Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs

by Clarice Feldman

Clarice Feldman

AMERICAN THINKER - November 19, 2017

There’s a lot going on in DC this week, but it seems to be overshadowed by Weinstein case creep –– the penchant for women coming out of the woodwork to accuse high profile men of sexual misbehavior, much of it from decades earlier and most of it unverifiable. Some these allegations are clearly fabrications. That certainly seems to be true of the claims against Roy Moore. On Twitter, Thomas Wictor has made a credible analysis establishing that the one piece of non-testimonial record against Moore, a yearbook notation purportedly by Judge Moore in 1977, is a forgery made with two different inks, and the “D.A.” after his name (at a time when he was not district attorney) are the initials of his law clerk, who signed the court paper used as the forgery template.

Gloria Allred, notorious for sitting with unpersuasive sobbing women as she daubs their tears and peddles incredible tales, repeatedly refused to answer Wolf Blitzer’s questions about whether the signature was a forgery and has said she never even asked her client, Mrs. Wilson, whether she actually saw Judge Moore sign it.

Moore has demanded the yearbook be turned over for forensic examination and Allred says she’ll turn it over only to a (nonexistent) Senate Committee for its investigators to study.

Foolish deflection from a woman as to whom complaints are (as far as I can determine) still pending before the DC and California bars and whose claims in any event, based on her past performances, deserve to be disregarded.

The charge, however, has put Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell under fire. Esther Goldberg argues that sex was just the pretext and that Judge Moore is merely a pawn in the fight between Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon, a repeat of the war they fought against President Trump.

Goldberg’s theme centers on a lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal that describes the Bannonites (as they once described Trump’s supporters) as “cranks and outliers” and attacks them for their agenda of “trade protectionism and slashing immigration,” views Goldberg rightly notes were winning themes in 2016. Like me, she sees the problem with the candidates McConnell and the WSJ would approve of as non-starters:

Problem is that candidates have to get elected first, and the candidates blest by Mitch McConnell and his swamp creatures haven’t been able to do so. And those that have been in the legislature for years don’t seem to be interested in doing any of these things.

Except for that insurgent Donald Trump who’s been busy getting his originalist judges confirmed. Having submitted 105 individuals to vacancies on appeals courts, district courts, and U.S. attorney positions, Trump finally succeeded in lighting a fire under McConnell to speed up the confirmation process in the last few weeks. “They’re waiting forever on line,” said the President. “It shouldn’t happen that way. It’s not right, it’s not fair.”

Judge Roy Moore today

Roy Moore is only a pawn in this Game of Thrones. The allegations against him are laughable. “We do not want to live in a country or political culture in which every accusation of sexual misconduct is automatically accepted as true,” piously intones the Journal before going on to accept them automatically as true, after a desultory nod to Moore’s right to challenge his accusers “for acts alleged to have happened more than 30 years ago.” Mitch McConnell had no qualms about convicting Judge Moore on the spot, however, the constitutional presumption of innocence be damned. “I believe the women, yes,” he said. This is about as courageous as declaring “I don’t like Nazis.” And as disgustingly superficial and manipulative.

She notes that while McConnell praised Ted Kennedy for being able to separate the “personal from the political” after the latter left a young woman trapped in his car to die underwater, he cannot do that with those who threaten his power even when the best he can do is argue they engaged in some unspecified (and unproven) sexual misconduct” nearly four decades earlier.

In any event, Allred seems to have opened a Pandora’s box. Because now the always vulgar clown Senator Al Franken is under the spotlight for specific sexual misconduct. He’s admitted the most serious charge to date and apologized, but some in his party are demanding that he resign, although at least one self-described feminist has leapt to his defense. 

Some on the left even have found (20 years late) words to admit they were wrong in defending Bill Clinton saying he should have resigned over the Lewinsky affair. McConnell appears not to be the only party leader trying to get rid of inconvenient colleagues and former colleagues, using women’s’ tears as weapons. (It’s hard for me to imagine how “I am woman hear me roar” fits in with claims that a pinch on the butt or an unwelcome advance (rejected) can prove a traumatic event of a lifetime.

