Monday, October 16, 2017

To this we've come!

Why Should Anyone Give 




  1. That is a ghastly cartoon.

    1. On the contrary. It's a brliliant application of SYMBOLISM emblematic of the cheap, tawdry, shallow, vulgar, corrupt machinations that have taken over our Popular Culture.

  2. ____________________ NOTICE ____________________

    This post is about the HARVEY WEINSTEIN PEHOMENIN –– and nothing else.

    Either STAY on TOPIC or stay the hell AWAY from this blog.

    We want to hear YOUR explanation for WHY the ENEMEDIA has devoted almost an entire WEEK to stories about the slimy escapades of this sleazebag almost to the exclusion of far more IMPORTANT NEWS

  3. Hillary was asked if Weinstein's behavior compared to her creepy husband Bill.

    Hillary replied, "Close, but no cigar."

    1. Very funny. I admire your wit, but that is not what Her Heinous said.

      She's been videotaped recently tdismissing her HINO's misdeeds wth a great wave of her hand. "All of that" [meaning Bill's notorious sexcapades and compulsive abuse of women within his purview] "is in the past," is what she fatuously asserted.

      I thank GOD every hour on the hour every day since Mr. Trump won the election that Mr. Trump's decisive victory enabled the USA to dodge what-was-sure-gti-have-been a fatal bullet had Her Heinous taken command.

  4. I sure don't. He was trotted out because the LV shooter story was about to implode.

    1. You coud be right Kid. If it wasn't the lame. aimlessness and lack of progress on the Vegas Shooting Incident, it would be siomething elsse –– ANYTHING to distract from the SUBSTANTIVE issues that have us in a state of moral and intellectual panalysis, because they're too "hard" to deal with..

  5. Inside every sanctimonious Democrat is a Harvey Weinstein itching to get out. For we all know, the only reason to become a Democrat is to hide your racism/misogyny.

    1. Probably, but frankly I think that appies to virtually EVERYONE.

      Nothing irritates me more than SELF-RIGHTEOUS POSTURING, coupled with a rabid demand that "SINNERS" be severely punished, and thrown to the wolves.

      Unfortunately there appears to be a super-abundance of Fake Outrage, and arrogant Self-Righteousness on BOTH sides of the Great Divide.

    2. Ya gotta make hay while the sun shines!

    3. Harvey Weinstein was personally thanked or praised by name in at least 34 Oscar speeches from 1993 through 2016.

    4. ...and by the way, here's PROOF that Hollywood liberals have been denouncing Harvey Weinstein for YEARS!

      Verba non Acta!

  6. “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards.” – Hillary Clinton, explaining broken toe!

    Do you really think that Madam Hillary RUNS down the stairs to get herself a cup of coffee?... Isn't that what Huma is there for?

    1. No. of course not, but the subject here is the OBSESSIVE-CMPULSIVE COVERAGE of Harvey Weinsgtein's sexual escapades. I had hoped go find out why all of you thought THAT should be cinsidered important enough to deserve wall-to-wall coverage in the ENEMEDIA for a full week?

    2. What you mean, I believe, is "Don't try to challenge or correct Entrenched Power," right?

      I am fairly certain that President Trump is experiencing EXACTLY that kind of enraged pushback from the Washington Establishment –– or what he prefers to call "The Swamp."

      Am I right?

      None of these things are ever REALLY about Sex, Money, Law, or Violation of Principles.

      At root matters of this kind are almost invariably about the endless struggle to gain and hold dictatorial POWER.

      Those who enjoy wielding immense POWER must ALWAYS watch their backs, because no matter who you are or how much fear you can generate, there are LWAYS younger, leaner, hugnrier forces with sharper teeth lurking in the wings waiting for an opportinity to SNATCH IT from YOUR GRASP.

      What better weapon could any potential usurper have at his disposal than a veritable amy of vain, amoral, unprincipled ATTENTION WHORES salivating at ANY nd ALL chances to "raise their profiles" to a jaded public always eager for ever increasing amounts of cheap sensationalism to fill the echoing void of their soulless, meaningless, Pointless, utterly empty existence?

  7. I, of course, anticked off about the obsessive-compulsive SHOW of Fake OUTRAGE with which we have been inundated by the enemedia for nearly a FULL WEEK now about what-should-have-been-regarded-as a minor story at best.

