Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr. Bill from New Hampshire speaks out:

Welcome to Fantasyland

I swear our President (King?) must be on drugs.  He has to be to say “The Crisis has passed” and this is a great economy.  The redefined unemployment rate, which now reflects only formerly employed people seeking a job who get federal benefits, is at 5.8% according to his government.  

If you use the same calculation historically used to be the standard before 2003, the real rate stands at 23%.  This rate includes those who no longer get benefits, people who have no job, and self-employed people who have no work.  Part-time jobs also remain elevated: There are still 1.7 million fewer workers with full-time jobs than when the recession began in December 2007.

Unemployment for black men, people over 16, and all other slices are still in double digits. The Labor participation rate is 62.7% –– the lowest since Carter.  Ninety-two-million workers either have no job, or have decided to go on the dole.   Average pay is down over $5,000 since 2009  Payments by “safety net” departments are the highest ever. 

Most food prices rose 30% in 2014.  Utility prices have doubled thanks to the unnecessary War on Coal and the lack of pipelines for natural gas, and they are set to rise another 40%.  Property taxes are up, income taxes are up, medical premiums are at record levels, and now include enormous deductibles in many cases.  Government fees for every interaction for obtaining drivers licenses to fishing licenses have risen.steeply. Many have doubled or tripled.   Obamacare penalties are kicking in, and are so bafflingly complex H&R Block says they are bound to be calculated wrongly in most cases.

Yes gas prices have fallen dramatically to be sure, but shipping costs have not.  The reason for such a decrease in the price of fuel may be attributed to the Saudi’s pumping more oil in an effort to put fracking out of business in the US and elsewhere.  Historically, fracking needs oil prices higher than $65 a barrel to be profitable.  Fortunately, technology has improved, so that is no longer true.

The deficit may be down from its high, but it still stands at 200% of the worst year for Bush, and at triple the budget from Bush’s last, Republican-controlled Congress. 

Obama doubled the debt in six years, –– more than all his predecessors combined with in no end in sight. 

Until the boot of government regulations is removed from the necks of business and the people, we will continue to have the same anemic economy one has seen in Europe since the 1980’s.  The unemployment rate there has stayed at more than 9%  since then thanks to excessive government regulations, nationalized healthcare, high taxes, and the influx of Muslims and other immigrants.

In the last six years, Obama has unleashed the EPA to advance “global warming” regulations which are further crippling manufacturing and utility sectors. while mercilessly killing markets and boosting unemployment. 

The assault on coal eliminates the strides that were being made in cleansing technology being developed to solve the issue and enabling this cheap fuel to be used without pollution. (Can’t have that!)  The thousands of pages of new regulations include the latest ban on wood burning stoves. Get ready for fines if you actually use one.  Workers in these industries lose as well.

There are too many examples of the government overreach in the plethora of regulations by unleashed union bureaucrats to illustrate them all here.  

In 2012, Obama called for a regulatory review to reduce regulations, but has added over 60,000 pages under his watch.  20,000 for Obamacare alone. Under the Obama Regime the creeping socialism started under FDR, is now galloping full tilt. 

Now THAT is a CRISIS, and unless by some remote chance a miracle occurs,  we will have to suffer with this madman in the White House for two more years?  At the rate things have been going we will be lucky if we can survive.

You can be sure of one thing. He has it in for you.



  1. Don’t you get nauseous from that hat racist “slavery” BS you see posted over and over on that Progressive blog? Its Sooo old and overused. All that Slavery in the movies on TV, all that sickening stuff if so overplayed by those bleeding Heart libs that i can vomit when reading it. And every time you turn around it’s about Black holiday or a whole month of their “History”!
    When will it ever stop? This Slavery thing that the African American people speak of was real—-yes, but 300 years ago. It has nothing to do with me or how I treat anyone. I’m not at fault. I feel that actually, they were given a huge gift by being brought here to this USA. If they hadn’t been, they would still be back in their own country, where kids sit around with flies in their eyes, and live in grass huts, etc. Here there are opportunities, and land, and homes, and jobs, and food, and even welfare, for those impoverished. All the people that dwell on 300 years ago. should get on a boat and head back to where they thought they would have been happiest, because it certainly doesn’t look like it’s here. Now to me, that is not racism, it’s common sense. and I’m tired of one race blaming another on something not anyone of us, did, or would possibly do today. Please people, give it a rest, or bury it, AND THANK GOD that you live in the land of opportunity. Get off the lazy butts, take advantage of all the things possible, white or black. This country was made by people who made it work, not whiners or complainers. Please don’t vote for whomever is black or white, if that is why you are making the choice. Vote for whomever you think will bring us out of this terrible danger of complete failure, we are experiencing. When you try something and it fails, you have to try something else. We did that when we thought President Bush didn’t take care of us. Now President Obama hasn’t taken care of us, or gotten us out of “harm’s way”. He has gotten us into a pile off dung. For God’s sake, think before you act. When did you see President Obama take the side of a white person? NEVER! “If I Had A Son”, He'd Look Like “Trayvon'” President Obama took the side of the Harvard professor Henry Gates, and called the Police “Stupid”.
    Sometimes I have to wonder if that Wicked Witch of the left is White or Black!

