Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Telegraph

Irish Priest Receives Standing Ovation after Revealing He is Gay

Stunned parishioners stand to applaud after priest tells mass about his homosexuality and support for gay marriage

~ § ~

Before committing Marriage Gay People should take pause
And consider the implications of Community Property Laws.

Lust may achieve satiety
With or without propriety,
So why become a martyr
To receive the imprimatur
Of a dull Bourgeois society
Whose strictures you flee gleefully?

Intimate relationships of each and every kind
Are blithely entered into by mad persons love made blind.
The stress and strain of living close together every day
Demands incessant giving causing tempers soon to fray.

The quest to reach Equality considers not, of course,
The Agony -- and vast Expense -- that comes with a Divorce!

~ FreeThinke

~ § ~

Same-sex couples are now legally allowed to wed in Canberra, Australia Photo: REUTERS

By Neil Murphy

1:20PM GMT 10 Jan 2015

A Catholic priest in Dublin has receiving a standing ovation from members of his church after revealing he is gay during mass.

Father Martin Dolan, who has served the inner-city Church of St Nicholas of Myra for the past 15 years, made the unusual step of coming out in support of gay marriage and added: I’m gay myself.”

Speaking to the Irish Sun, community youth worker Liz O’Connor said: “We are all very proud of Father Martin. Because he has admitted that he is gay he doesn’t change the person that he was before it.”

A source within the Catholic Church said “It was very brave. He said he was gay. That was bones about it.”

“He was just doing his service, it was part of his homily, and that’s it. If he feels strongly about something, Martin just says it.

A referendum on the issue is expected in May and a recent poll showed that nearly 70% of people in Ireland are in support of gay marriage. Enda Kenny, the country’s prime minister, has said he will canvas in support of the proposed new legislation.

However, the Catholic Church is still fiercely opposed to same-sex marriage and has vowed to oppose any change in law. As recently as last month Bishop Liam MacDaid said the vote would be a ‘grave injustice’:

"To put any other view of unions on the same level as Christian marriage would be disservice to society rather than a service."


  1. Before committing Marriage Gay People should take pause
    And consider the implications of Community Property Laws.

    A factor that many may come to rue should one member of the partnership incur bankruptcy-level medical bills or some kind of litigation proceeding. Typically, a pre-nup doesn't ameliorate the well partner or the litigation defendant's partner.

    1. Yes, and that may well be why marriage among so-called "normal" people is on the wane, even as the Left ironically thumps the tubs for the right of homosexuals to marry -- with all the benefits -- and legal obligations -- marriage implies.

      "What fools these mortals be!"

      Like everything else the Left promotes this is yet another TRAP.

    2. Doesn't this caveat apply equally to straights?

    3. Of course, Ducky. EVERYTHING said in the bit of verse inserted at the head of the article about the Irish Priest's stunning public revelation applies equally to EVERYONE daring to venture into the estate of matrimony -- holy or otherwise.

      That, of course, is the POINT in my bothering to feature the piece which everyone seems studiously to have missed.

      Like most things the aggravated debate over "Gay Marriage" boils down to a well-worn cliché:

      "Be careful what you pray for; you just might get it." };-)>

  2. As should heterosexual folks. But love or lust gets in the way. Right?

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  4. I take joy in my enemies;
    They make me look so good,
    But they squirt venom with such ease
    The can't stay in the 'hood.
    I love my friends too much
    To let each virulent ejection
    Maybe blind or kill and such
    Those from the RIGHT direction!

    ~ The WASP

  5. By the way Foot Stinker, YOUR blog IS a public toilet.

    1. No, ignorant bastards like you who stagger in and crap in the hallway just think it is.

    2. I'll let this idiocy from Anonymous stay this time, because it tells us all we need to know about him, her, or it, whatever the case may be. I believe this filthy bastard is trying to "coerce" me into shutting down anonymous he, she, or it can feel "powerful," so of curse, I shan't oblige the creature.

  6. However, there are still many Republicans who believe homosexuality is an offense against their god. Luckily, our laws are not based on those beliefs

    1. Rusty,
      Homosexuality is still a sin, regardless of what the libertines tell you.

      Like you, I too am glad we don't have laws governing people's private sex lives. If government would only go libertarian in other areas as well.

    2. There are just as many D'Rats who think that way too, Idioto, and more power to them, if they want to limit their understanding of humanity that way. I assure you no one -- except leftists -- gives a rat's rump what that element thinks. These foolish fundamentalists and bitterly prejudiced individuals who love to hate live their life with blinders firmly in place from cradle to tomb. I feel sorry for them, because they miss so much.

      But we would hear NOTHING about these spurious issues if it weren't for the ceaseless machinations of "activists."

    3. I disagree with you there, Kurt. I'm not going to engage in a long tedious undoubtedly redundant debate, but on that issue the Church is full of BS.
      It all came about because Augustine managed to vanquish Pelagius in the earliest political struggles of the nascent Roman Church.

      Pelagius knew the OT was fill of ancient tribal superstition that was every bit as harmful, savage, cruel, inhumane and exploitative as any of the virulent precepts of Islam that threaten us today. The ancient Jews were barbarians filled with tribal conceit that vastly overestimated their innate value. Their hate-filled savagery and monumental conceit has cast a long dark shadow over Civilization and greatly inhibited human progress for thousands of years. I REALLY IS long past time we got rid of the ancient, inherently vicious, pre-Mediaeval, tribal mentality that has kept humanity down -- and at odds -- so long.

