reasons for this, and there are areas of society still feeling the effects of institutional racism, but nobody wants to get down to brass tacks and discuss cold, hard crime statistics. Go look at them yourself.

    If you examine this FBI Table, it explains much about the disproportionate numbers of young black men being shot by police and being incarcerated.

    Having said all that, I am in favor of community boards overseeing policing, and I have never been one to knee-jerk defend the police. Each infamous case over the past few years has had its own horrible dynamics. We need daylight and honesty, not demagoguery.

    1. There is nothing racist in my data-driven comment.

      Although only 13% of the population, 50% of all murders are committed by blacks, according to FBI statistics.

      Whites excel as rapists, firebugs, vandals and meth cookers, so don't think I'm holding up one race over another.

      If we can't discuss established facts, conversation is futile.

    2. The Left –– de facto Marxists all –– is pushing very hard to establish the foolish notion that publishing any and all facts the least bit unflattering to "minorities" show by their very nature a spirit of inherent racism.

      This, of course, stems from the powerful taboo established at Nuremberg against ever again saying ANYTHING the least bit critical or derogatory about JEWS.

      That firmly established policy has worked so brilliantly in favor of that partcluar minority it's no wonder the same SHAMING and SHUNNING technique was quickly adopted in the post-WWII years to "protect" OTHER minority groups and dissident splinter factions from EVER being held accountable for THEIR sins again too.

      This Anti-Antisemitism Doctrine, intended to protect the Jews from further persecution –– perhaps honestly –– perhaps craftily –– is the Largest Single Causative Factor in fomenting the hideous divisiveness that now threatens to destroy the very foundations of everything on which Western Civilization –– and the USA as it's Crowning Glory –– once stood.

      We don't need statistics to tell us that. All we need to do is SHUT OUR EARS to the incessant nattering of the ENEMEDIA and OPEN OUR EYES.

      Doubtless this statement will inspire a hailstorm of accusations aimed at me claiming every dreadful appelation in the book applies to me. Either that, or it shall be studiously IGNORED.

      That just the way things are going right now, –– and since I cannot see a feasible way to change our direction ––, I really believe that we entered the Sunset of Our Ascendancy more than fifty years ago maybe even earlier.

    3. The only thing I feel moved to criticize abut YOU, SilverFiddle, is your tendency to feel you must APOLOGIZE for what you say and do –– as though to deflect adverse criticism you fear may come your way.

      Since I know you well enough to be able to say without demur that you are not one of the many who seeks to manipulate or derail conversation with witless taunts or acrimonious accusations either out of malice –– or childishly just to get attention –– I see no reason for you not to state whatever case you may be trying to make without any hemming or hawing.

      Whenever I have said something I beleve to be worthwhile I have no qualms ab out shouting it from the housetops, s it were, or posting it wherever it seems applicable.

      It's a sin to quote others without attribution (i. e. plagiarize)..

      It's a sin be duplicitous.

      I think it's a sin to be deliberately rude, cruel, demeaning or sarcastic in hope of humiliating a "target."

      It is NOT a sin to quote yourself at various blogs whenever you think it appropriate.

    4. By the way my very own father had no quas about calling the New York Times "that shitty Communist Rag" as far back as the mid-nineteen-forties, and it was nowhere NEAR as bad then, as it has become since the mid-SICK-sties, so I've been cinditioned to dismiss that Organ of Unmitigated Odium as irrelevant for a very long time.

      I can't understand why any decent, self-respecting, God-fearing American would bother to READ it let alone QUOTE from it today.

    5. Unfortunately, "that shitty Communist Rag" still swings a lot of weight in this country...

    6. YES, of course, and I keep telling everyone WHY I believe that to be the case, but no one wants even to discuss-let-alone-accept the explanation.

      A few very very CLEVER, very very ARTICULATE, very very EVIL individuals infiltrated our society long ago, –– namely the University, the Legal Profession, the Entertainment, News and Information Industries ––, and began to sow the seeds of doubt and distortion that soon led to "The Long March Through the Culture" that I believe you have acknowledged.