    With all the IMPORTANT issues facing us it seems ridiculous to me that the entire nation should suddenly be focused on the picaresque carryings on of ONE individual just because he appears to have been endowed with a Big Ego and an excessive supply of testosterone.

    Apparently, everyone in the Hollywood crowd “knew” about Harvey Weinstein’s proclivities for DECADES, so it seems preposterous that the horde of “victims” now coming out of the woodwork to excoriate and condemn him could not have been aware of what they were likely to encounter. That makes them just as culpable as Hollywood’s Satyr-in-Chief.

    In my never humble opinion virtually ALL of those women are professional Attention Whores who would never miss an opportinity –– however grotesque or unsavory –– to gain further notoriety.

    The HYPOCRISY here on all sides positively REEKS.

    And I think we should remember that Harvey Weinstein made some darned good movies.

    I wish I had the power to COMMAND the enemedia to GIVE IT A REST.

    I’m sick and tired of having my intelligence insulted. I was hoping most of you would have come to a similar conclusion.


    1. Hervey Weinstein was the Left's golden egg laying goose. His victims weren't going to get any "help in the kitchen" cooking Harvey carcass until the gooses corpse was cooked, carved, and served up on a silver platter.

      And the "authorities" didn't want to hear from any of Harvey's victims. It would force them to have to "do something"... shut off the golden egg supplies... and they would be BLAMED for it.

      You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You'd don't pull the mask off the old lone ranger, and you don't mess around with Harvey.

    2. Perhaps if Harvey had been less politically partisan, he'd be molesting young actresses today.

      The real question is, why did the New Yorker go after Weinstein now? Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. What allowed them to get published where others, like NBC's Ronan Farrow, had failed before?

    3. Is it just me, or does the Sept 23 article reveal, perhaps, the "origins" of the later sexual misconduct allegations. All the articles after that discuss sexual misconduct. There's NONE of that in the Sept. 23 article. It's all a spat about an AIDS charity.

    4. Yep... the on Sept 24, all hell breaks loose at AmFAr

    5. Articles/excerpts on the Weinstein kerfluffel that lead to Harvey's daownfall???




      Now amFAR is having an open civil war and I’m not surprised. The crazy bunch who’ve slowly taken the group over is now attacking the two people who’ve kept the place going all these years– movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and retailer Kenneth Cole. Before this, the same people chucked out Sharon Stone, who’d literally put them on the map brandwise.

      According to the New York Times, four board members are now battling Weinstein and Cole: Vincent Roberti, Mervyn Silverman, Arlen Andelson and Jonathan Canno. Their leader is said to be Roberti, a Connecticut developer and lobbyist who was acquitted in 1992 of burning down one his buildings. A 2012 Connecticut Post editorial described him as “a former Connecticut state representative, turned failed Bridgeport mayoral candidate, turned bankrupt developer, turned exonerated arson-for-insurance-scam suspect, turned big-time Washington, D.C., lobbyist and movie producer.” (His most recent entry on the imdb is a 2009 short film called “Asshole.”)


      For the third year in a row, amFAR is snubbing their most recognized cheerleader celebrity, actress Sharon Stone. After years of being the face of amFAR fundraising, Stone has been systematically shut out by the most recent regime of the party-loving charity.

      amFAR is not the biggest AIDS charity by any means. They’re just the most self-congratulatory. The Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is actually worth more than twice as much– $120 million, according to their most recent tax filing. Glaser doesn’t throw parties all over the world, pay a party planner nearly $600,000 a year to arrange for celebrities (as amFAR does), or pay a CEO $600,000 (as amFAR does).

      amFAR’s total assets, recorded in their 2015 tax filing (which covers 2014-15), were just around $53 million. But they know how to have a good time. Their CEO, Kevin Frost, was paid a startling $607,167 in 2015. Frost makes twice as much as the next highest paid amFAR staffer. Not bad. Total compensation of top execs came to $2.5 million. A baker’s dozen of execs make six figure salaries.

      Total donations to amFar dropped in 2015 from the previous year by over $1 million. Nevertheless, everyone– including outside contractors– got raises.

    6. Weinstein – who is not a member of amfAR’s board but is a longtime donor and is said to have raised more than $50 million for the organization – also made a personal donation of $1 million to amfAR in the name of his late mother Miriam Weinstein, who loved their galas and died in November 2016.

