Tuesday, February 25, 2014

_____ LONGEVITY _____

The horse and mule live thirty years, 
And nothing know of wines and beers.
The goat and sheep at twenty die, 
and never taste of scotch or rye.
Cows drink water by the ton, 
and by eighteen, they're mostly done.
The dog at fifteen cashes in, 
without the aid of rum and gin.
 The cat in milk and water soaks, 
And then in twelve short years it croaks.
The modest, sober, bone-dry hen 
Lays eggs for nogs, then dies at ten.
All animals are strictly dry; 
They sinless live and sinless die.
But sinful, ginful, rum-soaked men 
Survive for three score years and ten.
 And some of them, though very few, 
Stay drunk yet live past ninety-two!

- Anonymous


  1. A Progressive, a Liberal, and a Leftist walk into a Bar and Ted Kennedy kills a young girl at Chappaquiddick, and Kerry Kennedy takes the “Wrong” pills and swerved her Lexus into a truck, damaging the car and blowing a tire, but kept on driving !

    She's a Kennedy therefor she gets a free pass. Why not? The rest of the family got free passes for murder sot his is nothing new..

    I’m betting that there’s a 90% chance that she'll be acquitted. If not acquitted she is a 100% chance that she'll get a small fine and a 90 day suspension from driving.

  2. Very good point, reminds me of Uncle Teddy! The drunken murderer!

    Also, another person would have been in a cell until their trial. But she's a Kennedy!

  3. For once I would like to see a member of this "royal family" punished but it won't happen---America loves these losers!

    And btw, I happen to know that Ambien is in a blister pack. Zolpidem is in a bottle.

    So they bring out the 85 year old Ethel, what the hell did she know about whet Kerry took or didn't take! ...the Kennedys are bringing out the big guns for the jury.

    She'll walk on this...Royal families do not get convicted.

  4. I had not heard of this DUI until now... and it happened back in 2012!

    I googled 'Kennedy DUI' but was overwhelmed with search results. Someone at work explained it to me.

    Ain't it funny how the bigger the pig someone is, the more the left lionizes them?

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  6. It's interesting how some things have that tendency to draw flies or rodents. When the bait is set somehow they always appear, eh The shawdow knows?

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  8. The notable absence of even the faintest trace of humor among respondents in the blogosphere makes it a dreary, sterile, repellent place, indeed.

    It's beyond pathetic when only the tiniest percentage of participants show that they have anything on their minds other than finding fault with everyone but their perfect selves.

    And some of these blowhards and chronic naysayers have the gall to identify themselves as Christians!

  9. Frida Van der WienerFebruary 25, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    Oh, I have plenty of faults, Dear FreeThink. However, unlike the Kennedy's, I don't foist them on others while spending taxpayer billions on pet leftwing projects while scolding my fellow Americans.

    The Kennedy's are an inflamed pustule on the nation's posterior.

    If they kept their sick depredations and outlandish hoggishness to themselves it would be no one else's business, would it?

    But rather, they unleash upon the public their inbred progeny, cohorts of bloated, whiskey besotted rapists; murderers; and wife abusers who would make Torquemada blush? How many suicides have they inspired? These Champions of Women and Minorities? How many minorities have joined their clan? How many minorities have been under their multimillion dollar roofs in other than a servant or cook capacity?

    Yes, my dear and wonderful FreeThinke, gentleman that you are, we all have our faults, but none have aired them quite so prominently as this spawn of Satan known as the Kennedy Klan. Their serial crimes, misdemeanors and embarrassments fly like king sized bedsheets with embarrassing stains, flapping noisily in the wind from the rooftops and balcony railings, their odor overwhelming innocent passersby.

    They are a stain upon this nation, an embarrassing spate of uncontrollable and noisy flatulence that some day, I pray to God, for the good of the people and especially any women who may stumble into their clutches, some day our public life may be free of them.

  10. Well now, dear Frida, surely you must know by now that my harsher criticisms would never be levied at you?

    The joke, however, is on me, because the Kennedys were far from my thoughts when I posted what-I-thought-was a witty piece of satirical verse.

    I can understand why drunkenness so easily reminds many of the Kennedys, and it's not really a humorous subject. HOWEVER, I try to make it one of my smaller missions in life to look at things in the light side.

    "Life is much too serious a business to be taken seriously."

  11. Frida Van der WienerFebruary 25, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    You are a sweetheart, FreeThinke


    You've made me blush. ;-)

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  15. By rights ALL irrelevant commentary should be obliterated.

    However, as a blog administrator I sometimes find certain technically irrelevant remarks interesting, and therefore, worth keeping as potential food for worthwhile discussion.