    1. Bilic, the post is about the effect this administration is having on employment, quality of life for the average citizen, the value of our currency, the effects of uncontrolled, ever-increasing debt on the future, etc.

      It is NOT about "race," or any of the other issues you chose to belabor.

      If I follow my own rules, I should delete your remarks, but since you have told basic truths and seem sincere and not out to do us mischief, I'll let you post stand, but in the future PLEASE focus on the subject of the post, and don't let yourself wander all over the map.


    2. Someone has anger management issues!

      Careful there, Bill honey. We wouldn't want you to stroke out on us!

  2. Obama always sides with the blacks!. When Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager, was shot dead by George Zimmerman in Florida Obama sided with the blacks

    Remember, “That could have been me thirty-five years ago”
    Obama was also extra vocal about that Cambridge, Massachusetts police officer who arrested a black Harvard profession Henry gates during a break-in investigation. He viewed it as a stupid arrest by the Police.
    SO, who the REAL racist? As for the Moocher, I wonder if she’s proud to be an American yet?

    1. See my reply to you above.

      Also, I'd prefer you not to refer to Mrs. Obama as "The Moocher." The use of vulgar terms like that degrades your image -- and reflects poorly on conservatives in general. Things are bad enough without descending to Junior High levels to bear down too hard in the obvious.

  3. It's like having another 8 years of Abraham Lincoln... ;)

    1. Perish the thought! We are supposed to regard him as our greatest president. I think he may have been our worst.

      What other American leader has been directly responsible for the death of 635K American men, and millions more, maimed, blinded, driven insane, made chronically ill -- and then there the countless widows, orphans and those impoverished, made homeless, and forced into beggary, etc.

      Lincoln was a MASS MURDERER nothing more, nothing less. I HATE the way he's been canonized by the Left.

  4. I agree with Bill's perception of the so-called recovery. It seems more and more every public pronouncement whether by a government official or the media is just a script handed to some air-headed puppet to read to the masses who are expected to swallow the swill and just sit down and shut up.

    But as FDR famously observed:

    "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

    He would know, I believe.

    And that's the way it is ...

  5. Don't we have enough gloom as nd doom? Thinks are gonna be alright.

    Only two more years.

    1. How I wish it were that easy, Gandolf!

      We have no idea as yet "what rough beast" will eventually "slouch its way to Bethlehem," (Washington) in 2016.

      We've been in a collision course with Fate for a very long time. Sooner or later the crash must come. I am not optimistic, and I do NOT believe the Republicans, as they are today and have been since Ronald Reagan left office, have what it takes to save us.

    2. FT,
      I strongly agree with your comment of January 24, 2015 at 11:38 AM.

      I'm glad that I'm as old as I am!

  6. Still blaming Obama for the what you cons did, I see.


    1. Not at all. He's just the latest in a long chain of tragic errors in judgment. We haven't had a good president since Ronald Reagan left office. The whole process is manipulated, Jersey. WE don't choose our leaders; the OLIGARCHS do.

    2. He was better than the alternative, and that does matter, no matter how much today's cons tell us to just throw up our societal arms and live like animals in the Social Darwinist woods.


  7. No Jersey. Just giving Obama credit for the worst economic recovery in America's history, and the 2008 downturn was nowhere near the worst.

    1. Sorry, Silver, but history is not going to record it that way. The recovery went pretty much s every economist predicted. And you cons caused the recession in the first place. The borrowing, instead of paying the bills, you guys did that too. It's all on you. As usual, conservatism damaged America.


    2. Jersey, republicans of course bear responsibility for the onset of the great recession. Mr. Bush involved us in a war (Iraq) that was as
      unnecessary as it was costly. But so
      too do the democrats.

      So my friend it is NOT all on the conservatives.

    3. You crack me up, Jersey. Like the Dems are models of fiscal rectitude and don't have their snouts just as deep in the Wall Street trough as the GOOPers...