    7. Perhaps Harvey was "sacked" by the Gay Mafia over control of amFAR...

    8. You ask good questions, and raise interesting points, but I have no easy answers, and have always found the sort of intrigue accompanying struggles vyng for dominance among the amoral, overly ambitious, unprincipled elitists who stalk the Corridors of Power so repugnant I prefer not to think about it any more than I must.

      It is not the love of MONEY that is the root of all evil; it is the lust for POWER.

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    1. ________________ NOTICE ________________

      OFF-TOPIC comments that do not make even the feeblest attempt to relate to the subject WILL be DELETED on CONTACT.

  9. Free Thinke you knew that Trump had made fun of a man with a physical disability ..and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said, " John McCain was not a war hero, He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”..and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump tweeted “Jeb Bush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.”... and you didn't care
    You knew Trump said that Meghan Kelly had " blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever" ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said, "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” about GOP candidate Carly Fiorina ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said, " I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters" ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said, Look at my African-American here!” ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump belittled the parents of a slain Muslim soldier ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said , "I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn't get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she's now got the big phony tits and everything" ...and you didn't care
    You knew that Trump said, "I'm automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the p-say. You can do anything," ...and you didn't care
    You knew it all and you overlooked it ,every vile thing he said and did....
    And you didn't care
    I thought you were better than all that Free Thinke?

    1. Fannie Fagg, Sgt, USAOctober 17, 2017 at 3:51 PM

      We also knew Barack Hussein Obama was a race-baiting, White America hating, half-term, half-white charlatan who had zero accomplishments and no qualifications whatsoever to be president.

      We also know President Obama serially raped the US Constitution, including robbing the treasury to hand billions to insurance companies. Billions congress NEVER appropriates, so shut your propaganda puking pie hole and go back to you progressive sewer, Les!

    2. Thanks, Fannie. You're a lamb and a love, though I wish you had refuted those tired exaggerated, fabricated allegations against Mr. Trump.

      I had already given poor Les a dressing down (see below) he's unlikely to forget anytime soon before you chimed in wit your welcome information about aboutthe many shortcomings of Ocypher

      If we pile on too much, however, I might begin to feel pity for poor Les. As all should know, Alexander Pope wrote wisely of something wholly undesirable:

      ... a creature of such fearful mien
      It's hideous face should scarecely be seen
      For seen too oft afamiliar with her face
      First we endure, then pity, then embrace.

      Pope was speaking of VICE, but his thought could easily apply to anything objectionable or abhorrent.

      We human creatures have within us a terrifying capacity for being perversely attracted to odium.

      If only Eve had not listened to that Serpent, and left that damned apple ree alone!


  10. Listen, Les,

    What people DO and what they SAY –– and what they are REPORTED to have SAID in PRIVATE by professional enemy operatives eager to wreak havoc for purely political gain –– are two very different things.

    "There are more things in Heaven and earth than are imcluded in your philosophy, Horatio."

    That goes TRIPLE for a pompous, presmptuous, priggish, egotistical, self-righteous, literalistic little prick devoid of Insight, imagination, and any ability to perceive and appreciate the subtle nuances that surround tand inform the conduct of ALL human beings.

    You have blinded yourself to Reality by allowing yourself to be overtaken by and saddled with an agenda-driven idée fixe.

    This is why you are almost universally mocked, despised, rejected and regarded as a chronic pain-in-hfre-ass and a numbing bore.

    To make it easier understand ket me ask this:

    Would YOU be able to survive in polite society and in your job, if EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EVER SAID to friends, family, daily assochates, store clerks and bartenders was MONITORED, taken OUT of CONTEXT, and BROADCAST throughout the land?

    If you even dream of answering in the affirmative, I would be well within my rights to call you both a LIAR and a FOOL.

    1. Would you believe he ANSWERED this with his usual self-centered, self-justifying, falsely dignified tone?

      I put it in the SPAM BOX the moment I discovered it.

      How many times must you tell a pest, "I don't WANT you, I –– don' NEED you, –– I don't LIKE you, –– I don't RESPECT you, –– and I think you're a pompous ass" before he finally TAKES YOU at YOUR WORD?


