Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our friend, AOW, lost two of her three beloved cats to cancer within the last six months. Cameo on Easter Sunday, and Mysti three days ago, also on a Sunday.  The following was written to honor their memory.  It seemed the least we could do to mark the passing 
of two dear friends and family members.


To Two Departed Too Soon

Hello, you two!  
I wonder if you ever knew 
How much we‘d miss you
If you moved away?

You’re no longer within reach,
You’ve taught us all you had to teach,
I guess, but between us there’s no breach,
And so no need to say

“We love you, and we always will. ––
We’re grateful that you joined us here to fill
Happy days and times we went downhill
With antics that brought smiles each time you’d play.”

No, you don’t need us now, 
Though we shall always feel a need to show
How much we miss observing how you’d grow,
Develop, subtly changing every day.

But when the time for growing ends at last,
And we start living mostly in the past,
And wish to cling forever and hold fast
It’s then we must let go and move away.

Perhaps we’ll meet again someday, I hope.
Even though there is no cord or rope
Binding us, I feel no urge to mope,
Because the love we’ve shared will never fray.

~ FreeThinke



  1. Thank you, my friend.

    It is a sad season here in the AOW household.

    Our remaining kitty has been searching and now is moping.

    1. Try to remember that even though the body dies, LOVE is ETERNAL.

      The affection you shared will last forever, and soon, once the inital oangs of grief have passed, the memories of time spent together will bring only comfort and good cheer.

    2. AOW, I wasn't sure about a cat's ability to mourn, but last year one of the strays moved in (Stanley) and worked up a friendship with our other 3, especially Handsome Howard. They would chase each other around after breakfast.
      One day Stanley went out and never came back.
      For a couple weeks, Howard would go into the garage and talk in his loudest voice. He had to be calling Stan. After a couple weeks it just stopped.

    3. Kid,
      If Amber were not eating, I'd be very concerned. But she is eating. She's a foodie.

      I expect her to stop searching and waiting in a few weeks. She will get used to the new morning routine. Mysti had a set morning routine, and that has routine now stopped, thus worrying Amber.

    4. Only weirdos perverts and chronic malcontents crave change. No one else likes it –– even our animal friends – although their thirst for adventure and new discoveries varies just as it does with us.

      As Dorothy discovered after here wondrous journey to The Land of Oz, "There's no place like home." It was the same for Bilbo Baggins's love for The Shire.

      Most living creatures hate it when the routines to which they've grown accustomed change against their will, –– and wthout notice.

    5. FT,
      We are making sure to give Amber some extra attention.

    6. I have no doubt about that, AOW. And I have to add I hope little "Norkie" finds a comfortable, h,happy place in yiur hme as soon as it's feasible. Who knows? Amber may discover maternal instincts she neve knew she had before if a kitten comes into the household. I've seen it happen with my Schmagoggy.–– the only truly altruistic cat I've ever known };^)>

  2. BTW, back in 2008, one of my students painted a large portrait from the photo of Cameo with the azalea bush. I framed the painting and hung it here in our living room.

    Interesting factoid about that azalea bush....We lost Cameo on April 16. This year, our azalea bush has all but died. Strang.

    1. That is strange, indeed. Probably just a coincidence, but maybe –– in some mysterious way we can't fathom –– the azalea is mourning too?

      I do believe author J. Allen Boone, who published a book with the title Kinship with All Life –– a minor classic everyine should read.

  3. So Sorry AOW. Ive been there and I know the feeling.

  4. The Truth Has Been SpokenOctober 11, 2017 at 9:34 AM

    I too am very sorry AOW.



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