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A Father’s Prayer

Ask not, my child, what I can do for you.
Forgive what seems like stinginess today.
A lot will be required to go through
The process of discovering the right way.
Help yourself. Don't wait for me, my child.
Each one of us must learn to stand alone.
Rich rewards like Love can't be beguiled,
Seduced or bought. They must in toil be grown.
Perhaps to you I sound a bit too stern?
Remember that I've lived a longer time.
A joy cannot exist until you earn
Your way. To do it FOR you'd be a crime.
Exacting though I seem, my little one,
Respect me now, and –– later –– you'll have fun. 

 ~ FreeThinke

Michael Horowitz, Inspector General


The IG Report Shows That The Fix Was In from Start of the Clinton Email Investigation

by IBD staff 


Scandal: The long-awaited report from the Justice Department's inspector general about the FBI's handling of the Clinton email scandal seems to absolve the bureau of any political bias. What it really shows, however, is that the FBI — under pressure from President Obama — was just going through the motions the whole time.
Most of the focus of the report in the news has been on its criticism of then FBI director James Comey. The IG says that some of his actions were "extraordinary and insubordinate" — a scathing indictment if there ever was one. It is another black mark on Comey's already badly tarnished reputation, and well deserved.

However, the report also finds that there was "no evidence that the conclusions by department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations.”

Naturally, that's what Democrats have seized on as proof that, aside from Comey's bungling, the FBI did its job.

But look at the report in its totality and you see that time and again officials made "judgment calls" that weakened their investigation. In other words, from the range of options available to them, they consistently chose the less aggressive course of action.

It says, for instance that "We questioned why the Midyear team" — referring to the "Midyear Review" code name given to the Clinton investigation — "did not serve subpoenas on or seek to obtain search warrants related to the last known persons to possess devices that the team was never able to locate.”

At another point it says that the FBI had considered obtaining permission from the Department to review certain classified materials that may have included information potentially relevant to the investigation." And while "the Midyear team drafted a memorandum to the Deputy Attorney General in late May 2016 stating that review of the highly classified materials was necessary to complete the investigation and requesting permission to access them, the FBI never sent this request to the Department."

At another it says that "The Midyear team did not obtain or review some evidence that we found might have been useful to the investigation.”

And the IG report notes that "several members of the FBI Midyear team, including Comey, expressed concerns that the prosecutors had not been sufficiently aggressive.”

A fool, a fiend, a patsy, or just an All-American goofball?

It says "the decision to allow the Clinton interview to proceed in the presence of two fact witnesses, who also were serving as Clinton's counsel, was inconsistent with typical investigative strategy and gave rise to accusations of bias and preferential treatment.”

The report also notes that the reasons given for why the FBI sat on news about Anthony Weiner's laptop for almost a month were totally unconvincing. One of them was that FBI resources had been redirected to the Trump-Russia probe. But as the IG notes, the FBI had enough resources to prepare speeches, talking points and other material defending their earlier decision to drop the case.

Evidence of Bias

Plus, the IG did find evidence of bias.

As the IG report notes, one of the agents involved in both the Clinton and Russia investigations — Peter Strzok — was texting FBI attorney Lisa Page saying things like how "we'll stop" Trump from being elected. This, the IG says, meant that his decisions regarding the Clinton email investigation might not have been "free from bias.”

Then there's the text from Page, regarding the interview with Clinton, saying that "One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need (is) us going in there loaded for bear. You think she's going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?”

Our worst nightmare!

To that the IG said "suggesting that investigative decisions be based on this consideration was inappropriate and created an appearance of bias."
But underlying all of this is the fact — made clear throughout the report — that the FBI never thought there was a case here to begin with.
"As early as September 2015," it says, "FBI and Department officials realized that they were unlikely to find evidence of intent.”

And at several junctures, decisions made during the investigation were colored by the fact that the FBI had already decided they wouldn't pursue any legal action against Clinton.

One example involved getting laptops from top Clinton aides.

"Decisions concerning the laptops were occurring at a time when Comey and the Midyear team had already concluded that there was likely no prosecutable case and believed it was unlikely the culling laptops would change the outcome of the investigation.”

Obama's Thumb On The Scale

Angry, devious, self-serving?

The report also, whether intentionally or not, makes it clear why the FBI had concluded early on that there wasn't a case against Clinton: President Obama had already cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing.

