Thursday, January 29, 2015


'Tis cruel to see the ghastly farce
Dressmakers made of Michelle's arse
Bedecked in yellow frock unkind
To our nation's First Behind!


  1. Michelle Obama wore some lovely outfits during her recent trip to India and Saudi Arabia. The cuts of the outfits suited her very well. And the colors were magnificent for her.

    But a yellow sheath skirt with a slit on her build? Nope! Hideous, really. And the placement of her husband's hand in this photo added more emphasis to something not needing emphasis.

    Back when my arse was big -- and it was big when I was overweight, a sad condition I had for many years -- my mother and my grandmother taught me better than to wear a suit cut like the one in this photo.

    1. Information You DeserveJanuary 29, 2015 at 9:21 AM

      But she forgot to Cover Up her face.

  2. Forgot to say how clever I find the title of this blog post. **smiling**

  3. Did anyone notice how I didn't give a f**k over what they said or thought about America’s Lovely First Lady Michelle Obama?
    Last week America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave a touching speech honoring women everywhere and addressing the tragedy in Nigeria, where 200+ young women were kidnaped and have yet to be returned to their families.

    Wonder why emotions run high in the blogsphere? Take a look at how some conservatives are discussing the dress that our First lady wore in India:
    No doubt the bile-filled, bitter and corrosively angry malcontents out there who soil their pants each time the FLOTUS breaths will flop around in the gutter, like demented swine, trying to outdo each other in insulting and slandering this gracious woman.
    No doubt the bile-filled, bitter and corrosively angry malcontents out there who soil their pants each time the FLOTUS breaths will flop around in the gutter, like demented swine, trying to outdo each other in insulting and slandering this gracious woman. What they never understand is that their malignity and venom toward Mrs. Obama is a reflection of the rot eating away at them and has nothing to do with her.
    This time they were bursting out of their Brown Stained pants about the Dress Our Beautiful First lady wore when she greeted the Prime Minister Modi of India. The lovely dress was handpicked for the US first lady from Indian-origin designer Bibhu Mohapatra's collection.
    Hating someone is like drinking poison and hoping the person you hate dies.

    Mrs. Obama is an intelligent, charming, and elegant First Lady. We're lucky to have her living in the White House.

    But they’d rather brag about their looser, and quitter, the Idiot from Alaska, Sarah Palin.
    Dear ole Sarah is headed for the Iowa Freedom Summit, an event that is attracting almost every presumed moron on the Republican side for president. Her presence there is fueling speculation for more of her failed ambitions. She recently hinted that she was thinking of elected office again because somewhere in Alaska a village is missing its idiot
    It is painfully evident that even a year of elocution lessons to teach her to modulate her voice, or a change of coiffure, will never take the "low" out of the Palin "class."

    Sarah Palin for President? Oh fer Gawd's sake! Oh Please! Yes! Please Run Sarah! We could use the laughs.

    1. You blew it at the end when you engaged in the same bile against Sarah Palin that you were lecturing us about.

      One more progressive hypocrite who gets huffy when people criticize her heroes.

      So, how many of those little Nigerian girls did Michelles blather and tweet campaign save, anyway? Give us the numbers?

  4. All she needs is a strobe-light pill-box hat and a beeper for when she backs up.

    1. Thersites,

      Quite the wit you are this morning.

    2. Thersites,
      PS: I may have ruined my keyboard!

  5. I see the conservative fashion police are still on duty.
    I have now read only 1/2 of the comments here regarding this ridicules subject. In my opinion, 98% of the comments are utterly stupid, the other 2% are totally ridicules. But then again, that's pretty usual for this blogger

  6. News Flash! Michelle Obama Didn’t Wear a Head Scarf in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi King along with Members of His Entourage Refuse to Shake Her Hand.

    What happened to “When in Rome”? And what happened to when in India, dress like an Indian?

    Couldn’t she just run into the nearest Target and pick up a Head Scarf , or run into the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up another Shower Curtain?

    1. Are you aware that the dress she wore in India was by a top Indian designer.

      As for the headscarf. Many heads of state don't wear head covering in front of the Saudis (Rice, Clinton, Merkel) and it amazes me that the fringe right is upset that Michelle didn't cover her head for the Saudis.

    2. Duck,
      The outfit that Michelle Obama wore in India was beautiful as was the outfit that she wore in Saudi Arabia. But the outfit designed by the Indian designer was the better outfit, IMO -- and this comment has nothing to do with the lack of a head scarf.

  7. I suspect it was more ignorance that not. It also reminded me when Barack and Michelle visited England, and Michelle Obama, put her hand on the back of Queen

  8. They are Meat-Heads, and that’s about it. Total Liberal Misfits!

  9. So the far right bloggers are talking about Mrs. Obama's derriere?

    Asses talking about asses.

