Saturday, February 8, 2014

Could the gaping black hole in the center be unintentionally symbolic?

by Anne Animus

A paterfamilias named Joe
To whose dynastic dreams, God said, “NO!”
Had four sons who rose high.
He’d see three of them die,
And the fourth play a windbag of woe.

~ § ~

The matriarch Rose had it rough
Staying constantly pregnant was tough
Hearing Joe’s mistress sing
In the family guest wing
Made her feel that “Enough is enough!”

~ § ~

But Rose, a resilient old bird
In case you never have heard,
Lived to one-hundred-four,
Though we can’t think what for,
Except triumph, till she was interred. 
~ § ~

Joe, Jr. was killed in the sky;
“Giving service,” they said “on the fly.”
Heaven knows what we missed
When Mortality kissed
The first K-son, and bid him "Good bye!".

~ § ~

After Jack became prexy a stroke
Sidelined Joe, but he failed to croak
His wife’s deep resentment
Deprived Joe of contentment,
Then Oswald made Joe’s life a joke.

 ~ § ~

Sirhan Sirhan then took Bobby,
Who was power-mad, and prone to lobby
To reach greater heights,
But in Sirhan’s gun sites
He lost every ambition and hobby.

~ § `

The corpulent creep they called Teddy
Led a life vile, incautious and heady.
“Chap my dick quick!” he cried,
But poor Mary Jo died.
(She drowned before Teddy was ready!)

~ § ~

No one should e’er sing a threnody
For even a single Kennedy.
We shan’t sing a dirge,
For these folk were a scourge –
An entity without amenity.


  1. Not a big fan of the Kennedys, huh?


  2. a windbag of woe

    No kidding!

    Excellent extended limerick, but Kennedy fans won't see the humor, I'm afraid.

  3. Old Man Joe was a most unlikeable person. It really is no wonder that his family, particularly his sons, turned out like it did.

  4. No verses for the five Kennedy sisters?

    Well, I suppose it's fitting for a "patriarchal" story....



  5. Thersites,
    Yes, we need verses for those Kennedy sisters!

  6. I definitely am not a fan of Papa Joe Kennedy, but denigrating the father when his three sons were killed in high profile ways sort of misses the big point.

    How is it possible to assassinate the most prominent and public figure of the United States of America, JFK, in broad daylight at high noon, with the assassination recorded for all to see? It would be interesting to take an opinion poll today to discover the percentage of people that believe the official version of the tale, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman in this outrageously public assassination.

    And those that would accept this official version should have to explain how the alleged gunman, Oswald, firing from the rear that there was an entrance wound on the right front of Kennedy's head which blew the rear part of his skull out onto the rear of the Presidential limousine. A lone gunman acting on his own actually killing the President in the manner known is way beyond belief.

    I wonder what effect the killings of his brothers had on the public persona of Edward Kennedy. Did they serve as some sort of warning of what could happen to him if he stepped out of line?

  7. The Kennedy assassination was a hit by one crime family on another.

  8. Fat Teddy, vile rapist and woman murderer, roasts on Satan's spit, but the leftwingers still hail him.

  9. In the Society of the Spectacle it's not surprising that none believe their eyes.

  10. Such fun with nothing to be gained. IMNHO a pathetic waste of time and energy. But hey, it might be just me that thinks that way.

    Carry on...

  11. We can always count on the good Christians, who make sure they honor their God every Sunday, to slander and mock a family whose 3 sons gave their lives in service to America.

    Yes, of course, you fine loving people in Christ, we need more sneering, nasty, hateful verses for the Kennedy sisters, since the deaths of their brothers weren't enough tragedy in their lives.

    You are all perfect examples of today's American Christian love.

  12. Who's a Christian? Certainly NOT me!

    But, please, keep finding excuses to bash Christians. It's no skin off my nose.

  13. Bashing Christians? Leave it to these people to play victim, when one points to their hypocritical Christian values.

    What is going on here is Kennedy-bashing. But thick heads can't see past their own sanctimony. When certain self-proclaimed religious people broadcast their piety on their blogs and then engage in defamation of others just for sport, they deserve all the contempt they earn.

  14. When certain self-proclaimed religious people broadcast their piety on their blogs and then engage in defamation of others just for sport, they deserve all the contempt they earn.

    Have you looked at your blog and your actions?


  15. To tone deaf FJ,

    Mocking and defaming an American family that produced two WWII heroes, a US president, and a US senator, all who died in service to the United States of America is especially sordid.

    Suggesting that more mockery should be made of the females in that family, one of whom was mentally retarded, is not the same as criticizing loud-mouthed and empty-headed living pundits and politicians. But no one expected you or anyone else here to understand that glaring difference.

    For you folks who pretend to love Christ and his messages, getting a chance to hate the Kennedys and besmirch their memory trumps human decency.

  16. My family has served and died for this country as well. I have earned the right to criticize both her heroes AND. her goats. So stop preming to lecture me, you insufferable TWIT!

  17. Of course, FJ. When you start lobbing names, you've lost.

    BTW, only a insufferable narcissist would believe I was referring to him in any of my comments.


  18. Even when they start... "To FJ"?

    Wow. Don't backtract too fast... you might hurt yourself!


  19. after all, it would just be terrible for you to continue to try and defame a man who served his country and who's family members died in service to America!


  20. A bilious temperament may shower
    Many a lush and fragrant bower
    With noxious regurgitation
    Withering blooms and vegetation.
    But roots of every healthy plant
    Remain immune to toxic cant.
    And soon the stench will clear away
    As Beauty returns renewed by Decay.

    ~ FreeThinke



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