      Failure to RECOGNIZE and DENOUNCE these tainted sources of LEFTIST PROPAGANDA for what they ARE is tantamont to SUPPORTING the SUBVERSION they relentlessly foment.

      The ENEMEDIA is THE most powerfully destructive entity ever devised by Man.

      Perhaps it IS impossuble to correct the situation at this point, but IF we are going to be "done in," the very LEAST we should do for "OUR" people would be to let them know HOW and WHY they are being systematically PHASED OUT of EXISTENCE.

      If we don't understand that, all the rest –– no matter how profoundly affecting –– is just so much "window dressing."

      A bit like witnessing Nero "fiddling" while Rome burned, and criticizing him for playing out of tune or for wearing a soiled toga.

      OR –– a more common analogy –– rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  7. Supremicist? Bad. Nationalist? Good. A Nationalist is one who wants to preserve the sovereignty of their country. Since most of the rest of the world is or is rapidly becoming a hell hole, I'd like to keep America if you please and return it to what it was in 1950 or so. Yea, dream on.

    1. I agree, Kid, but "THEY" want us to believe that any desire to preserve the White Christian Majority is inherently vicious, corrupt, degenerate and thoroughy reprehensible.

      Hence the pronounced Double Standard they zealously apply to ALL transactions great and small.

    2. Satan has been galloping lately, must be very happy.

    3. I have heard from a medical doctor –– a very smart lady who was also a long time Christian misssionary to India with degrees from Smith College, Columbia University College of Phsyicians and Surgeons and London University's School of Tropical Medicine –– that Satan will be bellowing his loudest just before his days are about to come to an end.

      So MAYBE all this hullabaloo is worth living through, Kid.

      I intend to stick around as long as I can out of curiosity to see how events play out, if nothing else.

  8. Lina Gallego said:
    “Why is anyone surprised that Trump is not authorizing additional help to Puerto Rico? He is a man in the business of making money for himself, and always has been. Nothing in his past, even in the slightest form, demonstrates a care for humanity. "He is a great businessman" NEGATIVE- He is great at making money for himself via manipulation and cheating. Shame on all of us for not doing more to keep him out of the White House.”

    Do you seriously not see why what you're arguing here is irrelevant? Please tell us how do you get the containers to the communities when the roads are closed, blocked, when there isn’t any electricity, phones, etc. How do you get it there when the truckers can’t get though I know, there is an army of American workers waiting to get in there and work but they’re prohibited by the bad conditions..

    Getting the goods to Puerto Rico isn’t easy, but it’s easier than getting it from the port to the communities. But you just want to hate Trump. Well you’re full of it.
    It’s like predicting the weather, whenever a disaster hits the first responding is done by the states as happened with Texas and Florida after monster hurricanes hit them. They had a plan and people were ready to handle the catastrophe. But with Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria are like Louisiana and Katrina 12 years ago. There was No plan and now the media is blaming Trump like they blamed Bush in 2005.
    Puerto Rico and New Orleans have one thing in common, SECOND GUESSING..
    1. Puerto Rico is a island. That means there is no way to get out unlike Texas and Florida.
    2. The hurricane that hit Puerto Rico was a Cat 4 hurricane. Florida and Texas did not get hit nearly as hard as Puerto Rico. The electric grid was completely destroyed. Communications on the island were all but destroyed.
    3. The federal government has assets that can be useful in a disaster of this magnitude. I guess it’s easier to just blame Trump.

    1. You have touched on a topic that certainly DESERVES to be discussed but I cannot see how it applies to THIS particular post, UNLESS you make the effort to point out how and why the current brouhaha ginned upmby the ENEMEDIA over President Turmps's alleged "inadequate," "racist, "white-supremacist" response to the devastation just experienced in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.

      I'd be most grateful if you'd come back and do that for us.

      Thank you.

    2. Id be happy to.

    3. Then why didn't you? Hmmmmmm?


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    1. IRREL|EVANT REMARKS will always be DELETED when spotted –– especiall those whose sole purposei s to INSULT or DEMEAN others without constructive advice.