The IG report recalls how, during a 60 Minutes interview on October 11, 2015, Obama "characterized former Secretary Clinton's use of a private email server as a 'mistake,' but stated that it did not 'pose a national security problem' and was 'not a situation in which America's national security was endangered.' Obama also stated that the issue had been 'ginned up' because of the presidential race.”

It goes on to say that "Obama's comments caused concern among FBI officials about the potential impact on the investigation.”

Former EAD John Giacalone told the IG, "We open up criminal investigations. And you have the President of the United States saying this is just a mistake ... That's a problem, right?”

Obama repeated his absolution in April 2016 — right around the time Comey was starting to draft his statement dropping the case against Clinton.

"Obama stated that while former Secretary Clinton had been 'careless' in managing her emails while she was Secretary of State, she would never intentionally do anything to endanger the security of the United States with her emails.”

So, while the IG might not have found smoking-gun evidence of political bias in the investigation, the report makes it clear that the entire investigation was biased from the start.

From Obama on down, no one ever wanted or intended to do what should have been done: Prosecute Clinton for gross negligence in her handling of highly classified material. The entire investigation was just for show.

The Arh Fiend behind it all?
~ § ~

The Complete IG Report, Justice Dept, by Staff
A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau 
of Investigation and Department of Justice 
in Advance of the 2016 Election


  1. Houghtion, Holleran, Gronin, Mahkin, & Spitz, Attorneys at Law said

    They must be joking when they claim political bias was not what guided
    Obama´s DoJ and FBI

    American Thinker,

    by Jack Hellner

    The Department of Justice´s Inspector General´s report is out on the conduct of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its investigations of President Trump, and incredibly, despite a mountain of misdeeds, from vowing to ´stop Trump´ to dripping contempt for President Trump´s voters as poor and stupid, the report concludes there was no political bias? Give us a break. If there was no bias, why is it taking so long to fire and charge anyone? Start with that. That is as much B.S. as former FBI Director James Comey saying that Hillary Clinton didn't have intent to break the law. She was all good intentions, you see, and therefore just . . .

  2. Trevon Muertenegro-Punque said

    Decoding the Horowitz Report on ‘bias'

    American Thinker,

    by Thomas Lifson

    We are in the midst of a spin battle over the Inspector General’s report issued yesterday. Because Inspectors General cannot release their reports without giving those named within it a chance to contest it, and must be able to defend every single word of it, they must stick to facts and completely documentable conclusions. Inductive reasoning, looking at large patterns of facts and drawing conclusions does not survive such a process. The result is a report that is written in a kind of code. (snip) With the New York AG’s lawsuit against the Trump Foundation providing a counter-narrative for residents _ _ _

  3. Of course, the fix was in from the beginning. The Clinton Political Machine and the Cult of Obama.

    Disbelieve this comment of mine at your own peril!

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    2. Thanks, Mystere, but I prefer to sanitize the blog, myself.

  4. What a disappointing OIG Report. The Deep State is secure. Nothing is going to change.

    1. Surely you're not SURPRISED, are you?

      What else could you possinly have expected?

  5. The IG report says that Obama received emails from Hillary's private server. Yet Obama had already said that he didn’t!
    So Obama lied!!

  6. Oswald P. PentagasJune 15, 2018 at 9:54 AM

    The IG report also criticizes FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who exchanged texts ridiculing, and discrediting Trump before moving from the Clinton email to the Russiagate investigation. Those texts “brought discredit” to the FBI and sowed public doubt about the investigation, including one exchange that read, “Page: “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Strzok: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” Another Strzok document stated “we know foreign actors obtained access to some Clinton emails, including at least one secret message.”
    This kind of shows us that it was more like the FBI was in cahoots to influence the election rather than the Russians.

  7. ______________________EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! _____________________

    _______________________ Late Breaking News! _______________________

    Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sent to jail Friday after a federal judge revoked his $10 million bail based on new witness-tampering charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. (Fox)

    The Bullying Bastards of the Deep State never cease their ruinous rampage. The obvious point of which is to discourage ANYONE, however highly placed, from EVER trying to support President Trump. The THREAT of Persectorial Prosecution is imminent for any and all who dare to defy the vicious, lawless, arbitrary IRON-FISTED RULE of the Deep State.