      History has recorded it that way, Jersey. Worst economic recovery on record with anemic job growth. We have 1.2 million more jobs than we had at the end of 2007. If you call that success, then I'd hate to see your idea of failure.

      Progressivism did the damage: Throwing money down liberal rat holes and ever-burgeoning bureaucracies, forcing lenders to loan money to people they knew couldn't pay it back, printing money like toilet paper...

      Progressivism is destroying America, and fanboys and fangirls like you are a big part of the problem. You couldn't raise taxes enough to pay for all the lardass government we now suffer under. Fool

    4. It astounds me that so many Americans have swilled down that nonsense about "economic recovery."

  8. Marajuana is Medecin!!!January 24, 2015 at 1:01 PM

    Prez Obma has been a great prez! no more unemployment and he stopped the wars started by the bush and the big dick.

    haters goonna hat!

    1. The Blsck chicks with Green lipstick love him, esp. In the Bath Tub.
      See he las lots of fans.

    2. Have another tolk Cannibis. What planet do you live on?

    3. Marajuana is Medecin!!!January 25, 2015 at 4:08 PM

      Thas right i'm tokin!!!

      It's called freeedom, somthing you Gee Oh Peers hate.

  9. No more unemployment... on paper, anyway. It's his Cloud Cuckooland. The rest of us only live here.

  10. This sums it up pretty well:

    Obama gonna pay my bills
    Obama gonna cure my ills

    Obama gonna gib to me
    Everything I want for free.

    On me and mine Obama dotes
    Dat's why he's gonna get our votes.

    We's gonna suck da white man dry
    And laugh to see him sit and cry.

    We laugh and laugh 'cause its so funny
    Dat our bills be paid wiff white man's money.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. Obama is employing the tactic of the Ministry of Truth to keep America lulled. And you know what? The tactic is working! Most Americans still blindly accept whatever Obama declares.

    I think that it comes down to the Cult of Personality. People will believe whatever their cult leader says -- never mind the realities staring them in the face.

    Over the past several decades, most Americans have succumbed to the Cult of Personality -- and I don't mean only those on the Left. I see similar manifestations from many on the Right.

    The noose of the Nanny State, with its plethora of taxes and regulations, has tightened around our necks. Will the cavalry come riding over the hill? I doubt it. And even if the cavalry did appear, those who adhere to the Cult of Personality won't recognize that cavalry as rescue.

    1. How you enjoying your blue eyed boy, Kapital, now, AOW?

    2. Duck,
      Is the problem Kapital? You certainly think so. I see the many problems as stemming from other causes -- as I explained in my comment as as "Bill from New Hampshire" explicated.

      We'll never agree on this matter of Kapital as the root cause of all of America's problems, so I don't know why you take pot shots and me and why I bother to answer you at all.

      And you know what else? The truth may be somewhere in the middle between our two views. Rarely is one worldview totally correct.

    3. AOW, I can't understand why you would dignify Canardo's perverted BS with such an earnest, measured reply.

      We know positively from endless years of putting up with his perennial heckling, badgering, studiously insolent presence that he is an intellectual and spiritual pervert who looks at life through the wrong end of the telescope.

      HE never argues in good faith. He lives on blogs only to make snide, derisive attacks on "Conservatives," Libertarians" and anyone else who does not toe the Marxian Line. His is mission is ALWAYS to derail honest, earnest debate.

      On rare occasions he shows another more thoughtful, less doctrinaire side when we talk of music, art, and literature, etc., but even there the determination to extoll expression that reviles and rejects objects of sublime beauty and significance simply because they became accepted and later enshrined by the Establishment often dominates his discourse.

      I don't dislike Ducky, the person, but I have little patience for contemptuous, cantankerous contrarianism as a primary mode of communication, and no patience whatsoever with MARXISTS.

    4. FT,
      I guess is it my nature to offer such replies. Maybe this tendency comes from my having taught literature for so many years. I'm always open to what my students have to say -- even if they are consummately wrong. I guess that my brain is wired in such a manner because of all the practice I've had.

      It is said that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar. I don't think that the old adage applies to the politics of today, however.

    5. The solution is obvious to Canardo: Kommunism.

      It's worked so beautifully everywhere kind-hearted politburos put it into practice.

    6. Of course not. He's full of sour snark and enjoys crapping all over everything, but I have yet to hear him quack out any useful solutions.

  12. Thank you AOW for the honesty you show; particularly in recognizing the "similar manifestations" .

    1. Gandolf,
      It seems to me that real thinking is in scarce supply. Today we have sound bytes and boilerplate for the most part. **sigh**



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