      In plin English: DON'T BE NASTY.

  10. The PR mayor can't get locals to drive trucks to distribute the aid materials, and it's Trumps fault?

    1. Apparently, that is now the narrative favored by the ENEMEDIA.

      They hope to make Malignant Maria's Impact on Puerto Rico into "Trumps Katrina."

      Leftists seem always o want to attribute godlike powers to their political enemies, EXCEPT when those adversaries are making a cincerted effort to do GOOD.

      At that point the ENEMEDIA begins a persistent campaign of LIES, DISTORTIONS and DEFAMATION of CHARACTER.

  11. Personally, considering there are 10,000 troops on hand, and docks full of supplies, I believe Trump has an edge over her in facts ...according to you, everyone has more credibility than Trump.

    Your criticism is because of Because it's Donald Trump isn’t it! If Barack Obama was still sitting in the Oval Office, wouldn't be saying a negative word about leadership in this crisis would you?
    I wonder why you don’t think about patriotism when it comes to the Football situation.

    1. Good points, but to WHOM did you ORIGINALLY address these remarks and .queries? Certainly not to US.

  12. I beg your pardon, but what the hell is THAT!

  13. The Truth Has Been SpokenOctober 2, 2017 at 9:43 AM

    So Now the Black Lives Matter Thugs have change their position form Kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem to raising their Fists in the Racial Black Power Salute, During Anthem at NFL Games. This only shows who is really dividing America!

    And then there were the NFL players at a game in England who knelt during the National Anthem but stood for God Save the Queen. Are these clowns so poorly educated they don't know the British basically enslaved or dominated much of Africa? Or does that not matter since this isn't about equality, or about oppression, . It's all about politics, and about creating a racial division, and about Donald Trump!
    Are these greedy people are so poorly educated they don't know the British basically enslaved or dominated much of Africa? It just show that they went to college only to play Football, and not to be educated.
    What a bunch of liars and racists these dummies are...what about the previous administration that consisted of a Black President, a Black Attorneys General, and a Black Secretary of Homeland Security yet Blacks are being persecuted? Our court rooms are full of Black Attorneys, and Black Judges, our Hospitals are loaded with Black Doctors and Nurses, and other Technicians. The schools have tons of Black Teachers! And don’t even ask about the Sports world in America. So where is the oppression?

    The country has moved beyond race except for the America hating lefties who just live for making trouble.

    1. Yes yes yes, but we've been hearing about that for days and days on end in the news and gthe blogosphere.

      Doesn't it seem rather TRIVIAL to continue harping on that tired, stale issue in the light of the horrific problems headlined in the body of the post, and the Mass Slaugher by Machine Gunfire that occurred last night at a Country Music Festival in Las Vegas where more than FIFTY were killed and more than FOUR-HUNDRED were wounded?

  14. OT but... As 50 die and 400 are injured in America's worst act of domestic terrorism to date what if anything should be done?

    1. Although it does not seem to be he case in that terrible event, a thorough investifatiin should be made to see if there were ANY ties to Islamic Terrorsm in Paddock's hides attack. His lady friend was an Asian woman probably with a Muslim heritage. The ENEMEDIA verquickly told us she had NOTHING to DO WITH Stephen Paddock's homicidal lunacy, but the possibly SHOULD be exanubed till ALL evudence has been uneargthed and revealed to the American Public.

      Meanwhile, all we can do is pray for the survivors, and hope one day the full story will be told –– whatever it may prove to be.

      IF Islamism WAS involved in any way, however slght, we can be sure that information will be SUPPRESSED as long as possible by the ENEMEDIA who are far more ingeresgted in protectgn the "rights" of our enemies, than they are in protecting the MAJORITY of Ameircan citizens from grievous bodily damage.

    2. A Proud Progressive.October 2, 2017 at 10:24 AM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. We can't allow those who are orthographically challenged to the extent you are to post here.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. STOP trying to put words in MY mouth. That is grounds for ATUOMATIC DELETION at THIS blog.