    The Cabal of Thugs and Gangsters now running the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the State Department, –– and of course the Dep\artmend ot Justice –– has effecively torn the testicles from congfress and even the courts thus rendering the democratic process meanngless and obsolete.

    ... and none can call their power to account ..."

    ~ Lady Macbeth


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    2. ... and none can call their power to account ..."

      Perhaps President Trump can~

    3. Hiding behind the Anonymous commenter feature, Pookie Toot-Toot? You can't hide, "This 0ne" Lester Liberalmann. Accusing FreeThinke of condoning witness tampering isn't very bright.

  8. I look forward to seeing Muller and Comey being sent to prison. Tiny, Momo and Big Bubba are waiting for them.

    1. You keep waiting for that. What you'll actually see is Manafort, Papodopolous, Flynn, several of the Trump crime family members, and Devil Nunez behind bars where they belong. I'd worry about Trump voters heads exploding, but seeing how empty they are, there's no real danger to anyone.

    2. Keep holding your breath while waiting for that, Annie.

  9. FT,
    I know that you're not into details, but here's an interesting one...

    FBI lawyer working on Mueller probe texted: 'Viva le Resistance'.


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    2. Thanks, AOW! I've published the salient points of the article below.

      'Viva le Resistance': IG report reveals more Justice Department bias as FBI lawyer working on Mueller's Russia probe texted colleague that he was 'numb' after Trump's election

      The IG's new report on the FBI quotes an FBI I lawyer claiming to be 'numb' after the election.

      The lawyer wondered after the election 'what I could have done differently'

      But the lawyer then eschwed second-thoughts: 'Hell no. Viva le resistance'

      The lawyer worked on the Mueller probe until this year

      Report blasted the FBI's handling of the Clinton email probe but said there was no 'bias'


      PUBLISHED: 18:16 EDT, 14 June 2018 | UPDATED: 07:27 EDT, 15 June 2018

      An FBI lawyer exchanged messages after the election with another colleague and proclaimed: 'Vive la resistance.'

      The exchange, contained with in a Justice Department Inspector General's report that sharply criticized the bureau's conduct, began when the lawyer wrote, 'I am so numb.'

      Another FBI employee responded: 'I can't stop crying.'

      'You promised me this wouldn’t happen. YOU PROMISED,' said the employee.

  10. Wouldn't it be nice if something came out of this. Like indictments and jail time or at least cancellation of pensions.

    1. Don'r hold your breath, Kid. The whole damned thing was a setup, as I'm pretty sure most of us knew all along.

  11. With FBI´s boiling hate for voters exposed, America dodged a bullet
    by electing Trump

    American Thinker, by Monica Showalter

    One of the biggest takeaways from the Department of Justice´s 500-page inspector general report is how deep the contempt for voters is among the Federal Bureau of Investigation´s leadership elite. The text messages are incredible. According to the gleanings of J. Christian Adams over at Pajamas Media: One FBI agent on the Hillary investigation wrote in an FBI text: Trump´s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS. "POS" is the agent´s acronym for "Pieces Of S---." There´s also this from Adams: In another FBI communication, Strzok says he visited a rural Virginia Walmart – and the customers had a . . .

    1. Dodged a bullet and elected a howitzer.

    2. Indeed we DID, Annie –– a HOWITZER aimed quite properly at those who would drag down to Turd World status and reduce us to mind-numbed robots who live only to serve the interests of the self-anointed Oligarchs who've been scheming for many decades to destroy our svereignty and rule us with an iron hand.

      I see Mr. Trump as very possbly our last best hope to AVOID that dismal fate.

    3. One FBI agent on the Hillary investigation wrote in an FBI text: Trump´s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS.

      Ain't that just grand?

      Not the least concept of hired public servant ("Protect and serve").