The suggestion by some that Franken should be subject to a Senate ethics hearing (which Franken actually asked for), drew Iowahawk’s tweet: “He deserves a fair hearing by a jury of his pervs.”

And there’s a basis for that characterization. The Congressional Office of Compliance notes that an unspecified but substantial amount (quotes of $15 million dollars appear to be an exaggeration) has been paid out of a not previously disclosed slush fund (hush fund?) as settlement of Congressional harassment claims –– and this after accusers have had to first undergo lengthy mediation and counseling sessions. The public is entitled to a more specific accounting of these claims.

The enacted Legislative Branch Appropriations bills of 1996 through 2017 have appropriated funds awards, and settlements under the Act. This year alone almost a million dollars of tax money was spent to settle eight such claims.

Now there’s talk about setting up “harassment training for Congress” –– you know, like the idiotic time wasters their laws have imposed on the rest of us. Iowahawk (peace be upon him) will have none of it:

“Forget the stupid "harassment training" fig leaf. If Congress is serious about this, release details of their $15 million harassment slush fund payments, including on whose behalf they were paid.”

While attention is focused on the kind of things of great interest only to viewers of daytime television, strapped to hospital beds and unable to reach a remote to turn it off, some important things are happening.

The House has passed a tax cut bill, which is heading to the Senate, where I hope the harassment training won’t cut into their work time, as it apparently has the U.S. Navy’s operations.

Senator Chuck Grassley has announced he’s going ahead with a confirmation hearing for David Stras, a nominee for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, ignoring Al Franken’s blue slip effort to stop the confirmation hearing, and will as well hold a confirmation hearing for Kyle Duncan for the 5th Circuit, despite his home state senator John Kennedy‘s blue slip. Former senator Harry Reid undid a slew of Senate traditions, and his party paved the way for the new majority to follow his lead. Senatorial courtesy, which once allowed a home state senator to block a nominee from his own state, seems to be a dying tradition.

Rumors are strong that Justice Anthony Kennedy is about to resign from the Supreme Court and the White House has announced five new additions to the slate of potential nominees to fill that slot:

The White House on Friday announced the addition of five new names to President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees... 

Two of the latest candidates, Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Kevin C. Newsom, were both nominated to their current positions by Trump in May, according to the White House. 

Barret serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and Newsom serves on U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, the statement said. The White House announced both nominations in May. 

Also on the list are Justice Britt C. Grant of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and Justice Patrick Wyrick of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. 

The update comes amid ongoing rumors that Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, who has served on the court for more than 20 years, is considering retirement.  

Probably the most important development this week is the effective end of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), a power grab by Democrats led by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, which gives a single director who can only be fired for cause by the president (a structure designed to operate outside Congressional or executive control) power to regulate mortgages, credit cards, and retirement and pension investments –– in sum, all consumer financial transactions. Warren originally wanted to run this outfit, but when it was clear she’d never get Congressional approval, Richard Cordray became the one-man credit czar. Last October the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that placing so much power in a single commissioner not answerable to the president was unconstitutional.

The Obama Administration sought en banc review by the entire Circuit Court Panel.  In March, the new administration reversed the government’s position. The entire panel heard the case in May. While the decision in that case is still pending, Cordray this week resigned, and the president appointed in his place OMB chief Mike Mulvaney as interim head. Mulvaney strongly opposed the creation of this bureau. The President thus has now put in place someone who can be counted on to undo the Democrats’ machinations to control all our financial transactions by the fiat of a single man. By their own hands, they created a situation they are powerless to undo –– just as by tarring Judge Moore with suspect accusations they open themselves to the same treatment. 


  1. Judge Roy Moors should by tried by a jury of his pervs. You write very well!

    1. Please give Clarice Feldman the credit. It is SHE who wrote the piece.

      The DirtyRat party has opened up a new Pandaora's Box with this nonsense.

      NOW every bimbo, slut, femma fatale, scorned female, bitter old bitch, gold digger, and would-be celebrity in the universe is going to come out of the woodwork tooth and claw SUING every male with prestige and a few extra bucks for all they're worth.

      The CASTRATON of the AMERICAN MALE and the establishment of a VAGINACRACY seems to be the ultimate goal.