      Buh BYE!

  16. BOMBSHELL: Chelsea Clinton’s Best Friend Awarded $11 Million in Defense Contracts But Doesn’t Have Fed Security Clearance

    So I guess that It does pay to be friends with the Clintons. Literally.

    It turns out that a company whose president, Jacqueline Newmyer, a best friend to Chelsea Clinton received over $11 million over the last 10 years from a very secretive Department of Defense think tank, but the group has zero security clearance therefore cannot handle classified information.

    1. Like parents, like daughter.

      Would you expect anything different?

      But fret not thyself. These miserable wretches will receive their just desserts in the Afterlife.

      Try temember VENGEANCE BELONGS to GOD.

  17. Nothing new. The far right is pinning this massacre on "libtard" Paddock instead of faulting allowing semi-auatomatic weapons to be sold to any nut case or mentally ill American. Leave it to the right wingers to run away fro any responsibility they have in supporting the NRA and their blood-soaked agendas. When it was apparent that Paddock was not Muslim, they tried to shift the blame to Muslims because of his girlfriend who is an Indonesian Muslim. Never do they consider that 50 people are dead and 400 wounded because of our insane gun laws.

    1. AGAIN you have commtted the unpardonable SIN of trying put words into the mouths of Conservative-Libertarians. You also have the colossal gall to pretend you are able to READ OTHER PEOPLES' MINDS.

      ALSO, you have done the typical LEFTIST THING in your vicious attempt to USE an horrific tragedy to gain POLITICAL LEVERAGE for one of your pet anti-Constitutional, anti-American AGENDAS.

      No, I've let your remarks stand, because it's a good example of how our Enemies' minds work, but don't need to hear another word from you, so kindly GET OUT and STAY OUT from now on.

      We don't LIKE your kind, we don't NEED your kind, and we don't WANT your kind here.

  18. Stop thr BS , it has already been reported that the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the shooting on the Las Vegas Strip claiming that shooter Stephen Paddock had converted months ago.

    The jihadi group released the claim on its self-styled news agency Amaq, on the encrypted messaging app Telegram. It typically uses this platform for official claims of responsibility.

    1. There is NO CREDIBILITY in your assertions, because you failed to give us a LINK to your SOURCE or sources.

  19. Hillary Clinton offered her two cents on Twitter saying “we must put politics aside” before immediately calling for gun control.

    After that horrific tragedy that happened in Las Vegas last night all that the Ignorant Fool Hillary Clinton had to say was “ I’m glad the shooter didn't have a silencer"!
    At last count 58 people have died and over 500 have been injured and she wants to tweet about "silencers" and bash the NRA?
    And still the Brain Dead population of this country still think that she was fit to be the President! The Bodies were not even cold yet, and the idiot in the Pant Suit goes after the NRA she tweeted, “.We can and must, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again”

    That said, My Prayers Go Out To Victims, Families, & All of Those Involved In the Las Vegas Shooting .

    1. Hillary Clinton is NOT "an ignorant fool," rather she is a ruthless, manipulative, tself-centered, otally insincere, astonishingly successful self-serving GRIFTER.

      She isn't STUPID, she's merely lacking a Moral Compass.

    2. Thats Your opinion.

    3. Aha! So you think Hillary Clinton IS an ignorant fool, then?

  20. Dear NFL Owners, Coaches and assorted Uniformed Thugs, Miscreants, Felons, and other Creeps.

    For the past several weeks, we, the people who have been spending our hard-earned money on things like the over priced tickets, Jerseys, merchandise and the products you pretend to like and use…in other words…those of us who pay your ridiculous salaries…have a little something we’d like to share with you, but first…a question…
    Just what the Hell is it you are protesting?

    You claim it’s got something to do with the police, or injustice toward deeply tanned people by the police, or something else along those lines…right?

    You do realize that more white people are killed by the police than black people…don’t you?

    You do realize that the overwhelming majority of black people killed in this country of ours are killed by other black people…to the tune of about 93%…right?