  12. Felix Arbuthnot said

    The IG’s Report May Be Half-Baked

    National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy

    You’ve got to hand it to Michael Horowitz: The Justice Department inspector general’s much-anticipated report on the Clinton-emails investigation may be half-baked, but if it is, it is the most comprehensive, meticulously detailed, carefully documented, thoughtfully reasoned epic in the history of half-bakery. Why say do I say the report “may be half-baked”? Why don’t I just come out and declare, “The report is half-baked”? Well, I figure if I write this column in the IG’s elusive style, we’ll have the Rosetta Stone we need to decipher the report. See, you probably sense that I believe the report is half-baked. _ _ _

  13. Monica Felatrice le Grande said

    Call me any time - Trump says he
    gave North Korea´s Kim direct number

    Reuters, by Eric Walsh

    Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he had given Kim Jong Un a direct phone number and suggested he might call the North Korean leader on Sunday, following their summit in Singapore this week. “I’m going to be actually calling North Korea,” Trump told Fox News in an interview when asked what he planned to do on Father’s Day, without saying who he would be speaking to. Trump, who has hailed his meeting with Kim on Tuesday as a success that removed the North Korean nuclear threat, told reporters later that he had given Kim a phone number to allow him to reach him directly. “I can now

  14. Marcus Tempus said

    Justice Leadership Is Not Coming Clean

    PJ Media

    by Andrew Klavan

    Despite misleading headlines, the inspector general´s report on the FBI´s investigation into Hillary Clinton´s emails shows a powerful law enforcement agency hobbled by bias and dishonesty. The press has seized on the IG´s statement that he "did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions we reviewed." But that is simply Inspector Generalese for, "No one confessed or left a paper trail." In fact, several agents expressed a toxic hatred of Donald Trump and even, as one employee texted, a conviction that all Trump supporters ...

  15. Wallace Garfield Simpleton said

    Strassel: ‘Don’t believe anyone who tells you Horowitz didn’t find bias. I can
    still hear the echoes of the howls…’

    BizPac Review, by Tom Tillison

    Wall Street Journal opinion columnist Kimberley Strassel took to Twitter to say what many Americans are thinking about Thursday’s release of the Department of Justice inspector general’s report, that something’s amiss because what’s in the report does not match the summary of the report. In a series of tweets, Strassel began by noting the careful play on words by inspector general Michael Horowitz when he stressed that they “did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative actions we reviewed.” “Don’t believe anyone who

  16. Omar Bunistishvili said

    The FBI Hates Trump—and His Voters, Too

    American Greatness,

    by Julie Kelly

    During his recent book tour, ex-FBI Director James Comey made it clear that he detests Donald Trump. Comey mocked Trump’s appearance—commenting on his “orange skin” and the bags under his eyes—and compared the president to a mob boss. He said Trump is unfit to be president, and even questioned his marriage. On Twitter, Comey taunts the president with self-aggrandizing tweets and suggests Trump’s day of reckoning will soon arrive. During an interview last spring, Comey’s wife admitted she and her daughters voted for Hillary Clinton and attended the Women’s March to protest Trump’s presidency the day after . . .

  17. Gang Bang Dong sid

    IG report? I want indictments, by Don Surber

    Thursday´s release of the Inspector´s General report on the FBI´s mishandling of Hillary´s email case opened a few wide eyes wider. Apparently she set up her private server not to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests but to dispense State secrets in her donations-for-secrets scheme in which she raked hundreds of millions of dollars in emoluments from foreigners and foreign governments, money that was laundered through her Fake Charity. There is your Russian collusion The 500-pages-plus report shows not only did the FBI cover up her crime but made up a scheme to spy on President Trump. _ _ _

  18. Aloda Bologna said

    Trump´s 5 Rules for Ruling the World

    FrontPage Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield

    Politics has a way of turning everything upside down. Flit over to Twitter and the same government media echo chamber that was loudly defending the Iran deal is concern trolling about strong inspections of North Korea’s nuclear program and worrying that President Trump’s suspension of military exercises is far too great of a concession to the tiny tyrant. The clever ones ask, “What’s the difference between the Iran deal and the North Korean negotiations”? Isn’t Trump’s stated willingness to meet with dictators a lot like Obama’s no preconditions pledge? And then there are the trade wars. What is he thinking by upsetting the * * *

  19. IG Report: “We do not have confidence
    that Strzok’s decision was free from bias”…

    Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance

    Michael Horowitz: FBI Agent Peter Strzok walks like a biased duck… looks like a biased duck… sounds like a biased duck… has all the same characteristics of a biased duck… and took the exact action a biased duck would take; therefore “We do not have confidence” FBI Agent Peter Strzok is not a biased duck. […] when one senior FBI official, Strzok, who was helping to lead the Russia investigation at the time, conveys in a text message to another senior FBI official, Page, that “we’ll stop” candidate Trump from being elected—after other extensive text messages between the two disparaging candidate ......

