Sunday, April 16, 2017


He was a man who came to show the way.
It never was for him an easy task.
Sadly, politicians of His day
Cruelly sought His death. They’d never ask
Revealing questions in pursuit of Truth.
Undermining good they sought to hold
Crookedly to Power. Their uncouth
Initiatives to godliness were cold.
Freedom from corruption causes fear
In those who by coercion seek to rule.
Xiphoid, ego kills what should endear,
Instead of letting Self die to renewal.
On tiptoe oft we creep and hold our breath,
Not challenging the ones who cause His death.


Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
Hidden there with broken hands and feet.
Ruthless powers crushed His flesh and bone.
It looked to be the ultimate defeat.
Sadly, in the dawn Saint Mary’s three
Trudged toward the tomb wherein He lay.
Instead of death, an angel helped them see,
Startled, that the stone was rolled away!
A risen Jesus stood! He still drew breath!
Radiance around Him warmed the air. 
In banks of lilies sweet we now see death
Stripped of terror. Life, eternal, fair,
Enjoins us all to claim His victory.
Naught could stop us save our vanity.

~ FreeThinke The Sandpiper - Spring 1996

Happy Easter!!!


  1. FT,
    Thank you for the Easter poetry and beautiful music selection. I do not believe that I have previously heard this outstanding piece.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Randall Thompson (1899-1984) composed quite a lot of music much of on religious themes, but also settings of poems by Robert Frost. His music is characteristically "American" in flavor, and I think he had a lot to say that was worth hearing.

      His ALLEUIA" is probably his most famous composition. It was first heard in 1940, so I'm surprised with your interest in choral music that you never ran across it before,but then I too did a lot of choral singing, myself, for hears, and somehow never had the opportunity to sing it.

      I listened to ten different performances in YouTube last night, and thought this was possibly the best, because the basic sound is more mystical, ethereal and reverential than most of the others who seem more like well-trained college glee clubs than true church musicians.

  2. Happy Easter! I just came back from the dead myself (not to make light)! Oosh. What a day. I hope you are having a pleasant and happy Easter! :)


    1. I did have a pleasant and Happy Easter, Jersey, thank you, –– and very quiet it was too, which is fine with me at this stage of life.

      I'm very sorry that you, apparently, did not have a lovely day yesterday. Neither did AOW who lost Cameo, her most precious pussycat, to a cancer that suddenly flared up just a couple of weeks ago, and proved unbeatable. Her veterinarian was knd enough to come over last night, –– on Easter Sunday! –– to put the dear animal gently to sleep.

      When I was young, I couldn't understand why older folks often referred to life as "This Vale of Tears." Sooner or later one has to learn to come to grips with that aspect of existence.

      Pain and grief are an nevitable part of life –– no one escapes –– and yet –– for me at least –– the awareness of our fragility and vulnerability makes the good times we experience all the more precious and wonderful.

      Dylan Thomas wrote in his 1954 radio drama Under Milk Wood, "Isn't life a terrible thing, thank God?"

      That line has stayed with me for more than fifty years. The longer I live the more wisdom –– and compassion –– I see in it.

      Pleasure and satisfaction would have little or no significance, if they weren't occasijally seasoned and balanced by things we'd much prefer to avoid.

    2. FT,
      The worst Easter Sunday of my life! And getting up this morning to no greeting from Cameo for the first time in nearly 16 years is horrible beyond words. Despite all her suffering, she continued to greet me every morning for as long as she had breath.

    3. You said it, brother! Amen!

      I get my last (hopefully) chemo on Thursday. Then I have to wait for surgeries. But at least, pretty soon, I'll be able to do some traveling!!! I've been cooped up soooooo long! I can't wait to see friends, especially certain friends down a little south of me! :)


    4. I look forward to the day when we can meet, and talk face to face. I only hope once you see me, I don't frighten you away. ;-)

  3. Blessed to know you, friend. I agree, the fragility of life makes it all the more special to share it with others.



    1. Lovely to see YOU here, Andie! I am blest to know you too. Your life's story should be lifted from your fascinating blog, then ediited and published –– with lots of illustrations of all you have achieved. It really is an amazing story –– heartwarming and inspiring.

      I've always said you should "go public" and share your talents with a wider audience. But perhaps that mght unterfere wth marriage and family life, which I know are more imprtant to you than all the possessions in the world.

  4. __ The Holy Enfant __

    Born in a manger
    ___ a low start in life
    Given to see
    ___ that no one is alone
    Ill-fated child
    ___ destined only for Grief
    The Star disappeared
    ___ Herod killed not the One

    But hundreds of others
    ___ God saved Him for us.
    He was to show us
    ___ that we could be saved
    Be happy and free
    ___ from all animus.
    But we work to kill Him
    ___ we are so depraved

    God loves us. ’Tis we
    __ are the ones who destroy.
    Each trust betrayed
    ___ each gift that is spurned
    Is a stab in the heart
    ___ of an Innocent Boy
    But, we’ll all feel the agony
    ___ all we have learned:

    He suffered the Cross
    ___ to bring height to our goals
    ______ light to our minds
    _________ and flight to our souls.

    ~ FreeThinke, The Sandpiper



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