    Now we realize that, from time to time, you claim that your National Anthem protests are a show of unity…but we, the people who have made you millionaires many times over…just can’t figure out what you are attempting to unify with…exactly.

    You seem to claim that you’re showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter.


    What exactly has Black Lives Matter done regarding the onslaught of black against black violence in some of the inner cities where your teams are located? What have they done about that in Chicago? What have they done about it in Oakland, or Los Angeles, or Detroit, or Atlanta?
    So You Can Take A Knee and Kiss My Ass while You’re At It.…

  21. Ready for the Latest Hot Rumor?

    Now, the woman who was his roommate, MariLou Danley, is a former “high-limit hostess” at a casino, was initially identified by the Las Vegas Sheriff as a “person of interest” in the mass shooting is a Pinay (Filipino). I can pretty much vouch for that in several ways, the strongest being that caption she had on a photo of herself: “Kuha sa tabing dagat, Dubai.” Same goes for many of the poses in those photos on her Facebook page.

    One rumor source says she has an Aussie passport and is believed to be Indonesian. But that phrase, “kuha sa Dubai,” tells me she’s a Tagalog speaker, ’cause that’s a Tagalog expression, not even close to the Indonesian way to say it.

    Now here’s the heavy rumor part, and I didn’t note the source (but as I recall): The woman worked in Dubai and IS A Muslim.

    She met Paddock and converted him to Islam. He then became radicalized through magazines and websites. He is the one responsible for being the shooter on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel were shattered when a gunman shot and killed 58 people, injuring over 500 more on Sunday night.
    And may I add that following the worst mass shooting in U.S. history that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, Hillary Clinton offered her two cents on Twitter saying “we must put politics aside” before immediately calling for gun control. First of all, criminals acquire their guns illegally, so gun control would never reduce gun crimes at all.
    Authorities now say that they do not believe Danley, whom they called Paddock’s roommate previously, is connected to the shooting cleared her. Authorities released Danley’s name at an early morning news conference on October 2, even before they released the name of the suspected shooter, whose background and motive are not yet publicly known, other than the fact that authorities say he was a local person. Police said Danley, 62, lived with the shooter in Mesquite. Public records show she lived at the same address as him since January 2017. She has also lived in Sparks and Reno, Nevada, along with Canton, Ohio; Springdale, Arkansas; and Memphis, Tennessee, according to public records

  22. The Registered Nurses' Male LoverOctober 2, 2017 at 2:27 PM

    One of many great things about President Trump is that he exposes the worst in the left. In their extreme desperation to “get him”, they continue to get caught in lie after lie, scandal after scandal.

    1. Your moniker is offensive. Please change it.

      We do everyhig possible to discourage gratuitous inolcen and unkindness here

  23. I live in the South, I'm not naive to the whole idea of racism. But what I see on a constant continual basis, is black people perpetuating the idea of racism. They are the ones who keep it alive. They don't even realize that they have many more opportunities than white people at this point. Case in point... my daughter recently went to every scholarship website on the list given to her by the school, she was not eligible for any of them because she is white. If there are any "white only" scholarships out there the black people would pitch a hissy! Black people claim they cannot be racist because they are black, they don't even know the meaning of the word but they continue to throw it at us every single time they think it will excuse their actions or get them what they want. Enough already.

  24. It's been so long since I've been here and so much has changed! I took a look at my reading list and was so pleased to see so many of the people I used to see on a regular basis. I'd dearly love to write in here regularly again and have more contact with you all, so I won't promise but I will try.

    We've been settled into our cozy apartment (cozy is code for small) for over a year now. I had hoped to be moved back to Phoenix by now but money and other factors kept us here. I'm hoping now for this June as a move date. I didn't get the job I was so hoping for at the time of my last posting, but I suppose that's okay. Everything happens for a reason, right? I have no idea what that reason may be, but I'm sure it's part of some overall plan that God, or the cosmos, or somebody somewhere understands. They say that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Well, my friends, I should be able to bench press a damn Cadillac by now!