    It's what they do best.

  10. Replies
    1. It seems all so pointless wasting time on the First Lady's attire. Guess that it just me.

    2. To be perfectly serious for a moment:

      For a First Lady to appear thus in public makes a very poor reflection on her overall taste and judgment -- and that of her closest associates and advisors as well.

      The poor woman can't help having an enormous pair of buttocks, it's a salient characteristic of certain female members of the Negro race. But she CAN and SHOULD make every effort to minimize the defect. Flaunting it in public betrays a fundamentally coarse, vulgar mentality.

      What next? A gold lamé bustle bedecked with hot pink ostrich plumes?


  11. The chattering chipmunks on these blogs never miss a chance to insult and denigrate the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. No matter what she wears, what she eats, what she does, where she vacations, or how she smiles. When it comes to you GOPee’s, Porn Queens and Armature Poets, you are certain to be there to criticize her.
    It's all bitchy talk from them all the time, because, y'know, THOSE PEOPLE are in our First Family..
    I thought Laura Bush was a gracious First Lady, and no one that I know of attacked her for suggesting people read to their children--no one said she shouldn't tell other parents "what to do."
    And she was never attacked for her looks, her body shape, or her fashion choices on this blog. I don't know what the problem is with the right wing bloggers who seem to relish making fun of our first African-American First Lady, but they do it with a vengance and full-on spite. They, of course, are the ones who come off looking like dreary little gossips who have nothing better to do than pick apart someone else instead of looking in the mirror and discovering the wreckage in their souls

    Whether its Nationality, Race or Gender, other counties or their leaders do NOT set our country's standards. It's my understanding that foreigners do not need to comply, at any rate. I think it was a good move on her part to show that American women are not second class. However, the real question isn't whether she should have worn a head covering or not. The real question was why they were in Saudi Arabia in the first place when they weren't in Paris after the terrorist attacks, weren't in attendance at Margaret Thatcher's funeral, won't meet with Netanyahu when he comes to speak, etc.
    And certainly NOT the T-baggers who don't like the Obama's in the first place!!!
    I'm proud of our gracious, and lovely First Lady.
    The Obama’s were there for the funeral of a King and not to set a fashion statement, so I agree with her decision NOT to wear a head scarf .

    1. Paybacks are hell, aren't they?

      So next time... Vu la Bush!

    2. ...and as the Saudi's said after shaking Barack's hand, "What did he bring his whore for?"

  12. They did shake hands? I thought they refused to!
    Oh my mistake they refused to shake hands with the Moocher.

  13. Why this fascination with Michelle Obama's butt?

    Is it healthy?

    1. STEATOPYGIA sets the NEGRESS apart from the rest of humanity.

      When a woman's arse is clearly not her best feature, it well behooves her -- and all those closest to her -- to make sure the bulbous buttocks are minimized by the fashions she wears not emphasized.

    2. Steatopygia, huh? Never heard that term before, but I looked it up on Wikipedia. It is a genetic trait -- not a reflection of character or even diet per se.

      I had to laugh at the truth of your second second sentence in your comment of January 29, 2015 @ 10:41 PM.

  14. _____ A Lemon _____

    Out of lemon flowers
    on the moonlight, love's
    lashed and insatiable
    sodden with fragrance,
    the lemon tree's yellow
    the lemons
    move down
    from the tree's planetarium

    Delicate merchandise!
    The harbors are big with it-
    for the light and the
    barbarous gold.
    We open
    the halves
    of a miracle,
    and a clotting of acids
    into the starry
    original juices,
    irreducible, changeless,
    so the freshness lives on
    in a lemon,
    in the sweet-smelling house of the rind,
    the proportions, arcane and acerb.

    Cutting the lemon
    the knife
    leaves a little cathedral:
    alcoves unguessed by the eye
    that open acidulous glass
    to the light; topazes
    riding the droplets,
    aromatic facades.

    So, while the hand
    holds the cut of the lemon,
    half a world
    on a trencher,
    the gold of the universe
    to your touch:
    a cup yellow
    with miracles,
    a breast and a nipple
    perfuming the earth;
    a flashing made fruitage,
    the diminutive fire of a planet.

    ~ Pablo Neruda :

  15. Did you ever see the movie, "Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension?". The main antagonist in the film was named "John BigBoote"... he looked a lot like Moochelle.

  16. She has no style. Everything she wears looks awful on her. I don't know who picks her clothes, but one wold think that the First Lady of the United States of America could get SOMEONE to tell her how she honestly looks before she leaves her dressing room.

    With a huge butt and huge thighs like she has, she cannot wear just any style, and she certainly cannot wear something clingy as in this image

    1. mA6zRrM/s1600/michelle-obama-meets-trade-rep-staff-washington%5B2%5D.jpg

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