  20. John Sebastian Cumberbatch said

    Inspector General´s report
    shows FBI is bent and broken

    Boston Herald (MA), by Howie Carr

    Question: What’s the difference between the corrupt old Boston FBI of Zip Connolly and H. Paul Rico, and the new modern FBI of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok? Answer: Nothing. Actually, there are a few differences. In Boston, all the corrupt agents wanted to do was frame a few innocent men and set up informants for hits by their underworld masters, as well as taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. The modern FBI agents were involved in an even more nefarious conspiracy — trying to first fix a presidential election, and then, after that backfired, trying . . . . . .

  21. Hadassah O'Brien Jinajosa Krepotkin said

    11 Quick Things To Know About The Inspector General’s Report

    The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway

    On Thursday, the Justice Department’s inspector general released a long-anticipated report on the FBI’s handling of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server that handled classified information. Here are some quick takeaways from the report. 1. Learn How To Interpret An IG Report The best way to understand an inspector general (IG) report is less as a fiercely independent investigation that seeks justice and more like what you’d expect from a company’s human resources department. Employees frequently think that a company’s human resources department exists to serve employees. There’s some truth in - - - - - -

  22. Muriel Seegar said

    The Donald Trump Negotiations Academy

    Jewish World Review, by Caroline Glick

    We didn’t learn this week whether North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons. Only time will tell. But we did learn that US President Donald Trump knows how to negotiate. All of the negotiations experts insist the opposite is true. “How could they agree to a presidential summit without first guaranteeing its end product?” they sigh, knowingly. “Trump’s showmanship is dangerous and counterproductive,” they sneer. “At the end of the day, for this to work, Trump will have to copy Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran,” they insist. Dennis Ross, who mediated the negotiations between Israel and the PLO that led directly to * * *

  23. Gaston Honore de la Chaisepercé said

    Donald Trump is more popular with
    Republicans than almost any president
    since WWII with an approval rating of
    87 per cent, poll finds

    Daily Mail, by Tariq Tahir

    Donald Trump´s popularity among members of his own party in is higher than any other post-war President except for George W. Bush. On day 500 of his term of office, which fell on June 4, Mr Trump´s approval rating among Republicans stood at 87 per cent, according to Gallup. The figure puts him head of John F. Kennedy or Barack Obama who found favour with 85 per cent and 79 per cent of Democrats on same day. (graphic)Another poll, published by the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, put his overall approval rating at 43 percent. That marks a slight increase on > > >

  24. The REAL Dave MillerJune 16, 2018 at 8:24 AM

    There are several major questions that I have for the Department of Justice and for the Inspector General. Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

    When before in our lifetime did "journalist" bribe FBI officials with meals, sports tickets, golf outings, etc., and etc, and the agents who took the bribes, violated their oaths and department policies, to leak stories to the journalist, get away with all that without going to jail?

    James Comey at a minimum was caught lying under oath,and telling two different stories to the FBI.

    Loretta Lynch was caught meeting with Bill Clinton on her private plane 3 days before Hillary was to testify, and the IG called it inappropriate? The implication was very clear, obstruction of Justice!

    Hillary Clinton deleted some 30,000 subpoena emails,( could you or I do that?) that James Comey called “Bad Judgement” But no “Intent”..

    “Foreign actors” obtained access to some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, including at least one email classified as “Secret”

    And how about Peter Strzok’s text to Lisa Page saying ..Page texted “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right?”
    Strzok’s answer....“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,”

    I have one question, if Trump did any of those things would any of you Libs be OK with that?
    Well all I can say is that ...Mueller better have some hard collusion evidence, because that Obstruction of Justice claim has just flown out of the window.
    They should be on their way to Lock them ALL up right now!

  25. Basil St. John Rothenberger said

    .Viva le resistance: How political bias
    infected FBI Trump, Clinton probes

    Washington Examiner, by Byron York

    It didn´t take long for defenders of the FBI´s Trump-Russia investigation to claim that the Justice Department inspector general´s report found no bias in the bureau´s conduct of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, nor in the early days of the Trump-Russia probe. "There was no bias in the FBI," Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said on MSNBC. "No bias at the FBI," Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on Fox News. "No evidence ... [that the FBI] acted on the basis of political bias," * * *

  26. Pewkham Grenville Snidely, Lord Hoar-House sid

    Open Up the Horowitz Secret Appendix

    Wall Street Journal, by Holman Jenkins, Jr.

    Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report points to multiple irregularities in FBI chief James Comey’s actions in the 2016 election campaign, sees no evidence of political bias, but never really gets to the bottom of why Mr. Comey played the role he did. Mr. Comey may have been worried that a Justice Department decision not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would lack credibility, but it was in no sense his obligation to solve this problem. It simply was not the FBI chief’s job to relieve the Obama administration of the need to sell its decision to the electorate. This is why we have elections. It’s what political accountability is all about....

  27. Go President Trump! They tried to stop you but you beat them all!

    The President just enjoyed his 72 birthday and he is stonger and more viril that any of the pussyhat boys on the left.

  28. Remember when dtrumps mutants" lost their minds over President Obama's nonexistent "FEMA camps?" I haven't read one word by the Trumpistas about ripping babies, toddlers, and children away from their parents and putting the in detention camps. Not. One. Word.

    Their silence means they approve of this monstrosity in American history.

    1. ______________ ATTENTION ALL READERS! _______________

      Once in a great while I allow a piece of stinking garbage like the above t remain as an example of the depths to which the no-longer-loyal opposition will stoop to register their rially irrational hatred for President Trump simply because he –– with the enthusiastic support of more than EIGHTY-PERCENT of the TERRITORY comprising these United States had the temerity –– the effrontery –– the COLOSSAL GALL to beat smelly old Crooked Hillacunt to a PULP in the last election.

      The Left cannot accept defeat in a dignified adult fashion. Instead they've been screaming like a toddler whose candy has been snatched away from him by an older sibling.

      The childish, mendacious assertions in the post immediately above do not deserve an answer, but the style and content both make a most eloquent case for the summary dismissal of any and all allegations of this scurrilous variety,

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your revelation came as no surprise to me, Mrs. P, but PLEASE obey our rules. We do NOT permit anyone to name NAMES, unless they are officially acknowledged Public Figures.

  30. Gotta love liberals who constantly tout Trumps "low" approval ratings.....yet, they're higher than Obama's approval at the same time in his presidency!

  31. As for the children at the boarders.

    Blame their abusive parents put them in this situation and choose to let them stay here

    1. I wouldn't be quite so harsh, myself, Appy. Many of these people really are desperate, and see joining us as a means of survival, so I can'tblame them for trying to take advantage of a situation that WE created by FAILING to SEAL our BORDERS long LONG ago.

      For stupid selfish reasons we've let the situation lapse too long, and now EVERYONE involved has to suffer.

  32. ´I Don´t Give a S--T,´ SC Sen. Lindsey Graham
    Rebuffs Critics on CNN, Stands by Trump

    The (SC) State, by Emily Bohatch

    In an interview Friday touching on President Donald Trump´s summit with North Korean leaders and Russian relations, S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a figurative finger to his critics. "If you don´t like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don´t give a s---," Graham said on CNN. Graham, a republican senator whose remarks on Trump range from support to poking fun at him, made the comments after anchor Kate Bolduan asked if he trusted the president. "I´ve got a relationship with the president at a time where he needs allies," Graham said. "People say ...

    1. Lindsey seems to be growing pair at last.

      Long overdue in my opinion.

      BRAVO! Way to go, Lindsey!

  33. The REAL Dave MillerJune 17, 2018 at 11:27 AM

    Ok, you Lying, Vulgar, Bleeding Heart Liberals, I’m going to give it to you and Give it to you Straight, NOT like the stupid photo shopped captions, and sayings pictured on facebook by feckless Progressives, and others like the progressives on these boards !
    When an American citizen is arrested for a crime. He is separated from his family and put in jail. And many times the children are taken from the offender's home and put in the custody of Child Services. So why should illegals who have committed a criminal act by sneaking across our border be treated any differently? What kind of parent would subject their kids to that?

    Here's are the facts, these people, these poor poor poor displaced people would rather risk losing their children to a country that will NOT harm them than stay in a country that will. Despite all the hoopla of separating these kids, and putting them in “cages” like the Progressives are saying, they are being kept in air conditioned housing, with TV, eating 3 healthy meals a day, and being kept warm, and safe....all this on the tax payer's dime.