    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Why the pother? There is a brutish virility about Harvey much lacking in boys today.

    1. From a private email sent to me earier by an 85-year-oid female. This Astonishing revelation –– from a self-identified liberal –– might help the Brainwashed Generation see Realty in better perspective:

      "Why should anyone give a shit about Harvey?

      "Because he's so damn sexy!

      "So, what makes a man sexy?

      Any one of the following:

      A great physique,

      A handsome face,

      A warm smile,

      A fat wallet

      And POWER, i.e. a Casting Couch.

      Harvey has them all."

  12. 8 years of President OBAMA... NO Foundations, NO drugs. NO mistresses. NO impeachment hearings,

  13. Hollywood Jews have been groping and raping white girls since before Louie Mayer

    1. You may have read too much Mario Puzzo, although the story of Judy Garland's career as a child star is one of the saddest, most depressing chronicles of child abuse ever recorded.

      To be fair, however, I believe men –– and women too –– in positions of immense power often get intoxicated with the privileged, elevated status they enjoy, This then becomes a fertile breeding ground for megalomania, delusions of grandeur, bullying, and despotism.

      I doubt very much if this syndrome is peculiar to Jewish men alone.

      A distinguished American jurist had this to say on the subject:

      "The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power. The prize of the General is not a bigger tent, but command."

      ~ Oliver W. Holmes (1841-1935)

    2. Indeed.

      "If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."
      - Aristotle Onassis

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Following the precepts of Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance and respect for women, would prevent such sinful sexual abuse, which is rampant in Christian societies.

    Chapter four, verse two of the Holy Quran…clarifies that women were not created out of the body of a man or from his rib. Rather, the Quran testifies to the fact that men and women were created from a single soul and are of the same kind and species.”

    Thus, the Quran 4:2 first establishes men and women as equal beings. Chapter 4:20 then forbids men from forcing a woman to act against her will, thereby ensuring women maintain autonomy and self-determination.

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    1. We take no suggestions from the Peanut Gallery as to how we ought to run this blog.

      No one forces you to come here.

      You don't pay our bills.

      We are MILTANTLY OPPOSED to those who assert a right to mind OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS.

      It's a matter of principle.

      If you can't respect OUR RULES and GUIDELINES, please STAY AWAY.

  16. The Bitter Bitch Hillary Clinton Trashes President Trump in South Korea – But Conveniently Forgets About Her Husband Bill’s Failed Treaty with Nuclear North Korea when Bill Clinton signed a nuclear “DEAL” with North Korea and gave them $4 billion to sign the deal.
    The North Koreans lied and broke the agreement almost immediately! Kind of reminds me of Obama’s “Deal” with Iran!
    Did Madam Hillary Get The Message That She WASN’T elected to be the President of the United States?
    And what the HELL is she doing in South Korea anyway, Is this that the newest place to recover from “Breaking your Toe and Ankle”? Or has Dementia finally set in!
    Am I the only one to see that this Pig in a Pant Suit is acting like a Government Official, or in a Presidential Capacity, which she isn’t? She is so nauseating that I can’t stand her!

    I know I said that I wasn’t going to post anymore about that Irrelevant Dumb Ass Hillary and trust me I really intended not to, but I just have to retract my promise, because I just can’t resist myself when I see something like this! . This one really troubles me. After all, who the hell is she to go to a foreign Nation and discuss, and preach about the US policy, and to trash our President? This really gets me pissed!

    Hillary Clinton Said that our President’s threats to North Korea Are “Dangerous And Short-Sighted” Well Duh! What the hell should he do, sit back and draw a “Red Line”? Or perhaps discuss it at a Fund Raiser in Las Vegas? Or maybe invite Kim Fat Dong to a Beer Submit in the Rose Garden? Sending Dennis Rodman didn’t work for The Messiah!

    Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that “cavalier” threats to start war on the Korean peninsula are “dangerous and short-sighted”, urging the United States to get all parties to the negotiating table,
    And why isn’t this story in all the Headlines???

    1. Why do you keep talking about her? You're the one keeping her stories alive.

    2. I hate to say it, Sam, but VLAD is RIGHT.

      It's LONG past time to stop talking about Her Heinous. She is nothing now but an unsavory part of the PAST, thank God.

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  19. Free Bellybutton LintOctober 19, 2017 at 11:05 AM

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