Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Hurricane Drag

Here comes the wind, see how she blows
Down on your knees, suck on your toes
That’s the way to do the Hurricane Drag

Whips up the sea wild as can be
We may get swept away
Wipes out the Grid; now you’re free as a kid
But this ain’t no time to play

Here comes the wind, see how she blows
Down on your knees, suck on your toes
Raise your hackles like the Swastika flag

Each lad and lass, please don’t pass gas 
Nobody needs the stench
While we’re here trembling with fear
Hunkered down in the trench.

Down on your knees, suck on your toes
Feel your blood freeze as you face new woes
That's the way to watch the Weather Vane
As you struggle in the Hurricane 
That’s the way to do the Hurricane Drag.

~ Molly Coddler

And here's a recording with members of
the original 1927 Broadway production


  1. You've captured the "hurricane spirit", FT!

    1. We try, Beanie, we try –– and we will KEEP ON TRYING –– till the day we die.

      The bastards try to get us down
      But in the end, we'll wear a crown.

      To be popular with a rotten populace should be deemed a Capital Offense.

      We regard being mocked, scorned, ignored and derided by morons and miscreants as one of the highest forms of praise.


  2. Catchy jingle FreeThinke.

    1. 'Tain't a jingle, it's a full-blown parody of The Varsity Drag.

  3. Replies
    1. It's especially funny if you're familiar with The Varsity Drag from GOOD NEWS, the 1947 musical with June Allyson, Peter Lawford and Joan MacCracken. That's when "Entertainment" was truly ENTERTAINING, and not the perplexing, stupifying, soul-deadening moral equivalent of dining on dog dirt and swimming in sewers it has become in the post-SICK-sties Era.

      Mollie Coddler is a pretty good parodist, isn't she? I'm eager to see what else she might produce.

    2. I must have missed that one...

      OK, I just checked my music collection because the name of the song sounded familiar.

      I have a Tito Puente DC with the Varsity Drag Mambo. Instrumental, no words.

    3. That must be about 40 years old

    4. Ot first appeared in 1927. Da Silva Brown and Henderson most famous for writing The Birth of the Blues composed it as part of Good News, whch artered life as Broadaway Musical. Two film version came out one in the early 1930's and the one I saw when it was brand new at the Roxy Theater in 1947.

      Hundreds of different arrangements were made and recorded –- which happens to most popular songs.

      We don't make 'arrangements' of classical music, we're only permitted to make 'interpretations' but we never change the form, the meldic notes or the harmonies.

    5. SilverFiddle,

      Did you LISTEN to the tw versions posted here?

      Have you ever seen GOOD NEWS?

      If not, your knwledge of American Pop Culture B.E. (Before Elvis) is woefully lacking.

    6. I have never seen Good News.

      I listened to the Spike Jones version. The man was a maniacal genius.

  4. Do the Varsity Drag

    1. Watch GOOD NEWS with June Allyson Peter Lawford, and Joan McCracken. It's available on YouTube. It never fails to give me a lift. You'll love it, unless you're brain dead with a soul shrivelled by too much Rock 'n Roll.

    2. @ FreeThinke: "...unless you're brain dead with a soul shrivelled by too much Rock 'n Roll."

      Now, now. Coming off as such a churlish old fuddy duddy will turn off the kids.

  5. That brings back some memories!

    1. The USA was facing plenty of challenges when Good News first came out. Were in the midst of the debacle known as Roaring Twenties, about to slide into The Great Depression, and still trying to recover form the effects of World War One, then FDR and his Brain Trust imposed SOCIALISM on the land, and THEN came PEARL HARBOR and the Grreatest Struggle to maintain Civilization the world had ever known, but GOOD NEWS remained popular, and the buoyant SPIRIT of Relentless Good Chdeer it embodies remained emblematic of our unique culture, UNTIL the degrading, dispiriting, degenerative influcenceof SEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'n ROLL was thrust upon us in 1955 –– a date I have cime to regard as The Beginning of the End of The United States of America, as she was founded.

      We've been fighting a losing battle against a determined Downward Thrust ever since.

      That the vast majority today are oblivious to the causes of our current malaise and threatened dissolution proves to me that Satan is, indeed, winning the battle for complete domination and ultimate subjugation of the temporal world.

    2. Long Live Rock-n-Roll!

    3. It has lived FAR TOO LONG already. It was bad to begun with and has only gotten steadily worse since its inception,

      That's not an OPIONION, that's a FACT

  6. FreeThinke,


    You lads don't know a thing! The 1947 version of Good News is ruined by modern "popular" music ushered in during the Second World War.

    The post-war redux is a pale shadow of the original.

    Delmer Daves as Beef telling that kid, "I'll knock you so flat, they could play you on a Victrola," is simply priceless!

    You must see the original featuring Penny Singleton of "Blondie" fame, billed as Dorothy McNulty. Any other "modern" version just won't do!

    1. There's no accounting for taste, Natalie.

      I saw the 1947 version of GOOD NEWS in New York at the Roxy Theater when the movie first came out. I was six years old, but I never forgot how wonderful it made me feel. It has stayed with me all my life

      I've seen the 1930 version too, but –– for me –– it can't hold a candle to the later incarnation. The DANCNG in 1947 was far far FAR superior to the sloppy, clattery flopping around we see in the first film version, and the addition of Pass that Peacepipe –– Joan McCracken's BIG NUMBER in the Malt Shop was a stroke of pure genius.

      Different strokes ...

      Were you AROUND in 1930?

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. You don't belong here, Nat. We gave you a chance. You muffed it. Too bad!



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