    My son and I are healthy, content and comfortable with each other in our new lives, just the two of us. We have everything we need and most of the things we want. I'm not sure you could ask for much more and reasonably expect to get it. When I decided to file for divorce and change all of our lives irrevocably and permanently I kept repeating one thing over and over like a mantra to keep me balanced, to keep my sanity, to justify my actions to myself; I repeated to myself, "I'd rather be alone than live like this, I'd rather be alone than live like this." Turns out I was right and wrong. I would rather be alone than live like that, however, I am not alone. There's no new man in my life but I have my son and my friends and my job and a whole new set of acquaintances and most importantly I have ME.

    I have spent the time I've been away learning who I am and all the things about myself that I didn't know or had forgotten; all the aspects of my personality that I had repressed to keep the peace and "pretend normal". If you're a longtime follower you'll remember that pretend normal is the term I gave my married life. Nobody knew what was really happening and nobody took the time to really ask or care. In any group setting Father of the Year, the children and I all pretended we were a normal happy family. What a crock! I no longer do that. Unfortunately one of the side effects of shedding pretend normal and finding my true personality is that the years of hiding all that away has given me a form of truth tourette's. If I'm thinking it or feeling it, I tend to just say it. This is not a comfortable situation for some of my co-workers. Everyone around me is so concerned with "political correctness" or "customer service" that they have become fake, phony, contrived. I have become blunt and brutally honest. Wow, who knew so many people would get their little feelers bent by that? I guess it's not actually polite to point out other people's shortcomings even if you think it will help them do a better job or make everyone's job and workday a little easier. Oops, sorry. Okay, actually I'm not sorry. Another new-found aspect of my personality; I don't feel a lot of guilt over hurting people's feelings if I am, in fact telling the truth. I'm a big girl and I put on my big girl panties and went out to face the world on my own and I feel like all my co-workers should do the same. It's a job, someone pays you to be there. Go to work, do your job, then go home. If you're lucky enough to enjoy it or have a little fun during the workday, then you're lucky enough.

    1. Have you never learned that "Brevity is the soul of wit?"

      And whatever moved you to burden US with all these embarrassing personal revelations?

      We are not psychotherapists, social workers, family counselors or priests manning a confessional, you know.

  25. I say simply announce that a sick bastard killed a bunch of innocent people for no good reason and then was killed by first responders or offed himself before they could get to him.

    No reason to keep showing the same clips, same interviews, same pictures , over and over and over and over and over, forever speculating if he came from a broken home or was victimized by uncaring big business or radicalized by terrorist groups or lost his grandmother’s ring in a poker game.

    “Today in Las Vegas a moron got hold of some automatic weapons and fired indiscriminately at a large group of people attending a C & W concert. More than 200 were injured in the senseless attack and 4 dozen have died.” Lets just be happy that H\he’s dead.

    No more. Nothing more is necessary except for the local people whose lives are affected by street closures, traffic congestion, and unavailability of emergency personnel because they’re all busy at the scene.

    Don’t give the name or show any pictures. Let local authorities contact NOKs and publish a casualty list for the ghouls who just can’t live without knowing the body count. Don’t advertise the aberrant behavior.

    AND . . . if he’s captured alive, give the survivors or NOKs total authority for the assignment of his punishment, total carte blanche.

    I’d also like to see NO MORE coverage of the NFL kneeling jerks. Why give them the spotlight? They’ve made their point, and the only people who care do so out of ethnic loyalty or white guilt. They are nothing but a bunch of gangbangers who also happen to be Idiots!

    In fact, the only way I’d watch another NFL game is if they played it without protective clothing and the winners got to kill and eat the losers.