    Therefore, whether you are an obvious troll, a counterfeit of an established blog personality -- or even a part-time friend --, if you should happen to see one of your comments removed, you may be certain it happened because the Blog Administration judged it to have no contributory value to the topic at hand.

    [NOTE: In this particular court JUDGMENT must be accepted as FINAL. There are no avenues open to APPEAL.]


    Any an all evidence of Personal Feuds and Grudge Matches will be OBLITERATED on SIGHT.

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  17. Thank you FreeThinke for deleting the offensive imposter. I understand your decision. With the increase in childish behavior, stealing avatars, and the increase in trolls respectable and responsible blog owners must sometimes act as censors.

    Don't understand what drives the imposters, trolls, and children, nor do I care.

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  22. Hilarious. Great post.

    Stop linking to my blog. Write your own!

  23. When you have been adequately unformed in advance -- and repeatedly -- that our policy here is to throw out the trash as it accumulates, there is no point in responding to comments designated for the dustbin on discovery.

    If you want to discuss the pros and cons of drunkenness, the use of levity to convey serious implications, rhyming techniques, or to bring in samples of similar work original or borrowed that would be welcome.

    Negativity for the sake of negativity is not. Neither is inanity.


  24. And yet you keep comments from Titan Uranus and Titan (one in the same) exactly why?


  26. FT,

    Editorial decisions are strictly the decision of the blog owner.

  27. Yup! And I've burned by many of those decisions many times, myself.

    It's so easy to be misunderstood no matter how clearly you try to express yourself.

    Prejudice and the ever present desire to start a fight darken the scene all too frequently.

  28. Dear FreeThinke, yes it may be true that I have plenty of faults, but being a “a TROLL, a FAKE, AND STUPID are NOT any of them. Neither is “Stealing”an image of Karin Dorrepaal from the internet and used it as my avatar attached to my name, one of them.

    “DICK” Tracy the progressive bumbling Blog Detective, seems to be more like Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther, than the great Sherlock Holmes.
    In her blog description of me, you would think that I am a masked murderer, rather than the jokester that I attempted to be. The name I chose "Frieda Van Wiener." in itself should have been the first tipoff that I was masquerading, rather than attempting to pass oneself off as being a actual, real, or true, sincere and honest blog commentor..

    Yes, my dear and wonderful FreeThinke, gentleman that you are, as you certainly would have known I would not have so prominently made the attempt as being an advocate against the Progressives and or embarrassed anyone intentionally.

    So please let me lend your ear for a moment and let me explain. Yes, it’s true that I have a blog that has been around for several years and from time to time i have changed it’s name. Never thinking that this was a crime or something cynical. And yes, I have at sometime in the past been a commenter on a certain Progressive blog where I was insulted and literally chased off. And by the way I am a “She” and not a “He” And also, yes I used a photo avatar from the internet to go along with my “Frieda Van Wiener” persona, should I have used a “Wiener” instead? Perhaps, maybe that would have been a better idea!
    The guy pretending to be "Freida Van Weiner" is a troll and probably a person who's been doing this for years: Stealing photos from the internet for his profile pictures and using a fake name.
    Is this embarrassing? To be a so called “Faker”, Freida Van Weiner" who has also commented on conservative blogs under the name "Just Joanna," Because Joanna IS my real name, "Right Klik," and also the name "Hildegard Hammerasshat" a name that I also used as a joke, No, not at all, not to me it isn’t embarrassing .

    And as you say “And some of these blowhards and chronic naysayers have the gall to identify themselves as Christians!” And just can not take a joe.
    And by the way, in my post, or comment, I never did use anything that may in any slightest interpretation could be considered, insulting to anyone, or directed to anyone or anyone’s persuasion, be it political, religious, or otherwise.

    Thank you Dear FreeThinke, and God Bless You.

  29. Making up funny names is a hobby of longstanding with me. It helps pass the time in waiting rooms, and has been a source of agreeable entertainment. Quite harmless. Sine none of us uses his or her real name anyway, I see nothing wrong with posting under a hundred different aliases -- AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT NASTY, INSULTING or determined to DERAI, UPEND or otherwise DOMINATE sincere, thoughtful DEBATE with meaningless twaddle.

    It's the IDEA CONTENT of commentary that matters not its authorship.

    I have a serious problem with CONTROL FREAKS, but there IS a limit to what I will tolerate here.

    Having no discernible sense of humor may not be a character flaw, but it makes for a very dull, dour, hopelessly prosaic and doctrinaire individual in my never humble estimation.

    1. Very good description of the above. I agree, no foul, no harm.

  30. Quite harmless Indeed, and who really cares?.



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