      The saddest part of the whole stinking mess is that the FEMINAZI'S have managed to transform American Womanhood into a bunch of shrieking, roaring, foul-smelling, fire-breathing HARPIES.

      Our helpmates, boon companions and the mothers of our children are now THE ENEMY thanks to the likes of Molly Yard, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Catherine McKinnon, Eve Ensler, and the army of SHRIKES they spawned.

      Our only refuge may be to resort excusively to MASTURBATION –– OR –– Heaven foreseen –– turn to HOMOSEXUALITY as most virile males do when serving a long prison term.

  2. that Clarence Feldman is quite a writer. Looks like a hippie though

  3. Clarice Feldman's article certainly is well written and provides information with a conseravative bias for consumption and analysis. As with most things there are points to agree wirh and disagree.

    I am particularly troubled by a concentration of too much authority and power in the hands of one particular individual. Especially when that individual is not answerable to comgress and or the senate. It matters NOT to me wether that person is a conservative, republican, liberal, or democrat. Over centralization within any organizational structure is a danger good management and oftentimes ethical operation.

    The floodgates have been opened and the level of sexual harrassment, sexual predation, etc. allegations will only increase.

    I am against anyone, man or women, using their power and influence to secure sexual favors. And if proven they have I believe they deserve whatever judgement and penalty is appropriate to the specific allegations. However, there is a bit of truth to the idea SOME individuals do make accusations that are unfounded in truth and should not be used to destroy another's reputation and career.

    I postred this true story yesterday. It was posted as a reminder of what could happen to anyone of us.

    I recall a situation almost 30 years ago when I was superintending a corrugated plant. I received a telephone call from one of my supervisors. He told me one of our female employees was claiming sexual harassment, that she was uncomfortable working around a certain male in the department as e was leering at her. As the company I was employed by, as well as myself, took sexual harassment claims very seriously I told my supervisor to meet me on my way to his department. After getting a quick rundown and asking a few questions I was surprised at what I saw as I approached the women making the claim of sexual harassment.

    Clearly, and in bold multi colored lettering were the words, THESE ARE NOT MY EYES emblazoned on her tee shirt. The lettering ran directly across, you guessed it, her breasts.

    Needless to say the remedy was easy. She was sent home to change with the appropriate loss of pay. She was advised the lettering was inappropriate, to never report for work dressed in such attire again, and should she wish to push a sexual harassment complaint her attire could be considered entrapment by a shred lawyer.

    The male was told leering was considered harassment and the company expected he refrain from doing so when on our premise.

    Letters, signed by them, were placed in both employees files along with the notes of my investigation. There was no further incidents.

    A rush to judgment is almost always the wrong action.

    1. Good comment Les. We are in violent agreement. This is a righty biased post. The Allred case is suspicious, but that is only one of the accusers, and to be fair and balanced, the only accusser to allege an attempted rape. The rest of the cases are butt pinches and leering which are disturbing when performed by an old perv on teenage girls, but not the end of the world for gawdsakes.

      Les you are a wise man and you handled that shop floor incident just right. A women with words printed across her tits expects men to ogle her tits. It don't belong at work where there are forklifts and dangerous machinery.

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      THAT's the verse that never got performed before the cameras at all.

      I can' t think why, can you?


    2. Funny how most black men get a "pass"... I wonder what Cosby did wrong?

    3. Poor Bill Cosby! He is a BLACK man who dared to criticize BLACK CULTURE by idenouncung it as the disgusting degenerate self-defating thing it is while espousing traditional WHITE values –– in PUBLIC!

      THAT was Cosby's CARDINAL SIN.

      Whatever he did –– or did not do –– with "women" is really IRRELEVANT –– the "McGuffin" chnucally and hypocritically used by the ENEMEDIA to neutralize and punish an APOSTATE BLACK who DARED ti stray from the LEFTIST ORTHODoX CANT and RHETORIC.

    4. Blacks spend their day calling each other niggers and hoe's. The rappers do the same garbage in their "So Called" songs. I hear black people calling each other those names 100 times a day...I have yet to hear a white person call another one a honkey, cracker, etc. Why? Because it is stupid... Yet, Al Sharpton got Don Imus was fired over his remarks. Duh!