    So as a tax payer I ask, at what point will this stop? As long as these parents don’t really care about their children that they have brought with them to cross our boarders ILLEGALLY, knowing that they might be separated from them, but hoping we would give them a free pass because of the children, then the outcome is on them, the abusive parents! NOT on us, and NOT on President Trump.
    These Kids are not going to be put in jail, or cages are you are being told by Nancy Pelosi, or by Chuck Schmucky Schumer, These kids will get a free education, they will get housing, 3 square meals a day, they will get all the perks avoided a US citizen.. But how long do you think we can do this, or will do this?
    As long as these parents continue to bring these kids in, knowing that they ain't going no where and more and more and more and more families will make this move no matter what we do, so at what point do we say enough? I'm just being real here when I say how long do you think that the tax payers can afford to do this? At some point if we continue to take in all these Latin American kids along with their parents, this country will soon be another Mexico, and what then? Our welfare rolls are exploding, our jobs are being taken away aided and abated by employers that use illegals for cheap labor.
    Our schools are over crowed. This is a ‘crisis’ of our own making.
    Already, town after town, city after city this country is housing more Latino's than any other immigrate to this country, already English is slowing being diluted because the older people never adapt to English. At what point does the tax payer who foots all this hardship say enough?

  34. Abelard Blucher Sr.June 17, 2018 at 10:46 PM

    This nation is wracking up $1 trillion of debt per annum, one in five inhabitants scarcely has a pot to piss in (and no savings or retirement funds), feral gangs of africans and savage central americans rape, rob, plunder and besiege us, the federal government has devolved into a complex system of interlocking crime syndicates running bunko schemes and vast embezzlement enterprises that would make Al Capone blush, yet the liberal Democrats have us believe nothing matters more that President Donald Trump's government separating criminal aliens from their children.

    These shameless bastard Democrats ignore the fact that parents pay thousands of dollars to have themselves and their children trafficked through a Satanic gauntlet of rape, robbery, murder and official government corruption. Then when our government places the children in a safe, clean shelter, diabolical Democrats call it child abuse!

    Lord knows this nation has survived many calamities that would have destroyed lesser nations, but I doubt we shall be able to long survive the swarming horde of leftists assailing this great nation, weakening our defenses and sapping our foundations.

    Lord help us.

    1. He will help us, but the help will come sooner and with greater strength once WE stop badgering and belittling each other in the everlasting fight to obtain POWER and DOMINION over each other.

      BOTH the D'Rats and the EGOPs have NO real interest in "promotig the general welfare" at ALL, They're concenred primarily with USING genuine issues only to advance THEMSELVES and secure their POWER bases.

      This is fundamentally a wrong-headed approach to governance. It is UNGOLY –– just as Marxian ideologies invariably are ungodly –– and is, therefore, bound to FAIL

      Since we are supposed to be a government OF, BY, and FOR iur CITIZENS, it well behooves us to do everything possible to see that our people are PROPERLY educated –– NOT endlessly subjected ro a militant campaign of subversive propaganda designed to produce IGNORANT AUTOMATA obedient only to the dictates of atheistic, collectivist claptrap.

      An ignorant, MISeducated public is incapable of governing itself, and thereofre DOOMED to subhect itself to DESPOTISM.

      Calling each other names, and expressing only contempt for anyone whose beliefs differ from our own is not going to get us ANYWHERE. Such behavior could lead only to PERDITION.

      Endless DERISION produces only DESOLATION,


    by Emma Goldmanm Rosa Luxembourg, Mother Jones, Carry Nation, & Betty Friedan

    Trump's America: Abusing and Traumatizing Babies and Children

    Detaining Migrant Children Has Lifelong Psychological Effects, Experts Say

    Where are the Christians who support #45? Do they not see the damage his policies are doing to babies, children, and teens? Do those Christians actually believe this is something their Savior would have taught in his Sermon on the Mount:

    "Blessed are the governments who punish babies and children for what their parents do, for those governments are doing God's work?"

    None of the so-called "Christian" blogs are talking about this atrocious crime against humanity. They continue to support a so-called president who heaps praise upon a vicious killer while at the same time allows his administration to terrorize families and traumatize children.

    I don't believe in a Hell, but if there were one, I would wish that the hideous Trump spend eternity roasting his onions there.

    Trump and the Goopers who remain silent while this travesty is in place deserve to be kicked out of the human race.



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