      All that aside I do despise the truculent, aggressively flamboyant behavior of Gay Activists, but your belief, which you certainly are entitled to, if you want to cling to it, really does insult the large majority of perfectly decent people who just want to live as their inborn nature directs them quietly, conservatively, productively and peacefully. It is the effin' ACTIVISTS who stir up trouble and enjoy making a public spectacle of themselves who fuel anti-homosexual sentiment.

      Let's just agree to disagree on it. I don't want to belabor the issue, but God made homosexuals as surely as he made Whites, Negroes, Asians, Hispanics, Semites and little green apples.

      The only thing I can think of that He did NOT make is MUSLIMS. They are obviously the spawn of SATAN. ;-)

      Once again -- as always -- I am disappointed that NO ONE understood or appreciated the humor, the irony and the abundant WSDOM embedded in my bit of verse.

      The pattern here -- as ALWAYS in the blogosphere is to glom onto some small detail, debunk it, and try to beat it to death.

      Now if THAT isn't "sin" I can't think what would be.

    4. You're basing your argument on Pelagius? Oh, dear. And you must also believe the Apostle Paul was wrong.

      Of course we can disagree and allow one another latitude for one's own beliefs, but there is scant evidence of early Christian belief that homosexual acts were OK. And this is the same group of people who easily cast aside much Jewish ritual, clean/unclean, and the harsh OT punishments.

    5. And here I thought FT would be the Manichee.

    6. There's a lot in that, Ducky. however, those few who "see" at all think for themselves, each observing and evaluating through a unique-but-inherently-limiting prism. Truth (God) is a many-faceted diamond so blindingly brilliant and complex no one is capable of seeing and appreciating it in its totality.

    7. FT: I like the analogy.

      I'm reading "On the God of the Christians" by Remi Brague. It's a heavy philosophical slog, but contemplating his words can't help but make you more humble.

      Was it CS Lewis who said something to the effect that he could never worship a God of no mystery and no (apparent )contradictions?

  7. "To put any other view of unions on the same level as Christian marriage would be disservice to society rather than a service."

    What a vacuous and nasty sectarian sentiment. Screw him. I'll put my marriage over his dumb backwards definition any day. I'm married, and I'm not a Christian.

    And brought to us from a guy who was just vociferously attacking Islamic theocrats...

    Hmmm.... I smell hypocrisy...

    Families have been sending their gay kids off to be priests and brothers since the the beginnings of the church. It's full of gays. It's like the friggin' navy. ;)

    It's sad Paul chose to go after the gays. It really damaged Christianity in the long run.


    1. Well, it certainly explains all those paedophile Catholic priests!

    2. Jersey, I had no idea you were in a gay marriage. I thought you still enjoyed afoot loose fancy free life of rampant promiscuity. §;-D

    3. LOL! My wife and I are not Christians and our marriage is plenty strong and important to us and God has nothing whatsoever to do with it. And Lord knows I've seen plenty of "Christian" marriages fall to pieces. I think the anti-gay marriage crowd should stop it with the stone throwing. It's embarrassing to watch. Paul was an insecure bigot.


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    5. Jersey you sure your wife isn't a "saint"?

    6. Jersey, as long as you are capable of loving, your life has, indeed, been touched by God. God IS Love, and God IS All-in-All. You can no more escape Him by refusing to name and acknowledge Him than you can fly to the moon on gossamer wings.

      What you disdain is the petty preoccupation with the supposed sins of others, and an avid eagerness to condemn found in so many who -- quite mistakenly -- think of themselves as "true" Christians. because they slavishly adhere to manmade dogma selfishly created and promoted to aid Church leaders in maintaining temporal Power and Control. Ruling human hearts and putting "mind-forged manacles" on their brains through Fear and Intimidation is the absolute antithesis of what God gave to this world in the Person of Jesus Christ.

      If God is Love, then Captiousness, Anger, Derision and self-righteous Judgmentalism must be His polar opposites -- i.e. SATANIC.

    7. There is no God. It's a silly old myth.


  8. I saw the kiss that Michael gave to Sam..
    It made me mad–he kissed a man!

    That’s something I don’t want to see
    It’s wrong, unnatural, and it’s not just me.

    Many now say, “Homosexuality is OK.”
    But God says there’s a better way.

    He made men for women, and women for men.
    So why are “gays” so prideful then?

    Please, no public same-sex kisses Sam.
    We don’t want to see this man-on-man!

    Not in a boat, not in a car
    This public perversion goes too far!

    Not in the store or on a bus
    This same-sex stuff, it brings disgust.

    Not at the movies or on TV
    It’s wrong, unnatural, can’t you see?!

    I don’t want my kids to think it’s right
    So please, please, keep it out of sigh - See more at:

    1. A pathetic excuse for a poem. It doesn't rhyme, and the bigoted sentiments it expresses are crudely phrased, born of ignorance and frankly ignoble.I've heard and read all the arguments pro and con, and have no wish to revisit them.

      Everyone is welcome to his opinion on this and any other subject, the views you espouse are not in any way "Christian" no matter what you may think.


      Homosexuals are human beings and deserve to be treated with as much respect as anyone else. Vey few are pedophiles, very few are loony, embarrassing drag queens, not all are promiscuous, irresponsible, alcoholics or drug-addicted creatures who live only for sex, etc. Those who are like that are pathetic, desperately unhappy who make life miserable for themselves, but they deserve our pity not our contempt.

      The worst sins are to be deliberately cruel to any living creature, to be inconsiderate, stingy, judgmental, -- and worst of all -- a self-righteous, know-it-all.

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