      Where is Sharpie Sharpton with all of this? Is he to busy out holding up the corporations, and black mailing them, and threatening to boycott them! Why doesn't he join Bill Cosby in his denunciation of black speech patterns and rappers subject matter. All of this is ok to Sharpton and his gang until a white uses such language and then all hell breaks loose. By the way I do think Imus was wrong, but why is he punished to the point of taking away his livelihood and others never hear a word about their atrocious language.
      I distinctly remember the Tawana Brawley incident that you spoke of. This fool is nothing more than a poverty pimp, just like his cohort "Rev." Jesse Jackson. I hope one day that these bleeding heart liberals will wake up and smell the roses and see these pimps for who they REALLY are. They may as well wear a "Superfly" hat, and gaudy gold chains around their neck. I wonder who they think they are fooling?
      he Al Sharptons of this world will not be happy unless the "white man" is turned into a minority and we revert to the enslavement of the white race....
      And why do these politicians like Hillary Clinton etc. go around kissing the ring and ass of Rev. Al? Are they so damn hard-up for the black vote that they have to drop down to Al's low level?

    5. Dat's bad BAAAAAAAAAAD stuff, Beanie. Strictly from the realm of Diseased Bowels. Ugh! Gag! Retch! Phew!

  5. Roy Moore needs to hire Hillary. Her ruthless attacks on female sexual assault victims and Bimbo Eruption are more brutal and lethal than a tornado swarm through a trailer park!

  6. The men in this country have gone weak and handed power to the shrieking blabbermouth feminists.

    Every man in America worth his salt should grab one of those noisy ninnies, bend her over his knee and give her a stern spanking. We need to restore order in this nation, and it begins with a firm hand to a sassy ass.

  7. According to Democratic Party sources and an official who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, Clinton, 71, is being hit with four separate lawsuits by the accusing womens’ attorneys. A member of Clinton’s legal team has confirmed to news media the existence of the new allegations, and that the four women are planning to air their accusations of sexual assault at a press conference

    Back in the late 1990s, Clinton paid $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit by former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones. This case led to Clinton’s impeachment in the House of Representatives and eventual acquittal by the Senate in 1999.

    1. Sexual immorality, homosexuality, bestiality and titillating fornication is destroying this nation.

    2. NO, bill! Constanly HARPING on these things is rending us asunder. The acts, themseves, are largely inconsequential.

      Attempts to DENY our essential identity as SEXUAL BEINGS have caused MOST of the MISERY experienced thriogh the ages.

      Hypocritical moralizing is as harmful to the human psyche as it is vicious and profoundky stupid.

    3. I must admit I was initially surprised by your comment FreeThinke, given what I have heretofore perceived as your spiritual/religious beliefs. My bad.

      Your comment does ring true. Accepted societal norms with respect to human sexuality during any and all eras has been shaped Church doctrine.

  8. The Conservative Republicans will forever be associated with a pussy grabber and a pedophile. Sexual immorality is their guiding light. Jesus is so proud.

    1. That is the LAST TIME you will ever be permitted to spread poionous LEFTIST POOPAGANDA at this blog.



  9. The Town Crier said

    Media Ignores Key Alabama Witness Reports
    That Refute Roy Moore Accuser…

    Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance

    On top of the original story told by Gloria Allred falling apart; and on top of Allred refusing to produce the yearbook from the accuser that she highlighted as evidence; the Alabama campaign of Roy Moore has been contacted by several key witnesses who refute the story described by Gloria Allred’s client and media accuser Beverly Nelson. Interestingly, the witnesses who have direct and specific knowledge of the events Mrs. Nelson described in 1977 already told the media her story didn’t make sense and provided specific examples that refute the claims of Mrs. Nelson. However, after waiting to see their ..

  10. Okay, that said, it’s time we drop our astonishment regarding Donald Trump’s locker room banter and start focusing on Hillary’s recipe for the dismantling of our republic.

    The policies being promoted by one Hillary Clinton are most certainly the proper prescription for disaster and let me start with one, very troubling idea she is out there on the campaign trail touting…bringing more and more and more Muslim “refugees” to America.

