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Attack on Senator Joseph McCarthy 

Murrow’s program See It Now focused on a number of controversial issues in the 1950s, but it is best remembered as the show that criticized  Mccarnyism and there'd Scare, contributing, if not leading, to the political downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy. [McCarthy had previously commended Murrow for his fairness in reporting.]

On March 9, 1954, Murrow, Friendly, and their news team produced a half-hour See It Now special titled "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy.” … Murrow used excerpts from McCarthy's own speeches and proclamations to criticize the senator and point out episodes where he had contradicted himself. …

The broadcast contributed to a nationwide backlash against McCarthy and is seen as a turning point in the history of television. It provoked tens of thousands of letters, telegrams, and phone calls to CBS headquarters, running 15 to 1 in favor of Murrow’s indictment of the senator from Wisconsin


During the early 1960s Sevareid was a common sight on CBS, as moderator of the programs Town Meeting of the World, Years of Crisis, and Where We Stand and covering both political parties' national conventions in 1964. In November 1964, he left New York and returned to Washington, where he became a national correspondent and commentator for CBS. Watergate, a political scandal that rocked the United States during the presidential campaign of 1972 and culminated in the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon two years later, prompted a harsh reaction from Sevareid, who commented in a broadcast on May 1, 1974: "These are men whose minds are irrevocably fixed in the 'We or They' view of life and politics. … They are not interested in destroying their opponent's arguments, but in destroying their opponents, personally… .

Quotation by Eric Sevareid

Given the mental climate of journalism of every stripe today I doubt very much if the honorable, serious-minded, straight shooting Eric Sevareid would be permitted to hold a job in the agenda-driven, dog-eat-dog, sensation-mongering jungle the enemedia's brand of attack journalism has created since their triumphant coup d'etat best known as Watergate. The once honorable profession has more openly become a whore for and myrmidon to the crypto-Marxist, Globalist agenda since the heyday of Mr. Sevareid.  The always grandstanding, then-closet-leftist Ed Murrow on the other hand would doubtless be more welcome than ever, and far less reserved were he alive today. After all Murrow was a highly effective  pioneer in the ignoble field.


  1. Imogene Lucardo said

    Do you believe that Murrow really thought he was being truthful?

    1. It might have been more appropriate, Imogene, had you asked, "Do you believe Murrow knew he was being disingenuous when he attacked Senator McCarthy?

      I don't really know the answer to that, myself, but I do know, as the cited quotation states, that Murrow's aggressive approach to Senator McCarthy –– sponsored, abetted and fully supported by behind-the-scenes media mogul Fred Friendly, of course, –– began a trend in journalism that quickly transformed the profession into the degraded, thorughly corrupt, always agenda-driven URINALISM that pervades all manner of media today.

      Eric Sevareid's modest quotation in today's post defined it brilliantly and succinctly.

      Murrow had been a leftist all along, of course, but he kept it pretty well under wraps for most of his career, until the blatant attack on Senator McCarthy.

      By that time the Marxian domination of the media was well-established, and that is why "anti-Communism" –– once meat and drink to every red-blooded American –– quickly became unfashionable to put it mildly, and then became virtually taboo.

      Why do you think Richard Nixon was hunted down and hounded out of office by urinalistic attack dogs? Why do you think J. Edgar Hoover's reputation has been deliberately tarnished posthumously, then blackened till he's now known primarily as Blackmailer, and a closet Homosexual Drag Queen?

      Both those men were virulent, highly EFFECTIVE anti-Communists.

      The malignant minions of the Frankfurt School to which I refer disparagingly so often, did a marvelous job in the oh-so-subtle, surreptitious Silent Coup that began with their infiltration –– then ultimate TAKEOVER –– first of Holly wood then of our universities which in turn discredited and subverted our fundamental principles and turned several generations of our "brightest and best" into quasi-Communist operatives.

  2. Replies
    1. btw - If you watch the second video in the link, you'll discover the fallacy in Sevareid's quote about problems and their solutions. ;)

    2. The accuracy of Sevareid's views is not at issue here. That his approach to journalism came from a wholesome spirit distinctly different from and ultumately at odds with that of his colleague Ed Murrow is the point of this exercise.