    Sorry for the rant . . . just had to get that off my chest. And, yes . . I feel better now.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Today’s a good day to take a GOOD Look at who Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz IS AND EXACTLY WHAT, AND WHO SHE STANDS FOR

    Mayor Cruz, the Anti-Trump Mayor of San Juan Supported Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera one of the most dangerous domestic terrorists around. In the end, he was sentenced to 55 years but whose sentence was commuted by Obama. A Marxist. But of course. No doubt Cruz will run for Governor so she can turn this hell hole into the next Marxist Utopia:

    Carmen Yulin Cruz, the anti-Trump Mayor of San Juan who has used the national spotlight of Hurricane Maria to attack Trump, has a long history of supporting convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican radical who ran a paramilitary group that waged war against the United States.
    Since May 29th, 2012, Cruz has used her official Twitter account 49 times to lend support to Lopez, a man arrested by the United States government in May of 1981 for seditious conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to transport explosives to destroy government property, among other charges. Later that year, Lopez was sentenced to 55 years in jail for his various crimes.
    Oscar Lopez Rivera the close buddy of Bomb Maker Bill Ayers, were both given clemency by Obama for their domestic terror campaign in New York City for bomb making and the killing of 4 New Yorkers during the explosions
    Indeed, Cruz and Lopez appear to be not just friends, but close friends.

    Several months after President Obama commuted Rivera’s sentence just before he left office, a decision so bizarre even CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t understand it, Cruz tweeted a selfie of herself with a man who closely resembles Rivera, with the caption reading “Welcome #OscarLopez”

    However, this is hardly surprising, given her long history of using her political clout to advocate on the convicted terrorist’s behalf. On September 20th, 2012, Cruz tweeted a picture of herself posing with street art of Rivera, writing “Free Oscar Lopez Rivera.”

    Most Americans may not have heard of Lopez, or the organization he helped lead, the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN), a radical Marxist Puerto Rican independence group. With the focus of post-9/11 terrorism falling almost exclusively on Islamist radicals, the violent nationalists of yesteryear—Puerto Rican, Cuban, Croatian and Jewish—have faded into obscurity. But during the FALN’s explosive heyday under Lopez’s leadership, the group was anything but obscure. In fact, from 1974, when the group announced itself with its first bombings, to 1983, when arrests finally destroyed its membership base, the FALN was the most organized, active, well-trained and deadly domestic terror group based in the United States.

    The FALN was responsible for over 130 bombings during this period, including the January 1975 explosion in Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern, which killed four and wounded 63. In October of that year, it set off, all within the span of an hour, 10 bombs in three cities, causing nearly a million dollars in damage. In August 1977, the FALN set off a series of bombs in Manhattan, forcing 100,000 workers to evacuate their offices; one person was killed, and six were injured. In 1979, the group even threatened to blow up the Indian Point nuclear energy facility located north of New York City. It later sent a communiqué warning the U.S. to “remember … that you have never experienced war on your vitals and that you have many nuclear reactors.” In 1980, FALN members stormed the Carter-Mondale election headquarters in Chicago, and the George H.W. Bush campaign headquarters in New York, holding employees there hostage at gunpoint. In 1981, they plotted to kidnap President Reagan’s son Ron. Plainly, the group was deadly serious about its objectives—a free, independent and socialist Puerto Rico

    1. Thank you for all that nfirmation in the whiny, mayor of San Juan and her baseless accusations against Preistent Trump's efforts on bealf of Puerto Rico.

      A word of editorial advice from a long time writer and editor:

      It's always a good idea to make a PRECIS of the information you wish to impart before going into all the minute deails.

      A PRECIS (pronounced PRAY-SEE), in case you don't know is a short SUMMARY or OUTLINE of material yu want to cover.

  28. Following the worst mass shooting in U.S. history that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, Hillary Clinton offered her two cents on Twitter saying “we must put politics aside” before immediately calling for gun control. The bodies were not even cold yet, and the pig in the Pant Suit goes after the NRA.’‘
    “We must Put Politics Aside?” Well if that wasn’t Politics what is?

    I guess that she STILL doesn't realize that she lost yet?

    1. As far as I'm concerned, Her Heinous is DEAD MEAT in great need of burial. The interment if H. Rodham Cintin is so long overdue the stench from her putrid remains is enough to gag a maggot.


  29. Gang graffiti

  30. It looked distinctly Middle Eastern to me.

    Is there a translation, and if so, do I really WANT to KNOW it?




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