    First of all…according to our own intel agencies, there is absolutely no way to properly vet pers-3these so-called “refugees” as their countries of origin don’t have any information on who they are.

    Hillary wants to import more than 200,000 of these unvetted, who-knows-who they are or where they came from Muslims to live in our cities and towns. And why does she want to do this, other than in the name of “diversity,” which is a crock of crap?

    Because, according to her and her ilk, these people are in danger where they are currently.

  11. No Aerosoles, No Dyes, No Heavy PerfumesNovember 22, 2017 at 9:41 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. lonestarm3 said

    Nobody should condone the actions Roy Moore is accused of. But accused is not guilty until proven. One, a dozen or a hundred claims doesn´t change that. One lady might have decided to wait to come forward until he won a primary run-off three decades later- but all of them?

    It comes down to what Georgia voters think. The disappointment of McConnell and all NeverTrump Establishment-for-lifers shouldn´t matter. If there ever was an argument for repeal of the 17th amendment and a new amendment for term limits, they are it.

    The 2016 election was about "draining the swamp" and dealing with the Democratic establishment is the first step.

    Dealing with the Republican establishment is the second.

    The fact that McConnell´s PAC money went to the Republican primary rather than the general election says it all. The goal was one more vote for McConnell for leader in January.

    Throwing it to an anti-gun, pro-aborion high tax progressive Democrat or considering forgiveness of an alleged sin thirty-eight years ago - that is the option for the citizens of Alabama.

  13. The Danger of DragonsNovember 22, 2017 at 3:06 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Let’s face the facts Old Bernie Sanders is no stranger to hypocrisy. After all, he claims to despise capitalism but made over a million dollars last year, putting him in the top one percent of earners. and let’s not forget his wife, who is the epitome Hypocrisy. And since we are facing the facts around $800,000 came from an advance on his socialist-leaning book “Our Revolution.”
    He also ran as an “anti establishment” presidential candidate, despite the inconvenient fact that he’s been a Washington, D.C. insider for nearly three decades.

    Now, there’s another incongruity to add to the list: While wringing his hands about the crisis of sexual harassment allegations sweeping the country, Bernie Sanders refused to agree that serially scandalous Bill Clinton should have resigned during the Monica Lewinsky affair.

  15. Since the faze of Sexual Abuse has come to light, new survey revealed U.S. adults’ most popular presidents of the second half of the 20th century, and the findings show former President Bill Clinton’s popularity has taken a dramatic hit in recent years.
    Godson woman have been taking a second look at the bad behavior of Bill Clinton, and even going so far as wanting a investigation opened on the rape charges.

  16. I'm with Mr. Thinke on this. The women accusing Moore are liars. As were the women accusing Trump. The women accusing Democrats are all telling the truth, however. Democrat perverts want to drag down into the mud (where they love it) good Christian men like Moore. I am so happy that Moore is standing up to these liars and telling the truth. He always asked the mother's permission/didn't date young teens (as per his revised statement). I'll believe whatever Moore and Trump tell me because I hate evil socialist Demonrats and RINOs so much!

    1. Huh? You live on Mars?

    2. There's no mystery here. Democrats are liars, Republicans, truth tellers. :)

    3. "There's no mystery here. Democrats are liars, Republicans, truth tellers. :)"

      Perfect example of conservative mental masturbation. LOL!

    4. No, -FJ is absolutely correct. Thank you, -FJ, for the affirmation. I just published a post about Moore being falsely accused on my blog, btw. Check it out here if interested.

  17. God Bless the Conservative Republican Party! Roy Moore is a hero and is standing up to the DemonCrats! It's no bodie's business if he and a teen want to have a relationship. This is a southern tradition, similar to the southern tradition of having a relationship with their domestic animals. Anything a conservative does is blessed by the Good Lord, including touching little girls. God Bless Judge Moore and to hell with the DemonCrats! We stand with Moore!

  18. In the good ole days when I was growing up, Black people were nice and nobody thought twice about them; we didn’t see them but we didn’t get horrid news about them like we do today.



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