    3. I don't give a tinker's dam what "Madison Avenue" thinks of me –– never have, never will. I heartily despise the ignoble profession founded and foisted on us by the evil genius Eddie Bernays.

      The Good Lord gave me a nearly inerrant Bullshit Detector. Even as a little boy, I just KNEW the ads I heard over the radio were a nonsensical waste of time. I have prided myself since the mid-1940's to be utterly immune to the blandishments of Pied Pipers and Merchants of Mendacity and meretricious merchandise.

      I feel the same way about CRITICS. So far I have NEVER accepted the judgment any CRITIC rendered of a book, movie, play, opera, symphony concert, chamber music group or instrumental soloist.

      I don't like to read ABOUT Music, Art, or anything else. I allow the ART –– or whatever –– speak directly to me, and then decide for myself whether I accept, like or admire it or not.

      It amuses me –– sometimes –– to read what the critics said AFTER I've experienced the work in question. So fgten they show themselves to be bith fatuous and idiotic.

      I believe –– as Albert Schweitzer said –– that "Critics are those who have a FAILED in Music and Art."

    4. So "theory" isn't your bag. Check. I guess it's like a "joke". If you have to s'plain it, it's not a very good joke.

    5. Henry Ford said

      Theory is bunk.

    6. Not always.

      Focus on the problem... and you may get more of "the problem". Unless, of course, your intervention applied an 'actual' cure. Perhaps THAT is why 'racism' and 'sexism' remain persistent 'problems'.

    7. Elsie Dee said

      If it weren't for endless indignation, eagerness always to affix blame, and witless iconoclasm, most would have no life at all.

  3. If you Liberals really, and I mean REALLY want a better America, then I suggest that you stop the hatred, because hatred is really the root of most of our problems. We can't really even talk to each other anymore, even within our own families without arguing, and hating one another. Has it ever occurred to anyone, for instance, that our hateful society is breeding the kids that go on shooting sprees? I really think that America's biggest problem is its hateful people. Just look at the last 2 weeks of the hateful TV celebs, how they couldn’t even express their feelings without throwing out insults.
    We see so much Haters, within the Black Lives Matter bunch, antifa,, the media press, the NY times, the View, Hollywood, and TV personalities such as Whoopi, Behar, and Mahr, . the hate everywhere you look these days.
    We have become a nation of people who despise one another. And even worse, we've been like this for so long that it appears we've literally lost the capacity to communicate effectively. We're more divided now than ever.
    And for this, I mostly blame Obama

  4. You Hillary supporters have a very short memory, Bill Clinton victims were credible and told the truth, that's why Hillary tried to destroy them with lies and slander.

    Bill Clinton got a BJ in the oval office of the USA between the president and an intern is not sex between consenting adults, he was taking advantage of his position, her naive, and his power over her as her employer.

  5. All those reporters know how to do is bash, bash, bash and I for one am sick of it!

  6. Rev Billy Jim HollerJune 5, 2018 at 9:39 AM

    The leftwing progressive propaganda campaign of bullshit and satanic lies over "climate change" and "global warming" may be in its dying gasps!

    Thanks in large part to President Donald Trump giving it a great kick in the balls when he unceremoniously and unapologetically exited the leftwing maturbatory feel good society known as The Paris Climate Accords.

    There is a God in heaven, and he frowns upon globalist communists because their frauds and nefarious schemes stinketh in His nostrils.

  7. Eric Sevareid: They are not interested in destroying their opponent's arguments, but in destroying their opponents, personally… .”

    No doubt!

  8. Note this about the relationship between Sevareid and Murrow:

    Sevareid's work during World War II, with Edward Murrow as one of the original Murrow's Boys, was at the forefront of broadcasting. In 1940, he was the first to report on the Fall of France. Shortly afterward, he joined Murrow to report on the Battle of Britain. Later, Sevareid would refer fondly to the early years working with Murrow: "We were like a young band of brothers in those early radio days with Murrow." In his final broadcast with CBS, in 1977, he would call Murrow the man who "invented me."

  9. The lefties have all but destroyed this country under the administration of Obama. And yet they are pissed at the current President? A President who is only trying his best to "Make America great Again" and is succeeding.



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