Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Grave my little cottage is,
Where, keeping house for thee,
I make my parlor orderly,
And lay the marble tea,
For souls divided, briefly
A cycle, it may be,
Till everlasting life unite
 In warm society.

E.D. (1830-1886)


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    1. She has been a frequent guest in my psyche for over sixty years, Beanie –– a friend, mentor, confidante, –– the big sister I never had –– one of the Great Loves of my life.

      Better than a wife. She never nags, makes no demands, gives unstintingly of herself, never scolds, and seems always to understand me better than I do myself.

      It would be foolish were i to ask for anything more.

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    1. My favorite:

      Here lies the United States of America

      Born July 4, 1776
      Died November 4, 2008


  3. E.D.? Erectile Dysfunction?

    1. Nope –– and it ain't Eliza Doolittle or Edward Dmytryk neither!

      If you knew me, and were not preoccupied with trying to be a wise guy, you'd know the initials stand for Emily Dickinson.

      I've quoted hundreds of her poems here and abroad for many years, because she –– and other poets too –– in a few well-chosen words –– make points I try to make better than I could.

  4. My favorite...

    The America Republic

    Born 1787
    Died November 4th 2016

  5. Another sock puppet just created in October 2017.

    1. Don't try to expose yourself here, Anthony.

      You won't get away with it.


    Enjoy it while we still have it. The Left is scheming right now to abolish all mention of Christopher Columbus as anything but a vicious, greedy racist who invaded land rghtfully belonging to noble savages, and all-but wiped them out by introducing deadly diseases into their earthly paradise.

    The Left will do this as surely as God made little green apples, and they'll suppress any and all fond memories we've ever had of our past just as soon as they can get away with it.

    The Founding Fathers wiil be next to go on the chopping block.

    Mt Vernon and Monticello may be preserved, but they will be relegated to the same status that Auschwitz and Treblinka enjoy in post-war Germany today.

    You can bet your 401K on it.

  7. You May Have "Fought For The Right" to Take a Knee.

    But I also Fought For The Right To NOT Attend Any Football Games And to Tell You Why!

  8. Well FreeThinke, a reasoned man recognizes Columbus was neither a saint of a villain. He was, like most, a flwaed human being. He was a mixture of good as well as bad and putting him in historical context he WAS a man of his time. It seems to me he should be neither loved or villianized. He should be recognized for who he was, all of what he did both good and bad, and history ought to represent him that way. Just as they should our Great yet flawed Founding Fathers.

  9. Another American holiday, another occasion for outrage and acrimony.

    1. _______ COLUMBUS DAY ________

      And after 1492, despite a great deal of ado,
Much struggle and inventiveness,

      And wars both tiny and immense,

      Development given to few,
And much invention great and new,
It all turned out that battles fought

      And victories won have come to naught.
Columbus to whom you've referred

      Should have his exploits just deferred.

      ~ James Ttcomb Wryly

  10. Can anyone tell me how does a Statue that’s standing in the same place for 150 years suddenly become offensive, and a black guy walking around in public with their pans so low, and their underwear stick out and the crack of their ass showing is not offensive? Are people really that ignorant?

  11. Begone not, my funeral veil
    to deny is to forget
    humanity, souls eternal yet
    to die is not to fail

  12. So the Demoncraps and their lackeys in the MSM have come out in lockstep against Trump's immigration plan. Hell, they don't even want to make a pretense of liking it so they can get their part of the deal and ignore the rest like they normally do.
    So what else is new!

  13. Why do the lefties hate President Trump so much?
    After only a few months I think that President Trump is doing one a hell of a job and Trump isn’t even a politician though that’s probably why.
    Why do I think that he’s doing a “Hell of a because when CNN, MSNBC are now
    all are competing for the tittle of the “Most incompetent” news programs, and New York Times, WAPO are officially the number one competition for “MAD Magazine”! The democratic party has lost what little minds they had, they’ve completely gone full on Marxist/Socialist/Communist depending on which sect of the party you talk to. Also of course they HATE him because he has an R behind his name, and because he dared to beat Crooked Hillary, he's a believer in "law and order", and he’s not a part of the inner establishment. And lastly but probably most importantly has undone, and intends to continue to \get RID of some of Obama's Educative Orders and policies.. ..
    It’s a great time to be an AMERICAN!!! Not so much if you’re ISIS, a Democrat, or a Progressive or Antifa!



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